Friday 11th of November 2022

More Than 21 Years After The Sept. 11 Attacks, New Details of How Pres. George W. Bush And Vice Pres. Dick Cheney Reacted That Day in The Lead-up And Aftermath Are Now Public.

Social Media Says

More than years after Sept. attacks, details Pres. George Bush Vice Pres. Dick Cheney reacted that lead-up aftermath public.

What You Really Think

It lied to America and developed isis.

Should have bombed the SA palaces to dust.

"giving Cheney the authority to authorize a shootdown of a plane if necessary." I still think Cheney did have a plane, or maybe two, shot down that day.

Was it something like this while sitting on a giant pile of cash?

The 2 biggest criminals in US history that caused the death of millions of people are roaming free while 100s of 1000s of families are suffering for the loss of sons & daughters, sisters & brothers, etc. Because of the wars in Afghanistan & Iraq started by these 2 criminals.

How the US gov't really reacted - wars against countries that had nothing to do with 9/11 that killed at least a million people, displaced over 20 milion, cost nearly $6 trillion, and was arming al Qaeda in Libya and Syria.

They started plotting how to bring Iraq into it, wrecked its infrastructure, and then skimmed massive contracts designed to not quite fix the mess they made.

Say what you will about GWB, but that photo above was probably the last time the majority of our country stood together as one. It sucks that it takes a terrorist attack to produce that kind of sentiment.

Without EVEN reading, 100% guarantee this story is some good Ole fashion FICTION.

They were Heroes!!

Meanwhile . Liz Cheney got FIRED ..

Yes, the director is releasing more details.

Why they arent in prison, is the story you should be writing.

. GOP 1972: Nixon's Watergate GOP 1974: Ford pardons Nixon GOP 1981: Reagan's Iran - Contra GOP 2003: Bush's tax cuts/Iraq War GOP 2021: Trump's failed insurrection Republicans are the swamp. .

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