Monday 3rd of May 2021

The Truth About The Business Model of The Gaming industry.

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truth about business model gaming industry.
those watching 4Corners tonight, it's worth reading responses this tweet too. Keep mind show reporting gaming disorder which while important, impacts DSM's definition) less than gamers.

Excellent 4Corners reporting debut Lucy Carter lucethoughts forensic examination dark side gaming. video games many misery some. "I'm seeing families being torn apart" says adolescent psychiatrist Le.

Those addicted to online gaming aren't aware of their addiction or watching 4Corners, they're too busy online gaming.
Worst part about this 4Corners report notion that time spent playing games "worthless" that players could spending that time doing something better... really disappointing perspective. Pretty biased far.

pulled together more important 4corners episodes some time. Understanding cost gaming today means youre step closer managing your spend better play.
Matt Fregon MP discussing lootboxes in Vic Legislative Assembly just two months ago.
Man Rift was cool. Thanks 4corners.
Someone needs tell that playing games time same addiction. seems worried might addicted.
So gamers upset by greed in the gaming industry... .
Calling investigative journalists: 4Corners hiring! have proven track record stories, want hear from you. here, drop line.
turning happy wholesome masterchef watch video game.
Watching 4corners iView (clashed with twitch stream). I'll honest prepared piece it's pretty good.
Fascinating 4corners addiction online gaming. Here's Allison Yang Jing talking through China's vast online gaming landscape latest littleredpodcast with limlouisa, MSzabs RMIT's Hugh Davies. Full here.

know hate much that 4Corners made parent afraid their play games GGSPeep because instead understanding nuances even differences types games it's easier loving, worried parent just em.

That she not use blanket statements about an industry that doesn't completely endorse predatory practices. It's fear mongering and pandering to folks who don't know any better.
think everyone watching 4Corners tonight agree that capitalism along.
When kids addicted games stories kids dont themselves. idea that adults find themselves spending much time money games seemed strike them more strongly adults wrong, maybe there something careful about?

Again, another unbelievably honest person willing tell 4corners theyd stuffed protect other people. dont judge her. think shes incredible.
Honestly think points tonights 4corners were really compelling need discussed. framing games anything totally mundane though real weakness this kind story.

Honestly, dont think 4corners story will discourage parents from letting their kids play video games. There both positives, which known, negatives, which less known, those need spoken about more.

Switch over to ABC TV right now!
Ban videogames other than mario.
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Looking through 4corners sure want watch gaming thing. Suppose have though.
"Gambling apps are coming to Googles Play Store in the US and 14 other countries. They were previously only allowed in four.".
People really need open their mind gaming addiction, because theyre basically invalidating struggles other gamers. saying gamers addicted, gaming addiction exists.
week ago, leaked document from Electronic Arts revealed that company deliberately funnels players spend more money loot boxes FIFA worlds most widely played games. Unethical shady af.

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industry association people sound same matter what industry?
Right now, thousands Australians (who spent Twitter) astounded that people spend video games.
know when people just connect with you? don't agree everything that's what makes amazing journo. Respectful, insightful. Legend.
seeing some interesting stuff around 4corners video games. 1)Don't play games, just don't, they're gambling. 2)Take step your comfort zone learn play games with your fucking kids. There's plenty there. Teach them restraint. 3)Don't play games.

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The Loot Box, nothing but gambling.
This is how bad it can get spending big bux in the games these days. Grown men.
They've villainised whole industry, they've pushed back march towards turning whole amazing hobby into nothing more than glorified pokies. TeamCherryGames deserve shout being excellent? Sure, that wasn't point here.

Wow. igea defends loot boxes. Disgusting.
Suggested their comments would be taken out of context in several game development Facebook groups earlier today. In the past, media has shown bad faith to games industry. Thats no reason to show bad faith in return.

Cheers with 2nites 4corners!
nitpick shit picture thought that 4corners really solid look issues people need care more about around game monetisation tactics. lucethoughts.

Well done, Lucy. Excellent piece exploring monetisation, dare programmed addiction, gamers.
Alternative Escape route from Reality People struggle with realities life. Digital Substances Dangerous DRUGS, Gambling Alcohol However there Enough Oversights Gaming, Potentials Modifying Psychological, Social mindsets users.

Great show tonight.
same people. Aristocrat major presence both markets. It's same shit except least doesn't year olds slip Dame Nellie into slots.
Fair and robust examination of gaming addiction on 4corners. Well done lucethoughts. Of course, some games are useful to stimulate the brain and for learning. But gaming addiction requires empathy and better understanding. This helps. Thank you.

Props mate lucethoughts excellent (and first!) 4corners piece video game addiction predatory commercial models. love games, justified concerns raised about engineering behavioural spending gameplay.

Thanks lucethoughts solid examination multi-billion-dollar industry that fairly direct access young people. This access comes with responsibility those companies support kids adults being safe aware while they enjoy gaming.

Information asymmetry .
think about 4corners made angry while other people games media thought fine balanced, goodnight all.
screwing Australia
Little moments language choice choices B-roll that people whove been watching debating these concerns years will notice, that most solid mainstream piece seen.
Never judge until it happens to you. Beautifully presented.
Lots misinformation about industry tonight, hope you'd stop attacking developers start covering some good games have done VILLIANIZE WHOLE INDUSTRY. You've done disservice small local industry, hope you're proud.

What You Really Think

This tweet and image is a little misleading, suggesting the language of the image is business model of the games industry. Yes, these are the business models behind many popular games, but far from all. The discussion is more nuanced than you're presenting here.

Comprehensive journalism this is not. Ignorant you look.

As a parent of a 19yr old boy... I have been absolutely shocked at how many young people are gambling - pokies, races, footy, you name it they are onto it but arts/ live music and festivals are so restricted with rules and regulations .. Id rather the arts over gambling any day.

*some* of the gaming industry. Many games do not make use of any micro transactions. Nor do they rely on grinding or repetitive tasks as mechanisms for gameplay.