Monday 12th of April 2021

BRB, Picking up my Jaw Off The Floor. Don't Miss Tonight's 90DayFiance Tell-all at 8/7c!

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IT'S HAPPENING! Mike opens up about why he called off the wedding on the 90DayFiance tell-all, TOMORROW at 8/7c.
Yara, Julia, and Natalie got to speak in Russian together and Jovi was worried they were talking about him.
Mama Gwen knows best.
Micah's hair tho.
Julia: its my opinion Yara: Your opinion is judgmental All of Twitter just became Team Yara!
Andrew: I'm going to go home Everyone.
Actual photo of Andrew tying himself in knots while trying to play the victim card.
Because she asked not to! FOH!
Andrew: Im gonna go home now Me.
Andrew's bitchass.
Go home then! We only wanna hear from Amira anyways!
Andrews mad they wont let him intimidate Amira face to face.
I feel like this is the excuse he was looking for to bail on having to face this whole thing.
You came here to try and control the conversation and interrupt her, Andrew.
If Andrew was trying to change our opinions of him he has failed miserably.
Andrew is the poster boy for toxic masculinity & gaslighting.
Ameria came with a full look for Andrew and his dusty self!
Andrew stop acting like a bitch.
Can I get a ride back to my hotel.
Hey Andrew.
And Andrew waddles off the set.
Truth be told, I could totally do without hearing dumb bunny Amira's side of the story.
Im like super late but what did Rebecca said about Natalie.
Andrew be like.
Question: 1. Do you feel that the producers took Amiras side when she ask that she not see/talk Andrew? 2. Do you think Andrew has a point and do you think he will get his side to talk?
Omg there's Amira Amira.
Andrew. You big crybaby.
Mike tonight.
Why am I not allowed to sit here and gaslight Amira and manipulate the situation??? Andrew we see right through you.
Andrew being a narcissist abuser, like always. Amira doesn't want to give him ANY oppty to speak to her, as she shouldn't.
Andrew upset cuz he got his hair styled for this.
Bye Andrew! I hope I never have to see your face again.
The pandemic has not been kind to Justin Timberlake.
Awwww Andrew is taking his crown and going home.
We don't ever need to see Micah again.
Look at that white man commanding his peasants to aid him in his gas lighting antics..
Andrew is obviously guilty of something if hes pouting and leaving bc he isnt getting his way.
How old is Andrew? What is the problem? Is he ok?
Andrew or Meatloaf?
Bye Andrew! We only care about Amyra's viewpoint anyway.
I dont like Andrew but I agree, Amira shouldve faced him. Thats the point of the Tell All.
HAHAHAHAHA This is unfair! This is unjust! Can I get a ride?
Andrew is trying manipulate the situation! He lost his mind!
"I'm going to go home cause you are not allowing me to talk all over Amira as I wanted to".
I feel like Shaun has some kind of issue with strippers. It just seems like every reunion, the thought of strippers just shocks her.. lol.
Amiras overly dramatic ass she brought all this shit on herselfthese foreign yamps go nuts over a below-average american white dude.
Andrew is so sloppy.
Amira looks like she watched 1 too many Kylie lip kit tutorials.
Fuck Andrew.
Andrew washed his hair for nothing.
Andrew: "I don't get why Amira doesn't like my controlling and manipulative self".
GTFOH Andrew!
Andrew being fcking extra as always.
Bitch tits fit in 3 2 1 .
This show should be called the ambush show.
Why in the world would Amira put up with so much from Andrew???
Andrew is as creepy as Colt. Amira, this tell all will find great man!
Amira seems to be legitimately emotionally scarred from this relationship.
Burn that whole place down, Yara.
Andrew, Im going home! All of us.
Andrew you're a selfish fkn brat baby!! Beat it!!
'90 Day Fiance' star Andrew says Amira is a "fame hungry liar" & he never even wanted to appear on '90 Day Fiance'.
Amira looks amazing!
We also cannot handle him Amira.
Why can't Andrew order an uber?
Oh Andrew, no need to be sorry. You're doing us a favour.
Girl..I believe you, but when the future comes, you BETTER not.
Nobody cares about Andrew tantrum.
Because you are the problem, Andrew.
Andrew cant handle things not going his way so he storms off like a little bitch baby.
Why dont you go get a suit that actually fits, Andrew?
Not a fan of Andrew but I feel like Amira did this show for clout or is really slow.
Andrew is 100% Toxicity.
Andrew acting like a straight up Karen... Bye bitch!!
Call an Uber, Andrew. What a prick.
Why do people not like Andrew? I started watching he show late.
Pllllease bring out the texts.
Andrew is giving me creepy stalker vibes. Leave Amira alone, she very obviously does not like you!
Rebeccas son. What happened?
I've been saying this for WEEKS.
Leave Andrew. No one wants you here.
Okayyyy Amira go through looking like a WHOLE FRENCH PATISSERIE!
Andrew is really acting like a big ass crybaby!! Amira doesnt want to see your fat greasy face.
Boy byeeee.
OMG andrews trying to controls this tell all.
Okay good we dont ave to endure listening to POS Andrew.
Why the fuck you apologizing? No one wanted your ass here.
Oh Andrew you were barely on the camera!
Sorry, but the Amira/Andrew storyline was so scripted/bs ...
Aint nobody want to see Andrew. That Brazilian blowout and highlights arent impressing anyone. Were all here for Amira.
Can we just talk about the hair? WTF is that? Brillo pad? Poodle?
Andrew is throwing a temper tantrum on the tell all. Go home big baby!
Who else be changing the channel real quick so you dont accidentally catch 1 second of sisterwives .
Asuelu watching his sister fight next season on Happily Ever After.
He announces hes leaving then asks for a ride.
Proud of Amira for recognizing what kind of guy Andrew is and not letting him control her.
Julia hated one apt, so Brandon gave up. Way to raise a adult Betty and Ron.
Yeahhh Andrew is so damn manipulative and A narcissist... sooo yeah he can go...

What You Really Think

I feel for Yara.

We all know why Mike and Nutalie arrived separately. They haven't been together for quite a while now. A lot of us suspect they got married so she would be legal but never really lived together. She moved to Seattle last fall.


The Tell All is called a tell all for a reason... so, answer the questions or dont be on 90DayFiance at all.

Omg , I don't like to wish my life away, but roll on tomorrow (uk airing).

Should tell them you leave you dont get paid . You dont answer and play games you can leave .

OMG... can Mikes forced wife rehearsing to be an actress?!! What a croc. If she doesnt trust him why would she force to marry him????