Sunday 11th of October 2020


Social Media Says

No danger, got it.
This commenter's vage statement, indicative of an expressive language problem, does not convey the danger or urgency of their situation.

What You Really Think

Hey arent you that Seven signs youre getting better at crapping guy?


This does not convey the danger or the urgency of the situation.

Its edited. Pretty sure this is from a language course textbook where the boy originally says big fish!!!

Legit thought this was a Gura edit, lmao.

Ah a fellow degenerate.

Yeah I was shocked this wasn't a hololive post.

Gureto daze.

Was hoping to see this here.

Shark be like b.

]Muse Dash music starts playing].

Boy: Secy poopie osama ***nulbnulb Shark: Master of cum.


Exactly what I thought of. ]Does it feel good?]().

I'm sorry... but did you just use an emoji? I'll have you know that you are not breathtaking. If you really think that you're this slick enough to use an emoji on Reddit, you are nothing but a cringe Instagram liking Fortnite liking Minecraft hating emoji using meme stealing Keanu Reeves disrespecting Billie Eyelash liking Tik Tok liking normie who laughs at memes instead of exhaling your nose, laughing at a meme and not upvoting it and double-tapping memes on Reddit. You are just normie scum who does NOT belong on Reddit. Any opinion that you have that is different from mine means that you are a normie boomer. ]everyone disliked that] REDDIT, ASSEMBLE! DESTRUCTION 100 SPEECH 100 BREATHTAKING 100 WHOLESOME 100 ]everyone liked that].


This should be the top comment.

Shove that PDF up your ugly ass, you heard me right, shove it up your ugly ass.

Hapi kake day but like how.

Is he a bulbasaur?