Sunday 20th of December 2020

Aldo vs Vera is up Next LIVE on Espn !

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This UFC main card tonight is so good, man. I'm having a hard time picking which matchup I'm looking forward to most. Pereira/Khaos, just for its level of crazy. Moraes/Font is fire. Aldo/Chito is a huge fight for both. Neal trying to take the next step in main event. Love it.

Jose Aldo says he wants TJ Dillashaw. Not a horrible idea. Dillashaws suspension will be up next month.
The King of Rio is back. Aldo. Vera. NEXT.
Yeah what a great performance from aldo real flash in the past! at least his grappling got a little better. has to be disheartening that he got outstruck by a guy who doesnt even use his fists.
.josealdojunior calls for the former champion TJDillashaw following his win at.
Chito Vera went completely horizontal to try to get Jose Aldo off his back at.
If only chito bent your ankles, Aldo would have ripped your leg off. 12-1.
Sure. even TJ is older than Aldo. its mindblowingy.
Aldo is letting the wine breathe.
Love you Aldo.
UFC Fight Night results -- Aldo, Font, Pereira make statements Chito Vera, Marlo.
Hey man Im just trying to follow god, wholeheartedly, and not uh partake in your violence.
Jose Aldo says he wants to fight TJ Dillashaw in his next bout and I am 100 percent down for that.
I need to pee but I don't want to miss Jose Aldo cuz I'm asking so many questions about those tattoos.
"My next fight is always the most important fight, so regardless if I'm fighting for the title or not, I always have to go in there and give everything that I've got." Jose Aldo, longest reigning UFC featherweight champion.

Aldo literally just hugged him the whole round.
Old school Aldo with the leg kicks!!
Aldo vs Vera is up next LIVE on espn !
Aldo is a Legend.
Hold up...Aldo is a few months younger than Dillashaw.
You mean hes older than Aldo?! tf.
Tbh rn i'm not as hyped but when fight week comes i sure will be.
Aldo just showed you how its done lol.
Not talking about total strikes kiddo Aldo landed the cleaner ones, and more impactful For the ROUND that the fights are based off of.
Aldo ain't weak like you salt boy.
Big salute to aldo for joining the brazilian navy.
Stephen Thompson isn't Jose Aldo in terms of reverence but he's off to a "Legends Never Die" type performance against a legit beast in Geoff Neal.
Yall mustve forgot: Jose Aldo edition.
Haha that's great. I'll survive regardless, but Aldo winning to finish 2020 is nice.
Fighting Aldo would be a huge comeback fight!!
Sean beats Aldo too.
Ah yes, fun facts indeed!
Me and the boys sacrificing Greg Hardy to get back legkick Aldo.
Jose Aldo is one tough fighter. Aldo vs Dillashaw? SIGN. ME. UP.
Again number wise but the fight judged off of total number :) Aldo won controlled the fight and landed the harder strikes , if we had you as a judge we woulda had a robbery.
Jose Aldo is still very fucking good.
UFC Vegas 17 results: Jose Aldo calls out T.J. Dillashaw after winning unanimous decision over Marlon Chito Vera .
Jose Aldo vs. Marlon Vera full fight video highlights .
Aldo vs. Dillashaw would be fun too.
*Jose Aldo throws a leg kick* MMA fans.
I know that's why I said Edgar can fight Aldo.
I told you Aldo won round 2 look up the stats. Dont think I have to say anything else. Id kick someone away from an argument if I got butthurt too. Just dont block me. Id like to argue about the wonderboy fight too.

Aldo and Vera chat after the fight. Aldo invites Vera to train with him in Brazil. Vera: It was a good experience for me. I put too much pressure in that last round, got overexcited. Aldo: You did. You gave me the opportunity to take your back. Vera: Good job. You're a legend.

I stopped myself from betting on aldo wonderboy double so wonderboy better lose -__----.
Aldo would kill you bro.
Aldos temp tattoo at the start of the fight & end.
He did, Aldo just isnt a lil btch.
He does also better performances against aldo lost to, youre just a casual.
Jose Aldos tattoo said.
At least he tried something. Couldve just laid there defending hands and helped Aldo make it the most boring round ever lol.
Just Aldo. accept it.
I guess you didn't see the fight... Fluke is O'malley would have a chance with Aldo.
Lol what fight where u watching Aldo had him on his back foot chitoveraUFC landed me sig strike read the stats your logic is wrong you are wrong trust me that was Chito easily rd 1 n rd 2 therfore only way for josealdojunior win was finish . Significant strikes chito 67>37.

TJ would murder Aldo.
Chito respected Aldo way too much bruh. I see a suga rematch on the come up.
Jose Aldo Cruises To Win Over Marlon Vera: UFC Vegas 17 Main Card Video Highlights.
Aldo looked very good here. Just all around superior. Haven't seen him get someone's back like that in a long time.
20-18 wonderboy Amazing work from wonderboy so far Working the body just as well as aldo.
Probably calling aldo a wanker out of frustration.
That would definitely be a better option for Jose imo. Dom is Done at all anymore and we know that for sure. TJ is a variable still. Unless Aldo knows something we don't...
Why a Target.
I didn't know how it was going to turn out for Aldo going into that fight. But I'm relieved and thrilled to see he got the victory! Well done Jose!
The striking difference here is massive. Marlons best chance right now is to literally drag Aldo to the cage and hold on for dear life. All my worry has evaporated.
Fun win tonight! Saw a very well polished Aldo tonight! Hope you enjoyed!
Aldo! Happy for the guy...
Dana needs to book SugaSeanMMA vs jose aldo since they are the last two fighters to beat.
No one is happier than Sean O'malley right now. No one. I guarantee he has rolled and is smoking a fat one in honor of Aldo.

What You Really Think

Fighting wonder boy is like fighting a kangaroo trained In kickboxing.

This could be us but u pregnant.

Garbage ppv to end a garbage year.

Terrible fuckin fight man.. I think this is the worst card of the year man.

1-1 going to third.

Forca guerreiro, boa sorte.

This is a title fight in its own uniqueness.

Going out on a limb and saying we may see Aldo throw a 1-2 followed by a leg kick at some point in the fight.

Thats a hard ass warm up lol.

Please use some of those kicks! Why did he just randomly stop after Connor KOd him??

He bout to gas out before the fight even starts.

Why does aldos new tattoo look like a sticker from a happy meal.

Vera is game and he's tough but really only one way to win, by standup striking. He will never take Jose down, much less hold him there.

Save your energy.

I'm so happy seeing those kicks again. I hope he throws it.

Khaos won that fight and you know it Dana.

Also looks good baby.

Going a little too hard before the fight ..

Doesnt look like a good time.

He's already gassed.

Aldo's leg kicks.

Vera ftw.

If Aldo can bring back that leg kick death bomb he can win. I got Aldo. Might get that one wrong.

Watching that next fight praying nothing but the worse for Vera.

Dont gas your self aldo, Jesus lol.

Just want to see WEC Aldo one more time before he calls it a day. That guy was a monsta!

Looks good, but also pads don't hit back.

Why they gassing my mans out before the fight tho.

Hopefully Aldo KOs that can Chito and he gets released by the UFC.

Williams won that fight.


Lets go Aldo [?]nulb.

Yay kicks.