Monday 8th of June 2020

Chief Allan Adam of The Athabasca Chipewyan First Nation Recounted His Experience of Being Beaten by Two RCMP Officers After he Was Allegedly Apprehended For an Expired Vehicle Licence Plate Tag. WARNING: Video Contains Sensitive Content. Read More.

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The assault of Chief Allan Adam by the RCMP is disturbing and raises serious questions. Why does this keep happening? I call for a thorough & independent investigation of the events that led to his injuries, including why he was accosted by police in the first place.

Athabasca Chipewyan First Nation Chief Allan Adam is accusing RCMP officers of assaulting him in a Fort McMurray, Alta., parking lot earlier this year.
Indigenous Services Minister Marc Miller says he spoke with Chief Allan Adam this weekend: 'His description of the incident in Fort McMurray and the use of force on both his wife and him at the hands of the RCMP is deeply troubling.' Previous story.

So, we should call them Donald's or Ivanka's instead.
Capitalists may continue to report on fascism of course. Allan Block wouldn't have it any other way.
Over the course of the weekend, I have spoken twice to Chief Allan Adam of Athabasca Chipewyan First Nation. His description of the incident in Fort McMurray and the use of force on both his wife and him at the hands of the RCMP is deeply troubling.

Nah it was a female officer?
SylSPLM sak_stories kcsowriter shrewsmorris montyjaxon1 zuncks BambooParadise NinaKindred EdwardCalame MB, thanks for mentioning me! ????
To be fair a well publicised event will be better policed than a pop up gathering of teenage boozers.
Two men have been charged with the murder of David Allan (23) who died on Friday, the day after he was assaulted in Wythenshawe. Joseph Stott (33) of Partington, and Aiden Matthews (31) of Wythenshawe are appearing before Manchester Magistrates today.

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King George III in Coronation Robes by Allan Ramsay, c. 1765.
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? Day 8 of Championship League Snooker today! ? Marshall Arena, Milton Keynes ? Groups 6 & 11 featuring Ali Carter and Mark Allan ? ? Be Gamble Aware.
Might be false hope, but I think the difference is that Biden's advantage over Trump has been much more stable, albeit usually smaller. Clinton's lead was all over the place, and in some polls virtually nonexistent. Maybe suggesting a more stable preference for Biden? ?

For sure, but I think Allan's covered it for me lol xx.
Your friend who's not my friend should never know my business.
Is it just me or does anyone else agree that some songs sound better in a car.
Thoughts on Allan?
Building in-house Appian skills and becoming self-reliant might be challenging - but Allan Gray has managed it successfully! Find out how by listening to what Rory Bolus had to say about his experiences and learnings. Watch the webinar.

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It's CarersWeek so we've collected some useful tips and information to help carers across the UK which we'll be playing out this week. We'll start of though by hearing Ray and Hannah's story.
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Police are now catching these thugs in Glen Austin, Midrand. They were arrested on the infamous Allan road. A woman was robbed and shot last month on that road. If you are a victim of crime in Glen Austin go to Midrand SAPS. They could be the one.

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Ngo Vs Budo....... 2010. I can never forget the immense shift Marvin Odong put in on that rainy afternoon... Kimono or no Kimono... I still couldn't see how Ngo could have won that game... I still take great pride that I have ever played along side Marvin ??

When they push you away, don't look back but instead go for the better. You're probably stuck in that one place because you haven't received the necessary push to displace you from your slavery, poverty, laziness, confinement, bad job etc. Embrace the push when it comes.

Kieran, Allan and Ian for sure.
Thanks Angela and Allan for using up my patience quota for the day.
Sometimes I wonder whether it's possible for Kenyans to debate and differ with each other's point of view without first throwing in some choice insults.
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"You can feel the pain." Allan Saint-Maximin says the issues and emotions raised by the death of George Floyd are ones that "touch everyone". More.
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A white guy just drove his car into a protest WITH a gun and then tried to run people over. And when people came to stop him he shoots a black guy that comes to his car. That is 100% premeditated.
They both grew up to be police officers, and both of them married women named Linda. But that's not all. Each had a son, one named James Allan and the other one named James Alan, and each had a dog named Toy. Both brothers later got divorced, and both remarried women named Betty!

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Police: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO).
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Two men charged with murder of 'much-loved' university graduate David Allan.
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Athabasca Chipewyan First Nation Chief Allan Adam alleges he was brutalized by RCMP.
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Yeah sex is great but have you ever seen people dump the statue of a slave owner in the very river where his slave ships used to dock.
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Is there a way to see autogenerated documentation for npm modules?
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I wonder whether Priti Patel, Rishi Sunak & Sajid Javid think that Robert Clive, who raped and pillaged India in an orgy of imperial criminality excessive even for the 18th century, still merits his statue outside the Foreign Office?