Thursday 4th of June 2020


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Raveesh Kumar has been appointed as the next Ambassador of India to Finland. He is presently the Joint Secretary in the Ministry of External Affairs. (File pic).
Boycott Paytm its Chineese App Modi Brand Ambassador of chineese App Boycott Paytm.
Overheard at a recent Presidential Gala Dinner: Trump accused a female ambassador of a foreign country of being drunk. She countered, "And you are a fat orange monstrosity," adding, "But in the morning I shall be sober, and you will still be a fat orange monstrosity.".

The rules around coronavirus can be confusing. AllWalesPF have responded to concerned members by creating a new weekly Coronavirus video update. Here is Engage_2_Change Lead Ambassador Gerraint with the first of these updates on the rules in Wales.

Pick the artist(s) you think would be the best cultural ambassador for Zimbabwe.
And someone said Bring out your USB cord am your PowerTacha We BRAG differently.. As a real ambassador for many products..When is time to produce yours,make what your fans can buy not what you feel yourself can boost of.. TeamSoldOut 11:10pm.

Ambassador streimikyte is going live on the TeamIreland Facebook page at 12pm All the details below ?
Miyawaki Sakura as the new face of Sprite brand ambassador lol ????
C O N G R A T U L A T I O N S Today our colleague and friend - Dr Robert Jiang, celebrates 30 years at the International Cotton Association. Robert is admired and respected throughout the cotton industry and we could ask for no better Ambassador.

I met with the Ambassador of the Russian Federation to Iraq at modmiliq, Mr. Maxim Maximov and the accompanying delegation. We discussed cooperation and coordination between our two countries.
They are Bedding's ambassador They have to be together on the bed.
This is slightly inaccurate. Ambassador Hempel wasn't invited in. The Taoiseach actually made a pilgrimage to his house in Dun Laoighaire to offer his condolences.
Royal Danish Embassy in Warsaw would like to inform that from now on, this account will be run by Ole Toft, designated Ambassador of the Kingdom of Denmark to Poland. ???? Welcome! Ambassador Ole Egberg Mikkelsen continues as DKAMBinUkraine. ????

The Permanent Representative of Saudi Arabia to the UN, Ambassador Abdullah Al Moallimi: Saudi Arabia took the leading position in the Yemen donors conference by pledging $500 million.
Real ambassador of Kashmir I will fought till death for Kashmir Imran Khan.
Ambassador Abdullah Al Moallimi: The United Nations has been extremely supportive and very appreciative of the efforts of Saudi Arabia.
International Yoga Day celebrations: Day 5: Eminent Speaker 1- Yogacharya Vijayganesh Korokkaru, former brand ambassador of yoga to Indian High Commission of Mexico City. Eminent Speaker 2- Irina Macsim from Romania. She is a nutritionist and a weight management coach.

Is the new brand ambassador for Binggrae's Banana Milk ? That's our must-have beverage when we visit Korea ??
The Argentinian government honored a doctor who glorified the Nazi movement on a new peso note, prompting sharp criticism from Israel's ambassador and human rights campaigners.
What are your sources telling you ? Since you are very pally with the Chinese why don't you persuade them to vacate ??? Afterall, you were invited to the house of the Chinese Ambassador for a secret meeting during Doklam standoff which ur spokesman Surjewala initially denied ???

At least 10,000 people died in Tiananmen Square massacre, secret British cable alleges.
?ohky &namjoon said this in 2018 THE GROW UP?? & NOW HE'S A AMBASSADOR OF UNISEF:').
Rapu Okpa ambassador his day of reckoning is coming.
No one in the German or expat community will miss this wretched Trump surrogate - for a list of his atrocities just "google." Who will the White House send us next? It's time for a diplomat, not another bull in a china shop who destroys all he touches.

Kai Boss, UN Environment National Goodwill Ambassador, will be appearing in Alibaba Zoo's livestream for a wildlife charity event on 6th June. (he would be making an appearance in a prerecorded video during the livestream) karrywang ??? ???

, UNAIDS ambassador, electrified youth discussion on increase in HIV infections,especially women in Tajikistan. 1st time youth listened 2 women affected by HIV, their challenges &needs.
Ambassador of Kashmir has successfully highlighted the issue of Kashmir on International forums and today the World has started raising voice for the freedom of Kashmiris. KHAN has announced to continue the efforts for Kashmir, free of oppression and injustice.

"Charities like WellChild have been supporting families with seriously ill children get the vital supplies they need. They have been a lifeline to so many hidden and isolated families." WellChild Ambassador chamberlinsport in today's MetroUKNews ??

Cabinet Secretary for Defence Ambassador Dr. Monica Juma arrives for the 35th Defence Staff College graduation.
"So Sorry": US apologises to India after Mahatma Gandhi's statue vandalised in Washington.
Hello tweeps help me with 5k retweets I become the brand ambassador of KonkheC in Kenya.
Semya_hoops23semya93021632, send us an inbox quoting "Ambassador" for more info on how to become a rep in your town for AlterEgo Fitness a fitness based clothing brand ?
CBA, send us a direct message quoting "Ambassador" for more information on how to become a rep in your town for AlterEgo Fitness a gym based clothing brand ?
Renaud, send us a DM quoting "Ambassador" for more info on how to become a rep in your city for AlterEgo F a fitness based clothing brand ?
DFM DangMinhKhoi received TCHanoiBE Ambassador HE Mr. Haldun Tekneci affirmed that Vietnam is willing to share experiences in fighting COVID19 with Turkey. The DFM also proposed further promotion of bilateral relations including trade, investment, culture and tourism.

Emelye, send us a message quoting "Ambassador" for more information on how to become an Ambassador in your country for AlterEgo a fitness based clothing brand ?
Why is that allowed? Why won't there be any consequences? Why is the UN not issuing sanctions against the US for international law violation? Just imagine a cameraman from the US would have been punched in the face by Chinese police. Australia should recall their ambassador. Now.

Good Evening JuddPDeere45 : Please have the credentials of Ambassador Norland pulled immediately as he is openly supporting the expired GNA who has employed the help of terrorists in Idlib. As of today, the terrorists now control Tripoli Airport. This is Hillary's policy not 45.

Questions to you RG. 1. Why you oppose Rafael Jet Deal and put yours best efforts so that deal should cancelled???? 2. Why no jet purchased from last 40 years. Only in last 5 years defence upgradation done by narendramodi Ji. 3. Why you met Chinese ambassador?

Deniseddl5z, send us a DM quoting "Ambassador" for more info on how to become an Ambassador in your country for AlterEgo a gym based clothing brand ?
NATHAN, send us a direct message quoting "Ambassador" for more info on how to become a rep in your town for AlterEgo F a gym based clothing brand ?
Alex, send us a DM quoting "Ambassador" for more info on how to become an Ambassador in your city for AlterEgo Fitness a gym based clothing brand ?
Very sorry to hear that Ambassador Wines was vandalized/looted in NYC. This family run liquor shop serving Midtown East since 1970 has one of the best sake/shochu selections in NYC. Incredibly friendly/knowledgeable owner and staff. Please patronize them if you can!

The ambassador of drag, RuPaul, just closed the 12th season of the Emmy-winning show.
3 My crime, saying I had a call from Baabda Palace. Police never checked my DM's from His Excellency Michel Sleiman to me. The Lebanese Ambassador Rami Mortada is making a fool of himself, I seek assistance to help him come to his senses. As a British Lebanese, its my duty.

Dutch Ambassador leaked information about police investigations into Shell and the OPL 245 Malabu Scandal to the oil and gas company. The Ambassador had been criticised as being too close to the company. Scoop this morning from nextcarola.

At least 10,000 people died on June 4, 1989, Tiananmen Square massacre in China, secret British cable from the time alleged - Wounded students were bayoneted as they begged for their lives, burnt remains of victims were hosed down the drains.

Yes. If nothing else, you are causing reputational damage to EticaLeaders and CSEarthquake both politically unneutral and behaviourally as an Ambassador for both organisations. That's up to you, but you have been repeatedly asked to stop, but disrespectfully you plough on.

A Woman of Inspiration naturally inspires everyone she comes in contact with! Armineh Keshishian - WOI2019 Cultural Ambassador.
DMCC Connects With UAE Ambassador to Canada Through Virtual Conference.
Historian, broadcaster, film-maker DavidOlusoga will deliver a special online lecture at 12pm, 10 June. OfficialUoM Prof of Public History, David is a great ambassador for CreativeManchester. Can't wait to tune in here.

The newly released transcripts of phone calls between Flynn and Russian Ambassador confirm Mueller team lied to the Court and Country.
Important initiative by Gov of UK: Basic health services must continue receiving as much attention during this covid19 crisis. Interview w/ Ambassador ? UKinSouthSudan and ?IOMSouthSudan? ??jpchauzy? Key issue for.

THREAD: At least 10,000 people died in TiananmenSquaremassacre, a secret British cable from the time says Secret document say death toll was much higher than later reported, while claiming wounded students were bayoneted as they begged for their lives.

The Honorable teddyboylocsin ,Secretary of DFA, received His Excellency Ambassador bussairy_ in his office, in the presence of Asec for OMEAA, and Usec UMWA. During their meeting, they discussed the mutual relations between the two friendly countries.

India appoints new Ambassador to the WTO. Brajendra Navnit, IAS officer of Tamil Nadu cadre appointed as India's New Ambassador to.
Clozette Ambassador fanny_blackrose made makeup looks inspired by fabric face mask! So creative, we love it! Download Clozette Indonesia App for more inspiration.
PMIK vows to become the voice of Kashmir Ambassador, Prime Minister ImranKhanPTI will leave no stone unturned to bring the issue of Kashmir to the international world and make their voices heard.
Reminds me of Idi Amin making our UK Ugandan Ambassador KNEEL & KISS HIS BOOTS - HAVE WE NO PRIDE NOW.
"We talk about COVID-19 all the time and the threat we are facing but no one is considering people with a learning disability", says mencap_charity Ambassador HarryRoche11.
Shortlisted for the Nicholas Bull Award for the Exceptional Support of the Alumni Community - Yue Cai (MSc Accounting & Finance, 2013). She is a Country Contact for China and an ECCA WeChat ambassador providing great student support.

Submit your cough sounds and help coughagainstc19 build a novel AI powered cough analysis technology that could assist in rapid screening & early diagnosis of COVID19 Initiative by WAI Ambassador.
U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations Kelly Craft put the world body on notice this week that Chinese maritime claims in the South China Sea are illegal and must be rejected. U.S. protests China's sea claim at U.N. - Washington Times.

Edson, send us a DM quoting "Ambassador" for more info on how to become an Ambassador in your city for AlterEgo Fitness a gym based clothing brand ?

What You Really Think

Heartiest best wishes Ambassador....

Congratulations and best wishes for your new role. All the best.

Best wishes sir ?

Congratulations, happy for you.

Best of luck sir for your new assignment as ambassador!!

Congratulations sir. We will miss your briefings though. Best luck for your future endeavors. Jai Hind !

Congratulations ?

Some ravish Kumar degrades India while other raveesh_kumar regrades it.

Wish you congratulations sir???

Congratulations sir and welcome to Finland.?

Heartiest congratulations, Raveesh.

Congratulations! Very well deserved ?

??????????? ?? ???????????

Congratulations Raveesh..Good luck..Hope u shine as like spokes person..

Congratulations sir.

Congratulations sir ???

All the best.

We're proud of you. You always persent the view of our nation before media in a clear and unbiased manner.

Please accept my deepest reverance & congratulations on your rock-solid mountazzian achievement.God bless you.Udayan Kumar Jha,I986 batch (10th) from Mount Assisi School, Bhagalpur.

Welcome to Finland !

Congrats Raveesh ji... your command on language is unparallel... your services to the nation as a MEA spokesperson will be cherished. Wishing you grt luck for the next assignment. Regards ?

Congratulations and best wishes for your new assignment.

We will miss your press conferences !! All the best !!

I agree stunningly beautiful nation with the happiest people. Congratulations and have a great tenure. So happy for you. Kippis!

Helsinki ???

Congratulations Raveesh ji May the bonds between Finland and India become stronger than ever in multiple fields May we have strong trade and traditional ties along with strong military ties You are one of the finest servants of mother India No doubt that you will bring glory.

Sir apne desh ka bahut maan badhaya.

Our handsome,suave and a very articulate man shall be representing us in a beautiful land.Congratulation and good wishes.

Heartiest congratulations on your new assignment and wish you all the best.

Best wishes.

Congratulation sir, i hope so your acumen will compatible with world scenario.

Congrats on your new role as indian ambassador to Finland !! Make us proud ??

Congratulations. Continue your good work.

All the Best Sir for a successful career.

Promotion Bonus for your good work.


Congratulations Sir.

Congratulations sir....

Congratulations and best wishes ..lots of untapped potential in the Nordics.

Many Congratulations raveesh_kumar Sir We wish you a successful tenure and good health.May God bless you with this enormous strength to uphold the high Indian Values in whichever land you are posted to. Jai Hind???

Congratulation sir...

Congratulations ..Sir With best wishes ????

Congrats sir...??

Very well deserved Dear Mr Raveesh Kumar... Best wishes to this beautiful place on the earth, Moreover they have a vibrant Prime Minister. Keep Indian flag high..

Many congratulations sir!!


Congratulations sir... And wish you all the best!

Congratulations Sir..?

Welcome to Finland , Ambassador raveesh_kumar ?

Chosen a nice place sir. Be happy.

Congratulations to you sir! Will miss you as the MEA's resolute and headstrong spokesperson!

Heart congratulations, sir. Good luck for your exciting new stint. Take care.


Congratulations Sir!!

Congratulations n all d best sir for ur new project ?????

Congratulations & Best wishes ???

Jai Hind ??

That's great! You're the best..All the very best sir ?

Congratulations. Wish you all the best for your new assignment.

Congratulations Sir. Well deserved.

Say hello to Finland from us ??

Many congratulations, Sir!

Congratulations raveesh_kumar Sir! Welcome to Finland. Looking forward to meet you ????

Jai Hind.

My best wishes sir! It was nice to have you as spokesperson and also as a friend!! You had always been cooperative and affectionate!!

Congratulations for your new innings. Keep our flag flying higher & higher. ???

Congratulations sir ?

Congratulations sir ji ?

Congrats Sir.


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