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Friday 19th of June 2020

Members of The Democratic Caucus Are Raising Money For an Organization That Wants to Destroy The United States of America. That's The Democrats' Vision For Our Country.

The DACA decision, while a highly political one, and seemingly not based on the law, gives the President of the United States far more power than EVER anticipated. Nevertheless, I will only act in the best interests of the United States of America!

Walmart, our largest employer, is owned by the Waltons, the wealthiest family in America, who are worth nearly $200 billion. Unbelievably, in the last 3 years the family's wealth has gone up by over $70 billion. They can more than afford to pay all their workers at least $15/hr.

YOUNG PEOPLE SET THE EXAMPLE FOR ADULTS Two high school football teams- 1 - 90% black and 1 - 90% white- MET TO TALK & SHARE! They listened to each other & PRAYED TOGETHER! Friendships were made. THIS IS AMERICA!

Flag has needed to change for a long time but ol Greg needs to take a look at the Georgia flag. It is the official flag of the Confederate States of America.
Please bring back America. Elect Joe Biden.
The Supreme Court, America, and the rest of the civilized world CAN'T STAND YOU, Spanky. But hey, you still have Russia and Kim Jong Un and other murderous dictators, so there's that.
8 leading Black contemporary artists reflect on life in America right now.
America has a 63 million dose stockpile of hydroxychloroquine thanks to the Trump cult.
China is an ancient country. They have had three of their best years ever because of Trump. He is weak and ridiculed. China is rising and America is declining because of Trump.
JFC America is a failed state.
Did you know that police officers don't even make it into the top 10 of most dangerous jobs in America? No? Everything you've been culturally told about this profession is wrong. So how about I'll make a thread of the 10 most dangerous jobs and you see how surprised you'll be.

Alien is citizen, man is woman, criminal is victim, cop is robber. Welcome to the new America.
Until you experience the anxiety of trying to appear gender neutral for the first time and wondering what will happen in Orange Man's America, you don't get a fucking opinion, I'm not as strong as you I get it just shut up.

Incredible list. I'd add Eduardo Galeano's We Say No, which, like Open Veins of Latin America, powerfully addresses the history of U.S. colonialism/interventionism in Latin America.
Bolton's book revealed what we already knew... Trump sold out America, again.
This is the America I know we are.
America's economy added 2.5 million jobs in May. That's the largest one-month gain in U.S. history! The Great American Comeback has begun.
Nancy Pelosi is doing more damage to America than any dead Speaker from the Confederacy.
Facebook Groups Are Destroying America.
Racism in America: Reflecting on my role as a journalist in this moment, CNN's Luqman Adeniyi writes in a personal essay.
Again... I'll say it again as a helpful tip for you, corporate America. Keep you damn nose out of social and political issues. Just make your crap and then sell it. That's all you need to do!
You miserable SOB. A shotgun blast is what killed my daughter. Some of the other victims had their faces destroyed. How dare you put out a tweet like this. Your decisions were wrong & your Presidency is coming to an end. America, better days are ahead with President JoeBiden.

Well, we had a nice run America.
Nancy Pelosi is a disgrace to America.
robjh1 Ih8uJ girlforce45 x2da4 308saiga EliRamsi tragically, in America, identity politics took hold in the 1960's, after the death of mlk, that movement was carjacked, and the race pimps took over, as a result, white lives don't matter, the very essence of "race politics".

New ECLAC publication exhaustively reviews the effects of the climate emergency in the region along with the policies used to tackle it. It also proposes actions for a new, more sustainable and egalitarian development model. Get to know it!

Never forget America The Republican Party gave you trump and all his corrupt administration! Need I say more!
Never acknowledged by one Democrat until realDonaldTrump scheduled a pro America rally.
America, If you not only allow but enable the annexation of Palestine, history is going to judge until the end of time. StopAnnexation FreePalestine ??
When we say that America has a history of systemic racism, we mean that from slavery, Jim Crow, lynchings, and the criminal justice system, our institutions have done violence to Black Americans. And it has caused Black Americans to be treated as less than human.

.BurgessOwens is spot-on! America is a beacon of freedom, opportunity, and hope. ???
The removal of the ad by Facebook does not change this: Trump is a fascist, and he is promoting fascism in America.
America isn't racist, you chicken ass bishes.
Eye-opening video of Hugo Chavez walking the streets of Venezuela expropriating businesses at will. Is America headed down this road?
You guys will watch S2J vs Abate and get excited over the ending but you dont give a shit about the concept that America has obstacles hindering the advancement of minority women and men into higher places of society! Like, bitch you are worried about the wrong invisible ceiling!

As a Cyber Security IT person there has been no attacks from Asia in the last 48 hours: All have from UK or America. CyberAttack This is another stunt from our stunt prime minister.
This Is Us Star Lonnie Chavis, 12, Shares His Experiences with Racism: 'America Needs to Change'.
If Joe Biden is elected President, America as we know it is OVER.
The best case for why we must fundamentally restructure police and police culture in America are these cops who don't believe that they can be held accountable by the communities they serve. It's beyond disgusting.

This is a victory not only for the Dreamers, but for a America as a whole. Like it or not, we will need this generation.
Americans of all colors, don't believe BLM leaders, who promise BlackAmericans DIGNITY and RESPECT from America by HATRED and VIOLENCE against America. STOP THIS VIOLENCE! You got dignity and respect at birth!

It is exactly what it is. Birthright citizens for children of American citizens residing in America. See thread.
Do you want free unlimited premium ? all summer? 500,000 votes for YES by 6/22 and it's yours, America.
TK is a baffoon. Misled America for many years.
Graphic! But must be shown, because this is happening in America.
America, please, I beg you! Vote for her! And someday, make her president!
I thought America was against concentration camps?
?6/25 at 1 pm (EDT) - A new webinar on the "Political Impact of the COVID-19 Crisis" as part of the series "The Americas: Building the Future Together" ?RSVP to receive a zoom link or you can also follow the live stream on.

If you read history America was set up to be a democratic republic.

China Must Pay, America Must Rebuild ! Stand with Casey Askar (R) for Congress.
Only in America will you be given protection if you riot, loot, burn, and illegally enter into our country, while people who do nothing wrong are arrested and thrown into prison all because they are on the wrong political team.

United States involvement in regime change in Latin America.
America is only244 yrs old asshole.
Collectively aplouse their deeds witch where bound to that age. I think we have enough contemporary issues to deal with. And swedish history is swedish. We aint america. Teach the damn history as it is. It is what it is. I dont know if you can have a healthy national pride?

Again. I can't emphasize this enough. America's police are refusing to do their jobs unless they receive unending and overwhelming support and are never subject to criticism or oversight. This should tell you everything you need to know.

??President Trump's birthday was another birthday for the United States. Happy Birthday to America and President of the United States!
China is shutting back down for the second wave of COVID while America is opening up and never even took a fraction of precautions from the first wave.
He was born ready, to fleece America and screw everyone.
My first question is this: why does Gaetz think that a white man sponsoring a Cuban teenager so he can go to high school in the United States is the same as being a black man raising a black boy in America? Hint: it's not.

Demonstrators bringing calls for racial justice to small-town America are facing a backlash from heavily armed men coordinating their activities on Facebook.

What You Really Think

"Democrats would rather smear Republicans, smear our families, and smear our motives than actually legislate." Okay, first off, here you are smearing Democrats instead of actually legislating. And second, how much did you contribute to Your Beloved God's presidential campaign?

You're such a pu$$y Gaetz.

I'm always behind Matt Gaetz????????????

Overreacting much? DefundPolice means restructure the police system. It means an end to wasteful spending on crap we don't need, reducing what armed officers do so they can stop shooting us over minor traffic violations and "wellness checks" and no knock warrants.