Sunday 11th of April 2021

"We've Lost Almost The Grandfather of The Nation" Prince Andrew Describes The Duke of Edinburgh as a "remarkable Man" And Says His Death Has Left "huge Void" For The Queen.

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I'm fascinated by the rules of left-liberal politics. Here's a white politician from a political dynasty (her grandfather represented her district until convicted of corruption, then she worked for Joe Crowley & Hillary), implying Andrew Yang is the candidate of white supremacy.

Cameron needlessly called the referendum which led to Brexit, a great British disaster. Then he resigned, paving the way for Johnson. Then he teamed up with dodgy financier he had sponsored in No 10 & lobbied for him during COVID19 to make PS60m Why Britain is in such a mess.

Andrew Yang is a problem solver, a pragmatist, a technologist with a heart. He is not tribal. He deeply wants to restore our faith in human capital. Our greatest resource should be the American people and it may not fit your privileged virtue signal narrative.

Royalists: Prince Andrew may be a pedophile & a rapist but have some compassion! He just lost his dad! Also royalists: So Meghan cant fly back for the funeral JUST BECAUSE shes in a high risk pregnancy after suffering a miscarriage last year??What an awful woman...

She's very pretty... like my cousin who caught the interest of an older man. And who you kinda wanted to kill XD Well, ya know. It's instinct.
As I said before, Andrew Yang is NOT qualified to be the Mayor of New York City. Period.
Who the fuck is telling Andrew Yang they are upset about street vendors in NYC? Ive never seen someone run a more tone deaf campaign in my life. But thats what happens when youre a carpetbagger.
This prince andrew? Bff with ..
Here are some clearer photos of missing person, 38-year old Andrew Spencer. File 21-6455.
Qld LNP MP for Bowman, Andrew Laming, is seeking pre-selection, The Australian is reporting now.
Britain's repulsive mainstream media are now trying to use Prince Philip's death to rehabilitate Andrew's sordid reputation. Disgusting, but not surprising.
Seriously though why is Prince Andrew being interviewed about anything other than sex crime.
Emma and andrew ? anyways.
Andrew laming should not be paired . retweet if you agree.
Prince Andrew doing interviews with British TV channels. When is he doing one with the FBI?
The left can't win until it embraces disco.
Part 1 I got the email saying I had weeks to certify. I was confused because I wasn't suppose to certify until next Sunday. It was for only 1 week. I need to call them and figure out what I need to do for my situation. I was on UI back in 2018 and my year ended in 2019 of Nov.

Substack, like 2 weeks ago: what? how dare anyone suggest that were a haven for a bunch of people whod like to wipe trans people off the face of the earth Andrew Sullivan today: HEY GUYS CHECK OUT MY SUBSTACK FOR MY IDEA FOR A SOLUTION TO THE TRANS QUESTION.

How good is talking about prince Philip, instead of rent boys in the prayer room, no vaccines, sports-rorts, robo-debt, Christian Porter, Andrew Laming, Brittany Higgins, Christine Holgate, and climate change?

Kopech, a former Red Sox prospect, will enter and pitch to former Red Sox OF Andrew Benintendi.
This is disgusting. First of all, no New Yorker has said this. Second, a woman selling churros in the subway or a dude selling CDs isnt hurting ANYONE. Just say what you mean Andrew: You hate poor people. This man CANNOT be the mayor of NYC. It would be devastating to our city.

Andrew yang is a joke.
Andrew Cuomo committed a genocide of the elderly. Point blank.
Armed police have arrested churro vendors and emptied gallons of atol into the street. The police that killed Eric Garner (RIP) claimed he was selling loosies. Andrew Yang is making a coded "law and order" appeal - which is always a green light for more policing.

Is this a good time to remind everyone that Donald Trump scheduled a breakfast meeting with Prince Andrew on his state visit to London then lied to the press that he didnt know him at all? They were both Epstein buddies.

Seven-game hit streak for Michael A. Taylor, who smoked another 100 mph.
Dear BBC, Prince Andrew should not be appearing on our TV screens until the allegations of sexual abuse against him have been investigated. The only interview he should be conducting is with the FBI.
Mk8 VW Golf R vs GTI Clubsport - WHICH SHOULD YOU BUY? YouTube great video comparing mk8 GTI club sport with the new and very fast R - Andrew answers the question of which is the better drivers car.
New for HuffPost: How New York progressives raised taxes on the rich to up public school funding, provide emergency rental assistance, and give unemployment benefits to undocumented immigrants. It took a decade to defy Cuomo's opposition to tax hikes.

Watching the desperate establishment politicians' crews join forces with blue check Twitter "media" to attempt a smear of Andrew Yang is laughable. New York will benefit from a mayor, not born of the corrupt inside political machine, but a problem solver with a morale compass.

Line 1: Starting Monday, Apr. 12 to 21, there will be no service from St George to St Andrew stations due to tunnel improvements. Shuttle buses will run frequently. Regular service resumes Apr. 22. Visit for more info.

Prince Andrew raped a 17 year old girl. Get him off the telly.
I know that was just a single but I'm all in on the Michael A. Taylor Hype Train. Those swing changes are legit.
Prince Andrew speaks to the nation, and the nation replies.
Do you agree that it's time for Andrew Cuomo to go. If you agree, click on the link to let us know.
Prince Andrew being rolled out for interviews is quite nauseating.
Andrew Marr Prince Phillip Special. No MPs being held to account. Just like every other week.
Even the way the indicative votes were held was ridiculous. The approximate landing zones were known (variation of whether to be in sm, CU, both, fta, none), yet they went off voting for very specific proposals. Difference between cm2.0 & efta small, yet the vote differed hugely.

If Andrew Yang spoke to just one person working with street vendors or consulted any immigrant group, he'd delete this call for the status quo: which always ends as violent criminalization of immigrants.

I know it was yesterday but shoutout to my bros for.
So now Andrew can now speak but when the FBI were hollering it was.
You misspelled Andrew Cuomo.
Having Prince Andrew in front of the cameras today might be one of the most brazen things I've ever seen.
Thank goodness Andrew has such a huge ego. This is the same man, who had a one sided wedding war with Harry, using Eugenie as his tool. His ego will NOT let him be in a bacground character. All he has to do is lay low. But nope. And he will be part of the undoing of the BRF.

Andrew Yang is really going after that demographic of people who move to New York, talk incessantly about Bodegas, and then call the police because their neighbors are playing dominos outside.
Tahoe Colors by Andrew Cirrincione.
Prince Andrew should be answering questions from the FBI not BBCNews/SkyNews looks like they're using the cover of his father's death to reintroduce him back into society..
That shit was awesome. I like that Andrew Schultz guy.
Boris Johnson is part of the problem in Northern Ireland but he must also be part of the solution Andrew Grice.
Prince Andrew is wanted for questioning in relation to a credible allegation of child rape He is being protected by the royal family WHY do we, the British people, continue to pay the royal family PSmillions each year, if this is their behaviour?

I wonder why Andrew spent time with Epstein after he had been convicted of being a sex offender.
I keep Forgetting that andrew lincoln is British .
Exactly. Leftists don't follow their own rules. Look how many are caught spewing bigoted slurs like Alec Baldwin for one and many others. They put out false narratives all the time.
According to LinkedIn Andrew Yang's nonprofit organization Humanity Forward has ZERO black employees. The 1K Project he teamed up with also appears to have zero full-time black employees. Has anyone asked why ? He's running for Mayor. It matters.

US judge releases deposition which states that girl was pressurised in to sex with Prince Andrew.
My "compromise" on the "trans question" is that i don't pick andrew sullivan up and physically throw him into a dumpster.
Prince Andrew has every tight to pay his respects to his father on TV. Innocent until proven guilty in a court of law last I heard, not the court of Twitter.
If Andrew Bynum stayed healthy and stayed In the league...where would he rank among the centers of the 2010s?
: Philip's death has left 'huge void' in queen's life these word would have sound better had they come from PrinceCharles after he is next in line to become king well Andrew should be talking on his own behalf before GhislaineMaxwell does.

Lets open some restaurants first, huh?
Scorpion Tales occupies a lower tier in the pantheon of great British horror television of the 1970s, but did it deserve more than a single series? Andrew Screen investigates the programmes six-episode run.

I just think that andrew rannells singing born to run by bruce springsteen.
Apart from the FBI does anyone really want to hear from Prince Andrew?
Prince andrew being interviewed by sky news by MI5.
Andrew Windsor makes statement to BBC: "Well my dad was 18 and my mum was 13 so?".
This is Andrew Yangs priority wanting to harass the people selling churros in the train. Sounds a lot like gentrification to me. Trying to strip New York City of its natural vibe.
No compromise is needed because the trans question is 100% an invention, a cold and calculated series of horseshit lies by garbage people trying to hold power by demonizing people doing no harm to anyone. There is no compassionate TERFism. Also, Andrew Sullivan sucks.

Andrew Yang is a clown and a buffoon who is here using antisemitic and homophobic tropes because (and this is true) he is also an asshole.
Hes also a winger not a midfielder.
KimlinhTran JuliaMcIlvaine Did you know that John voices this guy, named Lou in BrawlStars?
Thanks Andrew. Looking forward to it. I certainly echo your words about Chris.
Amen Bless the Lord God.
It's actually quite good this. Everybody going on about how scummy Meghan is, and there's our state broadcaster asking Prince Andrew for his thoughts about Prince Philip. Like it's nothing. Sums the whole thing up.

If they really want to commemorate Prince Philip, I suggest naming a foodbank after him or a centre for children who have been affected by abuse from vulgar men, like Prince Andrew.
Reports that Prince Andrew has shed a single bead of sweat to mark the passing of Prince Philip.

What You Really Think

I can't watch this...BBC noncing for nonces.

I believe I speak on behalf of the nation when I say this. Get that fucking nonce off my tele.

BBC missed a chance. Should have sent Emily Maitlis.

This will most assuredly NOT be a path back2earning any respect 4Andrew.His previous amateur, doomed attempts2vindicate himself are now rooted firmly in the nations psyche.4having the audacity2believe his fake post Epstein interview would exonerate himself he burnt every bridge.

.delete this.

But they'll slander meghan and Harry and this pedo gets to live happily.

Why is this guy not in prison. Oh thats right. Because hes an entitled, establishment prick.


]cough] nonce]/cough].

A perfect example of grooming !

I wonder was Phillip calm when Andrew told him he was a nonce.

Stop glorifying an inbred nonce.

Nothing conveys the solemnity of the situation like a casual interview with a nonce.

Why is Andrew not in jail?

Right, and the creepy uncle is?


Good luck trying to rehabilitate him. But a lot of us arent buying it.

Background laughter reminds me of 1990s comedy.

You cant fool the people Prince Andrew needs to go to the USA and answer the questions. The British people will not forgive or forget that he is being shielded by the royals he should not be I am ashamed of him and dont feel at all sorry for him his dad was 99 for gods sake.

I loved him AS a father.

Seriously, him talking? There was no one else?

The BBC, the institutional pedo loving media group.

Fuck this contrived, shitty, noncery.

Then he should say nothing to the public. He lost that privilege! Unless he wants to have the interview with the FBI? Im interested.

The FBI would like an interview Andrew.

Shame on the BBC for giving this sweaty sexual predator air time.

Get that sweaty nonce off screen immediately. Of all broadcasters, surely the BBC has learnt their lesson on that one?

Did anyone tell him the fbi wanted a spot of tea ?

When will Andrew speak to the FBI? Theyre interested in what he might know about Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwells human trafficking/child rape activities.

The fuck are you interviewing this one? Is the FBI allowed to interview him now as well?

Lmao feckin crank! Do you think he actually believes this nonsense?

Dear BBC, I thought you would have learned your lesson with Saville and Harris, we dont need another given air time. He should be in the US facing his fate.


Why are you interviewing a nonce?

He should never have been interviewed. Literally a wanted man in the US.

You know, you can remove your mouths from the "royal" rectum? You're a human centipede by choice, and you can stop any time you like.

Imagine your grandpa being a nazi.

The guys a fucking pedophile. The Royal Family is huge, was there no one else available for this interview? A man dies and his passing is used to give a sex offender a public image makeover. Is there no shame.

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