Tuesday 13th of September 2022

Spoke to The Protestor Who Was Arrested on The Royal Mile Today For Shouting Abuse at Prince Andrew During The Queens Procession - His Name is Rory, Heres What he Had to Say.

Social Media Says

Spoke protestor arrested Royal Mile today shouting abuse Prince Andrew during Queens procession name Rory, heres what say.
Somebody yells out, Andrew, youre sick Prince Andrew, walking behind Queen Elizabeths coffin.
police taking more action against heckling prince andrew than they ever against prince andrew himself nose.
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media brainwashes women easily. Once they control attempts alter your trajectory. female absolutely control, will poison with femalities from INSIDE your BED. mask on Dont angry Just listen Andrew Tate.

Andrew wearing Sailor Suit?
We're pleased announce that Andrew Isama from Eton_College will speakers upcoming anti-racism conference, discussing "race, recruitment, progression, experiences, racism microaggressions" your tickets today.

Some media will give more focus whether Prince Andrews heckler should charged with crime than whether Prince Andrew should have been.
time shout Prince Andrew when earshot place place him.
Right Someone Nadja_Lee Nadja_Lee After befriending Alec, Andrew learns that Magnus isn't just love Alecs life, also Alecs Dom, giving Alec freedom without fear. However, Andrew has.

back today! Heres Monday rundown, join Lets ride Andrew_Ivins Freeman patience panic? Charles Huff right first Nebraska coaching some quick thoughts Iowa LSU.

Going through sketch books found this This 2010 when Andrew Garfield first announced Spider-Man. wanted what could look like Spidey hehe.
woman arrested Edinburgh holding anti monarchy sign. arrested Edinburgh heckling Prince Andrew sick. barrister told police London that placard saying King would arrested. This accession anti democratic.

Prince Andrew absolute predator fact queen supported unforgivable. Thats daughter way.
feeling very uneasy about people being arrested shouting *Prince Andrew*.
does Meghan Markle seem rougher ride from British media than Prince Andrew?
Service Prayer Reflection been held Giles Cathedral Edinburgh, with King Charles, Prime Minister Truss, Princess Anne Prince Andrew amongst those attendance. service marked with rendition Save King.

British police working hard make streets safer, ensuring those guilty heinous crimes, like shouting Prince Andrew, arrested.
They refused investigate Andrew. They arrest someone heckles him. remains accused serious offences.
Amazing many Brits overlook Andrew being paedophile draw line Meghan being strong, opinionated black woman.
"Powerful shouldnt allowed commit sexual crimes away with says Rory, arrested shouting Prince Andrew Royal Mile Edinburgh. Thank standing survivors sexual violence, Rory.

arrested heckling Prince Andrew There million reasons what did.
Super excited this published! MANY thanks APS_stamps this they
'Andrew, you're sick man'.
hours from this incident with Prince Andrew daughter Princess Eugenie being posted Twitter, news blackout from mainstream media. Thats coincidence. Thats need alt-media that's establishment want it.

young assaulted twice front police officers after protesting that Prince Andrew disgusting. They took action against assaulters despite incidents being filmed published social media. rectify that miscarriage justice please?

Prince Andrew heckled Queen's coffin passes.
Prince Andrew didnt want heckled then should have stayed home. relieved Royal Duties 2020 after letting down mother spectacularly, shouldnt using death excuse sanitising reputation. Arresting hecklers grotesque.

agree that because Britain wanted Irish starvation. created combination factors policies rule British landowners supported British govt policy, which forced Irish into single crop dependency, /1.

know this week feels weird, didnt think arrive Prince Andrew Redemption kind weird. this ride.
Inconvinient truths people don't want hear: shouting "paedo bastard, Andrew, you're sick man" Prince Andrew
Heavy-handed policing over royal protests "dangerous monarchy", Andrew Marr said.
This young protested against Prince Andrew absolutely 100% spot Powerful shouldnt allowed commit sexual crimes away with have certain full support majority public Rory!

Andrew legitimate creep.
taken into custody safety? Those assaulted film found police decide they want
Whats wrong with their coffee?
Prince Andrew paid PS12 million, some contributed Queen herself, rather than contest allegations sexual assault made Epstein's victims. royals were concerned about what's 'respectful', wouldn't appear public ever again.

Gotta Prince Andrew being heckled being nonce then public police response shows just brainwashed sick Give medal.
sounded like "Andrew such prat" "Cashews cat", probably cashew one.
vitriol anger towards insane. what? Wanting live life? Prince Andrew literal predator mates with Epstein she's target? The British nasty people into hook, line sinker. It's horrendous.

Live with Andrew 10De-Stress Your Mess Challenge Sept 2022.
cool that almost never hear from Andrew Luck when goes this.
giving special award after epstein news broke.
heckles Andrew. Gets attacked police crowd. What world live
Rewllyhope arrested heckling prince andrew gets freed.
There time now, place wherever Andrew
What would code Andrew Bridgens death?
think Prince Andrews pedophilia more tarnish image Royal Family rather than Meghan Markle speaking about mental health struggles racism experienced hands this institution.

British people hate Meghan more than they hate Prince Andrew. Something very wrong with that.
arrested shouting: "Andrew, you're sick man". Video shows being assaulted pulled floor police officer member public..
decided working Royal like Prince Andrew, cant wear
Andrew Garfield photographed Krista Schlueter Vanity Fair.
serious party simply doesn't nominate people like this statewide office. mind that's endorsement Democratic leadership either...
'This frankly pathetic.' Andrew Marr's devastating takedown 'idiotic heavy-handed policing' people have been arrested protesting against King Charles.
attorney general candidate Thomas DeVore record taking critics court, including girlfriends Gov. J.B. Pritzker.
It's inappropriate point prince andrew's connections international paedophile ring time when supposed observe much superior family own.
Prince Andrew gets corgis because he's most experienced groomer family.
Trashed monarchy? believe that done Prince Andrew.

What You Really Think

He is 100% correct.

Is he wrong though?

Any actions against the man who assaulted Rory?!

Just to be clear, I'm not a fan, but PA was not found guilty and his accuser settled out of court which is what US courts do. Look up Jay_Beecher he did a fab thread on the case which debunks VG's case vs PA pt by pt. Haters will still hate. Still lost his Mother.

When the punishment for shouting at a pedophile is worse than actually being a pedophile we're in dangerous waters.

Abuse? Gtfoh.

Follow the f ing hand. Lock him up.

Valid point.

His mum can be proud.

Thanks Jo. Respect Rory.

There is a time a place for everything? Are u kidding me? What about the time and the place were he abused kids. What about the damage he has caused to those kids and their families? And dont tell me he hasnt been convicted, you dont settle if you dont have anything to fear.

Poor Roy hes goin To end up just like the Children that went missing.

Is the age of consent not 16 years old.

A difficult one, but the police were correct to remove him. Verbally disrupting the Queens procession put himself, and potentially others in the crowd, who had come to pay their respects, in jeopardy of harm, by inciting a violent response. Its about time, place, and manner.

We need him in Telford.

I agree with what he is saying BUT! Today was about the queen and not Andrew.

Well played to the protester. Prince Andrew is a nonce and everyone should know.

Rory Represents the Nation.

Theyve got nothing on him,has he been set free yet?

Excuse me sir Jimmy savile.

Rory is a Nancy boy.

Time and place.

Scottish police are fooking embarrassing.

Well done lad.

Rory: "That powerful men should be allowed to commit sexual crimes and get away with it". , Rory.

Little crossed legged weasel.

He was shouting during a funeral procession. Whatever he has to say should be said at a different time.

Was he a alter boy ??? And damaged.

Hear hear Rory.

Wait, shouting in the UK is a criminal offense?

Wonder what Worwy has to say about this piece of work.

The heckler has been arrested and spent more time in police custody than Andrew has, even though hes the pedo. It makes no sense, rich privilege is a joke.

He's in cuffs and the sexual predator isn't welcome to England.

What he did is disgusting.

Good on you, Rory!

Being a grown adult in 2022 and referring to other humans as her majesty, king etc is laughable to me.

The police offers should be arrested for harassment.

How's it abuse when he's telling the truth.

Not all heroes wear capes this man deserves a medal and a parade.

Audio bad what did he say.

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