Friday 16th of April 2021

After Being Furloughed by Arsenal, Gunnersaurus Has Gained Employment Working on The Dulux Social Media Team. Good Luck on Your First Day!

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Lucas Torreira to federicobulos: I want to go to Boca Juniors now. I am 25 years old and I know its a club that plays for great targets. Id like to make the fans happy... but I know it's not easy. Boca should reach an agremeent with Arsenal for a one-year loan.

22 years ago, Ryan Giggs scored arguably the most iconic FA Cup goal of all time against Arsenal.
Folarin Balogun has signed his new contract with Arsenal until June 2025, done and completed. He received more than 15 proposals to sign as a free agent - Bayer Leverkusen made the biggest one. Edu Gaspar and Arteta convinced Balogun to stay and sign a new contract. NS.

Ken Youre in Czech Now you cant Support Arsenal anymore , it must be Sla Today 3-0 up already. Hi Mate adamcicaa hope youre enjoying The Game See you Tomorrow.
Arsenals attack in the first half.
Arsenal doing more against racism with this match alone than UEFA has done in the last 10 years.
- Arsenal lead 4-1 on aggregate - Villarreal lead 3-0 on aggregate They'll meet in the semi-finals as things stand.
Nobody: Defenders: I Dey catch kroos forget . . . . arsenal sims amad laycon Granada.
This is my actual brother, an Arsenal fan sadly.
We tried to tell king_Otay not to become an Arsenal fan well day 1: your team is up 3-0 but you best player has malaria. Welcome to the gunners.
Arsenal were in their prime of getting bullied when they were getting managed by Emery. This man is a wicked man.
So far, so good Arsenal and Manchester United are currently cruising through to the UEL semi-finals at HT of their QF second legs.
Who cares about kneeling and other jokes, Arsenal is 10 times richer than Sla, that's all.
Have scored three or more goals in four consecutive away matches in all competitions for the first time since October-December 1932 (a run of five).
Maligned - not unreasonably - but the Arsenal player cited by many young players as a guardian this season, on and off the pitch, who never stops trying to do more. Got so much respect for Lacazette.
Arsenal winning?
Finally home. Anyone have a link to the Arsenal game?
Bro. If I show you videos of my son supporting Arsenal, youll cry. Arsenal has given me gray hair.
Cmon you Arsenal lets give these shameless Racist scumbags a proper good hiding !!
Arsenal went to Sla Prague's home to teach them lessons on racism at their doorstep. Yeah, this is for you Glen Kamara.
Great goal by Pepe. Up Gunners.
Arsenal are kicking Sla Prague and racism out of football and Europe!!!!!!
Emery is getting his revenge on arsenal I can feel it.
Can Arsenal score four goals second half?
Hopes high nne.
Na we be.
HALF-TIME Alcacer and Moreno net for Villarreal Goalless in Rome Arsenal race into 3-0 lead Cavani on scoresheet at Old Trafford Best performance so far?
Chelsea fixture schedule Man City FA Cup semi Brighton (PL h) West Ham (PL a) Real Madrid (CL a) Fulham (PL h) Real Madrid (CL h) Man City (PL a) Arsenal (PL h) possible FA Cup Final Leicester (PL h) Aston Villa (PL a) possible CL final tough, but nice to be in the mix KTBFFH.

Arsenal fully kicking out Racism with the Black players doing the business. Beautiful scenes.
Time to finish the job, Arsenal! We're all right behind you! V.
Sla Prague vs Arsenal. Live (English ) SLAARS Follow FootballTvi and turn on notification. livestream UEL PLS RETWEET FOR OTHERS TO SEE.
This is what a club like Arsenal SHOULD be doing to sides like this. Weve been brilliant. The weekend just gone we SHOULD be thumping Sheffield Utd. And we did. I like this. I like THIS Arsenal. Attack is our best form of defence. Worry about US and not THEM.

Brilliant Arsenal lets finish the job.
LACA FROM THE SPOT! The skipper doubles our lead! NS 0-2 (22) (1-3 agg).
No ARSENAL fan should have a few hundred followers because we've got millions of afc active users on Twitter! RETWEET, LIKE, REPLY with afc and let's FOLLOW everyone who engages with this tweet!!! V Follow us.

Glad Arsenal done a job on these racist fuckers first half.
I think the first 30 minutes showed us exactly what we thought after the first leg. Sla are not comfortable with pace & struggle with ballsuns in behind them. Electric first half hour from us & I wouldnt mind another goal just to kill any nerves I have left.

Arsenal fans, how are you feeling?
I heard rangers arent doing the knee anymore as glen said its not doing any good taking the knee but I support knocking racism out the game.
What a beautiful day for arsenal fans.
This kid really is special.
From the 46th minute, Arsenal must make Sla know that there is no hope. They should forget about it.
Arsenal dunking on racists is a win for football. The fact that three black players have scored against them as well is so damn satisfying.
Regardless of the club you support, you just gotta feel proud of Arsenal trashing these Fvcking Racists! Racism should have no place anywhere in the world!
These boys...
Start supporting arsenal today.
Caption this pic... Heres mine: The Arsenal Doing its bit to kick racism out of football.
The Arsenal.
Its not enough for every black player to score. Arsenal need to randomly play Stone Cold theme music and just sub on Glen Kamara.
Arsenal fans watching this Front 3 saucing against Prague.
React to Sla Praha vs Arsenal with a GIF.
Arsenal don vex o. Lol.
HT SCORE Prague 0 - 3 Arsenal.
As strong a message as always. LacazetteAlex V.
[?][?][?] vs. Olympiacos [?][?][?] vs. West Ham [?][?][?] vs. Sheffield United [?][?][?] vs. Sla Prague Arsenal have scored 3 goals in four consecutive away games for the first time in the 21st century.

Sla Praha vs Arsenal Highlights.
VVVVVV And it's ARSENAL, Arsenal FC!!!!! We're by far the greatest team The world has ever seen.
Arsenal killing sla with 3 black goalscorers, the ultras that had that kamara banner must be imploding with rage.
Sheffield United won't sign up to IHRA and there are other "clubs" who might value your bigoted support? Why don't you **** off to one of them? We have a multicultural, diverse fan base. Including many Jews. Danny Fiszman and David Dein... heard of them?

Wdym bc you beat Sheffield? Nothing I said was about that Sheffield game, I just said that in general, Sla Prague arent a good team at all.
All of Arsenals goal scorers were Black.
Am praying for a win, Arsenal do it for me I sleep well.
14 Smith-Rowe [?], disallowed by VAR 18: Pepe [?] 21: Lacazette [?] 24: Saka [?] Arsenal came to play in the Europa League today.
Competition Time Massive game tonight! If Arsenal go through to the semi-final, I will give a follower that s this tweet a print of their choice! Which one would you choose?
Arsenal will make 3 semi finals in 4 years if they win tonight.
Leave am.
Alexandre Lacazette's superb, defiant statement in face of Sla Prague players.
Three goals in five minutes. Arsenal punishing this racist club as everyone wanted. So proud of this club. V.
Racist chanting picked up after lacazette pepe and saka goals. Uefa get them telt!
Arsenal have absolutely Steam Rolled Sla Prague.
LIVE Sal Prague vs Arsenal SLAARS UEL Follow LiveFootBallHD0 for more Streams! Please Like & Retweet V.
I done dey fear o. Arsenal fit carry Europa o on our head o.
Once again humiliation of Arsenal players. I wonder if this will become an obligation in all sport events, in the near future. Respect to the players of SlaPrague Do not obey!
Says all there is to say really, racist club through and through and i hope arsenal put another 3 in the back of the net before the nights out.
Emile Smith Rowe has the joint-most assists in all competitions for Arsenal this season (7).
Ew lando is an arsenal fan.
Half-time scores in the UEL: Man Utd 1-0 Granada (3-0) Sla Prague 0-3 Arsenal (1-4) Roma 0-0 Ajax (2-1) Villarreal 2-0 Dinamo Zagreb (3-0).
Bukayo Saka 19 years-old Emile Smith Rowe 20 years-old Both Londoners, both English, both on fire in Prague tonight Arsenal's future? [?].
Love this.
Arsenal in the first half.
I had a really bad week and for once arsenal arent making it worse.
Should bring on Balogun and other young ones, cause the body language of current one would show they don't wanna score more..
My thoughts. Odegaard doesn't greatly improve Arsenal. Maybe it's just me.

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Paddy power's sarcasm more efficient than their cash out.

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