Saturday 28th of August 2021

7: Manchester City 1-0 Arsenal 12: Manchester City 2-0 Arsenal.

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Back in PremierLeague action! Introducing your lineup for this afternoon's game...
have spent less Sancho, Varane Ronaldo than Arsenal have spent White, Odegaard, Ramsdale, Sambi Tavares.
Former Arsenal youth player passed away early hours this morning started career Gunners academy before going play likes Birmingham Leyton Orient. Thoughts prayers with family friends this time.

penalty arsenal. SHOCKED.
Brentford Arsenal [?] Arsenal Chelsea City Arsenal Arsenal's nightmare continues.
Nolonger funny...Arsenal need our HELP! no banter anymore.
Being Arsenal huge test from Allah. Allah himself said verily with hardship comes ease itll better soon Insha Allah.
But its not his fault.
City Arsenal Live Like Retweet, this helpful!
City score third goal, Away Arsenal fans should invade pitch!
laughing Arsenal right.
enter viewing centre, before down Arsenal chop 1-0, before money chop 2-0. Wetin remain?
Arsenal seem depressed.
that arsenal penalty kmt.
You've rights complain, boohoo about being tired arsenal yall have missed europa year rough start matchdays) year after.
out. Arsenal legend pauldavis_8 looks back outstanding Arsenal career, highs lows. finest footballers ever come south LDN. acast providers.
Arteta best managers world. Whatever today's result might Arsenal please give some time don't dare sign that fraud conte guy.
This Arsenal want this season today draw tomorrow lose next tomorrow people should sack this lost dressing room.
Arsenal must just bring back Wenger ONCE!
Arsenal ain't Etihad since 2015 can't wait this NOTHING documentary this club.
With raining goals last week Arsenal thought they back game, this Premier League.
The refereeing in the premierleague is absolute horseshit.
Don't okay! It's pandemic support Arsenal Football Club FFS!
Arsenal have keepers bench. Maybe they should bring them both play goal. Just thought.
Arsenal going through something words.
After seriously caining championship team Westbrom midweek, Arsenal called Manchester City there then munae, they wish never happened.
Arsenal Have More Yellow Cards than Goal This Season.
After Moise Kean signing secured, Juventus are not planning for any move for Eden Hazard or Pierre Aubameyang. No contacts with Real or Arsenal. NS Juventus RealMadrid Juventus will now focus on Paulo Dybala contract extension ]expiring in June 2022] - all parties confident.

This is the worse I've ever seen from Arsenal... since last week.
only Arsenal will this game.
These Arsenal boys need come secret energy drink smh.
sure feel want laugh whole day!!!!!!! Arsenal appreciate efforts making happy!!
cameraman filming Arsenal Amazon Nothing documentary.
passed straight arsenal players like times already.
Arsenal fans genuinely believe that London red?
Arsenal should just throw towel avoid being humiliated.
Charley really force ooo, Supporting Arsenal these times must suicidal.
Getting messages switch Arsenal game off. From Arsenal fans. what would laugh
Should be called "Arsenal - nothing".
Elneny stat help midfield.
transfer window where: Messi, Ramos, Donnarumma, Hakimi, Wijnaldum joined Lukaku joined Chelsea Grealish joined City Memphis Aguero joined Barca Sancho, Varane Cristiano joined United biggest spenders still Arsenal!

Arsenal used Vegeta rivalry. they moving like Yamcha.
Reporter: Cristiano Ronaldo fan? Fan: Actually Arsenal fan. Reporter: Cristiano Ronaldo will play your rivals? Fan: rivals Brighton.
these, just remember Arsenal signed White PS50m.
youre Arsenal fan, through anything life honestly.
Pray for.
Please dont waste your time Arsenal wont this game.
Arsenal completely Shite.
Anytime City attack Arsenal defense.
When Ronaldo faces Arsenal just know gonna turn back years with step overs.
Arsenal Chelsea should link send saka loan same team.
That would have been given if it was against arsenal.
Isnt it time for you to end this toxic relationship you have with Arsenal??
dunno lol.
name Lungelo support Arsenal Football Club.
City Arsenal live stream: watch Premier City Arsenal live score: Live updates VIVO Live STREAM LINK >> live_sportsa .. LINK >>.
Arsenal just throwing themselves down now. Embarrassing club.
Just delete your club.
Arsenal went into transfer market spend over 100m buying White, Lokogoma, goalkeeper they don't need other bang average players. they really want complete Premier League. Losers.

Watch Arsenal's brother AKA. Champions Europe tonight Anfield.
Supporting Arsenal will defo brown temptation getting real.
LIVE BTTS unit 1.83 Arsenal really struggling hold ball alone hang thus sniff goal first mins. Given Arsenals record when theyre losing definitely city holding clean sheet.

Chambers should nowhere near Arsenal starting
Arsenal why.
Exactly, Arsenal fans need keep backing him. This team young they need enough time them click together. With Arteta, they need trust process. It'll come good
Need City score Arsenal need foot table.
Mocking Arsenal realising this post Klopp.
This ESR dude aint good. And hes the Arsenal.
VAR: Let's just allow it because it's Arsenal.
Arsenal play draw.
Petition Arsenal supporters?? think free mental therapy will nice.
Arsenal 2-1. Goals from Kolasinac, Smite Rowe Grealish. Stake your inheritance
This Arsenal Nothing series going incredible viewing.
Naye Arsenal should play pool .football agaanye!!!!!
saying Arteta right Arsenal, right now. talented coach inexperienced manager, admittedly. Arteta grand scheme things. goals they conceding though? more down personal. Thats point!

Personally think should just make Arsenal anymore.
Arsenal ankasa ong, owner, coach, management, players, jerseys fans must burnt ashes.
Arsenal sack everyone start again that second goal epitomizes useless group This complete joke Effortless basis cant even blame players energy.
Remember when City dropped like games last year Arsenal supporters were trying convince because Arteta brain behind Pep?
Arsenal fans, trust process. Arteta improved Sterling Sane. will improve your players too. Just patient with him.
this ends City Arsenal fan, then take run.
Arsenal fans should getting free therapy.
Watching Arsenal from Neutral stressful.
interested know when Arsenal Board will sack Arteta. Arsenal fast!
Supporting arsenal should have been part cruel death scenes final destination.
seriously things supporting Arsenal aside, Arsenal really okay?
12' Manchester City 2-0 Arsenal.
matches Ls 0 points goals conceded. doubt ever this Arsenal.
EIGHT-TWO. years today, Manchester United Arsenal.
Chambers, Kolasinac, Cedric, earth they Arsenal players? knew they were garbage after their first years club. they still here, alone teamsheet.

What You Really Think

Berdoalah lebih kencang dan sungguh2.

How many thinks that Gunners will be gun down to relegation this season?

Who did Arsenal ever offended.

"Sacked in the morning".

Arsenal were dominating. City got 1 chance and momentum completely changed, awful defending by the gooners.


And its only the 12th minute lol.

La vie est dur pour lui.

Arsenal are playing 541 but still conceded 2 goals within 12 minutes.

Stop the count.

Who dey breath?

It's our culture now... We always lose the game inside the first 10 mins against the top 6.

Olodo student.


This man is not lucky.

Yhh what else is new.


Another 8-2 incoming from the inferior Manchester club this time.

The best coach ever.


Too much.

Your prediction so far.

Ok tak tu.

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