Sunday 2nd of August 2020


Emi Martinez left home in Argentina at the age of 17 to join Arsenal and give his family a better life Vnulb.
I am feeling the 14th is coming today. Good luck Arsenal FACupFinal FACup.
One change from Watford... nulb HectorBellerin nulb.
Here to support The Arsenal. Good to have you with us, lads Vnulb.
This Man is Magic Aubameyang7 VnulbVnulb FACupFinal arsenal 2-1.
To Arsenal from all Man United fans worldwide, Thank You for giving Chelsea a trophyless season.
My sister come back next season arsenal don collect this cup.
Arsenal winning the FA Cup means they'll have to play Europa League football on Thursday nights next season.
You see that celebration from Ceballos? He clearly in love with Arsenal isnt he V.
All my arsenal fans where are you, its safe for us to come out of hiding now.
Arsenal should win it tonight !!
GOAL: Arsenal 2 - 1 Chelsea. Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang, the iciest finish in FA Cup final history. ARSCHE FACupFinal FACup [?].
Arsenal is killing us undeniably but the referee has been awful.
Ahahah they fucked up xd.
Congrats to Arsenal for having this FA Cup final handed to them.
This ref.
Watch Arsenal sell Aubameyang in the transfer window.
Gives Arsenal the lead over Chelsea 2-1! WHAT A FINISH! FACupFinal - Follow us for more.
Fair play to Arsenal beat City and Chelsea for the trophy. More difficult run than City have had any domestic cup comp.
Give that man his money.
Stfu he has it out for chelsea arsenal can only beat chelsea if hes the referee.
Tipping Arsenal to perform massively next season , the signs are there.
Holy fuck this referee bias for arsenal is insane. We take those.
Its 2-1 lads.
Arsenal let this guy score against them.
Arsenal is the only football club with the most FA cup trophies and you think theyll bottle this game lmaooo.
Kovacic has been sent off Its just getting better and better for the Arsenal.
FA For Arsenal -_.
Red card. Pulisic hamstring injury. 2-1 down to Arsenal in the cup final. Day from hell for Lampard! Will be interesting to see how bad that injury turns out to be.
Arsenal dem shaa kraa ino be dema FA Cup oo be there.
Arsenal fans going to stunt winning against us with no pulisic and azpi hate it here.
We need this.
GOAL! Auba with a beauty! Arsenal 2-1 Chelsea.
Now if chelsea equalise, arsenal are shot and dont deserve me.
If Arsenal win tomorrow, Ill order FIFA 21 for anyone who interacts with this tweet.
Ref Clearly a arsenal fan. Ruining the game.
Chelsea getting outdid in shithousery by arsenal, love to see it.
Dude, its 2-1.
Ref just won that for arsenal. I wonder how much that red made him. Disgrace.
If VAR cant review that... tf is football then? Well, friend of Arsenal.
Big man its 2-1.
Guess they have to keep Arsenal fucking relevant somehow.
Dont bottle it.
Arsenal an absolute disgrace. Looking for the sending off for a nothing challenge - and then getting it. Ref should know better.
Kovacic gets the second yellow! Unbelievable. Because it doesn't look like a second yellow offence. I remember Jorginho deserved a second yellow against Arsenal in a PL game but he didn't get it and scored the equaliser and set up a winner. Now we might get the FA Cup!

Only arsenal could contrive to lose a Cup final after this Please see it out fellas could be the start of a new era . InArtWeTrust COYG NSnulb.
So Sagnaofficial's wish for Arsenal tonight is almost coming true.
Sublime decision Antony Taylor spot on. No excuses Arsenal. See this out and be professional.
With arsenal we wait till the final whistle is blown.
Its clear England FA wants Arsenal in the europa league, this is a horror show from the officials.
Never knew the FA Cup final was a 11v12 affair. Lucky Arsenal.
Fa cup was created for Arsenal.
No be small beans Chelsea then United go chop from Arsenal fans.
Lmao how much arsenal paid the ref.
Kovacic sent off for a second yellow card. Harsh. But to be honest, who cares. Arsenal face the last 15 minutes against 10 men.
Why cant second yellows be VARd?
Apoio trocar o nome arsenal football club pra aubameyang football club.
That is a delightful finish, Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang! The Arsenal forward has turned the game around!
I hate what Arsenal does to me sometimes. A day like this now, I go just useless throughout the day until 5:30pm reach. Smh. I'm even tensed AF!
Business time.
Honestly dont know what arsenal is playing at.
Arsenal win it.
Injuries and Red cards has won this game for arsenal.
I said 2 weeks ago to my cousins that Arsenal will win the cup. They laughed whose laughing now?
Hope I dont see any arsenal fan calling Bruno a diver now.
Arsenal winning by cheating.
Frauds. Ref is sold.
Never a sending off that, ruined the game but Arsenal cant bottle this.
Arsenal Playing better knockout stages game than Barcelona ! What a time to be alive.
I knew Chelsea playing in the final is a bonus for Arsenal Manchester could have been a tough opponent.
Arsenal are making my day rn.
Are you watching? Awon omo Arsenal gbogbo.
Ref just gifted the game to Arsenal.
Its looks like we cant touch the Arsenal players.
Dear Chelsea fans, we beat you 3 times this season and we said that winning them in the league was more important as we got 3rd because of that,instead yius beat us to get embarrassed by arsenal.
Im so happy for arsenal.
GG Arsenal.
One man down, come on Arsenal!
Cool as you like.
Anthony Taylor was dying to give him a second yellow .. think he is an Arsenal fan.
The refs are wearing red today. This ref has been an embarrassment today. Chelsea defitnely fouling more than Arsenal, but Anthony Taylor is useless.
Cue the classic Arsenal collapse.
Welp, that 2nd yellow pretty much sealed the game up for arsenal. Dont think it was a good call either.
BTW Today is papilokanu's birthday. A true legend of Arsenal. A win will be a good present for him.
Yesssss Arsenal!!!!
This bald twat wearing an Arsenal top?
What is happening to Chelsea is the kinda bad luck Arsenal used to have.
They should just end the match and give Arsenal the Cup.
Arsenal career.
Arsenal VnulbVnulbVnulbVnulb.
RED CARD! Kovacic sent off!
How much are arsenal paying the officials then.

What You Really Think

Happy Birthday My Dear Brother We had a common friend Mr. Emma from Abuja who is no more. I dont know if you remember Much love from India.

Happy birthday papilo!! You made my childhood memorable!

The legend.

Happy birthday. Watching you play for Nigeria was great. We know even its almost 90 minute and we are a goal down or even at a draw. A penalty can occur base on who you be. Big up.

Happy birthday Sir we share the same month may the Almighty God continue to bless and protect ur family (From Chikaodi you meet at the Lagos Airport).

HBDLLNP God Bless You.

Happy perfect birthday to you papilo.

My bday mate.. Happy birthday to us, many more yrs for us all.

Happy birthday Kanu, age gracefully.

Happy New month to you Papilo!

Happy birthday Sir, I wish u good tidings!

Birthday blessings papilo.

Happy birthday legend may you witness more ahead in a good health.

Happy birthday man of the people, God bless your new year.

Happy birthday sir, wullnp.

A very big happy birthday to you Africa lengend,wish you more fulfilled years ahead.

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Happy birthday to you our papilo More years ahead.

HBD Papilo.

HBD legend.. wishing u all u wish for enjoy and have a great day.cheers.

Happy birthday Papilo. I no know day u will make us proud. U are already making us proud. Happy birthday.

Happy birthday Kanu!!! The evergreen footballer who made astounding tricks in the field of play. Imprinted in my memory is the Olympics Nigeria vs Brazil, you turned the game around when the clock was going towards the end.

Happy birthday blessings legend.

Happy Birthday Sir! Blessings!!!

Happy birthday the legend.

Happy birthday Sir, you have paid your dues.

Happy birthday to our Arsenal African legend papilokanu. May the Boys put the FACup icing on your birthday cake tonight.

May your days be long. Legend Remember your Legendary Arsenal in prayers.

Happy Birthday Papilo. Your Birthday gift will be the FA Cup trophy. I celebrate you sir.

King papillo ... Wish u LLNP.

Happy birthday Kanu.

Happy birthday papilo. More Garce.

Happy birthday to Kanu Nwankwo.

Happy birthday Legend nulb May your days be long.

Happy birthday big man!!!

Happy Birthday Papilo. More Blessing.

Ma Paolo na god go dey bless you.


Happy birthday Papilo, hopefully we will celebrate with our FA cup win.

Happy Birthday to you big bros.

Happy birthday king of African football.

Happy birthday to you Mr. Papilo. God bless your new age sir and fill your remaining years with every good things of life. Amen.

Happy birthday to you sir, and i wish Arsenal good luck for today FA Cup final.

Happy birthday papilo.

Happy Heavenly Blessings Senior.

Birthday blessings legend..much respect.

Happy birthday To the World Papilo. You are a blessing to African Football. May God bless you richly always. If you need pure & unadulterated Honey DrLadysHoney9ja is ur number 1 vendor. We deliver to anywhere in Nigeria.


Happy glorious blessed birthday.

Happy birthday legend More years on earth ijn.

Happy birthday, goonner!!

Papillo hbd.

Happy birthday to you papalo more years and more money in your account.

Happt birthday King of Soccer.

Happy Birthday to a Nigerian Patriot and football ambassador. An icon and a role model. Arsenal LEGEND!!! More of God's grace in your life, happiness, good health and prosperity.

Happy birthday papilokanu ! Wishing u long life in greater glory, higher heights $ fantastic flourishing in Jesus name.

Papilo, although you tall, greater heights still.

Happy birthday legend. God continue to bless and keep you sir.

Papilo I know say one day you go make us proud!!! Happy birthday big man.

Oh see kanu oo..u don fat o! bro,that remind wen ur Jersey dey bounce along with you on the touch u don fell for is good oo..Madam head dey love.. HBD.

Same here.

Congratulations my dear brother Greater you on all sides in Jesus name Happy birthday sir.

Happy birthday Pro, God bless you and your family. More years of celebrations.


Odogwu Papilo.

Happy Birthday papilo, may God continue to keep and bless you in Jesus name.

Happy birthday to the man papilo .

Happy birthday prince of Africa football...

HBD to you.

Happy Birthday Sir, May the Almighty God continue to feed you with his strength Amen .

Happy birthday great man many blessings to you and family longest of life on Earth with eternal life ahead.

Happy birthday brother.

Happy birthday.

Happy birthday Hero. More blessings.

Happy birthday sir.

Happy birthday and thank you for the childhood memories, we still relish them till today.

Happy happy days papilokanu Happy birthday legend Best wishes.

PapiloV .. You made me believe in the dream of football, Papilo one day I go make you proudV.

Happy birthday kanu.

Happy birthday Odogwu.

Happy birthday papilo nwanne Long life and prosperity good health Many more years ahead enjoy your day Odogwu.