Monday 14th of December 2020

William Saliba Has no Future Under Mikel Arteta And Has Been Made Available For Transfer by Arsenal, Reports Eurosport.

William Saliba has no future under Mikel Arteta and has been made available for transfer by Arsenal, reports Eurosport.
The Arteta era is already self-imploding. Painful to watch.
My piece on the dressing room crisis that Mikel Arteta faces at Arsenal. - One senior player doesn't talk to Arteta anymore - The influence that Ozil & Sokratis yield over the squad - Arteta told squad he will 'destroy' whoever is behind leaks.

Dear Arsenal, On behalf of your fans you must now grant us one wish this Christmas. And that is to sack Mikel Arteta immediately. Hes an arrogant, self centered spanish prick that is rotting this club to the core. Not a single player in the squad believe in him.

Arteta FC. All the dickriders will be back in a few months time pretending they backed him through the hardships.
Will Arteta get the same stick and scrutiny as Solskjaer? (Or even more, since he deserves it for these terrible performances and results). Won't hold my breath.
Ive had enough Arteta its time to go !
But all of you forget one thing. Arteta picks up those players. He plays them every week. He makes them feel untouchable. Its HIS fault.
Here's what Mikel Arteta made of Arsenal's shock defeat against Burnley.
If Willian gets a red, best believe Arteta is heading straight to FA tomorrow morning to make him available for our next game.
I feel for Arteta, he's tried to evolve the team this season and the only signing that would actually enable that has been in and out with injury. He's still the only influential person at the club who I think knows what he's doing but it's a difficult task for a young manager.

Would rather get rid of half the dressing room than Arteta, as theyve been the root cause of our problems over the last few years. But the only way he gets buy in/time from the fans is by no longer relying on those who keep letting him down. And results.

Yes and yes. This isn't banter guys. If arteta isn't sacked, Arsenal will be in thesame situation leeds were 17 or 20 yrs ago.
New guy apologies. The older guys plotting against Arteta before he kicks them out of the club. Arsenal football club.
NEW VIDEO: Watch Link "Xhaka red card 'unacceptable' - Arteta".
Arteta is clown for persisting with this.
Probably true, then again Arteta has to deal with literal clowns for players.
Even in Wenger's darkest moments, he had the experience to find a way to stop the rot. Arteta's never been here before. It's one of the truest tests of a manager: can they find a way to shift the trajectory?

The Athletic have blood on their hands, the amount of propaganda they published for Arteta is unbelievable. Goebbels would say they went too far.
Agree with that to an extent, but would be Wenger, Emery, Ljungberg and Arteta all going - with the one constant being the players. So unless theyre all bad managers, squad needs to shoulder some blame.

Ozil with another PS350,000 this week while Arsenal and Arteta battles relegation.
Arsenal fan can't bear to watch and covers his EYES with coronavirus mask.
The night is going to be very long for Arteta, very unfortunate. I won't be surprised if board goes against him. Funny thing is, he may be gone tomorrow, but more funniest is those dead woods in the team would still be here. It's very easy to sack a manager.

Im not sure people will wait This set of players are not CFC 2012 who checked out on AVB then won the CL They are average yet they act with such arrogance Need them out or they will cost Arteta big time Maybe already too late.

It's understood that Arteta told his squad in an internal meeting at London Colney that he will "destroy" whoever is behind the leaks.
Remember when Pep was nothing without Arteta? Good times.
Teacher:how many goals has aubameyang scored this season Me:3goals Teacher:Wrong 4goals Me.
People mocked Arteta by calling him the Spanish Sean Dyche only for him to get tactically outclassed by Sean Dyche.
Footbal London understands that Arteta's relationship with David Luiz has soured over the past few weeks, with neither the manager or player speaking directly to each other anymore. ]ChrisWheatley_].
Arteta when the world was crucifying David Luiz rightly for costing us a game, so go ahead and celebrate him turning on the manager as if its some victory for the club. As if luiz has the clubs best interests at heart and wont be off to China for a final pay cheque this summer.

Arteta should be given 3 more games. Really good squad playing appalling football, passing out from the back try dribbling and or passing to a team mate. Willian/Aubameyang are great players who are having a terrible time... Use nketiah willock to support Saka and Tierney.

Lets see your non-negotiable now, Arteta.
Its a terrible mismanagement of the club from the very top. Arteta could do a job with the players he needs. Frankly, Im not quite sure why he quit doing what had been working for him. ***nulb.
Comparing Wenger to Arteta ??
Trust the process ARSBUR Arteta Arsenal.
Have you got news on arteta like is he gonna get sacked or what.
We go into games for wins not draws definitely not losses we concede 1 we score 3 we concede 2 we score 4 for fuck sake our players just luck determination and Arteta should improve his man management i think.

Major development at Arsenal tonight. We understand board meeting called. Certain AFC officials want Mikel Arteta sacked. Brendan Rodgers back on the shortlist. He is willing to leave LCFC to manage Arsenal.

Arteta ain't got the credentials dfkm.
This stats alone should be enough to sack Arteta.
Here is WHY ABPKoMatRoko is t... Check at Follow insubcontinent also TRNDN ARSBUR Arsenal Xhaka Arteta Oath4SSR Auba Willian Bellerin barcalevante Messi.
Arteta is losing the dressing room becuase he wants them all sold and they all know it.
Not looking good for Arteta. At this rate, with this squad, his destination is failure. He started this process however I fear he won't finish it. I'm Arteta In but football is a results business. If you can't get a tune out these players now then you will get sacked.

I will be making a video on my thoughts on the metgame doc soon hopefully :))). And maybe a quick video on Arteta as well.
Arteta speaking about Pepe's red card vs speaking about xhakas red card.
Arteta: "Something's clearly not working. The players aren't performing. We have to make changes and do things differently." 1 week later: Picks the same squad.
But Arteta would still make win the title at United right Ian Wright?
Apparently the players were unhappy with Arteta after his response about Pepe red card against Leeds Im seriously starting to dislike our own squad. Arteta in or out these players are pricks at Arsenal. I actually want most of them gone. Including Saliba & Lacazette.

Under Mikel Arteta 12 games played. 4 games won 1 draw 7 Losses 15th. Next we face Southampton, Everton, Manchester City, Chelsea and Brighton Hove Albion. Ladies and gentlemen, this club is headed to the relegation!

His style of play is very opportunistic, sometimes he can be playing very attacking, and sometimes he can be playing very defensively, which is allegri style of play kinda same with arteta.
"I still have total faith in Arteta!" (Ty) Arsenal 0-1 Burnley.
Im not Arteta must go yet,he has season and 2 windows for me,so its this time next year he needs to be judged,when the poison and those undermining him are cast off & sold off go.
Arteta when we lose 1-0 to Burnley but Tierney underlapped Saka allowing Willian to operate in a carrilero role, giving more obtuse passing angles for Xhaka as a raumdeuter.
Arsenal Fan TV is the worst thing to have happened to Arsenal's reputation That and Arteta.
Cool it's just ironic to me that the Arteta fan account is saying about acting in the interests of a club or of a person.
Wenger finishes fourth. Get him out my club Arteta fighting relegation He needs more time MrDtAFC youve clean lost your head. The same guy who said Jose was finished.
Less than a year ago Arteta was the new Pep. Now they're wearing Arteta Out T-Shirts. When will they realise your squad is full of shit. No manager is getting results out of those players. But blame another manager.

Arteta had a plan when he beat United apparently smh.
Emery got the best out of this team by finishing 5th and then got sacked. Arteta got the best out of this team, won a trophy and it's now going to shit. Shit players aren't going to last you long, it's not rocket science.

The lack of discipline is evident at Arsenal. Players picking up red cards after sloppy fights, unrest in the dressing room, young players trolling on Instagram. It was a non negotiable when Arteta took over. He's completely failed to get the house in order.

Root of the problem.. Guendouzi rebel leads to him getting loaned out Toreira performance Saliba anger for not being choosed Mustafi refuse to extend his contract and Ozil being freezed (unknown problem).. anything i missed? arteta mishandling.

Arteta has to make those George Graham moves now. Youth plus selected reliable senior pros. Its possibly the only way he makes it to the Summer and gets to see dead wood drift away (Sok, Ozil, Musti, Xhaka to name but four).

Booo fuck off mug artetaout if you back arteta now youre officially a fucking cunt.
More than happy to take criticism for this opinion. These players let down Wenger at the end of his stay. They let down Emery too. Both managers arguably had more balanced squads than the one Arteta has. What manager comes in now and isn't let down by the players in the same way?

Mikel Arteta has lost 4 home games in a row. Better than Frank Lampard they said.
Im a softy at heart and like Arteta so will always give him the benefit of the doubt even with all the hard facts in front of me. -nulb.
Let's hope arteta gets sacked.
Dude, we just lost 4. home game in a row, and won 1 in 8! Face it: Arteta is NOT recovering from this. He won FA cup by defending deep and hitting teams on a counter. I cant remember 1 good football match under Arteta!

Could bring in Arteta ? As your assistant I mean. Don't see Arsenal putting up with his shit for much longer.
He legit backed those players when everyone said their shit. Both could be sold but Arteta made them stay. I can guarantee you if sold xhaka we would got a replacement. Thats why I say its his all fault.

Nah man. I actually want Arteta to turn it around but can't see it happening. Fear he has lost the dressing room. Not sure on Allegri either but something has to change soon.
Arsenal have earned twice as many red cards (6) as the next worst team in the Premier League since Mikel Arteta took over.
Well be in a better position for sure Mustafi, Ozil, Papa, Luiz and some other players will be gone in June. The new manager will get a fresh start. Arteta just needed to survive until then but once he didnt register Ozil and the chances goals dried up, this was inevitable.

Its gotten to the point now where I dont enjoy Arsenal losing games, because if this carries on then Mikel Arteta will lose his job, and we cant be having that.
The reality is we cant keep sacking managers, hoping someone will get performances from these players. Most of them arent good enough and will never be good enough. Its the same squad Emery had. Ill judge Arteta when hes had time to build his own team. Kroenke has to spend.

I feel both sad and not sad for Arteta. Fuck these players, all of them bar a few. They all need to go.

What You Really Think

I hope arteta leaves before saliba.

Holding Luiz Mustafi Chambers Kolasinac all still wear jerseys and even pull-up for training sessions? Need no arsenal fan ever banter any other club no more***nulb.

I feel for him, making that move at such a young age and then being fucked over, not to mention his parents passing away.

I think arteta will be gone way before him.

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