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Sunday 19th of July 2020

Pep Looking For Arteta to Get Advice...

Pep looking for Arteta to get advice...
Arteta joined Arsenal with everyone expecting Pep style football every week. Arsenal havent got the players (yet) for that, so hes changed the shape & adapted his idea to beat the best 2 teams in the country in 4 days. Thats great management.

Arsenals results vs City since beating them in the 2017 FA Cup semi-final. [?]nulb Matches: 7 Won: 0 Lost: 7 Scored: 2 [?] Conceded: 20 1-3 0-3 0-3 0-2 1-3 0-3 0-3 Thats the challenge facing Mikel Arteta tonight.

Would be nice if that could be pulled off. Cant wait for Arteta to wield the axe with some these players and bring in much better ones.
Guardiola without Arteta.
Arteta speaking French, Spanish & English in the space of five seconds. He truly is Arsene Wengers son.
What if Guardiola was Arteta's assistant the whole time.
Arteta has done a good job beating Liverpool and Manchester city in a week.
Whoever wins tomorrow's match I'm afraid isn't the favorite for the final.. Arsenal are. Surprisingly to say they have more motivation and they've really improved under arteta.. Real improvement and unlike others they ain't making much noise about it. Arteta. Man to watch 20/21.

Chequebook manager getting thumped by Ole,Lampard and Arteta same season. Love to see it.
Another Arteta masterclass.
Mikel Arteta has become the first manager in the history of world football to beat both Jurgen Klopp and Pep Guardiola in just four days.
SQUAD RATING VS CITY Emi Martinez 10/10 David Luiz 10/10 Mustafi 10/10 Tierney 10/10 Bellerin 10/10 Niles 10/10 Xhaka 10/10 Ceballos 10/10 Pepe 10/10 Aubameyang 10/0 Lacazettw 10/10 AETA 11/10 ITS ARSENAL FC.

Arteta will do all it takes.
Pep Guardiola talking to his Manchester City squad at halftime about Arteta.
Wonderful display by Arsenal [?]nulb[?]nulb I want more Arsenal fans on my TL.. if youre an arsenal fan and can see this kindly follow, retweet and reply with COYG lets follow ourselves.
Mikel Arteta becomes the first premier league manager to beat Jurgen Klopp's Liverpool, Pep Guardiola's Manchester City and Corona Virus all in the same season.
Pep realising there's no Arteta for help with tactical talks.
Honestly cant remember the last time Ive seen us stick to a gameplan like that. Sensational from every single player tonight & shows just what Arteta can do. Up the fucking Gun!!
Arteta and the boys in the dressing room right now nulb.
Another great game for this guy! Been so good under Arteta.
Football ended in 2018 lowkey. 2019-now football is a simulation with Lampard, Ole and Artetas big game records.
It's a different story with no Arteta to send those reports...
Arteta made Klopp and Guardiola like this in 4 days.
Sometimes I think about the suffering we endured under Unai Emery. And now there's Mikel Arteta. Always believe in a better world. Want more for yourself.
A player admitting to making mistakes in a game and striving to improve and better himself. Luiz will still make mistakes, but Arteta is actually instilling winning mentality, something Em*ry could never do (and sadly, Wenger lost).

Shri Shri Mikel Arteta... *were the famous arsenal and were going (to) wembley.
Klopp and Pep within the space of 4 days. Slowly but surely, Mikel Arteta is taking us back to the top.
Arteta master class he limited city to crosses and overloaded the box! Took their weapons away.
Huge praise to the whole team. They were all 10/10. Aubameyang showing up when it matters. Pepe and Lacazette terrific. Xhaka and Ceballos exceptional. Bellerin and AMN rocks. David Luiz and Mustafi looked like Maldini and Baresi. Tierney... just otherworldly. Arteta... special.

Beaten Liverpool and City in 4 days, the Arteta effect and Im living for it Vnulb.
Yet another tactical masterclass from Sir Mikel Arteta. He's absolutely schooled Pep with a far inferior team. He really is the real deal. The board have to give him what he wants, imagine this man with a better group of players. He's working miracles right now. BACK HIM!!!

Arteta is talking to you.
Arteta played against Jose, Klopp, and Guardiola in the span of a week Only 1 managed to win With the worst team of the bunch I will say no more.
Pep busy talking to an empty chair! Arteta & his Arsenal boys really messed his head up big time!
Guardiola has completely lost it. Who's gonna tell him Arteta is no longer by his side.
Give Auba the money. And then cobble together everything else we can and give it to Arteta to build his team. What a performance from AFC tonight. A huge statement week for a very exciting young coach.

When the apprentice beats the sorcerer! Nice one Arteta.
This guy needs help. He forgot Arteta isn't working with him no more.
Guardiola to Arteta on if he stole tactics from City.
Klopp with an L Pep with an L All in the space of 4 days Arteta-ball to the worldCLCL.
Pep vs Arteta today.
Mikel Arteta is legit. Beating Klopp and Pep back-to-back is a big look, regardless of the circumstances.
Dani seems to be in Artetas plans and hes doing well now, 25m for him would be decent I think.
All In a space of 3 days. Arteta master class.
Brilliant performance all the players stuck to their tasks very well..good tactical approach from arteta he got it spot on..
If Stan Kroenke doesn't back Arteta this summer, Arsenal fans will go crazier than ever before. The protests will be next level. Stan, do the right thing mate. PLEASE. Sincerely, all Arsenal fans.
Yeah, Mikel Arteta is the one.
When You Can't Believe That Arteta Is Not Here.
Klopp and Pep are the two best managers in the world and Mikel Arteta has beaten both within a week, does that make him the best manager in the world.
Turns out Pep Guardiola was Mikel Arteta's assistant.
I thought the Liverpool victory was a fluke but with this, I am beginning to think Arteta is up to a lot of good for the club.
Arsenal have to play liverpool and city within 4 days Arteta.
Arteta to Pep in the tunnel.
David Luiz, Tierney & Xhaka all immense tonight! A tactical triumph for Mikel Arteta too. Well done all Join us on Arsenal app & website for post match analysis !
I am so proud of the team, what a performance, Arteta masterclass, absolute buzzing with that, get the f*ck in Arsenal.
I'm an Arteta fan so I can't be too angry. Go beat Utd in the final.
I think in fairness weve been on the beneficial end a fair few times mate. The scales gotta level out! Cant argue with the result at all. Also love Arteta so cant be too mad.
Guardiola pretending Arteta is still on the bench beside him.
Mikel Arteta Took Over A Hot Mess First Head Coach Job Defeats Klopp Defeats Pep FA Cup Finalist All With An Uncoachable Defence & A Team With No Underbelly.
Mikel Arteta post match interview.
Give every single person at arsenal 10 year contracts! Arteta at the whell.
Famm I need this but well done on the win that was a tactical masterclass from Arteta.
In just 4 days Mikel Artetas Arsenal have swept aside the two best teams in the country. BACK THIS MAN.
Turns out Pep was Artetas assistant.
For what hes done with Xhaka & Mustafi alone you have to respect Arteta!
Arsenal Team that played last two games defeating Liverpool and Manchester city tonight making Arteta the boss .
Laca has always been part of the plan. Arteta was just punishing him so he can up his work rate plus he needed to be taken out of the team due to his form. He is back now, refreshed and ready to push.
Even Arteta has ironed out some things in his game within months but Pep...
Under arteta he has been well competent, only game was city were he wasnt fit.
What Arteta has done in 3 days.
My mood after Arsenal an win. Thumbs up to the guys - Aubameyang, Luiz, Tierney, Niles, Mustafi, Xhaka, Ceballos,Bellerin, Martinez, Lacazette, Pepe. Arteta's Army!
Are u tired of talking about Arteta or you're speechless about him oloye ???
I think so too.. I think they've found the secret to it. Early goals boosts their confidence.. Las Las Arteta is good.
Pep in his imagination talking advice from Arteta Without Arteta, Guardiola is just Kwesi Appiah with bald head ***nulb.
Arsenals defensive record before Mikel Arteta took over this season: - 37 goals conceded in 25 games Arsenals defensive record since Mikel Arteta took over: - 22 goals conceded in 25 games The improvement in defensive organisation has been fantastic from Arteta.

What You Really Think

Hahaha... lol.

Hes best friend.

Happier times...

What? poor pep.

Arteta in d other side to d gods!


Ozil sneaked up on him.

Is this some cheap joke I'm too expensive to understand.

Give admin a raise.

Haha so funny.

Nice cut.

This will go down to be your greatest tweet of all time.

Pep gonna kill u if he see this tweet.

All or nothing Arsenal next year?

Got me laughing real hard.

This might be one of your best tweets una.

Man was throwing them Cs.

Look to your right, he is in the other dugout.

Stop making pep angry. We still have second half to defend.

He can't understand what's going on.

JuanMa wasnt happy at all.


Heads gone.

Lol he doesnt know who tf are the rest of the assistant managers.

Hes gonna spend his transfer budget tryna get Arteta back.