Sunday 29th of August 2021

Arsenal Fans Celebrating Their Team Conceding a Fourth Goal in The Hope it Gets Arteta Sacked. Surely The Lowest Point For The Club in The Post-Wenger Era?

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This f*cking shambles. Arteta
There surely is deeper problems than Arteta. Come on guys!
Mikel Arteta failed things getting worse better. must
delighted Announce contract extension Mikel Arteta until 2025! Arteta been delightful experience managing these wonderful players including Hector, looking forward more midtable finishes selfies from Aboomerang!

Trending subjects: 08/28/2021, 14:02:48 Arsenal Arteta MCIARS Xhaka College Gameday.
Arteta stole over half season this mans career. Didnt even tell wouldnt registered until couple days before. Arteta absolutely deserves this Ozil done more club than him.

Arteta will something about this, especially midfields.
Arteta been sacked yet?
Spurs beat City without kane, haven't good performance since 2019, arteta fuck out.
tryna Arteta sacked have back Etihad putting cones out.
AirPod Artetas side doesnt wanna hear another story about Guardiola call first name.
These fixtures should lifeline Arteta. They should chance manager running. Sack today.
would twist game against Guardiola ManCity that turns straw that breaks camels back Mikel Arteta.
Nice Glo! what there. Even wright comes back play Arsenal, don't think he'll make difference with this Arteta.
Just heartbroken Arteta just leave man. Enough!
Sack Mikel Arteta. Sack with immediate effect!! don't want hear that missing players Willian, Nketiah, Bellerin******!!???).
Arsenal fans waiting send message Arteta's sacking.
Arteta should leave, have guts say...idk I'll someone else take charge.
Arsenal title contenders, yes, they start, they stick with Arteta, books, they title contenders. it's going tough, there good clubs, still think that Arsenal will championship.

agenda driven journalists pundits flipfloping. Trust manager, trust process. Knows handle modern players.Needs yrs.
Honest Arsenal here. don't many fans hate Arteta. He's young think he's best coach world right now. needs time this. should back trust process. this mate. Arsenal! COYG NS.

needs sacked immediately, whether arteta improves results.
Arsenal fan Just because friends.
have also been Arteta this point. what exactly back Arteta this? it's just about Arteta. think inexperienced/not good enough role this great club.

Every other team's fans praying Arteta stay job.
Thank Mesut, fellow Arsenal believe process. Arteta needs properly backed given patience.
Guendouzi fought with member opposition sent away. Xhaka took armband, threw ground swore fans. Arteta picked gave rewarded with contract increased wages. Whaaaat.

niceinno garweh2011 PatBanda23 Managerial solidarity. They will good Arteta right person turn around.
defence behind loaning Saliba always that needed minutes develop. Given Chambers,Holding Mari backups Arteta sometimes uses CBs, shouldve been made feel could that development Arsenal. Just poor recruitment decision from Arteta.

Like fucking clockwork, predicted Curt have their with like prime Mendy year would then Arteta like some sort wunderkind genius manager. tired AETA OUT.

dont need hear Guardiola talking qualities Mikel Arteta after Arsenal have just been pumped lost their first three games season.
think Arteta good coach. doing best supporters helping matches. They should just sack supporters magic.
Sack Arteta done with this pathetic shit!
Guardiola Arteta: know clubs there always rumours when don't win. helped achieve what achieved together. learned lot, taught many, many things. What have City thanks him.".

don't know Arteta survives this. What know that there people Arsenal would admit they left late decisive with Emery getting replacement.
love know what Cedric Soares during months loan earn four-year contract Arsenal. something training? something during game? something more subtle like telling Arteta hair looked nice today?

Fuck arsenal, fuck arteta, fuck players fuck england fans, fuck fuck fuck fuck KroenkeOut fuck fuck y'all.
When consider evidence sure what giving Arteta easier fixtures with stronger team will accomplish other than pro-longing inevitable. Competent owners would make change while still salvage season.

Just clocked that the man in the photo in actually arteta.
They hounded Wenger club, theres Arsenal would performing this badly backed much Arteta been imo.
Arteta going turn around Arsenal. going happen.
The greatest argument against Mikel Arteta, is not offloading Xhaka to the highest bidder. The damage he causes isnt worth the extra PS10m we held out for.
looks like he's lost players me." fara_williams47 believes Mikel Arteta tightrope Arsenal much pressure under? Watch Final Score iPlayer, Button Sport involved using.

This most dominant performances ever seen from Arsenal. players look motivated manager showing arguably best manager time. month even started singing Artetas name! Back trust process. We're Arsenal!

Arteta checking when game over minute.
think Arteta lost dressing room especially senior players!
beyond good manager. They have important players injured." they trust he'll good Arsenal." Guardiola defends Mikel Arteta after City five past Arsenal.
cant manage club emotions; umpteenth reason Arteta should
Guardiola Arteta: beyond good manager. They have important players injured. they trust he'll good Arsenal.".
Arteta should just leave please.
hear Lewis creating noise internally. suggest begins budgeting severance Venkatesham, Arteta starters.
Arteta, constantly records.
Arteta after being sacked winning Oscar best comedic performance Arsenals Nothing documentary.
Yeah agree, think time better coach there...Arteta nothing time...Arsenal needs coach that inspired confidence.
Ozil coming Arteta good see.Arteta treated despicably.This chap your former teammate same club. helped settle manager helped achieve some quick wins.They crocodiles solidify your position with club hierarchy.

Arteta thinks created some situations closest came Ederson almost taking pity us.***.
you're still arteta
fact Arteta given Wengers worst signings deals made efforts keep them. other morons like real arsenal fans.
isn't That poll shows majority Arsenal fans wouldn't have swapped Arteta Tuchel, have always taken Tuchel over Lampard.
That deal with devil Arteta signed got. Mhmm devil coming back full circle.
Kagame waiting Arteta outside stadium.
Looking at Artetas lineup seems to me he thinks he is playing PES.
sold wrong PS20m Chambers: POTY Fulham failed sell Holding: rejected Newcastle gave deal Elneny: rejected PS4m Besiktas AMN: rejected PS20m Wolves Xhaka: rejected PS17m Roma Lacazette: tried sell Bellerin: rejected PS25m This Arteta.

that just terrible. actually looked worse than West Brom midweek Arsenal. there some serious review during inter-break forward Arteta really could just games save reports suggest.

Arteta shit, Ozil right chat, assist whole time turkish league, more finished that Arteta.
Arteta will fired today.
Arsenal disgusted your comment. years football Arsenal I've never seen coach tactically better than Mikel Arteta think he's best coach ever have had. Back trust process. still this! Arsenal! COYG!

Arsenal fans pushing Arteta Emirates Stadium.
"Really painful." "I'm sorry can't results right now, have it." Mikel Arteta praised supporters vowed turn things around after away defeat City.
News: Arsenal renew Mikel Artetas contract another 2years.
Never forget when people used think Arteta intellectual manager because used cones Guardiola.
What fxck Mikel Arteta learn from Guardiola?
Honestly, Arteta doing well manager. don't fans want gone, he's just perfect job. Keep more seasons, will trophies.
NEED TO BE SHIFTED OUT OF THIS CLUB WITH AETA !!! We will not progress without this happening.
Arteta beyond good manager. They have important players injured.".
Feels like theyve lost trust with Arteta.
that Dick! bigger than Arsenal MCIARS KroenkeOut LIVCHE Arteta out!!!
Because think Arteta massive hypocrites they talked summer saying want build young talented team Saliba gone he's defender kolasinac even though hasn't played prem even houssem aour available nothing.

honest Arsenal fan, disgusted your comment. years football Arsenal fan, I've never seen coach tactically better than Mikel Arteta think he's best coach we've ever had. Back trust process. this. Arsenal! COYG!

Arsenal fans watching next match Wright Arteta.
Loses 5-0. shot. possession. managers explanation? Poor refereeing. arteta needs
Guardiola Arteta: "He's beyond good manager. were when left. Sometime people expect results immediately. squad played today they injured. Important players like White, Thomas Partey. they trust they'll good Arsenal.".

Conte arse. problem players good enough. Holding ,Chambers, Cedric list goes These players need Arteta brought good players. sort this team out. Conte will only come gets huge funding which won't with these owners.

Rubbing salt into wound. Arsenal fans will come you. serious note, it's painful Partey Arsenal, player worked under stellar trainer like Simeone playing under confused Arteta. Such results will continue make Arsenal unattractive players.

Arsenal fans cant Arteta improved defence Arteta
This Arteta trophy, don't what fuss about.
will wondering, genuinely telling trust process believes process, mocking sh*t Arteta letting knows. Mesut, Only know this.

What You Really Think

Its not arteta is the club. The players are shit and are not even fit for.

Re-sign Wenger.

Well this clearly isn't a true is it. Absolute slap in the face of away fans that travelled up from London to Manchester at the break of dawn this morning. Not seee them at the end of the game actually clapping the players. They should be praised.

At least those clowns at the club gets message that how badly they went wrong.


Those fans are idiots, how can you celebrate a goal against your own team?

With fans like these.

Arteta IS the problem. He IS incompetent. SACK Arteta. DON'T reward incompetence!!!

Celebrating more than the city fans. Joke club.

Nope, you need to wait for it some more. Relegation battle looks like it's looming over the horizon...

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