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Thursday 12th of November 2020

A Special Screening of The iconic Film 'Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge' Was Hosted to Celebrate Diwali at Aotea Square in Auckland.

A special screening of the iconic film 'Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge' was hosted to celebrate Diwali at Aotea Square in Auckland.
Hey Auckland. AshBloomfield has just announced a new case of Covid_19 in Auckland not yet linked to the border. While we wait for more info, use your slices of SwissCheese Use the app. Wear a mask. Wash your hands. Get tested & self isolate if you have symptoms.

NRIs in Auckland, NZ stage protest over Arnab's arrest; slam MVA's 'dictatorial action'.
MOH are keen for everyone in downtown Auckland to work from home tomorrow if possible.
Central City Library Tamaki Pataka Korero will be closed on Friday 13 November. This follows todays COVID-19 announcement from the New Zealand government regarding people working in the Auckland CBD. This decision will be reviewed on 13 November. Updates.

Is there any law mandating people stay away from Auckland CBD or wear masks? There is no reason why one case of Covid-19 (now isolated) should stop people going about their lives.
And use your bloody Covid19 app people. It helps with the track and trace when outbreaks happen like with this young lady from central Auckland or with the mini-clusters associated with MIQs recently.
Friday on Breakfast: A mystery COVID case in Auckland - is a lockdown looming? We have extensive coverage throughout the morning. jacktame joins us from managed isolation with an exciting insight into one of the most powerful NZers on earth, plus MarlonWMusic is live in studio!

New Zealand partially shuts central Auckland over mystery Covid case.
If you're travelling on public transport or in a plane, if you're in Central Auckland, mask up to reduce the risk of Covid19 spreading unexpectedly. You just don't know when...
Anyone working in downtown Auckland told to work from home tomorrow and if they have to go into the city wear a mask - MOH.
New Zealand investigates mystery Covid case in Auckland - ]Coronavirus], Source: The Guardian .
There is a new community case of covid-19 in Auckland, and the lack of mandatory app scanning or sign-in means that the call for casual contacts to be vigilant again goes out media. The NZ Bird Of The Year appears to be the Sitting Duck /1.

Auckland Council budget deficit is skyrocketing. What is Phil Goof doing? Bugger all. Lazy piece of shit.
Im currently at work, trying my best to also answer friends frantic and panicking messages about the mixed messages about entering the CBD and Auckland Uni exams. Students have always said that its the wrong call for UoA to keep in persons exams given the ongoing uncertainty...

Time to get out of Auckland for a bit I think.
Before we all get shitty at the young retail worker with COVID in Auckland, lets just remember that employers create a reality that means its often hard to take sick leave, even when you want to and have some owing, due to short staffing.

Between leftie mayor Phool Goof and the leftard government, their mission to destroy the nuance and culture of the Auckland CBD must surely be reaching its crescendo? Great that they can both hide behind and blame the China flu though.

Auckland CBD workers, stay home while we try and find a *fake* needle in a haystack... *Cases, no deaths*...!
Must be why there are no ubereats bicyclists in Auckland nulbnulbnulbnulb.
Auckland Tuatara's ABL future in doubt, amid accusations of mismanagement.
Communications from the Auckland Programme for Space Systems satellite APSS-I will be in good hands! UoA_Physics UoAEngineering AucklandSpace Awarua Station team join 'big step' for NZ's space industry.

Arrgh. ^intents and purposes.
Auckland's new Covid-19 case called in sick but went to work, wearing a mask, after speaking with manager.
Were all alive and well nothing wrong in Auckland apart from people coming in and out of the country and now 1 community case...which went for walks and visited restaurants all over Queen street ...game set.

City Spotlight Event ( 22 November , 10AM - 6PM Local time ) Ticket Event - 5$ for 1 City GaganGulati333 Tainan, Taiwan 23.001993,120.210491 Kyoto, Japan 35.00361,135.77019 Auckland, New Zealand -36.849197,174.765826 Busan, South Korea 35.157092, 129.056654 [?]nulb.

WE ARE LIVE FROM SEOUL! Here's what Maria Rut Reynisdottir, Project Manager of Reykjavik Music City said about the reasoning behind Reykjavik's music city project. Join us for Pam's Ford presentation on Auckland, New Zealand happening now! Link in bio.

Auckland Council will close its three offices in AKL tomorrow, along with a number of community facilities & venues incl: Auckland Central Library, Tepid Baths, Auckland Town Hall, Waitemata Local Board office, service centres at Bledisloe House & Graham Street.

Auckland CBD workers asked to work from home tomorrow amid investigation into mystery Covid-19 case.
The department of health has asked all New Zealanders who live or work in Auckland central city to stay home tomorrow after further details emerged of the mystery case of Covid-19, whose point of infection is as yet unknown.

Auckland! Gutted that we couldnt find a way to make the show work but hoping to see you all in the future x.
Get your $1,000,000 Auckland dunga house.
My God. Perhaps whoever wrote that can go and do it themselves seeing as they think it's such a good idea. It's ok, it'll be hard at first but you'll get used to it and just think about how much money you'll have to live in Auckland on!

Mystery Auckland case one of two new Covid-19 infections recorded in NZ today.
The ministry of health is asking that workers in downtown Auckland work from home and/or rise up against their corporate overlords in an attempt to extinguish the oppressive capitalist structures that have destroyed modern society.

Just posted a photo.
Auckland residents to stay home as one mystery case confirmed!!
Covid-19: Auckland CBD workers asked to work from home Friday due to mystery case.
Christine - Policy, Research, Comms staffer in an electorate office in Auckland, NZ.
And know the whole of Auckland CBD is being told to work from home, Worksafe should investigate and impose the biggest fine they are allowed.
For Petes sake, dont be this manager. Whenever I answer a query from the crew about Covid I imagine what it would be like to read headlines about The Auckland Physics Department Cluster before I reply. Works like a charm.

The owner of this shop, A-Z Collections and the Director Bing Wang, should be prosecuted under the Covid Health Laws for "making" the infected worker come to work..disgrace The woman's return to work after being tested for the virus is a "vital reminder".

OMG median house prices in Auckland has hit a million dollars. I mean, is there any point anymore? I'm seriously thinking of just building a house in Samoa and abandoning this country. This country is annoying. lol.

Auckland taking immediate action after one(!) covid case was found in the community. The US reported 142,808 cases today alone.
So Hipkins has requested all workers in the Auckland CBD to work from home? Isnt that equivalent to a no revenue, no pay lockdown for retail premises for Queen Street/CBD?
Thanks for retweeting me. Id so come up to Auckland to be a submissive slut.
Oh jeez Keith. Welcome to Auckland eh.
Hey retail managers WHO ARE NOT INFECTIOUS DISEASE EXPES, how about not putting pressure on your employees to go into work while they are symptomatic & have had a Covid test. NZ Do you want to put all of Auckland into lockdown?

Pakistan in New Zealand: 18 Dec 1st T20I, Auckland (1200 PST) 20 Dec 2nd T20I, Hamilton (1200 PST) 22 Dec 3rd T20I, Napier (1200 PST) 26-30 Dec 1st Test, Mount Maunganui (0400 PST) 3-7 Jan 2nd Test, Christchurch (0400 PST).

So evil employers who demanded a sick woman come to work might be responsible for a new community outbreak of Covid in Auckland. A-Z clothing should be prosecuted. If someone dies that manager and the owner should face manslaughter charges. The poor employee did her best.

If only there was a way people could socially distance while walking along one of the countrys busiest streets in the Auckland city centre. Oh wait.
Same problem in Auckland bro.
Today's news of a further COVID-19 case in the Auckland community is terrible for everyone. If someone has been instructed to isolate, they should not be going to work, or going to the shops, even if they are wearing a mask.

So, I'm walking in the Auckland CBD to get some dinner and mask wearing is pretty much non-existent...bit depressing really.
JUST ANNOUNCED: Get ready a new craft beer & food festival is coming your way & set to be a calendar event in March! The Auckland Craft Beer & Food Festival, presented by SkyCityGroup, will transform SparkArenaNZ into NZs biggest urban beer garden.

With Covid cases in Auckland too there's a chance it won't even been sent out.
Well now the whole of Auckland CBD is being told not to go to work...
Minister of COVID Response Chris Hipkins says any changes to alert levels will be announced tomorrow. "...Minimising movements in the CBD is at this point the best precautionary measure we can take.".
Auckland University has advised its doctoral students to "take a holiday from your academic work" - and go fruit picking.
Auckland CBD workers told to work from home, decision on alert levels to come after new details on community case revealed.
This case and the other one who travelled to Auckland for work should be investigated by Worksafe and fined.
It is absolutely so frustrating that this was avoidable. A few peoples actions effect the whole country. One store forcing a worker to come in now might mean all store and retail spaces in Auckland would have to shut. So selfish.

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Urf did not release from contract but allowed ranveer.

A total of 24 people watching your "special screening".


And they puked ever after !! Let new Zealand be the land of Lord of the rings. ... Bullywood.

Legacy continues.

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DDLJ - The Face of Indian Cinema outside India. Vnulb.

Pathan ki Announcement karo please.

Are bhai, bahar aao ab DDLJ se Yes it's iconic movie... But don't restrict yrf in that only Let's announce Pathan and make it iconic too.


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