Wednesday 2nd of December 2020

.OneNationAus Leader Senator Pauline Hanson Calls For The People of Australia to Boycott China!

"Australia has sweltered through its hottest spring and November on record, with both the season and the month more than 2C warmer than the long-term average.".
In November Onulm about a third of the nation's total coronavirus cases were reported Onulm hospitalizations in the US more than doubled Onulm the US saw more deaths than the pandemic's combined death toll in Australia, Canada, China, Japan and Germany.

14.6 million may seem like a lot, but let's compare it to the rest of the world: Australia 0 Belgium 0 Canada 0 Chile 0 Denmark 0 Finland 0 France 0 Germany 0 Greece 0 Hungary 0 Italy 0 Japan 0 New Zealand 0 Norway 0 Poland 0 Portugal 0 S Korea 0 Spain 0 Sweden 0 Turkey 0 UK 0.

A million new galaxies have been discovered in a record- time, paving the way to new discoveries, thanks to a powerful new telescope.
Chinese FM said Tue that illustration featuring an Australian soldier murdering a child is based on facts and not a "fake photograph," pointing out Australia's attempt to divert public attention from its inhumane crimes in Afghanistan.

A green meteor spotted off the coast of Australia.
Its Lush UK, high seat of the terfs. US and Australia seem ok for now.
Good The free world really must stand together if we wish to remain free We cannot allow the Bullies and Butchers of Beijing to win Stand up, stand tall, speak out and tell the Chinese Communist Party regime where to go.

They weren't sent into "harms way" They volunteered. I wonder what threat you think Afghanistan poses to Australia.
Stimulus packages in other countries: UK: 80% of worker salary Denmark: 75% of salary Netherlands: 90% of salary Canada: $2000 per month Australia: $1000 per month US: One time $1200 check 8 months ago. Meanwhile, Billionaires up $1 TRILLION. This should NEVER be normalized.

Australia just had its hottest November on record, and massive fires are already burning Fraser Island, a unique Australian ecosystem, is on fire as parts of the country swelter through record heat wave.

Australian scientists have used a powerful new telescope to map about 3 million galaxies at record- speed -- creating what they say is a "Google Map of the universe.".
Hiya. Let me introduce myself. I'm carol. Don't you want to find delicious cuisine with me around the world? The country where now I am in is Australia. Today is nulb nulb nulb nulb nulb. I'll enjoy.
Why are we seeking to de-industrialise Australia with renewables - that don't even work half the time - just as we are being bullied by a communist country? China is building 100 coal power stations. Time for us to return to the land of common sense and industrialise again!

Thai authorities release three Iranian men jailed for bombing plans in Bangkok. Eight years ago after Iran released Kylie Moore-Gilbert. Australian scholar of British descent.
Oracle hw are you pray for me l want my visa to travel to Australia this year, my name is Tinashe Jiri from Zimbabwe, l want visa to travel to Australia, by fire deliver me from evil attacks, setback failure, poverty, limitations, l want uncommon security.

China refuses to apologise to Australia for fake soldier image.
Inquiry accuses government of obstructing its investigation. There's no end to how corrupt this mob are!
New York Post columnist Miranda Devine says numerous instances of voter fraud have been identified in US swing states. Sky News Australia.
Pan IIT USA is proud to present one of the participants of INVENT, Augmented Bionics. The Company's tagline is Non-invasive neuromodulation. Founded by Viraj Agnihotri, the company is headquartered in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia.

China boycotted Australian wine because the Australian government spoke up about human rights, the Uighur genocide and oppression in Hong Kong. Please buy Australian wine in solidarity with Australia and to tell the Chinese Communist Party where to stick their boycott.

Manhattan hasnt had this much available office space since 2003.
China refuses to apologise to Australia for fake soldier image - BBC News.
China Condemns Australia for War Crimes: Also China.
Australia Lotto 05/12/2020: Hot Numbers 02, 03, 12, 29, 34, 37 - Cold Numbers 04, 25, 30, 31, 32, 44.
This special edition was produced by Scholastic in Australia. If you search for 'When I Grow Up Special Edition' you'll find the stores that sell it.
Australia Oz Lotto 12/05/2020: Hot Numbers 01, 05, 09, 14, 31, 34, 40 - Cold Numbers 03, 04, 06, 18, 38, 41, 44.
Eminem is Spotifys top 5 most streamed artist this year in the UK, Canada and Australia. 9 in Saudi Arabia. Congrats.
"Qatar has taken steps to shut down the $300 mill-a-year lamb trade with Australia. In what some see as another retaliatory blow linked to culturally insensitive diplomacy Qatar has abruptly ended a subsidy which has underpinned the trade with Australia for the past five years".

Reminder Canada: $2000/mo Australia :$1856/mo U.K: 2500 GBP or $3341.02/ mo E.U: UBI, up to 90% of salary/mo, varies by country All have healthcare U.S: A one time payment of $1200 in the last 9 months with some unemployment which has partially ended & fully ends soon.

He is good but You was more adorable in Australia [?]nulb[?]nulb.
Australia was not comfortable with hardiks pace in last match . And our main bowler is going for runs, that needs to change.
Idyllic much? nulb IG/nicole__foster snapped this beautiful shot while relaxing by the pool at CapellaLodge on LordHoweIsland. The World Heritage-listed island is often referred to as "paradise", and for obvious reasons!

A global city of optimism! iaccm's & San Diego's Rod Wade sends his congratulations to Bendigo, Australia's city of optimists! YouTube Send your video too to GreaterBendigo Thanks.
I think its more about a means to get out of her country and live in Australia.
We aren't the only ones that China is trying to take down. Wise up, politicians. This is propaganda and false accusations of war crimes to diminish the image of Australia with fake images.
Im a good girl when I need to be.
AUSTRALIA FINANCE NEWS This is how much a trade war would hurt us and why.
Australia: $1,993 a month Canada: $1,433 a month Denmark: Up to $3,288 a month France: Up to $7,575 a month Germany: Up to $7,326 a month Ireland: Up to $1,793.44 a month UK: Up to $3,084 a month USA: $1,200. Total. h/.

Subscribe to from Jay from Australia, he is having a 50% OFF SPECIAL for just $3.50.
No such thing as a war against a modern opponent. All wars will be regional where the more distant power is unwilling to use nukes. China, US/Uk/Australia, Germany and Russia will have functional control over their respective regions.

Chinese artist Australia PM Scott Morrison demand that his art depicting real Australian war crime in Afghanistan be retracted w a new art piece.
Captained Australia to victory in 3nulb T20 World Cups (2014, 2018, 2020) 6890 international runs in the awards period the most by any women's player Meg Lanning is one of the nominees for the ICC Women's Player of the Decade award nulb Vote now.

Australias ACCC Consulting On Googles Pending FitBit Deal.
More crap from the bully the world knows as.
Promising Bengal fast bowler Ishan Porels saga of injuries continued as he has been sent back home from Australia after sustaining a hamstring injury during a net session.
Or just carry out the old Anglodaeltsaxon way to clean the land for white just like they did in Us and Australia?
After the recent Quad ministerial and with Australia joining Exercise Malabar, expectations for the Quad's role in the Indo-Pacific have risen. But there are several key challenges to institutionalizing the informal grouping, writes Lucio Blanco Pitlo III.

LIVE! Join me for GivingTuesday, as my WWF Australia campaign starts with WWF_streamers to KeepKoalasClimbing!
2020 Pokemon Champions Path Charizard V Secret Shiny 79/73! BGS Pristine 10 eBay Australia Auction TCG TradingCardGame TCGCardSearch *.
Remember why Australia was even in Afghanistan murdering children in the first place; Because the United States dragged them (and the rest of the west) into an ILLEGAL WAR. The UN did not authorise the United States or any other country to use military force against Afghanistan.

The whole of Australias waiting for ScottysApology and the IPA come up with that. ScottysApology for holidays during fires ScottysApology for failures in aged care. ScottysApology for abusing and extorting money from the Robodebt victims. ScottysApology for Quarantine.

Shame on Australia. Evil government.
Imran Khan's mother passed away on February 15, 1985. Of Shaukat Khanum On February 16, Imran Khan batted in the Kerry Packer series match in Australia.
Just received a very earnest email urging me to check my bias, after pointing out slavery absolutely happened in Australia. Thanks for reading!
In fact, SO many Welsh people colonised Australia, they called an area New South Wales- so the above rhetorical statement is a false dichotomy. 19/.
Additionally- the author asks if the colonisation of Patagonia ]or "settlement"] in the same vein as e.g. British colonisation of Australia (like Argentina, a settler colonial project only possible because of genocide) or India (where there were many, many Welsh people) 18/.

Gosh, under this LNP government, we can turn back into an inward racist and jingoistic country so easily. Exactly the way Morrison wants Australia to be.
Hunks of Big Brother Australia.
Indie media in Australia 100% bowed to the whole covid scam.
An inquiry into the sports rorts scandal has accused the government of obstruction after the former minister, Bridget McKenzie, refused to appear and her successor blocked the release of advice about the legality of the $100m program.

I love Australia!!!! So glad to had spent half year in there and I miss my Aussie Life!!! SolidaritywithAustralia China wine tariffs: citizens around the world told to buy Australian wine in solidarity.

Yesterday afternoon I finalised these tributes to women killed this year in Australia. Since then two more women have died. That is 48 women this year, many of them in alleged domestic incidents. Please take a moment to read about who they were.

Hypocritical Australia!
Kookaburra - Queensland Australia.
Cricket Australia thanks friends at the BCCI for making possible a home series during the time of COVID19.
Beautiful polished agatized Dinosaur bone fossil from Australia Credit: Sean Eckel/eckel.lapidary.
You dont joke about that kinda stuff, somethings very off about that dude. Hes fucked too, because Australia doesnt fuck around with that stuff.
FORCED COVID TESTING now occurring in Australia.
From Nashville TN, USA to KY and KY to Melbourne, Australia I couldnt thank you enough crystalshorthay for the custom made ya know shirt, Raise Your Horns Decal and for helping me snag a signed copy of Halestorm Reimagined Vinyl from VinylTapNash! contd...

"Australia and the United States are partnering to develop and test an air-launched hypersonic cruise missile under the bilateral Southern Cross Integrated Flight Research Experiment program, or SCIFiRE, the two countries announced Monday.".

's ranks as the most streamed female artist on Spotify in these countries: 1. United States 1. Canada 1. Australia 1. Philippines 1. Ireland 1. Malaysia 1. Singapore 1. United Arab Emirates 1. New Zealand 2. South Africa 2. Thailand 2. Indonesia.

Most streamed female artists in Australia in 2020.
What rock have you been living under? And, by the way, who the hell cares what some Aussie loudmouth thinks? Fix your own damn country before meddling in ours. Australia is a Marxist MESS!
Naughty dog. Australia and UK make better lapdogs.
Taylor Swift was the 1 Most streamed Female artist on Spotify in 2020 in these countries: USA Canada Australia New Zealand Ireland Philippines Malaysia Thailand Singapore UAE.
Haven't anyone in Australia heard about CG?
.wizkidayo's MadeInLagos is the only Nigerian album in the Top 100 Australia Apple Music (albums) Chart currently 99.
Australia is well-positioned to help roll-out a COVID-19 vaccine across the Pacific and Southeast Asia; Indias vaccine manufacturing capability would be a huge boost to that effort.
Chinas grievances against Australia go to the heart of who we are Sky News Australia.
Only by bringing some generals to justice will the ADF leadership understand that the lives of their troops, and the honour of Australia, are more important than the publicity needs of ministerial staffers. Blaming corporals is not good enough.

Is over in australia, arborsmarty goes back inside his tree for a week as vibin' cat starts looking for another liveable tree for him.

What You Really Think

Good on ya Pauline! I am with you 100% . BoycottChineseProducts buyAussieMade ! We should start a movement on this to send a clear message to these mongrels !

It is recommended that Australia break diplomatic relations with China directly, the Chinese will not mind, the Chinese used to like and respect Australia , but not anymore, after all, most of you do not like China either.

And watch the economy go down in flame's, who is this idiot, based on what economics..fish and chips economics I guess...


I've been saying this since the slimy little bastards along with W. H. O let the spread of corona throughout the whole world!!! and so far absolutely no financial compensation from china to countrys world wide! And yet our greed driven gutless uncaring, unpatriotic govt is.

So glad we have an Aussie that can speak for us. Thank you, Pauline, for speaking up.. our parents escaped communism and come from China to this wonderful land of freedom and we want to keep it that way. Totally agree to boycott Chinese products if they want to play these games.

Dancing with the idiots part 3.

I don't listen too, or trust a nobody, who's backing the INDUE card, period...

Another clear message to Australia. Totally ban China from Australia. China can go home. Australia does not want China, its obvious China getting its nose out of joint because China is clearly caught wanting to TAKE Australia. How many China threats do we need for us to WAKE UP!

Well said.

But we only have Kmart and BigW.

Mad as a meat axe.

I'm with you Pauline!!!

Do it! Impose a trade blockade on China! It is forbidden to export iron ore, wine, and wool to China! Then welcome the bankruptcy of Australian companies!