Tuesday 6th of April 2021

Australia's Acting Chf Medical Boss Can't Answer Pretty Fundamental Question .. How Much Vaccine is CSL Producing a Week Now And When Will it Get to 1m/week ***.

Social Media Says

Pretty interesting report of Covid19 transmission during church services in Australia. Infected choir member appears to have transmitted to up to 12 church goers, some seated more than 15 meters from the choir loft. No masks. Yes, likely airborne.

The Coalition has lost significant electoral ground across its traditionally strongest states of Western Australia and Queensland and is facing collapse in South Australia, a Newspoll analysis has found.

Scott Morrison is desperately pretending a major crisis isnt happening, as Australia is shamed by the world on a crucial measure in the fight against COVID.
New Zealand will allow quarantine-free visits by Australians from April 19, Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern said.
Im starting to think Im the only one on here who isnt a sockpuppet.
In 2014, Australia defeated England by six wickets with 29 balls to spare while they chased a below-par target of 106 at Shere Bangla National Stadium in Dhaka to claim their third T20 WC Title.
Peugeot e-2008 2021: fully-electric small SUV could come to Australia .
I think a key difference is we have the misogynistic & lying Murdoch press , NZ dont NZ also has truth in media laws Ardern has been quoted as saying she would not have been elected in Australia & suggesting a key difference was the media Let that sink in.

Who is better than motivated and experienced skilled migrants with more than 8 years experience to help Australia recover its economy, they are more helpful than any other type of migrants...do you doubt this?

Adut Akech wearing Alexander McQueen dress on cover of Vogue Australia January 2020.
Jamjam Australia.
We are not required to receive them unless we require ourselves to receive them. Easy to say during the crisis, we will only accept incoming flights that have gained landing permission first. As far as we are concerned they are Australian and Australia shouldn't send them here.

Australia and New Zealand to start quarantine-free travel.
The new NZ tourism advertising campaign in Australia is pretty direct...
WOWfirst bilateral pandemic BUBBLE between 2 countries! New Zealand & Australia can form a quarantine-free bubble because they both adopted a ZeroCovid strategy. Dont say but butislands. Vietnam is not an island, yet has zero COVID19 too. Leadership matters!

!! ActOnEPBC !! ... Australias most iconic mammal, the Platypus, desperately Racing Extinction!!
M The Australian Government should be more responsible toward the skilled migrants who spent lots of time and money for their migration.
To colleagues in countries that are not Australia: as an illustration of the ferocity of conflicts over coal vs clean energy, see today's dumping of former PM TurnbullMalcolm from NSW government's Zero Emissions and Clean Economy board. It tears governments apart down under. 1/n.

PM needs to accept Australias COVID-19 vaccine rollout is an unmitigated disaster, experts say.
Heart scenes this Easter long weekend Alcohol Australia Children Collision Commissioner Dandenong Mobile.
New Zealand And Australia Will Open A Quarantine-Free Travel Bubble Starting April 19.
How much effort is required to train a highly qualified engineer with 10 years of experience?Australia is loosing these resources simply cause theres no plan to convince them that migrating to Australia is an achievable target.

Joe Tapine returns to the side as we prepare to take on the Panthers! Brought to you by Specsavers Australia.
Experience,skills,knowledge,excellent language level.Australia will never face such a generation of immigrants again.Instead of sending immigrants to other countries,attract them.
PM Ardern says April 19 start for Australia-NZ travel bubble.
Australia Blocked 11mn Wangiri and 44mn Spoofed Calls Since December.
Comic finished around WINTER in Australia!!
Liberal MP Andrew Laming used dozens of astroturf education, community and news Facebook pages to promote LNP and attack opponents.
Da fuq?? The besieged Liberal National MP Andrew Laming operates more than 30 Facebook pages and profiles under the guise of community groups, including at least three masquerading as news pages, and another posing as an educational institute.

Great Australia, just keep advertising this woman bashers country, they will buy your Pork, Lamb, Wine, and then you go and cry on USA shoulders,how embarrassing ??
Dr. Pierre Kory on Australia's National Covid Evidence Taskforce recommendations against Ivermectin : "Lazy, lazy, lazy. It's almost as they are wilfully neglecting to investigate this medicine. It's either benign neglect or criminal neglect".

Dust off your passport and get your suitcase ready, because Australian residents will be able to fly to New Zealand without having to enter mandatory hotel quarantine from 11.59pm on April 18.
I have been working on pandemic outbreaks for 15 years. There is a misunderstanding of the difference between the response in much of the West, versus successful countries (including New Zealand and Australia). Summarizing: 1.Reactive versus proactive and goal oriented. 1/.

Scott Morrison press conference: says the latest vaccine update is 854,900. He says he wants national cabinet on Friday to agree to "more regular" vaccination numbers releases and "data transparency".
In this Getting in the Loop Podcast episode, Ashleigh Morris talks about the state of circular economy in Australia and shares her experiences practically implementing circular economy strategies. Listen now!

WELLINGTON, New Zealand (AP) - New Zealand announced Tuesday it will open a long-anticipated travel bubble with Australia on April 19. ...
Meet Kathryn Crofts, Communications Manager at CHEP_au and volunteer for NSWSES, whom she supported during the recent floods on the east coast of Australia. For this and many other reasons, Kat is one of our inspiring SupplyChainWomen. IWD2021 GenderDiversity.

Platypuses more affected by bushfires than drought, CES_UNSW WWF_Australia study finds.
Stoker hasnt got 3k followers in years Grace tops 30k in a day. I think we know who Australia is listening too.
In Australia, accused rapists can be the Attorney General! When our PM doesnt give a stuff about women, the police and justice system won't either.
New Holland Honeyeater at Hopetoun last week.
Jordan is going to delete Australia.
Marmota (MEU) has discovered two strong gold anomalies at the Woorong Downs (west) tenement in South Australia. themarketherald asxnews $MEU $MEU.AX.
Lest We Forget all the women the Murdoch media have harangued, belittled, investigated & "run out of town". Now we are supposed to believe the beacon of women's rights in Australia is Amanda Stoker. Apparently Grace Tame & Magda are twitter bullies.

Another Australian newspaper article about ation! 20 Oct 1923, 'THE WARSHIP AUSTRALIA. ABOUT A SACRIFICIAL RAM.'.
New from me: Liberal MP Andrew Laming has set up dozens of Facebook pages to attack his opponents, including a fake "institute" and phoney community news pages.
Traditional owners devastated by alleged damage to 1,500-year-old stone arrangement in Victoria.
Murdoch has decided Malcolm Turnbull should not be on the Net Zero Emissions & Clean Economy board, so hes been removed from the Net & Emissions and Clean Economy board. Thats how power works in Australia, run by Murdochs cancerous influence on politics.

I think you will find out pretty soon that it will be Amanda Stoker is the person that all Australia know to be just nonsense & becoming a Minister in the biggest nonsense of all Morrison will eventually bring about the Morrison LNP Gov. down.

Some more light reading for the right-wingers in my mentions.
Oh I ate a feast.
We need stop saying we wish we had Jacinta Ardern. Shes a brilliant leader but she ALREADY HAS A VERY IMPOANT JOB- running her country. NZ embrace women PMs. Theyve had 3 incl. Jenny Shipley and Helen Clark. NZ has a maturity RE female leaders that Australia does not.

What the ???? Barnaby Joyce says you cant redesign peoples brains with empathy training.
Australia really believes Morrison promises on vaccine?? Yet Australia has listen to Morrison for months for vaccine yet now Morrison is using false promises Australia for your vaccine which is months behind.

You are amazing Grace. You have begun a movement for women in Australia which is so long overdue. We are so grateful for your voice, your bravery & your passion. .
Liberal MP Andrew Laming created dozens of Facebook pages to promote LNP and attack opponents.
Quite the bipartisan fetish.
All Gold Coast beaches are closed today, with a hazardous surf warning for parts of Queensland's south-east coast also spilling across the New South Wales border.
South Australian wineries can register their interest to participate in the US Market Entry Program coordinated by Wine Australia and supported by the Department for Trade and Investment. .
Iggy Azalea is an Australian rapper, singer, songwriter, and model. At the age of 16, Azalea moved to the United States from Sydney, Australia, to pursue a career in music.
We want YOU on our team this June for The Push-Up Challenge. Complete 3,318 push-ups from 1st - 25th June & help us put the spotlight on the number of suicides in Australia in 2019. Join the challenge today & lets pushforbetter mental health together.

In Australia saying "We should transition away from coal" will get you fired a lot quicker than calling an alleged rape victim a "lying cow".
Typical for this LNP govt...& not just over vaccines. They hate scrutiny, volunteer little or no info across all areas and strongly block freedom of information requests. Not to mention hounding whistle blowers and undertaking secret trials. Our Australia? Better believe it!

Australias spectacular Great Barrier Reef could almost cease to exist unless global warming is brought under control.
This is what will happen to Australia if the world warms by 3 degrees The New Daily.
Perth's Rottnest Island, WA.
Conditions are finally going back to normal, but our golden age is not.
No invitations,no visa,what exactly are you doing in Immigartion Australia?If your migration program is stopped,please let us know to apply for another destination.
From 11.59pm Sunday 18 April, you can travel to and from Australia without having to go into a managed isolation facility.
"'Utterly shameless!' TV host calls out Harry and Meghan after ANOTHER Oprah claim unravels" Everything they said was lies but the lies made them millions. And soon they're off on 'a long holiday' And THEY are the VICTIMS!!!

Parliament has a terrible culture for women but I doubt its the most unsafe workplace in the country. This is whats happening to educated, mostly white women with some power. Think for a moment what is happening to women with far less social capital.

Received the first dose today of Covishield vaccine, manufactured by Serum Institute of India. Pleased to be a part of the worlds largest COVID19 vaccination program rolled out in India: Barry O'Farrell AO, Australias High Commissioner to India.

Driving home from pathology, just heard Morrison's approval rating has fallen. From 65% to 61%. HTH is he anything above 33.33% HOW? Nearly two thirds of Australia approve of this guy? wtf? -.
New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern approves quarantine-free travel with Australia announcing that a two-way corridor for travel between the two largely Covid-free nations will begin on April 18.

Australia should ban things made in USA that have offensive connotations. Certain songs, or practices, originating from American consumerist society, have offensive language and meanings. They ought to be banned to keep Australia a safe place to live. Otherwise society degenerate.

Sad but true. Ive got the reissue soundwave that came out recently cause it came to Australia, Ill have to try and find the reissue blaster for a good price cause its not available here.
Our HydroSave division has created a high-level system specifically designed for water retention to meet Australias constantly growing demand. Follow the link to learn more.
New Zealand to open travel bubble with Australia on April 19 New Zealand will open a long-anticipated travel bubble with Australia on April 19.
Australia can afford to build decent 1-2 bedroom social housing...even tiny homes. Victoria is doing it. We just need a Federal Govt with the will to do it. But this idiot mob would rather build bombs.

What You Really Think

How about this one, where are the 20 million doses of Pfizer the government said we were at the front of the queue for? We shouldnt even be discussing AZ limitations until half the adult highest risk population has had Pfizer.

Total fluff from a talking head as usual. Elderly members of my family attend the same medical clinic with a dozen doctors but have informed for the last month that they will not be vaccinating but providing staff to a vaccine hub that is yet to be operating, fantasy v reality.

Theres 10s of thousands of Australians separated indefinitely from their partners/spouses/young kids overseas, and who were RELYING on a solid vaccine rollout in order to reunite with their immediate loved ones.. our lives have been on hold a year already.

. New Covid variants have change the game, especially the vaccine game.

They are useless. More like giving a scientific face to the political narrative from the government.

Thought we were living in a transparent democratic country. Sound bites and public confidence used as a smokescreen for incompetence by gov and leading doctors. F... Trust us.

Trust in government is undermined yet again.

Another medical puppet, joining Murphy and Kelly.

That's because he's the host of Grand Designs. What did you expect him to know?

Paid, partisan hack plying his LNP smoke and mirrors stock in trade...

Probably still in the throes of building a lab, then they might start production.

Run by LNP stooge. All announcement no delivery.

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