Friday 23rd of July 2021

Hooray For Everyone! Including Our 6.7m Readers! GuardianAus Has Overtaken SMH And DailyMail to be The 5th Most Read News Website in Australia in June 2021.

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Australia never seen public waste this scale. figures suggest that billion JobKeeper splashed firms with rising earnings. That's enough money build dozen hospitals, more than federal govt spends public schools.

Meanwhile Adelaide people being rounded medi-hotel quarantine their good because they were wrong place wrong time. still pretending this normal, Australia?

Australia living under total tyranny. speak anyone even wearing mask! conversations! This cant happening much longer will they with this?

reported that thousands racehorses being sent slaughterhouses Britain Ireland. can't pretend same isn't happening here Australia. Sign petition support bill slaughter racehorses NSW.

After months demonising vaccine that literally saved world, Australias left freaking thanks outbreak. Wait until they work that Pfizer approximately same risk profile hearts rather than stroke. wind, reap whirlwind. ;).

New caps for sporting venues in Queenslans.
50/50 there people Australia willing take vaccine available!.
there will even just covid case there Australia soon prepared these.
closed bubble with whole Australia ***.
Truly disgraceful they have done little keep saying they hoping contain those LGAs. whole state needs adopt Stage now. rest Australia needs them very clear what that more follow health advice. STATE WHAT THIS MEANS!

according GladysB, Kerry Chant most respected medical person Australia public health, what does that about opinion Paul Kelly? supposed listen much mixed messaging!

debt issuance still negative Australia next week ACGB level.
REMINDER ScottMorrisonMP currently charge Australia.
Every journalist opportunity redeem oneself. Just call lies when face them. FarmLaws will take away lands. which clause. - Poor Farmer dying. Tikait about petrol pump kids Australia Govt says zero death. Which Govt?

MUST READ nzpol covid19nz "Doctors already legally prescribing therapy Australia medication IVERMECTIN..." NZNationalParty actparty JudithCollinsMP dbseymour KNOW ASAP
Shorter Gladys economy before people, and now that I've caused National Emergency, the other states, who their people first, must give their access vaccination, to solve problem that I've caused whole Australia.

Announcing just case linked Modbury cluster, Marshall_Steven said signs South Australia could emerge from lockdown early next week looked promising. Latest Covid19 coverage.
message from Prime Minister Australia: "I'm sorry (that other people stuffed up)"
Very good number in SA, they could be out of it very soon.
Some interesting news Australia submerged Aboriginal rock found WestAustralia coast.
don't know GladysB government don't simply look Victoria quash this. It's late, Stage restrictions entirety Sydney Australia's only hope this outbreak under control.

What brilliant Kiwi citizens permanent residents Australia (who cleared travel) will flown over next 7days. This looks after people.
Much love and respect to everyone in Sydney.
Nah, Victoria Australia. separate places. Everyone flogged last year. They EAD.
What this about living "openly freely" GladysB govt vaccinated Australia, delta-proof quarantine place adequate measures taken Sydney Airport, then would living "openly freely" today, most probably without Delta national emergency.

Thanks Australia!!
Because, according Gladys, they have best health advice Australia they don't need advice
Were race make Melbourne most vaccinated city Australia were calling every Victorian eligible, hero, seek medical advice, roll their sleeve sake great city.

This outrageous Australia best, actually, worst.
Hoping things get better for you and everyone in Australia.
Imagine rest Australia feels watching this.
Agreeing with DanielAndrewsMP that Sydney GladysB ring steel protect remainder Australia.
Gladys saying they dont more vaccines this going affect other states. already Gladys.Victoria lockdown South Australia lockdown dont seem have acknowledged that. Reminds Scott apologising lack vaccine rollout.

mate Phil Coorey might want update Woman That Saved Australia romance novel-article.
Australia Covid live news update: calls outbreak national emergency after cases; coronavirus cases Victoria; shuts travel bubble.
Australias tropical cyclone season notorious heavy rainfall harsh winds what does this mean your pool? Find here.
You will need to reauthenticate your wallet to do this.
Senator Lidia Thorpe: Greens don't accept donations from corporations, we're fundraising help Arrernte woman Celeste
Australia that accurate. overlords have lost their damn minds.
This is great example of rain pattern opal. have you seen it before? It is from Australia Photo: Western Opals.
Like alcoholic, need remove threat drink) need stage lockdown though most Australia been saying last weeks otherwise help will useless, will feeding their addiction rehabilitate.

option Pfizer group Australia sadly, yeah this huge mess vaccines down here could better handled sure. Either way, just vaccinated can.
Chief Health Officer Kerry Chant told meeting Government Crisis Cabinet this morning that regarded NATIONAL EMERGENCY! This FALSE FLAG REICHSTAG FIRE moment that will further advance TOTALITARIANISM Australia.

GladysB thought this outbreak "national emergency" from very first then wouldn't national emergency bluntly, gambled state pig-headed ideology against science lost Australia paying price folly.

During call AusAmbNP Felicity Volk today, Hon. Prime Minister SherBDeuba thanked Government Australia support extended response COVID19 stressed need further strengthening bilateral relations between countries.

JUST Zealand pauses travel bubble with Australia amid rising coronavirus case numbers Sydney.
$ras, Cash $4.7m, gonna drill Lonely Gold Mine NEWS FLOW that; Halloysite project adjacent Cloud Nine $Lrs, Australia's largest halloysite/Kaolin resource Gold project near $nva's Estelle 4.7Moz resource still growing $ras flying under radar.

Never these poorly studied vaccines. coincidental death Australia alone which acknowledges refuses direct link even though they died similar clots. Thousands adverse reactions. Answer would give kids.

Australia locking down 900,000 people death 80s. According people live there, more like 13,000,000 being locked down. Deep state really working hard usher World Order. Frightening. WAKE AMERICA PLEASE.

Australia, Thailand, Indonesia apologize. Malaysia, shift the blame.
This might happen because Australia becoming more like North Korea every day.
MULTILINGUAL NEWS SERVICE PACIFIC ISLANDER ENGLISH 23-07-21 news covid19 media coronavirus currentaffairs breakingnews.
Little wattlebird (Anthochaera chrysoptera) feeding Grevillea flowers domestic garden suburban Caulfield, Melbourne, Australia.
Scott Morrison deemed essential worker parliament could postponed Covid outbreaks ScottMorrisonMP will lengths avoid examination activities. Think national cabinet, Gaetgens reports, sports rorts, parking rorts ...

Second invite from Friends Australia landed Shiny.
Zealand Travel Bubble With Australia Suspended: Quarantine-free travel between Zealand Australia suspended least next weeks.
Chant cant even bring herself that schools going open,anytime soon. GladysB tells Australia that Sydney wellspring youth beauty. Totally,absolutely,fatally deluded.
Worlds largest project Chevron exxonmobil Shell Australia) world's largest flop Only captured over five years target cost billion increases pollution mining.

Safe efficacious? Tell that families Australians their that died this week result vaccine. 99.85 percent recovery rate!!!! million lockdown?? 2021 your more likely from vaccine than Covid Australia.

Gladys: It's NationalEmergency Australia: think?
South Australia only case today record 23,572 tests. Highest testing capita country, ever? Someone with calculator confirm this
Tarkine rainforest transports back time perhaps future where value Australias remaining treasures. Nature worth saving?
Some news from Series between AUSTRALIA WEST INDIES.
Victorian Health Department contained Australia's largest ever outbreak verge stopping delta. Should they take over Health response?
GladysGovernment their exceptionalism cheer squad understand rest Australia angry. This isn't months ago. know what works government's arrogant, politicised refusal follow proven methods entire nation peril.

News host RitaPanahi says only hope sanity will eventually prevail decent people will stop tolerating abuses government power being seen amid lockdowns.
Businesses that downturn from Covid crisis received $12.5bn jobkeeper windfall.
After days mammoth waits COVID testing clinics across some sites have extended their operating hours help relieve pressure Victoria Park. premier says there will soon massive increase capacity staff taking swabs.

calls 'ring steel' around Sydney stop them transporting virus around Australia. Good call.
Australia approves Pfizer vaccine kids aged 12-15 years old.
Australia, under lockdown, sees jump in COVID-19 cases.
Even forget about blood clotting issue,,, going totally control before vaccine kicks in!!! just that trouble now,,, Australia is!!! Thanks ScottMorrisonMP Thanks.

Woodside, under investigation for allowing the oil/gas rig to degrade so much they cant dispose of it properly. So now they are planning to dump it on Ningaloo reef Could set industry-wide precedent to avoid $25 billion decomm costs.

didnt take long! Right cue, Morrison claiming Olympic partnership. think Queenslanders rest Australia know what sort partnership was. 100% time, trying knock Annastacias legs right from underneath her!

Gladys: fucked have everyones Pfizer? Australia: your gold standards.
Some insanity from Australia you.
There's Malaysian Doctor here Australia renowned specialist Upon graduating years returned serve home country lasted only years. Packed left couldn't stand 'how things done there'. loss shall name him.

Lmao just realized that theyre already back Australia.
Pregnant Women Australia officially eligible receive Pfizer vaccine: pregnant women seeking vaccination call National coronavirus Hotline (1800 080) find relevant clinics.

With Quarantine-free travel with Australia canned isn't great we've spent last year building capacity. We did, didn't Chippy?
Australia Good luck. under full totalitarian control.
"what young people have look forward Australia, they don't have rich parents
every single class school children Australia making these HEPA filters their classrooms want safe, open schools.
Zealands government suspended quarantine-free travel from Australia eight weeks. already closed travel bubble with NSW, Victoria. Pause been extended other Australian states territories well.

What You Really Think

I'm trying to compare these Nielsen reader reach figures with the Roy Morgan daily print figures which run into hundreds of thousands rather than millions. Would you have a link to this graph? I can't find it on the Nielsen website.

We just need all NewsCorpse at the bottom of the list and everything will be sweet.

Best news site in Australia!

Come on people. Let's get The New Daily and SBS up the list.

Huge Congrats and I only wish you were higher.

Freakin'awesome, I ditched my Age sub for the GuardianAus, & have not looked back, well apart from at the odd Age article to be gobsmacked at how low it has sunk recently. Highly recommend GuardianAus sub - news, analysis, fact-based, global reporting, artsOld skool journalism.

Sad so few watch SBSNews - it sure helped my perspectives oer yrs.

Check out The Australian. Hows that paywall going, Rupert?

Thats great. Now waiting for the New Daily to head up the list.

Its because the smh has too many RWNJ hacks now after joining Costellos 9Ent family or what ever they r called now and that a subscription required so many of us cannot afford subscriptions for every paper especially when someone on aged care pension living below poverty line.

I started reading the Guardian more than 20 years ago at uni in London and was thrilled when Guardian Australia started. Congratulations on your success. Well deserved!

In other news , guardian is the least read newspaper amongst the subscription free newspaper online.

God help us all.

That's because the GuardianAus has credibility. Well done murpharoo et al. I'm proud to be a subscriber.

This is why its worth subscribing to. Support for high quality, thoughtful, investigative journalism. To all those who contribute to it, thank you.

I can't believe 7news is up there.


So in the last little while the couriermail and dailytelegraph absorbed all those regional News titles on to their main websites. Has that pumped up their numbers any great deal?

Great news.

Important to note that 2,384,000 copies of The Australian are distributed FREE at all our airports and LNP offices.

These numbers.

A result of Nine's decision to make an editorial shift to overt pro-Coalition stance jameschessell. The public ]sorry, market] clearly prefer more critical & analytical coverage, not cheer squad columnists.

There may be hope for this country yet. Congratulations!

Yes but saying that many of us dont consider rank 2,3,4 to actually provide news. So the Guardian is really No.2 well done.

Wheres the betoota advocate?

This is brilliant! All down to the brilliant work of quality journos and editors!!

I love that Yahoo is ahead of the telegraph.

To be fair, Daily Mail isn't really a news website.

Could The New Daily overtake The Australian?

Need to be 2nd.

Wait. What!? Who reads nine and seven online!? Is it Facebook users? We need critical thinking taught throughout high school. This is an emergency. I know was higher, just not surprised. Glad to see Guardian on the rise.

Hahahaha, didn't think Australia had so many gulible people.

Ahead of a lot of Me Murdoch's rubbish.

You've earned it, as the "quality" of your competitors' reporting has declined dramatically and their recently published opinion writers are an insult to their readers' intelligence.

That's because not everyone wants to read Liberal Party talking points.

Perhaps there is hope.

Perhaps there is hope for us yet.

The Guardian and the ABC are the only two reading.

When I look at this table I wonder how it is possible that the former head of NewsCorp in Australia was given a seat on the ABC board? They are the biggest competitors and now one has a spy on the others board.

Wish they included the Betoota Advocate in here cos theyre one of the most real news sources we have at the moment.

Still surprised how many ppl use the 7 & 9 news sites. They're not very user friendly.

That is great news and we'll deserved. But seriously Australia, why are people not picking up on SBS?

Nice to see Rupe's rags not doing so well.

Well done!

Worth every cent.

It boggles me that anyone would choose the Daily Fail over the Guardian.

Smh USA shadow of the Fairfax paper so beating it only seems natural. Congrats.


Good stuff. I cancelled my subscription to The Age last year and subscribed to The Guardian.

Tbf theage subscribers read smh content seamlessly. And vice versa. Should really combine the two readerships.

How is "reading" recorded? I have an old log-in for Murdoch rags that I get around their paywall with When I log-in several times a day is that counted? I would hate to think I am contributing to Rupe.

Shocked news, nine and 7 are ahead.

That is because it is free Dave, a bit like the ABC, thankfully the taxpayer is not forced to pay for The Guardian.

Its not surprising, a function of the shift to the right of 9MediaUnFairfax is that centre-left readers of The Age and the SMH have most likely migrated to The Guardian.

Please keep up the brilliant work. We need you!

Well done earleyedition to you and the team!

Goodness me! I didnt realize anyone actually went to the 7 and 9 websites!

Yes been subscribing for months or a year guardian simply does it better. More balanced more relevant quicker off the mark leaves the rest in the dust.

Thats wonderful.

That awesome.

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