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Wednesday 15th of April 2020


NEW: Mon 13 April update of coronavirus trajectoriesDaily deaths: US & UK still trending up, though the peak could be in sight for both Success stories in dark blue: Australia, Norway, Austria locked down early => gentle slopesLive charts:.
Australia Backs Trump on World Health Organization Critique.
Im disgusted to hear that a Nazi flag was hung from a tower in Kyabram, VIC, Australia. This flag represents terrorism, ethnic cleansing and genocide. It has no place in Australia. Our Jewish friends have our love and support. Well done to for fighting hate..
Australia confronted the World Health Organization over claims it supports so-called wet markets reopening in the Chinese city of Wuhan..
Remember the coffee boy?This is the story that and William Barr apparently wanted Australia to "investigate" in return for US help in hostage negotiations with Iran.How the Russia Inquiry Began.
Cases in cumulative form: US past 600k confirmed cases Turkey still battling a severe outbreak Curves flattened early in Austria, Australia, Norway Japan steepening as outbreak continuesAll charts:.
~ Gday Possums, just over an hour until the first action gets under way! Were , so grab a beer, fire up the barbie & BET HERE>Aussie Slang ~ Bludger ~ lazy person.Johnnos just sat there, like a bludger!.
Australia has had enough!After being told they had been in already and bought 4 tins after being seen at another shopping centre they still had the nerve to fight for the 4 tins!!Kudos Rod for standing up and to the staff at Big W for kicking them out!.
See, it could be worse, we could live in Australia!!!Doctors Threatened with $13,000 Fine for Prescribing Hydroxychloroquine for Coronavirus Treatment.
NEW: Tue 14 April update of coronavirus trajectoriesDaily deaths: US & UK still trending up, though peak could be in sight Successes in dark blue: Australia, Norway, Austria locked down early => gentle slopes Japan also promisingLive charts:.
Australia definitely has wet markets and many fish markets. But introducing wild animals known to contain viruses like bats is absurd and should be banned..
Another quid pro quo- just as with Ukraine.Bill Barr Pressed Australia for Help on Mueller Review as DOJ Worked to Free Its Hostages.
Scommo, you want the Wet Markets Stopped yet you wont Stop the Largest Land Based Slaughter in the World here in Australia..
If Australia is serious about flattening the curve by locking down (and it should be) we cant do it by halves. Keeping schools open for the children of essential workers makes some sense, reopening them entirely - at least until we have a vaccine - does not. 7/7.
Australia Zoo Isolation buddy part 3. Chilling with Rhino the rhinoceros iguana this morning!.
The bottom line is that apparently sought another quid pro quo with a foreign government -- this time trying to get Australia to undermine the Mueller investigation.This President needs to go. NOW..
~ a city southwest of , . Lining its bay, The Waterfront esplanade has a 19th-century carousel, plus a curved art deco boardwalk and sea bath at Eastern Beach. Along The Waterfront are the Baywalk Bollards. BET>.
In Australia its - itll cheer you up!.
First person jailed for breaking quarantine via.
While youre about it why arent you pushing for laptops and internet for underprivileged kids ??Glady is Scotts lapdog but Vic tells them to jam it.Need a strong opposition in U up for it or move step up..
This is called sedition !.
I will never ever set foot in Australia bro.
JUST IN: A Perth man who repeatedly broke quarantine to visit his girlfriend is the first person in Australia to be JAILED for the offence..
There is way more to this story of we are quarantined in Australia for two weeks, with little symptoms. Yet we have someone who had a list, oh , commit suicide. And they are on it. Very very very disappointed. Boo on you hope your god will take you in for what you did.
Australia was saved by travel bans on China, and the US travel ban due to bushfires. Had Australia followed WHO advice and lobbying we would have been in a much worse situation. The epidemic missed us because we ignored WHOs lobbying..
Free Coin Apps Australia 1951(p) Halfpenny With Dot PCGS MS63BN.
But will Australia follow suit.
CLEX researchers, Matthias Retsch, Christian Jakob & Martin Singh develop Radar Organisation Metric (ROME) that distinguishes between degrees of convective organisation and captures monsoon regimes in Northern Australia..
yet to make a final decision whether to conduct ,which was suspended till today - April 15. Now the buzz is that if T20 World Cup in Australia does not take place in October & November, the IPL will move into that slot. Cancelling IPL2020 will be last option of BCCI.
Australia looks to go harder with use of COVID-19 contact tracing app.
NZ and Aussie researchers may produce COVID-19 vaccine together.
Josh Frydenberg just blamed WHO for worldwide response to COVID 19. As did right wing councillors of Wagga Wagga Council. As did Dave Sharma. America has cut funding from WHO. Australia is looking at same measure. WHO is needed and defunding it undermines everybody..
The national residential vacancy rate declined in February 2020 to from recorded in January, with the total number of vacancies Australia-wide now at 68,079 vacant residential properties. Click here: to find out more.
Australias PM: Over 838,000 businesses have registered for JobKeeper program.
Hey You say you cant believe that the WHO approved the re-opening of wet markets in China. (its a false claim anyway)You do realise that Australia has wet markets in operation as we speak right?What youre referring to is live animal markets.
Good afternoon from Australia..
January: Australia bush fireFebruary: Potentially WW3March: C0r0na PandemicApril: Chernobyl radioactive forest fire.
2/ as we know his whole "trip to australia" was REALLY WEIRD. everything from bringing his "corona" computer? posting pics w barcodes on a door? photoshopping pics of a cup on a plate? and the yellow garbage bag being in 2 diff places on diff days?but we all know this already.
Stupid comment - teachers workload has trebled preparing online & distance learning! How dare you! Why not question a PM who lies outright about health advice when over 191 countries around the world have.
If were relying on the PM to do something that will help Australia long term, then I think we are all doomed..
EXCLUSIVE: Last September, senior DOJ officials worked with Australian officials to facilitate the release of two hostages from Iran. In the same time period, Barr and Trump asked for their help in looking into the origins of Muellers investigation..
In 1932, Australia Declared War On EmusAnd Lost:.
Its in the national interest to support through the crisisGood for competitionSave 15,000 jobsSupport our tourism industry bounce backGood to join on this morning. Listen here:.
Oil on canvasMural painting Realism"Passion of Christ" Work.
Can someone please explain to me how Australias real unemployment rate is going to peak at 15%? (Frydenbergs numbers)In some states jobless data estimates unemployment at 22%, in Canada its Why are we apparently so different? (aside from Jobkeeper).
Bill Barr really really sucks, part 219.
First, there is nothing new being announced in this video. No policy, no funding, no timelines for future change. Secondly, the PMs message seems to ignore the fact that public schools around Australia remain open for students to attend..
Screen Producers Australia () is calling for the countrys government to implement a AU$1 billion screen content fund.
Capt Bligh lost his ship bc of erratic behavior. His next adventure as governor of New Wales (Australia) didnt turn out well either. He was despised, hated and loathed. Sound familiar? also stole cheese from his crew. Is trump related..
The lock down has been so effective we are starting to realistically think about eliminating Covid-19 from Australia.Its a really bizarre time for right wing commentators to suddenly unite in a call to give up and and end the lock down..
Australias Acting Immigration Minister Alan Tudge met with the press to try and clarify concerns regarding visas, citizenship and travel. What, in your opinion, are the main issues yet to be resolved for visa holders and foreign nationals in Australia?.
Mammals, amphibians, reptiles, birds, and more than half of all plant species are set to disappear on a catastrophic scale in the Amazon and other ecosysterms in Africa, Asia, North America and Australia when temperatures go over (in the 2020s)..
Is this true? Are people in Aged Care homes in Australia not given the best hospitalised medical treatment to survive?.
Assumptions are not enough to prevent youth sporting injuries | Sky News Australia.
its a new mediocre blog hooraybranding and logos of defunct Government departments, offices and councils of Australia over the past 30 years.
in australia we have kindergarten, then years 1-12 and thats it.
A 35-year-old Victorian man who admitted to sneaking out of a quarantine hotel in Perth to visit his girlfriend is the first Australian to be jailed for breaching COVID-19 rules..
the real on the Australia landscape.
Amazon Prime Video in USA, UK, Australia. Only per episode FREE on in Canada :).
Strzoks boss, Bill Priestap, was in London two days before Alexander Downer and his handler, Erika Thompson, began to record me. I havent been wrong about a single thing regarding this spy story. Australia and the UK are allies which has complicated Durhams investigation..
I havent seen this cousin of mine from Namoli Village (Lautoka) for a while now. He now resides in Australia and is a genuinely funny.
The propaganda trying to cover up Australias role in willfully spying on the campaign and me in London has begun. Alexander Downer was reported by me to the FBI, Mueller and Congress. Muellers own team acknowledged he was recording me. Who put the Clinton errand boy up to it?.
The has called for a review into the live cattle trade from the south of Australia after reports have shown humidity, freezing conditions and filthy pens on ships..
Loved chatting to for on the need for data-driven concussion management in Australia..
Australia Has Spent More Than $ Million Trying To Deport The Young Family On Christmas Island via.
Esperance, Western Australia.
All governments knew the WHO was captive to China and was therefore slow to act. Australia got on with it and declared a pandemic two weeks before the WHO did. By contrast, Trump did nothing and now he blames the WHO for his inaction..
its started, Chinese not allowed in Supermarkets in Australia..
If you havent already signed our petition calling on Virgin Australia to stop the forced redundancies and pay JobKeeper, you can do so here:.
~ Disclaimer ~Thank u everyone for ur patience whilst ECQ do the final counts post 28 March local government election..