Saturday 1st of May 2021

Scott Morrison is Taking a Breather From Trying to Pit Australians in The Regions And Australians in The inner Cities Against Each Other.

Social Media Says

first time history, will criminal offence some Australians come home from overseas. Within next hours returning citizens will threatened with five years jail they've been India past weeks.

Last week, Morrison engaging toxic identity politics, dividing Australians between regions cities sledging inner cities tries keep climate going. Today urges Australians avoid identity politics. What charlatan.

this true, ScottMorrisonMP needs stand explain 9000 Australians left stranded India, hide behind Health Minister.
When there were case peaks Australia increased number flights Australians home. With India, they have threatened prison try. This quite simply, racism lethal kind.

This JoshFrydenberg feel about other cultures religions offers insight into Australians stranded India were never brought home have been abandoned. BethanyinCBR have this?!

lockout Australians, under threat jail fines, defies logic rocking peoples faith this country core, particularly some Indian Australians. There other public health responses. This draconian.

Morrison's actions stranded Australians India viewed through Pentecostal lens. Many these Australians Christians they Hindu, Muslims, Sikhs etc. They therefore heathens idolators. They deserving assistance.

Lots noise about India, real tragedy that there some Australians, stranded, around globe, plethora reasons, havent been allowed return because failure this government together.

think thats always been plan, from moment Scotty announced "All stranded Australians will home Christmas" this what's called doing "God's work" then extremist lunatic.

According recent polls: Australians have severely negative view Chinas Communist Party want Port Darwin, other assets taken back want independent democratic island country Taiwan defended from CCP/PLA attacks/invasions.

"Consumer credit insurance junk," said Katherine Temple, Consumer Action. "This insurance been mis-sold potentially millions Australians, there possibily billions dollars refunds people entitled to.".

really ENDhomelessness Australians NEED national political will!
Yep, here crime, years jail, Australians come home from India. Because Hunt failed utterly national quarantine system. What disgrace
Scott Morrison wants Australians know Pentecostal Christian, questions about make uneasy. weekend column.
think weve known long time that this government isnt task. Banning Australians from returning their country just plain atrocious.
cannot believe have government bereft leadership imagination that they find easier criminalise Indian-Australians than finance some better quarantine solutions.
When you risk serious jail time for the crime of going home, you have to question the health of your democracy. Other countries look after their citizens Australians are abandoned, left for dead and jailed if they try to get home.

Australian Government claiming states hotel quarantine facilities fine need Federal facilities. Then admitting fine making criminals Australians they return from India. This bizarre cruel.

Fining Australians seeking refuge their country. because have quarantine facilities vaccine program that does remind drunk playing darts.
Because sadly most Australians want it that way.
bed: god, I've again, this terrible fear that somewhere Australia millions Australians getting affordable, reliable power from solar, mates going broke'.
Deeply shaken, calling unethical betrayal, drvyom Saturday flight pause from India, which from Monday will turn into under threat five years jail Australians home from India. Never before. Listen here.

RAAF squadrons these transport aircraft sitting idle Amberley Queensland. they being used bring home Australians stranded overseas
Memo Dutton, Gladys, Morrison other "swinging dicks" Australia... hotel quarantine working well, then thousands Australians like myself still stuck offshore after months.

Australians home from India during COVID travel face five years' jail.
Today we celebrate all the hard work that goes into providing Australians with our favourite energy snack.
Over percent Australians will return public transport until they their close household members have been vaccinated COVID-19, according survey Institute Transport Logistics Studies. .

months Morrison pressuring states bring Australians home providing safe quarantine. many outbreaks will take. Dutton saying should proposed quarantine village international students which will save jobs businesses.

Australians have least moral right Australia thats whole point. governments -particularly Commonwealth governments- have responsibility make that possible. their job.

guess increasingly vicious refusal help Australians need just logical follow long term vicious refusal help refugees need.
hope community Australians Indian descent remembers this moment that they were left dead ScottMorrisonMP There many other options bring people back that being taken.

Dutton grub governing racist, right-wing trash certainly Australians.
Australians Indian Origin second largest group immigrants currently Australia. This government abandoning people.
GraceTame TamePunk been championing change since becoming 2021 Australian Year January. But, started advocacy journey long before. Interested Graces story resilience? partner auspost.

The quiet Australians must be loving it!!!!
Australians fined jailed coming home unless Aspen group.
This cowardly, timing, late night Friday. This government cowardly with accountability, where ScottMorrisonMP Christian good will commitment look after Australians those that choose live here? government allowed them go.

Luckily you dont speak for most Australians.
Australians love their wars. There's nothing like good dawn service. The Guardian: Dutton Pezzullo talk beating drums them will have fight.
This about keeping people safe, both home abroad. home, keep virus contained prevent further lockdowns. Abroad, serious about bringing stranded Aussies home. Australians their beat pandemic. time his.

Have Australians stuck India unable home considered applying some type with OECD theyre totally unsuited for? comes with private Just thought.
Dear ScottMorrisonMP, GregHuntMP fellow Australians India deserve freedom choice knowing that Australia place reprieve, they need should *NOT* place imprisonment.

readers confused about there there many Australians overseas... context that Australia most multicultural, ethnically diverse nations world. Half population least parent born overseas.

ScottMorrisonMP You cant punish Australians for your mismanagement. Quarantine is your responsibility. Stop campaigning and do your job.
Theres world which Australians returning from Europe America would threatened with jail time.
Australians Flying Home From India Could Face Five Years in Jail.
Dont forget that Morrison govt pulled stops MathiasCormann around world interviews stranded Australians ignored, vilified threatened with fines. Typical Morrisons priorities.

should doing help Australians stuck India come back safely. Instead, government makes criminal offence them come home? Truly shocking outrageous.

Want know Morrison attacking Twitter? Look further. They like truth. They want Australians shut Time loud. Heres helping hand.
Trying to imagine how excited Australians stranded in India will be to watch our vaccinated athletes being welcomed home from the Olympics.
Fines COMING HOME. threat years gaol even TRYING come home. This barbaric racist. What worth Australian citizenship treat fellow Australians like this?
grub, Australians love him!
Australians are excited for Telcoin! Can't blame them! $TEL is entering one of the world's largest remittance corridors and beats the competition right out of the gate! The global expansion rolls on, Telfam!

Even housing affordability Morrison Govts fault. Sukkar just told case wild idea that federal rules interest rates blame. This govt busy planning jail homecoming Australians take responsibility anything.

Slam door shut vulnerable Australians India finally build air-spaced quarantine? column here.
Robert Menzies lied order justify sending Australians their deaths.
Morrison isnt just abandoning Australians threatening imprison them they come home. spent week talking war, imprisoning citizens coming home, eroded right strike, international pariah Sound like someone else?

Brilliant sentence murpharoo Doubt breaks your heart, which makes you remember you have one.
People have been stranded over year, know understand lockdown/quarantine unlike those Australia. automatically assume they will wrong thing? Australians WITH COVID trusted quarantine home stranded Aussies???

Instead protecting rescuing Australians stranded overseas, Morrison threatening jail them years they able what government failed What about RAAF?
Scott Morrison made criminal offence Australians return Australia.* *Brown people only apparently.
Best thing read this week. Scott Morrison wants Australians know Pentecostal Christian, questions about make uneasy Katharine Murphy.
Five years jail Australians returning home from India months filming harassing police dying highway accident murdering your wife. Justice Australia...

What You Really Think

Says the man who will say and do anything to hold onto power. Not a leadership bone in his body.

The irony of that is Morrison is actually one of the greatest exponents of identity politics.

But what if I Identify as an identity politician?

Thats what hes got the nats for.

It's just breathtaking hypocrisy to accuse others of doing something that he does All. The. Time. It's embarrassing and shameful to have a PM so focused on self-importance and self-promotion rather than the good of the nation.

...when it suits him.

Does anything he says make sense? Speaking tongues near the burning bush of the.

Do you think his scriptwriter is setting him up to look foolish or is his own natural talent shining through?

He is all about community and respect ..

Yes he has absolutely no basic principles to adhere to. even ones that I disagree with. The ultimate pragmatist with miracles.

Reading between the lines. scottyfromarketing doesnt like social media (the public) calling him out on his Failures as a PM because the truth gives him a bad image. Hes only use to the MurdochGutterMedia praising and backing him because of their LP agenda.

...a rallying cry... lulz.

And the guns fell silent on the western civilisation front.

Morrison is all over the shop and talk is cheap.

Has there ever been a PM who uses his identity to assert his politics more than this guy?

He manages to be almost incoherent & deeply offensive all at once. What a guy.

If he would just take a break from lying...

Ie the community is rallying against him and his government and he knows it.

Does this mean I get to keep my ute?

Says the man who uses his identity as a Christian to win votes.

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