Wednesday 13th of July 2022

Eric Bailly on The Rampage *** Man United Thrash Liverpool 4-0 in The Match Bangkok Century Cup, Thanks to Goals From Sancho, Fred, Martial And Pellistri.

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Eric Bailly rampage United thrash Liverpool Match Bangkok Century Cup, thanks goals from Sancho, Fred, Martial Pellistri.
seemed pointing shouting quite angrily Telles just then. Seconds later, Telles misjudges header Bailly bails again.
Eric Bailly MOTM.
Eric Bailly Pellistri showing Nunez it's done.
don't care what anyone says Bailly still beast.
Eric Bailly pushed more attacks this game than 100m Darwin Nunez.
With 4,600 votes, Eric Bailly YOUR Match!
Ball Bailly Shaw Bruno Sancho Dalot hits post.
Eric Bailly wasnt injury prone, he's amazing
positives from that friendly. Impressed with youngsters Bailly second half well. Good focusing things that still improved. Hope build positivity signing couple this week well. Great start season.

just hope Eric bailly given chance ETH. That best defenders.
So...that from Bailly.
Just recorded public record, Manchester United have just scored goal counter-attack started Eric Bailly doing stepovers running length pitch.
Shoutout Eric Bailly honestly most talented shame injury prone what performance locked Nunez.
realise hits Bailly blocks right?
Salah killing goalpost with shots, doesn't know sent Eric Bailly omena goal mouth. should Mary's Yala.
4-0! United look absolutely scintillating counter-attack. Could season Facundo Pellistri Eric Bailly phenomenal there.
does bailly have made glass. What career we've missed
Play Bailly defensive midfielder.
Nunez against Bailly.
Eric Bailly turning into preseason Desailly.
Eric Baillys Appreciation postV Man really made Liverpools signing waste
Bailly made this Nunez b*tch lmao.
disgrace that Bailly didnt more game time over Maguire last season.
Bailly blocked anyway.
Bailly ability longest. Told better than Rudiger before.
United dont give damn about player ability. whether they market sell merch not. Bailly years they always started that donkey ahead him. Same thing with Taunzebe, better than starters isnt playing. rubbish.

ManUnitedZone_: Bailly.
Eric Bailly pulling tier strides.
Thoughts - might finally enjoy trio Sancho Martial Rashford - Bruno Fernandes still that guy! - Eric Bailly impressive game, only could stay fit. - Kudos Malacia, Pellistri, Zidane Savage Impressive start Erik Hag's United era!

shit entire game, Bailly's pocket.
First half Sancho Martial 2nd half Iqbal Bailly.
That goal favorite amongst goals, Bailly's run, Amad's assist Pellestri's fine finish, loved
Manchester United fans love what Eric Bailly before Facundo Pellistri goal Liverpool.
match Bailly.
That touching Hags beautiful bald head right Nunez still trembling from Bailly Pellistri invasion.
fact Pellistri didnt send ball through Bailly annoys massively.
Eric Bailly man, know friendly this could only stay fit.
Bailly here isn't talked about enough. This best have when fully fit.
Bailly's show needs appreciated well. deserves team over Maguire.
Bailly arguably best player.
varane bailly stay they great defensive partnership.
Step over after interception peak Bailly things.
need some midfielders with creativity. Bailly, Zidane playing middle better than MacFred.
Eric Bailly Raphael Varane opinion this best centre back partnership have club.
Eric Bailly midfield!
Realistically thats even takes bailly into account therefore changing run.
Erik Hag's first game charge Tyrell Malacia promising debut Eric Bailly looked strong Manchester United Liverpool pictures.
Bailly deserves more game time for.
Darwin nunez practiced that miss yesterday. Watch video below Eric Bailly hags garnacho Sancho Bruno Fernandes zidane.
Beautiful from Bailly,crazy assist from Amad superhub finish from Pellistri.
Sancho half. Zidane Bailly half.

What You Really Think

Ronaldo will play ahead of all those goal scorers come league game.

That pass should've gone to bailly.

Fire at its best.

Thanks for streaming.

United for the title this season who is with me on this.

Jim beglin V.

The caption tho.

Am sure admin has been waiting for years to say that about Man United against Liverpool...


Bailly is class.

Haba, I be Naija boy na.

Man U are back!

Eric Baily makes d 2nd half classical Big kudos to him and Z.Iqbal.

Kumbe ilikua Cup.

Eric Bailly looking world class in pre-season, we've experienced that before with.


And Maguire would still start.

Bailly for MOTM.

Super sports get seriouswhy that laughing emoji.

Is this Liverpool or livapul..

We are back.

You should trash them in the League.

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