Sunday 29th of August 2021

When Times Get Tough, Dont Hide.

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Folarin Balogun Tyreece John-Jules have been called England U21s squad. Smith Rowe also included.
Arsenal have most representatives latest England squad tied with City). Folarin Balogun Tyreece John-Jules loan Blackpool) have been called U21s first time. Theyre joined Emile Smith Rowe.

Folarin Balogun, Tyreece John-Jules Emile Smith Rowe have been included England Under-21 squad face Romania Kosovo.
Balogun right back tho.
Leon Balogun, step outside
Balogun Celtic winning this.
excuses today, still strong solid team, just don't have Balogun attacking he'll take mins back defend let's lads points
We need him to narrate this transfer window.
Borna shit game against Alashkert time redeem yourself step challenge break Kyogos ankles Balogun christie mate know what
McCrorie starting Balogun right back???
know. Massive game Balogun that limits impact going forward. However, Roofe, Kent Morelos. Attack best form defence today.
Balogun ralston carded, over goals, btts, both teams booking points, corners each team, roofe score.
Hmmm goalkeeper left back current form disagree. Balogun gives fear.
Balogun right back.
Right behind team balogun would shown playing fives pals.
Balogun right back gives mega confidence lets
Balogun disaster written over it...
Gonna struggle with Balogun
Mind last time Balogun played
Balogun enough isolation (1-1 game Antwerp), paired with Barisic makes Rangers susceptible balls down inside channel, type Celtic profited from midweek thumbs pairing Morelos with Roofe.

Kyogo score, Balogun booked.
balogun gees stormer please.
Balogun right back fear anyhow, into these fuckin rats.
Weve always relied heavily full-backs having Balogun form Barisic either side today slight worry must say.
Leon Balogun. watching
Sportsound live 1130am on BBC Radio Scotland Rangers v Celtic Rangers team news: McCrorie, Balogun, Goldson, Helander, Barisic, Kamara, Davis, Aribo, Kent, Roofe, Morelos.
against Balogun could they duel this game!
Balogun where Patterson.
player debut position potential worry. Personally would have Rogic Turnbull think team most would have hoped for/expected. Mcgregor Rangers Balogun against Kyogo could have huge impact.

Never trust degrades other women praise because day, youll next.
Balogun Roofe starts.
Kyogo v Balogun. Not looking forward to that.
Apart from balogun arguably stro gest
Rangers Celtic 12:00 Ralston, Kyogo Balogun booked 40/1 1 unit.
Being rude waiters, cleaners customers service assistance very telling someones character.
Concerned that Patterson missing Balogun just makes nervous. Obviously have other defenders available bench, plenty options going forward bench. needed suspect Aribo would have into defence.

Balogun bench.
mate! been Patterson wouldn't really that bad. Balogun bullied Edouard last time.
Yikes, Balogun right back!!!
Balogun against kyogo thats massive worry now..
mate. They will hunt balogun hard press fear worst tbh. Edouard peeling onto with kyogo's movement concern. have honestly played lundstrum istead haha.
Rangers: McCrorie, Balogun, Goldson, Helander, Barisic, Aribo, Davis, Kamara, Kent, Morelos, Roofe Celtic: Hart, Ralston, Welsh, Starfelt, Juranovic, McGregor, Turnbull, Abada, Christie, Kyogo, Edouard Build-up live from 11am.

Last time balogun played right back tore one. excited today.
Given Barisic's recent form Balogun filling gotta fear that defence. midfield forwards can't just stand them them have ball, give that time they'll turn fullbacks inside out.

Lagos York. Thank Nigeria, love you.
Hope balogun scored then just does full ibrox saying nice friendly happy way.
Balogun will intreating more likely pace high scoring game today 3-2.
unfortunate position balogun play there stop fucking moaning play only that available lets behind team these points bears NS.

Have you been to NYSC camp..
except glaring issue that completely upsets balance Balogun
You climb crate abi you no climb crate?
Rangers team Celtic: McCrorie, Balogun, Goldson, Helander, Barisic, Kamara, Davis, Aribo, Kent, Roofe, Morelos Subs: Wright, Lundstram, Arfield, Hagi, Bacuna, Itten, Fashion.
think balogun playing right back. They might diamond though their usual 433.
Defense same last year exept balogun right back lol.
Roofe, balogun, Callum McGregor ralston booked.
Balogun/Goldson/Helander flick on to the back post for morelos to score.
When your bikini this night, head wanted burst. Other girls looked like bags rice Saga tells Nini.
Balogun match.
that bad, Keeper Balogun only question marks, rest experienced.
Balogun card Roofe goal.
Mate Balogun torn last season this very fixture playing right back. must having laugh man. Ffs.
Balogun right back, fuckin covid!!
In that case.
With that defence hope playing Balogun right back. Hope going spring them, with Aribo right wing back. Kent front Davis Kamara Celtic have defence holding midfielder.

We move tonight.
Don't want speak soon balogun starting superb he's fucking hopeless.
Kyogo seeing Balogun right back.
Balogun geeing fear done alot last night.
Balogun right back unfit Barisic left back. better have plan place when they both tire half. what though. We've plenty firepower score both park bench.

Balogun assisted Morelos last time started firm.
That back poor especially balogun
Kyogo is about to end Baloguns career.
wasn't there Thursday missed that actually. Must seen Balogun have nightmare before looking forward this all.
only advantage Balogun corners both boxes.
Balogun masterclass incoming.
Seen Balogun sent toilet. Fuck.
Balogun right back. does everyone else drink their Domestos then? Fridge chilled room temp?
rumours about Patterson seem true. loss. Balogun struggled before. Hopefully shift today. Kent starting makes good reading. Strap everyone.
Balogun have game life today.
Balogun right back, Jesus Christ.
Dont think gone good twice...
Balogun gives fear! Hooked half time last season when were romping
times according Transfermrkt. against Balogun Roofe, neither natural wide players that hopefully helps.
Balogun aint ideal already seen very vulnerable there last season would against better team this year also barisic needs step today aswell.
Kyogo running at Balogun.
Kyogo left win against balogun.

What You Really Think

Good bye Arteta.

Through arteta out.

Mikel Arteta suffered his 20th defeat as Arsenal manager in the Premier League in what was his 60th game - while Arsene Wenger didnt register his 20th defeat with the Gunners in the competition until his 116th game.

Before laughing remember that next game is Manchester City.

Looks like an Umpire at a Baseball game.

No go let me swear for you oooo, just keep your yeye motivational quotes to yourself.

We're with you Flo :).

Man ciryy up next.

Bit hard not to hide when your deployed on the left wing by a plastic coach with evil eyebrows.

Well done Flo its easy to hide, takes real character to stand up and be counted you guys can turn this around.

Thats the attitude.


Times tough two games into the season fuck me.

Arsenal, where are you going?? nil points, thought of doing Eurovision song contest next year instead?

I guess you know your brother Small Doctor. He said if you no get money, hide your face. Which one are we following?

Why are you hiding in black and white?

Elite mentality. Keep on pushing.

Or use colour photos...

Wish you had joined Liverpool tbh.


We believe in you brother.

Replicating this?

Folarin the future.

You need a loan bro, the prems too much for you rn.

Hide hide I would run.

You deserve better coach. This fraud will get Arsenal relegated.

Yes. Just hang on 3/5.

Keep fighting.

Stop posting.


He is not to blame.

We got your back [?]lose ,win, draw Gunners for life.

Mumu talk.

Get stronger bro, n when u get clattered i the box u need to make a big deal of it because that challenge by the Brentford guy on you was WILDDDD.

We are not hiding as Arsenal fans But we need somthing .

I will help take our team to glory if and only if AETA will assign me as his third assistant manager.

We will do better next time.

Be that man Flo, you can do this bcos you've got it in you. Ziyech, Odoi and their co-travellers are not better than you COYG!

Report on duty.

Leave that stupid club for crying out loud.

Your not hiding bud. Its unfair situation for u and need exoerience around u. Your a decent ppl but u need winners around u. Senior ppl's need to step up.

I wasn't impressed with your cameo appearance vs Chelsea bro. You couldn't literally control any ball or make a meaningful movement... More work to do on your composure.

Hang in there bruv... Better days are coming. We believe in you.

Better you quit from that team Arsenal don't deserve.

Tag ben white.

Lrsnl fy Hj ly fryq kml wlys mdrb.

It will be tougher post man city game.

My striker artettaK.

You are in the wrong hands Gee.

Boy dont you start posting some motivational bs here.

When times get tough, you sack your manager mate.

Enyewe ni kugumu.


My suggestion...stay off social media and spend energy on improving your game.

I think you need a loan move to relieve you of more pressure in this Arsenal team,it will do you more good. I love your playing style but I think staying behind wont help your career.


Arteta is shit boy.

You aren't ready kid, go out loan first.

Come get your sub.

All will be well.

Your top moments will surely come, im never in a doubt and I'm still here for you Balo.. I believe you Champ. We go again!!

Come on Balo. Rooting for you.

Let Arteta keep deceiving you.

Yall will figure it out. Lets go.

The fucking cock on this guy. We need more players with the same attitude.

We love the club and that's why we want it to have the best, however with this continuous performance from last season isn't a thing we just need to act like its not happening. Arteta has showed us that the team is way bigger than him.


We love you Arsenal NS.

Mate you have the talent, i see the negativity around the team is affecting you making you tight. Ignore all that play with freedom. You can be our great striker!!

Keep your head up for sure bro you are a talent. [?].

Im not an Arsenal fan but I know that once your club gets out of this rut, its going to be magical. Support your club, support your players. Itll all come to bear.

Keep working hard mate!! You're making great strides!!! Also become a USA international please lol.

Pour ioe damla rouss?? Gatt khamoko.

Then why do you hide in defenders pockets.

Arteta must be supported, it's important for the team.

It's ok.


Huevos Balogun, dale que te tengo de 9 en el fantasy !

Ur awful how do u play for Arsenal?

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