Wednesday 9th of December 2020

HALFTIME 0nulb Barca 2nulb Juventus (Cristiano Ronaldo, 13' Pen W. McKennie, 20') Live Analysis.

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Pirlo has his say on the Messi vs. Ronaldo debate ahead of Barca vs. Juve in the CL "Koeman was right, it would be wrong to say who is better between Messi & Cristiano Ronaldo. They are two phenomenons that put on spectacles for millions of fans. We just have to thank them.".

Miralem Pjanic isn't happy about his lack of playing time at Barca "Should I play more? Yes, that's what I want. "When the coach called on me, I always did well, I played good games. "I don't know what more than that I could do." ]Gazzetta dello Sport].

HALFTIME 0nulb Barca 2nulb Juventus (Cristiano Ronaldo, 13' pen W. McKennie, 20') Live Analysis.
It really has been downhill for Barca since Enrique .And I love it.
My friends will kill me if they see another "win lose or tie, Barca till I die" on my ig story at this point.
Who ever scouted Trincao to barca will not see heaven.
When Barca appointed Koeman we all thought that FKD will flourish under him.
Chelsea equalized in just 3 minutes but Barcelona and Manchester United have been battling with 2 - 0 for more than 30 minutes. Chelsea >>> Barca and Man U.
Someone said if Barca and Manchester United plays together, they will both lose.
Trincao is just low budget pedro. not barca quality.
Barca B last year>>>>>>>this Barca.
But but Font sounds like a politician and we should vote for Mr. Past Glory without new plans. ***nulb***nulb***nulb Dont forget that Xavi said, Football has evolved very much in the past few years and Barca hasnt.

Barca and Dead Midfield.
You can win against any Barca players as long it's not Pique in term of aerial duels.
Again no number 9, and no winger (Pedri is not a winger and Trincao should play only for Barca B). How the hell are you supposed to score?!
Barca fans that died before 2016..are the Luckiest.
Barca turned on the pressure for a bit. Juve hasnt been in the position of defend-and-counter all season. Its normally the other way around.
No one knows the pain of being a Barca fan and watching Cukur at the same time.
Barca may lose but at least Messi dribbled Ronaldo. W!
Oh ok im watching it rn and i am embarrassed by this team. this isnt the same barca that i saw a few years ago... The Ref is a clown btw.
Barca's defense is more open than Mia Khalifa's legs. Absolutely disgraceful performance yet again!
Barca has qualified for the next round, Man U can only wish they don't meet Jose and his Spurs side in the Europa league.
There's one thing Messi can't do but Cristiano can do. Score Against.
Lol man utd hoping for a second half come back Me Im not expecting anything from barca make enter come chop the remaining 2 or more cuz Na 4-5 goals.
Griezmann and trincao forgot to leave dressing room, Barca played 9players, dest is doing good and bad, pedri is offline. Why is the coach like this.
Watching Manchester United and Barca lose gives me so much Joy!!!
Someone said he's helping Barca win from home on FIFA.
Barca should go all in for Neymar.
Barca and Man United competing for the worst performances of the night.
Barca is playing one of our best games this season yet we are down by two goals because of referees.
Barca is going into the second half with a nice comeback win.
That Barca is playing rubbish.
If I dont see 10 shots atleast by Barca this half, Im calling the Tusquets and getting Koeman fired.
Aaron Ramsey running the show for Juventus against Barca.
The GOAT CR7 is doing his Lord's work against BARCA.
I really hope not plus Barca are finding rythem, need 1 more goal.
Lmao Barca dey zour at times i not fit bet that kind match.
Barca 2-0 down It sounds familiar nowadays.
Madridistas supporting juventus in this game are just supporting ronaldo. this doesn't make them juventus fans hth barca fans.
Karl,kosi, Dorcas and Dele a beg weytin dey apun at Nou Camp I no get joy oo, why Barca Wan pour sand on my garri na.
1 free-kick in 62 attempts for Messi & his fans are blaming solid defensive tactics (3rd pic) Barca even tried making a wall of their own to block the keeper's view and movement to help him.
Lol its funny how Risto Stoichkov gets mad every time Barca is losing.
Its a stressful year for barca fans lol. 2021 don't seem too promising either but fuck it we out here. Shit will click in eventually.
Ronaldo wins a penalty, scores a penalty. Messi waits for Fati to win him a penalty and then fights coutinho (Barca's best pen taker) to take the pen of him and the hope he scores.
This barca team is just not ready to be playing with this level of highline. its self sabotage.
Raiola on DeLigt: He can become the captain of Juventus. Barca and Bayern also wanted him, but bringing him to Turin was a good choice. He will become the strongest in the world in his role and win the Ballon d'Or.

I disagree. You cannot take Ronaldo off. Being up 2-0 is not that big of a lead vs Barca.
Barca's last defeat in the Champions League at Camp Nou was in 2013, against Bayern Munich in the semifinal. They've played 38 games since then at home in Europe, winning 34 and drawing four.
Are Barca just warming up? Could be a tasty second half.
Thanks buddy but this is for all the others.. I wont even participate btw... did you bet on the 4-0 Barca?
Barca need to loan him out. I think he is not developed according to the requirements of Barca 1st team. I have seen him play last season. He is a decent player who needs to play more often to be able to become his better version.

Valverde wasn't Barca stantards aswell. It's just that Koeman and Setien are even worse than Valverde that clown Bartomeu left us in the worst position ever. Transitional season dont have high hopes.

Trincao and Pedri are both so out of their depth in this match. Barca really thought itd be a wise idea to start guys who played in the Portuguese league and Spanish second division last season...
Is that what he was supposed to do? Barca is dead under.
Omo... Who did barca offend like this... Koeman Wan Make we play Europa League With the look of things.
Overload the middle so that Griezmann and Messi dont have the ball and force Barcelona to go wide. When they go wide they have to cross the ball, but Barca have no tall players in the box so Juve deal with it pretty easily. Overall solid display by Pirlo so far, hats off.

Well when a shite barca play against a mid juventus what did people expect una.
Defence wey get De Ligt and Bonucci, na cross you wan use score? Barca wey no sabi cross and nod before. Koeman no get plan, simple and short.
He won't go to barca due to Espanyol.
I know it's football my net is so slow today I didn't even know about barca n Juventus match.
Juve playing with a 3-4-3 with McKennie as RF and Arthur and Ramsey in the middle. However, Pirlo gives all the players so much freedom to move everywhere so they are constantly changing positions and they are confusing Barca so much.

Barca fans United fans.
True, not sure what Barca really wanted to do last summer. Zero sporting project, cut down the cost.
Barca is full of world class players but when match starts they all switch off.
No difference between Barca fans and 30BG.
Walahi.. so dead! Barca, Madrid & Juve, all na the same WhatsApp group.
Tonight !!! Barca Or Juve ?
This Koemans Barca Na Joke Lmfao! We are now set of comedians. Arsenal sef go beat us... Our promo is unlimited.
This was a penalty according to Barca fans.
Wahala be like bicycle ***nulb***nulb Barca ***nulb Man U ***nulb.
Liked how Barcelona picked up their game at the end of the first half. But Barca havent done much with the possession. Have struggled to find Antoine Griezmann in the box and mostly relied on a potential moment of brilliance by Lionel Messi.

- Barca are unable to shift opp. deep/mid block effectively enough to open gaps centrally - Dest is unable to isolate LWB/Sandro 1v1 & make use of superior technical abilities despite having ability to attract players (gravity) 2/2.

If your team wants to beat Barcelona, score first. Then Barca will lose automatically. Barcelona does not have the courage to come back.
Barca should bring Konrad on for Trincao early.
4231 is not for barca one and only 433.
Barca fans please don't think about equalizing. The only thing happening is we conceding more. V.
Man U Barca ...Chiefs supporters ...i bet they hate football at the moment.
Them don nearly beat manager for where I go watch Manutd match o. Manutd is loosing 2 nil and manager had the guts to change the match and put Barca match.
I have an issue with Dest's positioning when Barca are in possession & circulating the ball on the left side of the pitch Too narrow - Occupying same vertical channel (right half space) as Trincao=easy for opp. LCM LWB (Ramsey Sandro) to occupy both while staying compact 1/2.

1st time barca concede 2 goals within 20 mins in ucl home match.
Barca needs a new coach. I vote for this guy. xD.
Pls let this Barca vs juv not distract u from the fact that United are going to play Throw back Thursday football.
HELP are you a barca fan.
Barca trying to wait for the perfect goal when they need to start taking chances and making runs. Keeper only had to work once and he bobbled it cmon guys.
Barca today.
Not long before Koeman gets sacked. What an absolute shitshow Barca have become. Got their manager signing absolutely wrong. With Bartomeu gone, there is still hope.
Them beat Barca I no even feel anything Omo Shame no de.
Right now, there is hope in turning the game only because Messi is dictating Barcas play. The ball doesnt move forward unless he drops to move it forward, no one else is doing it.
WE NEED victor_font !!! BARCA NEEDS.
Man U losing to Leipzig Barca losing to Juventus with Ronaldo scoring in Camp Nou Guys, e don dey set o, no waste time come o.
Love it. Weston putting making his presence felt for Juventus the last few matches. This time with a goal in UCL match against Barca.
We will win this game, trust the process .viva Barca.

What You Really Think

Suber sub.

Tira o peladeiro do Trincao caraio.

Messi invisible.


Damn! Messi is really and truly proving himself today. I can already see 2nd half= All 5 subs helping him to score at least 1 so he wont be crying afterwards. Hilarious but Respect especially for MartinBraith I feel you.

Sack all of them , leave , pedri , stegen , dest the rest needs to leave , free messi he is clearly feelin bad of the way they treated him he isn't 100% with the team , he is playing with half his strength , no messi , scoring no messi assisting fcb is sinking bcz he is fcb.

O que fizeram com o Barcelona... vergonhoso, botaram um time de mlk, diretoria mercenaria!

Take griezman to his fit position.


We really need our lord and saviour.

Koeman ngetroll?

Tell your players to shoot.


Can someone tell Messi to aim anywhere at the post but Buffon's hand.

Did you know man utd don't have the guts to post a video of them losing to a team.

Please don't hold messi anymore, he really deserves to go if this team can't support him.

KOEMAN OUT. You brought that guy to disgrace Barca. Why starting Araujo back from injury to play with Lenglet when you have been playing Mingueza for some game and he has been improving? Why forcing Griezmann in false 9 that he has failed all along when Braithwaite is there?

No hay nada mas triste que ver jugar a este Barsa, como hace de falta un tecnico de verdad.

Who's gonna wake me up from this nightmare.

Tell me one guy who is confident to give through pass & long lofted pass - Only Messi This shows how pathetic Barca have Become.. De Jong is so Overrated.. Always hold the ball unnecessarily U can literally predict all the slow lazy passe even before 30 sec.

Ra kaget, biasane yo piye wkwk.


Messi keeps on playing alone upfront no support.