Saturday 15th of August 2020

30Barcelona 1-4 Bayern Arturo Vidal on Thursday: -.

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Barcelona have already decided to sack Quique Setien after the terrible defeat against Bayern Munich. Hell not be the manager on next season.
Cristiano Ronaldo has been offered to Barcelona, according to Guillem Balague. Imagine.
Another Champions League nightmare for Barcelona...
Barcelona board sacking Setien after the game like.
Barcelona paid PS142,000,000 for a player to come on and score two and set up another against them in the Champions League quarter final.
Barcelona is in Spain but without the 'S'.
Chelsea conceded 7 goals in 190 minutes Barcelona conceded 8 goals in 88 minutes Super Frank Lampard has done it again.
8 - Barcelona conceded eight goals in a game for the first time since losing 8-0 to Sevilla in the Copa del Rey Last 16 in 1946. Collapse.
Coutinho returning to Barcelona later this summer.
Thats all, good night my friends and heres hoping for a better tomorrow. Lets be positive, if Rakitic had started Barcelona would have lost by sixteen goals rather than only eight.
Barcelona Players when Coutinho scores to make it 8-2 for Bayern.
Highlights of Bayern vs Barcelona match You 8-2 see setien Messi thiago Coutinho.
Ye what happened to Barcelona.
Barcelona have sacked their manager Quique Setien after Bayern Munich's humilation.
Barcelona, Atletico Madrid and Real Madrid when they see each other in Spain after getting knocked out of UCL.
Barcelona thought the same thing.
It's over. It's all over.
Barcelona must have thought Coutinho was so useless they didnt bother to include the usual clause that prevents the player from featuring against you. Two goals and an assist against your own club on their worst night in decades. How can he go back there?

Trying to replace Xavi with Paulinho, signing De Jong and changing his position, buying Griezmann for absolutely no reason... people laugh at Ed Woodward (sorry about the cartoon, Ed) but Barcelona are an actual textbook lesson in how to shag your own team.

When Chelsea were being brutalized by Bayern Munich, Barcelona fans were rolling on the floor laughing. Well now they are playing against Bayern, nothing has changed. Barcelona fans are still rolling on the floor. But they ain't laughing.

Lmaooooooooooo Erica cry on behalf of all Barcelona fans please.
Bayern Munich wore WHITE against Barcelona. Which means they were in a happy mood when they humbled them by 8 goals. I'm wondering what would've happened if they wore RED to show how serious they were.

Gavin Williamson has downgraded this to a 2-1 win for Barcelona.
If Coutinho wins the Champions League with Bayern Munich, Barcelona will have to pay 5m to Liverpool. You read that right.
This is Barcelona with Messi. Wait till Messi retires.
19 years old and humiliating Barcelona at the biggest stage, Alphonso Davies.
And they made Barcelona look like a 2. Bundesliga team.
Truly thought Rome was rock bottom for this club and after that Anfield happened. Surely that was rock bottom but nope, this is it. If some of these players had any dignity and respect for whatever is left of this club, they would just put in a transfer request out of Barcelona.

First time since 2007-08 Barcelona finished their season with no trophy! La Liga [?] Copa Del Rey [?] Super Coppa [?] Champions League [?] After 13 years trophyless season.
If you are Messi, what is stopping you from not playing another match for Barcelona again? Love for the club and consideration could be used for Roma and Anfield, this cannot.
REVENGE. Bayern beat Barcelona 8-2 to advance to the UCL semifinals!
Messi returning to Barcelona after Bayern Munich humiliation.
Bayern Munchen vs Barcelona 8-2 ! see me topless here.
29 - The average age of Barcelona's starting XI tonight is 29 years and 329 days, making it the oldest line-up they have ever named for a Champions League match. Know-how.
Barcelona in the Champions League.
U guys punish Barcelona seriously.
Eric Abidal has been sacked as Director of Football by FC Barcelona.
You havent met Barcelona when they were winning. They deserve all this. Fuck them.
8-2. That is disgusting. This will be remembered for a very long time. The end of Barcelona.
According to Transfermarkt Barcelona paid a total of 403 million Euros for Dembele, Coutinho and Griezmann, while Klopp spent 271.4 million for Alisson, Van Dijk, Salah, Mane and Firmino, all together. I dunno who's in charge of transfers at Barca, but the answer is not Messi.

Bayern Munich scored 8 goals in one game against Barcelona. Thats 21% of Willians Premier League goals. Willian has been playing in the Premier League for 7 years.
When Quique Setien took that Barcelona job, I was thinking no you dont want to take that. Guess I was right. They would blame everyone when theyre not doing well but would praise Messi when its all good. Dont want to get anywhere near ppl like that.

Bayern 10 - 3 Spurs (2 legs) Bayern 7 - 1 Chelsea (2 legs) Bayern 8- 2 Barcelona (1 leg) I'm juss scared for Manchester City.
Remember when Caesar was stabbed by his best friend Brutus and he said, "Et tu, Brute?", which means,"Even you, Brutus?" After Coutinho scored the last goal, Barcelona said, 8-2, Brute?
You missed the death of Barcelona... Hope you're kicking yourself, it was magical.
Bayern Munich ran 9.27km than Barcelona (BT Sport) that's equivalent to having an extra player on the pitch. It wasn't just technical quality today. Barcelona were lazy and complacent when they didn't have the ball whilst Bayern were the complete opposite.

Bayern vs Barcelona Vacuna de Oxford vs Covid19.
Barcelona 2-8 Bayern Munich [?]nulb 2 goals 1 assist 17 minutes played nulb Should Arsenal sign Coutinho?
Nulb Joshua Kimmich: "You have to consider that we just beat Barcelona 8-2. It's hard to comprehend." Reaction to.
Myself and my family symphatize With the Barcelona community... Take heart and do not consider suicide as an option we know its hard to bear. Liverpool Cares.
More embarrassment. More shame. More disappointment. More disaster. Its Barcelona collapsing in the Champions League AGAIN. What an absolute horror show in Lisbon. A DISGRACE.
Barcelona fans wont be eating anything today because they already 8-2 much.
"He's still in Barcelona..." ***nulb Pep Guardiola says Sergio Aguero has yet to return to training after a knee injury as Manchester City prepare to face Lyon in the UCL quarter-finals.
What a stat. Luis Suarez completed 24 passes today; 9 were from kick-offs.
FC Barcelona need a president who can inspire needed enthusiasm and optimism, backed by quality board and clear realistic strategy. was as if he were watching the captain of a sinking ship scrambling about the deck and was still expecting him to tap dance. Muller didnt expect Messi to dance: he expected him to die. My god, this new one from Okwonga on the.

Barcelona Coach and his players right now.
Barcelona has never conceded 8 goals against Bayern.
Atletico Madrid lost to RB Leipzig Barcelona got humiliated by Bayern LaLiga fans.
Fuck Barca Fuck semedo Fuck Vidal Fuck pique Fuck Suarez x2 Fuck Abidal Fuck Bartomeu Fuck Setien Fuck the entire Barcelona club E no go better for una.
What Bayern did to Barcelona is What akaworldwide did to Cassper nyovest on Composure [?].
Real Madrid won 3 Champions Leagues trophies in a row. Barcelona had 3 Champions League humiliations in a row - Rome, Anfield, & now Lisbon. Difference.
Barcelona 2-8 Bayern Munich Enjoy the demolition.
They say Messi never left Barcelona to take on a challenge. Come on, Messi faces a challenge every single week playing for this shambles of a football club.
The biggest aggregate win in a Champions League quarter-final history was Real Madrid 8-2 APOEL. Bayern just equalled it against Barcelona in a single tie.
There is no need to reel through that long list the dreadful recruitment, the total absence of planning, the boardroom infighting, the negligent squandering of a legacy but, in the space of 90 minutes on Friday, Bayern Munich laid it all bare.

Barcelona will sack Quique Setien after tonights 8-2 defeat to Bayern, reports.
Philippe Coutinho. Against Barcelona. SEVEN-TWO.
"Comedy nights in Europe ft FC barcelona " Season 5 aired today. Do share your reviews. The last four were a hige success. Do tell us about this one.
Since 2013, no player has scored more goals for FC Barcelona than Suarez in UCL beyond round of 16. The second topscorer is Neymar who left the club in 2017.
Eeeii why, he be Barcelona fan??
Our performance against Bayern Munich does not look so bad now. Bayern Munich have beaten Barcelona 8-2!!! Incredible team who for me are my favourites to win this seasons Champions League.
Yes I may have been in agony for six and a half hours, yes I may have thrown up due to pain, yes I got moaned at by customers. But at least I got to see Barcelona get absolutely spanked 8-2.
I cant believe that Barcelona agreed to send Philippe Coutinho on loan to Bayern last summer because he wasnt good enough for them just for him to register an assist as well as grab a brace against them in the same season to make it 8-2. Pure violation of the highest order.

FT: Barcelona 2-8 Bayern Munich [?]nulb GOALS: Alaba 6', Luis Suarez 56' [?]nulb GOALS: Muller 3', 30', Perisic 20', Gnabry 26', Kimmich 62', Lewandowski 81', Coutinho 84', 88' Semi-finals of the Champions League will not feature either Messi or Ronaldo for the first time since 2006!

Some well known football figures reactions to Bayern trashing Barcelona 8-2.

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That aged well.

This one too like to dey talk nonsense nobe him first time.

And then FCBayernUS were like.

No bacot before the game ya kan wkwk.

Ni weh aku cakap hahahahaha jinxed sial.

He never learns. He said something like donating his liver last year if Liverpool qualified and beat them, and we did beat them. And now this, I mean hasnt he heard of the saying, once bitten twice shy. Well, we all know who is laughing now so well done Vidal.

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