Tuesday 20th of April 2021

Barnaby, Can You Come into The Studio? Sorry, I'm Staying in The Car.

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Scott Morrison isnt listening to climate scientists about emissions reduction or the need for ambitious 2030 targets. Hes listening to Barnaby Joyce. If that doesnt terrify you, it should.
Barnaby Ecstatic To Learn That Parliament House Now Has Taco Tuesday With Free Milkshakes.
When we found out about Barnaby's love for Aldi and our leaflets, we couldn't wait to send him his own personalised copy. Due to Barnaby having additional needs, he takes comfort in having his stack of leaflets next to him everywhere he goes! He is truly.

I think Barnaby should be tracked down in his car and be breathalised before he drives away.
Tim Duddy is a most impressive speaker; just saw him on ABCNews. Mr Duddy; please please PLEASE stand against Barnaby Joyce in the next federal election...
Also not to repeat myself but i love kotetsu and barnaby so much theyre just made for each other, two halfs of a braincell, sun and moon, yin and yang, made for each other, soulmates.
I actually think it is insulting to have such an intelligent, well informed (and courteous) MP as Stephen Jones on with a buffoon like Barnaby Joyce. Surely Patricia has a mute button she can use.
Grump, happy hour doesn't start until 5pm, then drunk.
LISTEN: This week on RenegadeRadio: - We talk with Brian Robson, the man behind 'The Crate Escape' from Australia - We celebrate the Stoner holiday of 4/20 - Gary Johnston (Gjp3003) gives us the lowdown on Barnaby Joyce's latest shenanigans ]FREE].

Yeah. Sock it to him.
I do hope that Barnaby_Joyce is not in charge of the motor car.
I wonder has anybody told ScottMorrisonMP about the $80M Barnaby_Joyce paid to AngusTaylorMP into an offshore a/c for non existent water? Seems like a slightly bigger deal at over 4000 times larger amount of money involved & no return. I wonder do we need a Fed ICAC***.

Dear PatsKarvelas, Loudmouth Barnaby_Joyce is an irrelevant has-been, a backbencher. He's a self-serving fossil fuels industry lobbyist. But his obnoxious behaviour, rptedly shouting over both you & StephenJonesMP today, should see him banned from AfternoonBriefing.

Is Barnaby a drunk fukwit? afternoonbriefing. Yes or no?
Think he has been drinking. How disgusting is he, interrupting and over talking host and other guest.
This government is not right. Refuting science, aligned with political donators and Twiggy coming at policy. The whole milkshake, mine twerking, AFL is appealing to the basic blokes.
Christ, Barnaby Joyce bought $80 million of non existent water from Angus Taylor, Morrison never said a word about that as I recall.
OMG!!! What a naughty boy but if that had been BamBam or Barnaby they wouldnt be miaowing they would be paw and whiskers deep in the biscuits!!
If I wanted Barnaby Joyce talking to me about sex in a car I would just go for a drive with Barnaby Joyce.
Yes, take it from me as an ex drunk fuckwit, Barnaby Joyce is a drunk fuckwit!
The problem is he should just not be invited on. Its always a shit-show, even though PK does try to keep him in line, its impossible. Hes an irrelevant imbecile, but he thinks hes smart and important.
Didn't the Taxpayer fork out tens of thousands of dolaars to Barnaby_Joyce to buy video & broadcasting equipment so he could work whilst he is remote? What we get is an iphone mounted on his dashboard.

Yeah, he says we're going to launch koalas at the Chinese using enormous catapults That'll learn 'em.
Grump or drunk? Barnaby doesn't know what time of day it is. Later tries to take over the interview & start a debate on nuclear energy.
I only watch interviews with Barnaby_Joyce for one reason & one reason only. There is a more than 50/50 chance that his beetroot coloured, alcohol bloated fat head will finally pop. I'm not going to miss out on that opportunity.

Barnaby always looks like he's been sleeping in his car.
Everyone has that drunk annoying fucknuckle who thinks he knows everything and never shuts the fuck up. Just like Barnaby Joyce am I right?
In Feb, we discovered former PM Tony Abbott, former Foreign Minister Julie Bishop, Deputy PM Michael McCormack, Operation Sovereign Borders Co-designer Senator Jim Molan & former Nationals leader Barnaby Joyce wrote to the former Immig Minister about our family 2 yrs ago.

..and today's LNPArse .Barnaby Joyce. (burp).
And Canavan desperate to slow action on emission reductions. Nuclear!
Says it all doesnt it?? He was a waste of everyones space & time but he certainly managed to feather his $$ nest well for FA work in this instance. Seems hes at it again with his useless bs & spineless waffle...

Barnaby shouting (sober in a car?) Over Stephen Jones on PatsKarvelas ABCTV. Idiot.
The holy war against the ABC. Shocking stuff, indeed. But no doubt Michael Kroger, Paul Murray, Pauline Hanson, Graham Richardson and Barnaby Joyce will all apologise for their stupid mistake this week.

Today's AfternoonBriefing with PatsKarvelas includes insightful discussions with Dr Karen Price (brookmanknight), WarwickMcKibbin & AlisaPedrana. And loudmouth Barnaby_Joyce rptedly shouting over the host and Labor's StephenJonesMP.

Has to be a record for Barnaby_Joyce, for he has become unhinged within seconds of PatsKarvelasasking about zero emissions Angry, rude, claiming fossil fuels will be the only way to beat China in a war.

You achieved legend status on that stream. I might have to abandon the Frog cult and worship at the altar of Barnaby! MOAR vanCoke.
Barnaby Joyce: "The American guy, his name starts with F?" Pat Karvelas: "Fauci?" "Barnaby: "Yep.".
Haha. I think StephenJonesMP googled that while Barnaby_Joyce was ranting.
Hi Becky - thank you, this sounds great. Would you mind sharing the booklet so I have an idea of what you included? We are thinking of using 'The Terrible Thing That Happened to Barnaby Brocket'.
He loves coal, so enjoys stoking the fires.
On the evidence, Barnaby has a heroic drinking habit & a mind like a madhouse.
Some of our politicians are so trashy!
Barnaby on the ABC absolutely losing his shit in his car about coal. wild scenes.
Close, but nothing will beat "That's not how you haggle" for Barnaby's water purchase.
Id rather get nothing from him.
Barnaby got out of bed from the wrong side at the very least today.
Does Dave Sharma, Tim Wilson & Barnaby Joyce's insider trading pass the pub test KatieAllenMP?
Me too, Barnaby_Joyce, me too.
For those interested to read the reports issued sms by Barnaby Joyce when he was the drought envoy at a cost of $600k, here they are.
Depends how you read that statement, just more Polispeak.
I assume you pay some tax. Does it ever occur to you that we all benefit from the tax take in benefits and services? Would you prefer your taxes not help those less well off? Thanks for the point about the economics of Jobkeeper.

Barnaby Joyce at his most ignorant on PatsKarvelas ! what a disgrace - good call by StephenJonesMP telling him to "put down his beer". just a rude, ignorant pig !
FACT CHECK of Barnaby on afternoonbriefing StephenJonesMP was correct. Iron ore is Australia's largest export. Apparently coal/fossil fuel is declining.
Barnaby wasn't even correct in his repeated assertion. No surprise there.
Demonstrating what a waste of taxpayers money is Barnaby Joyce.
But good effort by Patskarvelas to control rude BJ. He is such a waste of tax payers money.
Same way dutton, an ex QLD cop, is now worth 300m Scams, rorts, kickbacks in envelopes Remember when Peter Garret got that 10k plus as a "donation" He handed it in but many dont barnaby joyce paid 80m to a company angus taylor is linked to 10x the value for airport land.

A new guest list would be good, cant help but think LNP leaning guests are part of PKs job description on the SkyBC.
Has he ever helped?
Rude, ignorant prick! PK should have turned him off!
Barnaby Rubble.
Dan Tehan on inappropriate use of government resources for $20K of watches at Oz Post. So the $675K we spent on Barnaby reporting on the drought a text that will probably never be released was fine then?

Remember that one time when Barnaby Joyce thought he was Super Man & Matt Canavan thought he was Robin and they jumped off the roof together to challenge Michael "The Joker" McCormack and fell flat on their faces. And we all laughed and laughed.

Oh is that a new political target to direct angst towards. Seems anyone in prominent position disagreeing is fair game. Sad reflection on the spirit of a man who possibly should know better.
It works unfortunately? My shit stink town is industrial with "the many quiet Australians".

What You Really Think

He only converses by sms.

How did they make him m o r e red?

My gawd he talks absolute shit. Have another beer Barnaby, ya old drunk.

You could see Barnaby was in a foul mood before he even started speaking. He is carrying on like a drunkard at pub closing time.

Tveeder can't keep up.

Nice job, Barny. You've gone from notable crank 'fArMeR' talking at the sky to "generic white conservative male making angry videos in his car". Way to distinguish yourself.

Why is he so angry?

Very shouty but he doesn't have much time for waffle.

This interview is such a hot mess and the car is the least of it.

How australia voted for this just is incredible.

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