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Wednesday 29th of July 2020

MSNBC Was Finally Forced to Show The Mob Riots Footage at The BARR Hearing.

(THREAD) Barr's opening statement to Congress has just been publishedand we've learned more from it than expected, in part because Barr is so carefully dissembling he ends up revealing more than he intends. I analyze his words in this thread. I hope you'll read on and retweet.

Tomorrow, AG Barr will testify before Nadler on Hill. The media and other Resistance members *loathe* Barr for pointing out that the Russia collusion hoax they perpetrated, which decisively blew up in their faces one year ago, was wrong. Expect them to rant against him tomorrow.

Michael Cohen was Donald Trump's fixer, until he got caught, pleaded guilty, and went to prison. Now Bill Barr has taken the job. My latest.
Barr just attacked Bidens campaign. That was disgusting.
YES. Rep. McClintock asks if people who ran the Russia collusion hoax will ever be held accountable, given all the destruction they caused the Republic. Barr says ... it's up to Durham.
News: Jerry Nadler was in car accident today, will postpone Barr hearing after all the Kings Horses & all the Kings Men try to put ol Jerry Nads Nadler back together again.
Has anyone also noticed how the Democrats keep saying to Barr Youre wasting my time or This is my time? Since when has this hearing been about you, you heartless Democrats?
Barr: "I dont follow the President's tweets." Also Barr: "Trump's tweets are making it harder to do my job.".
The demonization of the police is not only unfair and inconsistent with the principle that all people should be treated as individuals, but gravely injurious to our inner-city communities. -AG Barr.
My God... already screaming, ranting, and lying.. Why does jim jordan hate America and what Russians to control America? If even Bill Barr is thinking, "why is he spewing this BS, doesn't he know it's lies we made up?".

Hakeem Jeffries is bodying Barr.
When God sat down and designed the worst human he could think of, he created Bill Barr. He has the perfect combination of arrogance, condescension, dishonesty, faux intellectualism and lack of respect for anyone who does not look like him, think like him or play at his club.

Barr to RepSwalwell: "No, I'm not familiar" with Trump's infamous tweet on Roger Stone (tweet provides evidence of Trump's obstruction of justice). The tweet is IN THE MUELLER REPO! DOJ focused on it, redacted it, later unredacted it. (hat tip: emptywheel).

Liar pig treacherous treasonous criminal atrupar: Bill Barr defends Trump commuting sentence of Stone by suggesting he was merely guilty of an esoteric made-up crime, not a meat and potatoes crime.
Barr should have said, I don't give a shit about the construction, now can I please get back to my second breakfast?
AG Barr just did a handshake with someone on Capitol Hill, wiped his face, drank coffee, and water. Didn't sanitize his hands.
Barr is losing his temper. Democrats need to keep pushing. Hes cornered.
Jim Jordan's opening statement is a long stream of misleading statements and outright falsehoods, sprinkled with hyperbole and opinion, streaming from his mouth at the speed of light. Barr will speak more slowly, but if the past is any guide, he will be just as misleading.

Swalwell: Are you investigating Donald Trump for commuting the sentence of Roger Stone? Barr: No Swalwell: Why not? Barr: Why should I Swalwell: Well lets talk about that.
Barr is outright lying about the use of federal forces in Portland. He said the forces are in a defensive mode around the courthouse and are fending off attacks, when footage confirms the forces have cleared the streets and attacked peaceful protestors.

Why isn't Barr getting 5 minutes in between to answer questions?
37/ Barr saves his worst for last. In fact, his comments about the ongoing protests are so offensive I want to start my brief discussion of them by posting the excerpt from Proof of Corruption on the BlackLivesMatter protests that Macmillan has published.

What is the point of asking questions if you are going to shout "I'm Reclaiming my time" every time AG Barr starts to speak?
U.S. House Judiciary Chairman Nadler in accident, Barr hearing delayed: CNN.
Barr just testified he does not read the presidents tweet. His phone should be examined to see if he just lied.
Bill Barrs testimony today shows us hes only here to protect the president and his reelection. Thats it.
Raise your hand if you agree Bill Barr has to be arrested immediately.
.RepHankJohnson has effectively established a timeline that shows Barr did Trump's bidding on the Roger Stone sentencing & declined to let Barr bully him. Well done.
Democrat Rep. Jeffries asks AG Bill Barr a question and then Jeffries answers the question he asked Barr. This is a total sh*t show.
He is glued to the tv right now, Im sure. After all, its his lapdog testifying up there. I wonder if Barr will get a Scooby Snack for a job well done? Ugh I loathe them both so much!
Bill Barr hasnt lifted a finger as Attorney General to protect voting rights in America. He has no business speaking John Lewiss name.
Is showing many facial ticks and looks like he might cry. Typical bully, tough guy when hiding behind the DOJ apparatus, but can't justify his crimey actions.
Barr needs to just tell EM FK yall and walk the FK out!! They just talkin to hear themselves talk and wont let the man speak or answer their FKN BS!!!
Isn't it interesting that Democrats always "reclaim their time" as soon as Bill Barr starts to refute their baseless lies?
Every time Barr lies today they should pepper spray him.
Today, Attorney General Barr told HouseJudiciary that he doesn't read the president's tweets. This is either one of two things: a lie or gross negligence. Which is it, TheJusticeDept?
Barr refuses to answer whether the president can move the election date.
Barr probably wishes he were throwing out the first pitch at a Marlins game right now.
In fact, Barr has said that Trumps tweets make his job difficult/impossible! He reads Trumps tweets. So. Barr. Just. Lied.
Rep. Eric Swalwell: "Are you investigating Donald Trump for commuting the prison sentence of his longtime friend and political advisor Roger Stone?" William Barr: "No." Swalwell: "Why not?" Barr: "Why should I?".

He really let the mask slip there. Its regurgitated Fox propaganda all the way down with Barr.
(Pls rt!) What is the purpose of Federal agents sent to Portland & other cities by realDonaldTrump & Billyboy Barr?
Re-upping this column about William Barr by JamesCLohman1.
Well we're nearly an hour in, and this is first time a Rep has basically called AG Barr racist.
How worried are Democrats that Barr will destroy their flimsy allegations of "politicized" justice? They won't even let him speak. Every time the AG does get in a word in, he exposes their silliness. Hint to Rs: Move off your own talking points, and let him talk.

Barr does not have to say another thing. This was perfect.
Democrat Congress Member: Mr. Barr, are you a racist Nazi who guns down children in the street? Barr: Hey that's not.. Dem: I RECLAIM MY TIME!
According to Barr, throwing someone in a van, driving them away, and searching them doesn't necessarily qualify as an arrest.
I hope Swalwell doesnt cut one while he interrogates Barr.
William Barr refuses to answer Chairman Nadler's question about whether he has deployed federal forces as part of Donald Trump's re-election effort.
Good job, Chair Nadler, "Shame on you, Mr. Barr." 44/.
AG Barr said when the federal officers are picking up the rioters off the streets away from the crowds, it's because they are tracking the people committing crimes and approaching them where there is less risk of mob violence.

Legit question: How many times have Democrats said "reclaiming my time" to prevent Barr from answering their own questions?
AG Barr: "What makes me concerned for the country is, the first time in my memory, the leaders of one of our great two political parties, the Democratic party, are not coming out and condemning mob violence and the attack on federal courts." He is absolutely right.

Nadler to Barr: In your department, you have aided and abetted the worst failings of this president. Nadler then launched into a list of these failings.
Live:House Judiciary Committee hearing of Attorney General Bill.
Really great job by RepSwalwell, drawing the key admission from Barr: the only sentencing he has intervened in is for Roger Stone.
Idea: AG Barr should do an open town hall with members of the public. Only condition is they have to ask an actual question. 1-2 hours. Boom. Everyone would learn a lot, and Nadler can watch with Biden in the basement.

I like David Cicilline ( D-RI). I think he will get under Barr's skin also.
Barr uses a tone of deep disrespect & repeated interruption of former prosecutor tedlieu, who knows his stuff & is asking about well-established legal standards & whether arrests of protestors were warranted, to try & cut him off. Lieu isn't standing for any of it.

Bill Barr the Semantics Czar.
Barr: Can I ask for a brief recess? Translation: I'm about to strangle a motherfucker!!!
The man being beaten by Bill Barrs Thugs For Hire in Portland is wearing an official US Naval Academy sweatshirt. You get one with your basic essentials clothing and uniforms. He stands tall and does not flinch. That is a badass and a hero. Navy Strong.

Nadler: "You must wear a mask unless you are speaking..." Barr.
AG Barr: "What makes me concerned for the country is, the first time in my memory, that the leaders of one of our great two political parties, the Democratic party, are not coming out and condemning mob violence and the attack on federal courts.".

How can Bill Barr say Trump's tweets make his job harder when he now says he doesn't read them?
Demagogue Jim Jordan just said weve filed articles of impeachment against Attorney General Bill Barr. We have?!? News to me. What a blowhard.
Bill Barr is proving himself to be the rare indispensable man for this moment.
Wow a congressman just called Barr systemically racist and told him to keep john lewis name out of DOJs mouth because barr didn't bring any black people on his staff lol.
Barr has to feel like something of a bad-ass that the only way Democrats think they have even a hope of surviving this "hearing" is to prohibit him from uttering a single word.
Jim Jordan Exposes Jerry Nadler During AG Barr Hearing.
'I'm telling my story': Barr shoots back at Democrats interrupting his testimony.
Richmond asks Barr if trump can move the election date. He failed to answer. He then asks if this election will be rigged and he says no. Barr then says mail in voting can lead to massive fraud. Richmond then asks if Barr has voted by mail and he said yes.

Isn't it peculiar how many facts Bill Barr can instantly recall about a case like the Portland federal kidnapping, but he draws a blank on trump's tweets and words and actions?
That sleaze! His words are worthless! Any Dem who believes that load of BS is a fool. And Barr, always hedging what he says so hes not giving a straight answer. Despicable liar!
So as he insists he is applying the law fairly, remember that as Attorney General, Barr has told the nation he believes conservative Christians are fighting a war for survival of their way of life against those militant secularists and that vast array of allies.

More than any other Attorney General in history, AG Barr has abused his power and weaponized his office for political purposes. Today, he appears before the House Judiciary Committee. I, and the American public, expect answers. Read my opening statement.

Attorney General William Barr clashes with Democrats over policing and Roger Stone's sentencing, saying "I'm telling my story that's what I'm here to do".
"GET HIM!" AG Barr perjured himself in front of Congress or so says stinky butt. would love see how stinky butt will prove that the AG committed perjury.
WHY did DEms bother to have AG Barr there in person They could simply put a cardboard figure of Barr at that desk and all take turns yelling at him, making outrageous and FRAUDULENT statements.
That was an extremely impressive set of question to Bill Barr by RepSwalwell. Worth the entire hearing, actually.
HAPPENING NOW: Asked about the security and dependability of mail-in ballots, AG Barr to the House Judiciary Committee: "I have no reason to believe the 2020 election will be rigged.".
If there is a God, RepSwalwell or RepHankJohnson will follow up on this when Barrs testimony resumes today.
Despite what Bill Barr says, there is nothing "superb" about Trump's coronavirus response. When pressed by RepJeffries, Barr tries to falsely blame President Obama and pretend Trump didn't say what we all heard him say.

Swalwell on numerous occasions refused to allow Barr to answer his claims trying to paint a false narrative.
AG Bill Barr is destroying the Democrats today. I dont know what they were thinking bringing him in but this has been glorious. Totally backfired on them.
My thought exactly. Barr brings up the fires, looting and vandalism but he does not say if he has proof of who did it. Many videos and pictures I saw showed WHITE people doing this, not BLM.
QUESTION: Mr. Barr, you've no difficulty determining when something is a movement. You said antifa is a "movement." And you don't hesitate to connect a "movement" to "domestic terrorism." Is QAnon, which Mike Flynn has sworn himself to, a movement connected to domestic terrorism?

Barr claims falsely that problems with coronavirus testing and the supply of personal protective equipment for health care workers was the result of mistakes by the Obama administration.

What You Really Think

Mostly peaceful.

Why the liberal Media dances around the truth is disgusting.

Mother effing agent poso. We need you!

Wonder how much of this hasnt been viewed by most...great example of how the justice system is restrained by BUREACRACY.

Are the politicians that gave the order to cops to stand down and let these riots get on going to jail? Anybody being accountable? what the fuck? Portland Mayor must go to jail! If he directed the cops to stand down!

Brilliant. And FOX didnt cut away this time!

Disgusting! How does any human in their right mind sit and watch this and think that this is peaceful?? I call it Domestic Terrorism! Any Mayor or Government official should go to jail with them!!


The only one I would have answer to was God..

How messed up are these azzhats! What is scary, there are people who will believe them. Cuckoos nest!!

How deluded and messed up can you be to call this a peaceful protest? More like you are to scared to speak up against the mob through fear of being cancelled. Sad and pathetic.

- that was genius!

ROFL now the Democrats cant say peaceful protest!

Now this is a big positive for us that liberal media had to show the riots.

You see, everyone is standing around this lovely bonfire, shmores are being passed out and people are singing.

Peaceful protecting my ass . There fucking thugs.

1/2Thanks media! The MS in MSNBC stands for Microsoft. Dont worry everyone! Bill Gates vax will calm the whole situation down. All humans will BE UNDER CONTROL of the elite families who know what is best for all of us. The chip in the vax will be connected 2your bank account so.

Thank u for posting. I tried to go about my day but had to peek at Twitter n see what was up. That is a damning vid to prove our point to the dem deniers.

About time. I gotta stop paying attention to all this it be pissing me off.

There you go cnn and msnbc. You are.

YES But, CNN chose to cut away from the video clips of recent "peaceful" protesters rioting, setting fires, destroying property, and assaulting cops and innocent by standers. CNN is not a ligament news source. Face the facts.

Independent investigation going on for the unmasking crimes!!! AG Barr admits separate investigation from Durham investigation! Biden and the 40 plus others who unmasked illegally will be outed before the election and the huge red wave will follow. Wow!