Tuesday 10th of November 2020

Bill Barr is Here. Leaving The Capitol After a Meeting w.

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In response to Barr's memo, the top DOJ official overseeing voter fraud investigations quit. w/.
Attorney General William Barr has authorized federal prosecutors to pursue substantial allegations of voting irregularities before the 2020 presidential election is certified. (Per AP).
REPO Nevada GOP Sends CRIMINAL REFERRAL To AG Barr Alleging Thousands Of Cases Of Voter Fraud...
" AG Barr did authorize the US Atty's to investigate. Perdue and Loeffler did call on the GA SoS to resign. A computer error in Michigan did end up flipping a race from Dem to GOP. And the Michigan legislature is holding emergency hearings. ".

Whoever ends up being Joe Biden's Attorney General, I'd love to see them investigate/prosecute Bill Barr.
They're definitely still scared of Barr, especially after Pilger stepped down today.
Not particularly. If they listened to Barr, they were likely already a problem, otherwise they got a heads up to fight whatever ugliness he's up to. Most police chiefs are not going to risk their own jobs to keep Trump in office because they depend on locally paid salaries.

AG Barr has authorized federal prosecutors to pursue substantial allegations of voting irregularities before the 2020 presidential election is certified.
But also Barr: investigations may be conducted if there are clear & apparently-credible allegations of irregularities that, if true, could potentially impact the outcome of a federal election in an individual State. There arent any. DOJ lawyers remain true to your oaths.

Who will be the first Senator to call for an Inspector General investigation over the AG Barr memo that just prompted the head of the Election Crimes Branch at DOJ to step down?
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Biden is ahead of Trump by 45,000 in Pennsylvania. In 2000, the gap between Bush and Gore in Florida was 537. There is NO scenario by which this result gets overturned. Don't overreact to Barr's empty memo. Stay confident. Be patient. Keep calm. He is leaving.

Attorney General Bill Barr is a corrupt Trump henchman who should have been impeached months ago. If he cared one shred about our democracy, hed be focused on the peaceful transition of power instead of doing the bidding of a wannabe dictator.

NEW: Richard Pilger, the official who oversees election crimes has stepped down over Barr's memo: Having familiarized myself with the new policy and its ramifications I must regretfully resign from my role as Director of the Election Crimes Branch.

NEWS: DOJ's election crimes chief resigns after Barr directs prosecutors to probe voter fraud claims.
Barrs memo prompted TheJusticeDept official who oversees investigations of voter fraud to resign in hours Barrs authorization ignored policies intended to keep TheJusticeDept from affecting the outcome of an election. An abuse of power to keep power.

DOJ's election crimes chief resigns after Barr directs prosecutors to probe voter fraud claims.
Bill Barr is a corrupt coronaservative treason zombie who should be in prison, rather than sending people to prison. Who agrees?
I for one would welcome a serious substantive press conference tomorrow from JoeBidens legal team (at a suitable location) eviscerating, and explaining to the public, Trumps campaign of frivolous lawsuits against democracy, and addressing Bill Barrs latest maneuvers.

DOJ folks will appreciate the significance of Richard Pilgars resignation as head of election crimes - he invoked Mr. Keeney, whose integrity is legendary at DOJ & said, that Barrs sea change in policy toward investigating election crimes compelled him to step down.

Someone convince Nancy Pelosi to begin impeachment proceedings against Barr!! He has continued to obstruct justice, misused prison guards & DHS agents as militias against peaceful protesters and committed various other illegal acts on behalf of Trumpolini. He must be punished.

When Trump could not get the Mueller result he wanted he had Bill Barr create one and bury the facts. When Trump could not get Mexico to pay for the wall he stole the money from the Pentagon and started construction. What will Trump do now to get the election result he wants?

The head of the Justice Dept.'s election crimes branch has resigned over Attorney General Barr's memo authorizing prosecutors to investigate allegations of voting irregularities which are baseless. There has been no evidence of voting irregularities.

ITS ALL JUST ANOTHER GODDAMNED TRUMP $ SCAM! Yes, hed steal the election if he could. But he cant. Barr is a putz worthy of the Fantasy Island Sex Shop, and the "Re-count" and voter fraud money will go to TRUMP! Olbermann Vs. Trump: 2:00 drill below.

Barr's newly professed concern about the integrity of our elections - in spite of no credible allegations of material fraud - is in stark contrast to his deliberate undermining of the Special Counsel investigation into proven Russian interference in the 2016 election.

Bill Barr is a institutionalist.
Shocking yet unsurprising. There is no evidence of voting irregularities. Also, Barr, be careful what you ask for. Someone might look into how republicans senators in Kentucky, Maine, and South Carolina won their elections.

A top election crimes official resigns after Attorney General Barr tells federal prosecutors to probe unsupported allegations of voting irregularities.
Pilger is staying at DOJ but his resignation from election crimes and the memo are a testament to how grossly politicized and partisan the Barr DOJ is, in service of Trump. It is a total travesty.
Wed better hear every fucking elected Democrat in the country jumping up and down screaming about this tomorrow. Theyd better show at least a fraction of the courage Richard Pilger showed today. Barrs Justice Department is going to attack the integrity of this election.

NYT: DOJ official steps down over Barr's voter fraud investigation memo.
Barr OKs investigations of voting irregularities despite lack of evidence of massive fraud.
Director of the Election Crimes Branch at the U.S. Dept. of Justice resigns hours after AG Barr issued a memo for federal prosecutors to investigate allegations of voting irregularities before the results of the presidential race are certified.

Barr wanted to greenlight federal prosecutors to take overt steps in election cases weeks ago, before the election. Political leadership in the Criminal Division pushed back, and thought they had won. Then Barr issued his memo Monday, blindsiding them.

It is long past time to impeach Attorney General Barr. He is an utterly compromised, corrupt, Trumpian prostitute.
For those keeping score, weve now seen 7 veteran career prosecutors resign from 4 different high-profile cases (Stone, Flynn, Durham, now this) to protest Barrs political weaponization of DOJ.
Someone tell Barr no one committed more election fraud than Donald Trump.
Instead of this bogus hunt by Bill Barr for substantial allegation of voter fraud. There is 666 migrant kids still separated by Trump, Barr can use whatever time he has to unite them...
Even Bill "Teargas" Barr can't stop the truth. It's over.
How dangerous to the rule of law is the new Barr memo? Mr. Barrs authorization prompted the Justice Department official who oversees investigations of voter fraud, Richard Pilger, to step down from the post within hours.

READ: 39 GOP House Members Send Letter To Barr: Investigate Voter Fraud.
The coup is in full swing. Only hrs after Bill Barr acquiesced to authoritarian despot Trump, granting prosecutors the authority to investigate NON-EXISTENT voter fraud claims Justice Dept official who oversees investigations of voter fraud, Richard Pilger resigned.

U.S. Attorney General Bill Barr authorizes election probes despite little evidence of fraud CBC News.
Oh, my Bill Barr has emerged from his hidey hole to cause more damage to our country.
Today: 2:30pm: Bill Barr meets with senatemajldr. 3:23pm: senatemajldr defends Trump in Senate speech. 7pm: Barr authorizes DOJ to investigate election fraud. 8pm: Obama lackey Richard Pilger resigns from DOJ election crimes job. Maybe the GOP decided to fight.

Barr urges probes of vote irregularities as Trump mounts legal assault.
A top election crimes official resigns after Attorney General William Barr tells federal prosecutors to probe unsupported allegations of voting irregularities.
Sessions will save Trump. Huber will save Trump. Barr will save Trump. Durham will save Trump.
Raise your hand if you agree that President Biden should NOT pardon Bill Barr.
If it is a coup, people are going to hit the streets. Its gonna be way bigger and crazier than BLM. And Bill Barr spent like two months going around militarizing the police or whatever sneaky shit hes been doing with them. Trump built an unscalable wall. This is all bad.

READ: AG Barr memo authorizes US Attorneys to pursue substantial allegations" of voter fraud, given that voting in our current elections has now concluded, I authorize you to pursue substantial allegations of voting vote tabulation irregularities prior to.

Barr first broached a similar idea weeks before the election, but political leadership in the Justice Departments Criminal Division pushed back, according to people familiar. Those officials were blindsided when Barrs memo was released Monday.

Let's roll.
I am not sure, but until they reappear, check out this excerpt from my book, "Trump First," where I recount a conversation I heard, on speakerphone with AG Bill Barr. Want to ? Get your copy today!
In light of today's events, shouldn't we be a little nervous that Barr has been reported to have traveled recently around the country speaking with police chiefs??
Now is a great time to carefully decide which side of history one wishes to be on - Trumps fantasy world or reality! Barr seems to have chosen Trumps fantasy world!
This is also a money line from Barr memo: "... specious, speculative, fanciful or far - fetched claims should not be a basis for initiating federal inquiries." To date, all the claims are just that - Specious, Speculative, Fanciful & Far - fetched !

The "far-left mobs" had freaking dance parties all weekend... Let's not forget Barr's seeming yearning for monarchism and his eagerness to send federal brownshirts into liberal cities. Not good!
Barr authorizing federal prosecutors to investigate non-existent election fraud suggests only one thing: Trump has not yet delivered Bill Barr his much-needed pardon.
After AG Barrs blatant attempt to change decades of DOJ policy tonight, Richard Pilger, the longtime head of his own voter fraud unit, just stepped down. I met Richard fighting street crime in DC 30 years ago. He is a great prosecutor. Shame on the political leadership at DOJ.

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The return of porky pig huh.



Planning the coup.

Night of the Long Knives.

Mmmhmm TheJusticeDept Bill Barr and senatemajldr conspiring against the country again I see.

They want him out. The whole thing with the election where all Republican leaders got votes but Trump didnt was a set up from the GOP to trump. They used him all along!

Gameplay on how to steal this election.. MitchMcConnell is the greatest threat to this republic since the dreddscott decision.

HE IS ALIVE !!! Lol.

Lapdog following orders.

If Mitch and the rest of GOP legislators won, clearly the republican ballots were counted. The republicans simply voted Trump out. They voted for America.

Bar will be fired and will be disbarred.

Planning a coup.

Fuse is lit!

Our country is in so much danger. Fabricate evidence, declare the election fraudulent, we protest send the military in and declare Marshall Law. That is a fascist coup. Why do we think it cant happen here because it already is!!

Can't wait til Barr gets his due.

Look at his hands! They have that Mitch purple-blue. Does COVID do this?