Monday 11th of January 2021

Down to Two Possible Opponents. Packers Will Face Either The Rams or The Bears in The NFC Divisional Round at Lambeau Field .

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Rishi Sunak bears a lot of the blame for the Covid crisis: he encouraged the rush back to the office, launched Eat Out to Help Out and told people to live with it and live without fear. Fear, it turns out, was entirely rational.

Football Saturday: 1:05 PM: Colts at Bills 4:40 PM: Rams at Seahawks 8:15 PM: Bucs at Washington Football Sunday: 1:05 PM: Ravens at Titans 4:40 PM: Bears at Saints 8:15 PM: Browns at Steelers Football Monday: 1. Alabama vs. 3. Ohio State The best 3 day stretch of the season.

Every single one of the 12 Senators who created false hopes that this mob could stop Joe Biden from becoming President bears responsibility for this. But unconscionably, Sen. Hawley was the only one to continue to object and force votes AFTER the assault - after 4 people died.

Dont worry Money Mitch doesnt wake up til the 4th.
Dont think I ever seen a more pathetic playoff performance than the Bears today.
Hes a factor maybe in the open field but bears dont need a 5 foot running back.
The Bears have done everything they can to lose this game.
Daddy why arent the Bears allowed to use the slime cannons too?
Still another half to play in New Orleans, but its worth reminding that the Packers put 35 points on this Bears defense inside Soldier Field a week ago. Just 7 for the Saints so far today.
Tell me why, again, the Bears just have to keep a coach, who is supposed to be an offensive guru, whose offense is totally incompetent against the Packers and Saints in consecutive weeks? 0-for-8 on 3rd downs in a playoff game!?!?

Watching the Bears offense.
I hope they give Trubisky a Nickelodeon trophy after the Bears lose.
The CHIvsNO game somehow showcases both how terrible the bears are and how overrated the saints are.
Bears got that 1950's NFL films offense bro shits disgusting.
The bears look like they aint practice all week.
Because they throw to or past the first down marker. Bears throw the 4 yards shorty EVERY damn time.
The Bears when they get a gift in this game.
Philip Rivers and his kids watching the Bears/Saints game on Nickelodeon.
RIP another bears fan.
After 3: Saints 14 - Bears 3.
The way they explained the Anthony Miller ejection for kids to understand on the Nickelodeon broadcast of Saints-Bears is really cool and a perfect example of the value it has.
Me trying to convince myself to stop being a Bears fan.
Someone is always open in the Saints offense. Bears are always covered.
Can someone in the stadium let Matt Nagy and the Bears know that they don't actually get slimed with a TD? It's just a graphic. I think that might be why they're avoiding the end-zone.
I think polar bears r ugly im so sorry penguins r better.
When was the last time the bears offense scored 40 plus ?
Listen, kids needed to learn about the Chicago Bears franchise sooner or later.
C. J. Gardner-Johnson after getting another Bears wide receiver ejected from the game.
Kids watching the Bears offense on Nickelodeon vs me watching hoping they can score enough points to cover the spread.
Kids watching Bears-Saints on Nickelodeon tryna turn the channel.
The elected officials who amplified & repeated known lies about our elections served as drum corps to insurrectionists. The drum major in the House was GOPLeader Kevin McCarthy. Rep. McCarthy bears unique, elevated responsibility in all this chaos. He must resign.

The bears defense coordinator is terrible, they are running the same play stop playing fucking zone.
Bears look like they giving up. Pack it in. Lol.
Cute little bears rolling around.
My beloved Bears are letting me down.
Hall of Fame head coach Bill Cowher is going after Matt Nagy and the Bears' offense on the CBS halftime show, calling out a conservative game plan.
I'm so incredibly proud of you for this. I've said it before, but it definitely bears repeating. You're my favourite ridiculously tall heretic.
Bears have quit.
Do the Bears just hate offense or something?
Stat line that says it all... 3rd Down conversions Saints - 8/13 Bears - 0/8.
Bears' Cordarrelle Patterson slimes Nickelodeon broadcast with expletive during playoff game vs. Saints.
Saints are 8/13 on 3rd down and Bears are 0/8. Defense can't get off the field on 3rd down and the offense can't stay on the field. No team can win like that.
Please, George. Don't subject me to another year of this coaching.
Not even the vivacious colors of Nickelodeon can distract from how horrendous da bears are.
Nagy right now! Nickelodeon Young Sheldon Come on Bears Bears Drew Brees SpongeBob like ...
And I mean bears offense!
If we wanted the kids to like football why did we make them watch the bears.
From now on, Chauncey Gardner-Johnson must be mic'd up for all Saints-Bears games.
Yet another game where the Bears defense gets no help from the offense.
Nobody expected much from Bears offense, but I sure as hell expected more than 3 points deep into the 3rd Q. All the things Bill Lazor brought to this offense somehow vanished after Nagy reportedly started to get more involved in playcalling again. Offense is broken BEYOND QB.

Bears vs Saints on Nickelodeon. Who added some spongebob music!?
This game will probably be the end of the Pace-Nagy-Pagano era in Chicago.
I expect nothing less from the Bears game on Nickelodeon.
Why do the Bears make 3rd down look like they're attempting quantum physics as a 9th grader yet other teams make it look like addition by a college student?
Its the only thing to make a Bears game fun Chris!
How is Nickelodeon going to explain to kids that the Bears drafted Mitch Trubisky over Patrick Mahomes and Deshaun Watson.
So, its time to plan for the Bears offseason.
The Bears are handing out free 3rd down conversions tonight. Who wants one?
: Saints 7, Chicago 3 from SeatGeek nulb.
For the devastated Chicago Bears fans, I just mashed up the Javon Wims drop of Mitch Trubisky's beautiful pass with the late, great Ron Santo's famous call.
Hey, we gotta send this era of Bears football out on some kind of note.
Gardner-Johnson gotta be disrespecting the bears receivers they keep punching on him.
This Bears game is a perfect example of why Trubisky hurts them. 0 for 8 on third down. Only big play was the gimmick throw Wims dropped. Trubisky isn't playing *horribly* but his ceiling is so low his teammates have to play perfectly to stay in the game.

I dont see the Bears winning.
Bears have a quarter to pull off one of those performances where we say where was this team all game? Theyve done it before, but they shouldnt have to and you shouldnt expect it.
Ik the Saints and the Bears wnna get it on so bad rnthey on timing.
I can't remember a more boring, conservative offense than the 2020 Chicago Bears. No energy. No fire. No risks. Just...blah.
Brees done threw the same pass three straight times and the bears just like.
I wish I was playing for the Saints. The bears arent in the flats at all, I could get some stats and I dont even play football.
The Chargers fired Marty Schottenheimer for losing in round one of the playoffs after going 14-2. Why cant the Bears clean house after tonight?
Not into Football but the Chicago Bears really aint it huh?
Come on Bears. We want Big Dick Nick. Nickelodeon execs.
I think the hope now is that the Saints run it up so we can get a real head coach and defensive coordinator in here. I hate that i was born into Bears fandom. What a trash franchise.
The Bears will never recover.
How did the Bears even get 8 wins playing like this??
When a fight happens during the Bears and Saints game on Nickelodeon.
Exactly the reason why the Bears should resign him.
When you can't believe that Nickelodeon broadcast the F-bomb live to kids but then remember that they spent months getting these scenes ready to air.
Im rooting for the Bears tonight!!
What are we doing w/ our 3rd down Defense Bears?
That CJ Gardner-Johnson got a Bears WR ejected in each game is EMBARRASSING. Truly maddening. Thats a top-down failure. Player. Head coach. Assistant coach. All of the above.
Bears gettin carved up like a honey glazed ham.
I can make a lot of mods for Madden, but one i can't make is a mod that makes the bears competent at football.
The bears are worthless.

What You Really Think

It doesn't matter who we get we will win whoevers put in front if us.

Bring it ON either one Do!!! Let's Do This.

Good luck against the rams.


Whichever team it is, they will have their work cut out for them at the Frozen Tundra.

Any guess for the day and time?

No one can stand in the way of 12s 2nd ring man Rodgers deserves it.

NEED HELP! I can't find the Vikings game!?!? What time is it on.

We welcome either team.

If Chicago won, I wouldn't mind going 3-0 against that trash fire.

Go Pack Go!


After the day of football I watched yesterday, the Packers will beat any of those winning teams blind. Were going to the Super Bowl.

We need more.

Go Pack!

Bring it on.

Hope they play the Bears. We whooped them at the beginning, mid - season. Seems fitting to whoop them at the end too :).

Rams beat the Seahawks so you will be playing against the Rams.

Hahaha! Da Bears have no chance against the Saints. Its cute that you think they do. Alvin is looking to hunt Bears today with that shiny smile.