Sunday 6th of December 2020

There Have Been 16 Foul Throws in The Premier League This Season, Hector Bellerin Has Been Responsible For of Them... No Other Player Has Managed More Than One.

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Seriously, someone needs to show Bellerin how to take a throw-in.
Hector Bellerin has now produced five foul throws in the league this season, more than any other player in Europe's top five divisions.
There have been 16 foul throws in the Premier League this season, Hector Bellerin has been responsible for of them... No other player has managed more than one.
Auba is a bitch cant rate that, no hunger to score, cutbacks and crosses constantly coming across. Invisible man been a disgrace since 300k a week Also having Bellerin instigate every forward movement makes me burn my eyes out, got the ball less 2nd half thank god.

Im sick of this shit Same players, same mistakes, same mentality, same character, same performances 3/5 nulb We need to raise our standards ffs. Arguing about Bellerin, Xhaka, Holding, Lacazette, Willian, Ceballos etc. when none of them are good enough for this club 3/5 nulb.

There was actual Arsenal fans celebrating Ozils exclusion from the squad. Well I hope youre happy with Xhakas backwards passing and bellerins failure to grasp the concept of a thrown in.
Bellerin is so bad. Worst Rb in the league. Should end his Football career and go catwalks rest of his life.
If you don't take Auba and Bellerin out of the team you can't get the changes you want.
Bellerin just go and plant trees.
Bellerin cant cross, cant tackle, cant run, cant pass and cant take a throw but hes always starting.
Bro the match against us you will suddenly figure out how to play football again. Bellerin would be world class if he could play against Chelsea 38 times a season.
We need to have an honest discussion about Bellerin. Nice chap, loves a tree but I think its time for Arsenal to move on. Showed plenty of promise but dont think hes ever really been good enough in either box.

AFTV, the gift that keeps on giving... TOTARS Xhaka, Bellerin, Willian, Partey, Ndombele, Lo Celso.
Bellerin plays Football like a vegan, it makes sense in my head trust me he just does.
Bellerin was on zoom discussing pronouns before kick off btw.
Arteta kept Holding, Bellerin and signed Willian, Cedric. Lmaooooo.
If it was up to me Bellerin would be playing with the u-23 team. As January fwd I ship him out in the transfer window.
I dont get the abuse Bellerin is getting tho. I dont think theres any other Arsenal player that has created chances more than him in this game.
Leno - Shit. Bellerin - Shit. Xhaka - Shit. Willian - Shit. Lacazette - Shit. Aubameyang - Shit.
Arsenal must be regrets to not selling Bellerin to PSG.
Obituary: David Dinkins... Check at Follow insubcontinent also TRNDN AdoreYouDay Arsenal TOTARS Bellerin MontrealMassacre SakhirGP December6 Kane Partey Arteta.
Every time Hector Bellerin makes a foul throw from now on Im cutting down a tree.
Dont pass to Bellerin. I swear hes playing against us.
Starting Bellerin every week without fail when hes not even top 2 right backs at the club is inexcusable.
He did but Bellerin let Son run and no idea where he was Holding was left trying to cover the overlap too.
Bellerin defensivly is trash and i think Tierny needs to push to LWB and AMN move to the right and sub Bellerin for Gabriel.
Hector bellerin every game=.
Bellerin turned vegan and now struggles under the weight of a ball in his hands.
All Current Objective Prices: TOTGS Coman: PS12 Silver Stars: PS5 Serie A League Player (Deulofeu): PS12 Premier League Player (Bellerin): PS12 Serie A League Player (Deulofeu): PS12 Each Squad Foundations (Eredivisie, EFL Championship and MLS) : PS10.

Xhaka sucks. Ceballos Sucks. Bellerin gets paid to make fouls throws every game. Willian is basically a training cone. Auba doesnt care anymore. Laca has cement in his boots.
I think Arteta and Bellerin should just retire from the football world and create a fashion line together called The Rejects.
Asking Hector Bellerin how often he makes foul throws.
Bellerin coming out as gay is the only way hes staying in the Premier League.
Nah Bellerin might as well put on a Spurs shirt.
I'm dead Bellerin and Willian is the worst RW pairing to touch our club.
You all deserve this for sucking off a rookie who has never ever been good enough. Blame the players all you want but hes picking Bellerin over AMN, hes picking Xhaka over Elneny, hes picking Willian over Reiss, hes picking Lacazette over Balogun. Trust YOUR process.

But when PSG came knocking, you all was against it. Bellerin isn't good at defending. You're not an Arsenal fan if you don't know that.
Bellerin getting outpaced by Kane omg. Veganism is killing him.
Hector Bellerin has been at fault for 5 of the 16 foul throws in the PL this season.
People who still rate bellerin need there head wobbled. Absolute pathetic excuse of a player.
Besides tucking his shirt, what else is Bellerin good at????
Holding, Willian shouldn't play again. Buy a fucking winger, play pepe, buy two creative midfielders, a cb, sell lacazette, amn is better a rb than bellerin. Why is all these so hard to see for this stupid club.

Do you guys think Bellerin wishes he had said for every game we lose I will plant 3,000 trees or is he secretly happy we keep losing because he cant afford to plant trees atm.
Mikel Arteta should just remove Hector Bellerin for AMN and Xhaka for Elneny and we will be okay. We are losing anyway. Mikel Arteta use ur substitute now.
Picking Xhaka, Willian and Bellerin every game. Starting a player that wasnt near fit. Obviously hasnt been watching Tottenham play this season. Because he set up the team not realising theyre the best counter attack side in the country. I could go on.

Deffo not as bad as Bellerin bro.
Bellerin was good at 19 and declined ever since.
How can you have no tech as Spanish don. Bellerin is finished.
AWB better than Bellerin on the ball on God, at least Aaron has a shake n bake in his ISO package.
I still want to know what Bellerin and Willian do in training over AMN and .. f***it R. Nelson. AMN is head and Shoulders better than Bellerin.
Lmaooo bellerin suppose dey wear ashluxe instead of jersey.
Bellerin is playing like a one legged Alberto Moreno.
Bellerin needs to fuck off, everything about him is wrong. Hes some weak weedy fucking Spaniard who serves no purpose at Arsenal.
Bellerin keep giving these trash passes.
Bellerin should just stick to modeling.
Bellerin gone in Summer not good enough.
Ive never said Bellerin is good enough. Ive always said hes more harshly criticized than other players. From day one Ive said his defending is sub par and Id prefer AMN. We wont get AMN at RB though.
Tierney, yes. Im not sure Ive ever seen Bellerin do anything amazing, ever!
I dont think he likes bellerin.

What You Really Think

He managed to get two foul throws in one game.

Should be fired tbh.


But he dresses nice!

Awful player.

Theres been 16?!!

I think Bellerin a decent enough RB but Jesus hes made this a regular thing now. Someone needs to instruct him in training.

Just the two dullest players in Arsenal playing on same side. Willian and Bellerin.

What is foul throw?

Wallahi he is not a footballer.

Lolz at least she is leading in something.

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