Thursday 6th of October 2022

NEWS: Conor Benn Has Failed a Drugs Test Ahead of His Fight With Chris Eubank Jr on Saturday Night.

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Statement from British Boxing Board Control declaring that Chris Eubank Conor Benn PROHIBITED from taking place Saturday night after Benn tested positive clomifene.
NEWS: Conor Benn failed drugs test ahead fight with Chris Eubank Saturday night.
NEWS British Boxing Board Control said that fight between Conor Benn Chris Eubank cannot ahead after Benn failed drugs test.
Will anything nick quid. Vile them.
predicted that Eubank Benn "will million buys" this weekend. agree? Listen full interview HERE.
British Boxing Board Control said that fight between Conor Benn Chris Eubank cannot ahead after Benn failed drugs test.
Chris Eubank denied claims that Conor Benn spoke directly after testing positive clomifene: "There phone call. haven't spoken." ]MatchroomBoxing].
Kaende sana bratha, here support hustle.
Conor Benn failed drugs test ahead Saturday's fight against Chris Eubank Arena London.
Just quick thoughts emerging Conor Benn drug test situation. Might worth checking this episode did.
Eddie Hearn turning Conor Benns later.
gonna anyone want this Circus continue after this failed Drug test Benn, fucking joke Sport
Conor Benn reportedly tested positive clomifene VADA drugs test ahead fight with Chris Eubank Saturday night. Substance WADA banned list. claimed Eubank still wants fight ahead regardless. ]According MailSport].

Your same gear Benn.
failed pre-fight doping test before fight ChrisEubankJr Saturday night. Here's latest controversy.
concerned still Conor Benn arrives open workout ahead Chris Eubank fight despite British Boxing Board Control prohibiting bout.
Connor Benn making protein shake.
Conor Benn failed drug test before fight against Chris Eubank this weekend...
Conor Benn adamant clean athlete...
REAKING; Boxing board says Conor Benn Chris Eubank Jr's fight 'prohibited' after failed drug test: Conor Benn Chris Eubank Jr's fight could cancelled this weekend after British Boxing Board Control stepped said bout "prohibited".

this straight only Connor benn fighting Eubank while Eubank drained using PEDS well Smh.
Hearing Eubank Benn will going ahead belt instead.
imagine went ahead beat Benn will 200%.
Connor Benn
Boxing never ceases disappoint Failed drug test Benn
Benn kicked rankings refusing tested. isn't shock he's come back dirty with history like that.
Conor Benn: "I've signed every voluntary anti-doping testing there I've never issues before. team will find there's been initial adverse finding test. clean athlete we'll bottom this." ]MatchroomBoxing].

Chris Eubank arrived public workout Conor Benn fight: "It's shame, promoters, board, they're going sort out. ready, clean, course there's concerns, I've weight, ready go." ]MatchroomBoxing].

Jake Paul already reached Chris Eubank after fight with Conor Benn thrown into doubt.
1984. Tony Benn addresses Labour Party conference Blackpool members vote support the.
Boxing board says Conor Benn Chris Eubank Jr's fight 'prohibited' after failed drug test.
boxing fight between Connor Benn Chris Eubank been cancelled interests boxing", British Boxing Board Control announced.
Yep, remember Adam Booth alluding asking gets made public, during period time where Benn closely linked Josh Kelly happened ring longer than months...
Eddie hearn come saying conor Chris have been talking phone. Conor comes says clean I've spoke Chris believes Eubank comes says ain't spoke conor today. Ehhh. What going on.

Conor Benn adamant fight with Chris Eubank will ahead despite failed drug test.
Conor Benn World Champion!
course Conor Benn steroids.
Conor Benn that juice when beat Chris Heerden Chris Algieri..
Conor Benn when taking daily Clomifene pill.
Sooo Eubank Benn not? This messy.
LIVE: Boxing board says Conor Benn Chris Eubank Jr's fight 'prohibited' after failed drug test STREAM: NewsPlayer
Chris Eubank denied Conor Benn's claims that pair have phone call since reports Benn's failed drugs test... (Source: MatchroomBoxing).
Conor Benn Tests Positive, Fight Versus Eubank OFF.
100% spot Only ChrisLloydTV thinks today. even said Benn, today.
Chris Eubank Jr's promoter Kalle Sauerland revealed that Eubank Conor Benn spoke directly with another after Benn tested positive clomifene. Following this conversation medical advice, Eubank decided he's happy still fight. ]talkSPO].

Eubank says there contact from Benn Kalle Sauerland says there was.
cant Benn would jeopardise career especially against Eubank whos even threat like that.
Apparently Benn Eubank Saturday Title.
This weird would Benn rang him?!
Benn cant stop lying mans been found haha hope goes ahead Eubank ices him.
Bellew when asked about Conor Benn failing drugs test.
Connor Benn after swallowing handful Clomifene tablets training camp.
most intriguing boxing math weekend probably wont occur, after principals, year Conor Benn, tested positive banned substance.
Benn making protein shake.
"Assuming Conor Benn isn't trying conceive carry baby term, else might clomifene system?" favorite part article... Boxers have much time it's strange that they ever caught with PEDs... ***.

Eubank should just weigh now, chance Benn would pull out.
much point fight going ahead. Benn loses either way. he's drugs cheat. Shambles event.
UPDATE Interview with Eddie Hearn just minutes after Conor Benn showed media workouts posting short minutes!
weeks theyve known. They wanted Eubank kill himself weight then rehydration clause came into fight disadvantage. while they knew benn drugs.
Testing Connor Benn failed drug Test Supplement.
ChrisEubankJr would fuck benn fighting worth fighting dirty fighter.
EXCLUSIVE: Conor Benn FAILS drugs test before fight against Chris Eubank Jnr.
Benn disgrace. that talking about Eubank that hype just cheat. Cheating coward. ***.
fight goes ahead Benn wins, know will 100% tarnished.
Benn said spoke personally this morning. Both interviews with Darren barker Chris Lloyd workout todayEubank denies ***.
Conor Benn gonna able Erase that Dirty Fighter handle name
Boxings corrupt core anyways even anti-doping agencies. BBBOFC dont adhere VADA like that they adhere UKAD looks this Benns negative UKAD standards lol.
Benn wont have many fans after this, innocent not.
Forget Benn juicing, Eubank looks like needs good meal.
Benn-Eubank boxing match jeopardy after failed drug test.
Test cycle usualy week must been gear past. Once cheat always cheat. matter what benn does from career tainted. They should take away boxing licence he'll 6months fighting. Boxing corrupt sport.

What You Really Think

I actually hope eubank wins now.

He did it.

Ffs was looking forward too this.

Did he fail or was there a adverse finding.

Not failed! If he failed he would now be suspended! Hate the media trying to get attention. Come on Conor!!

Oh no wounded was buzzing like a second hand fridge for this fight.

OMG ChrisEubankJr go for the world title now - laow it!

Complete amateur!

Sky are absolutely loving this, aren't they?

Ban for life all sports cheats. That's the only way we can even the playing field.

So, the story is, there is no story. Happy days.

Ah yeah not a drug in sight Eddie We believe you... ***.

The show must go on.

Lol absolute joke man. 60% as well uno.

Cancel the fight, Eubank could be killed!

Announce UKAD retirement already. Have UKAD ever found anything.

Ive said it before and Ill say it againPRO boxing is a load of old shite.if it aint drugs its dodgy decisions , if its not dodgy decisions its boxers avoiding the best fighters. Seriously does anyone actually care anymore?

Make no mistakes hes cheated.

How funny is it that sky said fuck all about this fight for months but soon as there is some negative news boom news lol, they forget Whyte had the exact same situation like 3 years ago where the fight went ahead and he was cleared after like a year but nope they forget.