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Wednesday 24th of June 2020

"What Could be Worse in Hillary Clinton or Joe Biden's Philosophy Than Betraying Your Country to a Hostile Foreign Leader?" Great Question, StephenAtHome.

Is James Comey and his band of Dirty Cops going to apologize to General Michael Flynn (and many others) for what they have done to ruin his life? What about Robert Mueller and his Angry Democrat Cronies - Are they going to say, SO SORRY? And what about Obama & Biden?

Bubba Wallace isn't a victim. Shaun King isn't black. Joe Biden isn't winning. CNN isn't news. Elizabeth Warren isn't Indian. Colin Kaepernick isn't a hero. Beto O'Rourke isn't Latino. Don Lemon isn't a journalist. Greta Thunberg isn't a scientist. Meghan Markle isn't a princes.

Obama and Biden targeted GenFlynn -- despite knowing he was INNOCENT! Double impeachment?
It's quite clear Nadler's hearing today is to smear AG Barr. The Democrats know what's coming and as of today thanks to Peter Strzok's notes we know that Obama and Biden are complicit in the framing of flynn">General Flynn.

This is your daily reminder that Joe Biden claimed to "know nothing about those moves to investigate Michael Flynn" Today it was revealed he personally recommended he be investigated for Logan Act violations Biden lied. Where is the Mainstream Media on this? ?

Bill Barr ain't indicting anybody for Russiagate. And unless we win, that's not changing. Whether you like it or not we need the votes of BernieSanders supporters to win, we also need their donations and volunteer time. Unity is good, rehashing primaries is ugly & bad.

Be honest Adam!The evidence proves Flynn was setup & shows Obama was in on it & Biden suggested they use the Logan Act to go after him.
Where is Joe Biden? Who is really running for office?
So Obama & Biden were behind it all along.
Newly Released Strzok Notes Implicate Obama and Biden DIRECTLY Ordering Sham Flynn Investigation.
Trump suggests Obama, Biden, Comey should apologizes to Flynn after court orders case dismissed Just The News.
Biden is up to his eyeballs in this.
Joe Biden has a commanding, 14-point lead over President Trump in the 2020 race, a new New York Times/Siena College poll of registered voters shows. Biden has a big lead with women and nonwhite voters and has made inroads with some GOP-leaning groups.

Meme: Obama and Biden Treason Charges.
Joe Biden Think Because He Fuck With Obama He Automatically Got The Black Vote ?
Joe Biden May 14, 2020: "I was never a part or had any knowledge of any criminal investigation into Flynn while I was in office, period. Not one single time." Here's the actual video.
The only person stunningly unfit for President is Joe Biden, right AFTER Barry Obama, the LIAR.
If Joe Biden should be forced to testify before the Senate over his involvement in the Michael Flynn case!
??? JoeBiden caught red-handed setting up GenFlynn. He suggested using the Logan Act. Comey said Flynn's calls with Kislyak "appear legit." Biden & Obama tried subverting democracy/peaceful transition of power to destroy him & compromise the Trump admin!

In NY's primary, I didn't vote for Biden. (I believe in voting your ?? in primaries, even in long-over races.) But I want to tell you a story -- in a long thread, sry! - about why I'm not just voting *against* Trump but actively *for* Biden this fall. TL;DR: It's about grief. /1.

After Joe Biden wins, we are going to have a little talk about how Hillary's fatal flaw was being a woman and how all of the untalented pundits who chalked her loss up to not being progressive enough, not having the right policies, or any other excuse, were inexcusably wrong.

Joe Biden - The New York Times Hey folks, it's Joe Biden. Our new end-of-quarter deadline is one we can't miss, and I'm hoping you'll be one of the new donors we need from Florida TEAM JOE. ?
Flynn going free is a big F**k you to Obama, Biden, Comey and the rest of the disgraceful scumbags who ruined his life and career!
Biden is now leading Trump in all of the 3 states That made Trump president - Wisconsin,Pennsylvania and Michigan in recent polls.
BIDEN Biggest Idiot Democrats Ever Nominated.
Director Wray sent 15 FBI agents to investigate a fake hate crime but it took US Attorney Jensen to find FBI notes confirming that flynn">General Flynn was railroaded and President Obama and Vice President Biden were instrumental in ordering it to happen.

A glass of water KICKED TraitorTrump???? 's ASS!! And you're talking about Biden?? ???????
NEW: JoeBiden and BarackObama raise $7.6 million at Today's virtual fundraiser. This is the biggest amount of money raised by a single Biden event so far in this cycle.
I know some people want to believe that Trump's exhausting feuds, constant drama, and intemperate conduct "don't matter," and only Beltway TDS-types care. If that's what you think, this focus group of undecided PA voters should be a flapping red flag.

Nice, guaranteeing a win for Trump! Two lying pieces of shit luke you and Biden are a great match, you sucked as President and VP and your reputations preceed you.
If Hunter Biden made millions from Ukraine and $1.5 Billion from China while his dad was Vice President, how much do you think he'll get if his dad becomes President? ?
Strzok: Obama Directed Flynn Investigation, Biden Raised Logan Act.
FACT: Obama, Biden, and Pelosi continued some of Bush's worst transgressions, including drones and extrajudicial killings. FACT: These Dem leaders have worked overtime to rehabilitate Bush's image. FACT: Bush and Cheney are war criminals.

Sleepy Joe Biden has not held a press conference in 83 days. Where is he? He likely got lost and fell asleep somewhere. Help us find HidenBiden!
Well she embraced aborting all babies especially black babies. Also Biden is on video explaining to black men to wear condom because sex can still be good. Yikes. Talk about talking down to mature adults? Not racist? What is it?

Joe Biden has widened his lead over President Donald Trump in Wisconsin and narrowly leads the president in Ohio, according to a pair of polls out Wednesday from two key swing states in the Midwest.
Lmfao...CHOP got their heads chopped off.Biden,that's the blind leading the blind.
Biden Invoked 1799 'Logan Act' During Secretive Oval Office Meeting About Flynn Investigation Zero Hedge.
No amount of gas lighting will make me understand why Biden is not behind bars for interfering with foreign Government policy to cover up his Son's fraud and brag about doing same on TV.
NEW: Strzok Notes In Michael Flynn Case Make Cryptic Reference To Biden, Obama. Biden mentioned the Logan Act, the obscure law that the FBI used to justify extending the investigation of Flynn. Biden has downplayed his involvement in the Flynn case.

?????This song is called "Hiding Biden!" This song is hilarious, but he sings it with such seriousness. That just makes it wayyyy funnier!!! Amazing song Ryan! 5:5 Patriot! !!
Republicans are Democrats of 10 years ago. Trump is now attacking Joe Biden for supporting Ronald Reagan's crime prevention bill. The world is upside-fucking-down!
Kek you are an idiot. You will vote for Biden knowing that he is a racist. You are a Kool-Aid drinking sheep. Enjoy your memes because that is all you have.
MerlonMonday CriticallyPDCST SallyAlbright thecoldsoviet CharlieInUtah RealDavidAJones jenniferRG0 9ontheturn CardinalMz UsingKeep SwedJewFish spp123steve12 CaptainProton3 DennisPCuddy shuboogie DannyB1otch UnitedAsOne2020 irongirl26 ouakam4 biden_brigade Sinixstar AKristoff1 MrSparkleJoinMe LACEdaFlyFellow Factnotfiction8 austinsfsh HeatherMoAndCo AltWrtGrmmrNzi Skyjudge4NFL tecchguy Ilovelampstill1 ideuhz rangerlongshot BlueSteelDC FloridaWoman69 KHiveQueenBee Tristanshouts DevinStump1 LauraKY06 half of these are diplomacy, a third of them are targeted support of anti terrorist support, one is a nay, the rest is sht he deserves to be called out on. How many of these did the majority of democrats vote for?

Strzok notes show Obama, Biden weighed in on Flynn case even as Comey downplayed it: lawyers.

What You Really Think

She got grouped, by old man Joe .?

He never answered the question about how he could be so naive...

If only the question got answered.

Response: I wanted to give him a chance. A chance, like when you hire a 14 yr old!? Presidency is not a "training wheels" kinda job. You voted for someone whom you knew had 0 experience. How do you think that makes you look? And you are insulted by naive? Is stupid a better fit?

Vote Biden or risk 4 more years of he'll.

I actually want to know what about Joe Biden is really so displeasing to the right. What exactly is not to like?

He didn't answer. So sorry Secretary Clinton that you've had to go through all the shit over the years. You don't deserve it. ??????

He ruffled him a couple of times! Stephen was on the attack!