Thursday 29th of April 2021

VP Harris Crosses Through The Capitol Rotunda on Her Way to Pres Bidens Joint Address.

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PSA: Wall Street lying about Bidens plan. households wont face hike. Spread word.
About this whole Biden burger brouhaha. Isnt about time that some people ketchup reality?
Republicans saying Biden's proposed capital gains increase will apply stock market gains. Rubbish. exempts 401(k) plans other types individual retirement accounts. will only apply millionaires richest 0.32 percent Americans.

President Biden made sweeping case Wednesday massive programs that would transform government's role Americans' lives, claiming very future country stake first address Congress.

bipartisan group senators presses Biden impose sanctions Myanmar junta's huge revenue. Involving joint ventures with companies like Total Chevron, most significant single source foreign exchange revenue junta.

Biden's America: Rudy Giuliani MAGA Grandma's raided FBI, Hunter Biden gets teach college course.
"Madam Speaker. Madam Vice President. president ever said those words from this podium. president ever said those words. it's about time." President Biden kicked first joint session Congress with Kamala Harris House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

Biden claims cares about creating jobs. Then cancel Keystone pipeline destroying 11,000 jobs?
RETWEET proud POTUS Biden tonight.
Trust Biden does support cause never going cross mind that need Medicare All.
Bernie prolly cause Biden's PresidentialAddress getting credit same things that Bernie kept losing elections for.
President Biden: Madame Speaker, Madame Vice President. president ever said those words from this podium...and it's about time." America, watch shards. That glass ceiling just shattered.

Bidens talking about cutting drug prices Americans. Mitch McConnell against this. When Kentucky home state highest drug prices country. Mitch sold corporate America years ago. Been senator since 53.

White supremacy terrorism, President Biden told Congress Wednesday night, pledging combat threats U.S. "wherever they come from.".
Tonight, Biden said told that China "must play global rules." Meanwhile, unilaterally imposed sanctions China that violate international law, effectively kidnapped Chinese businesswoman supposedly disobeying them.

Biden gave State Union address trend make Trump give speech, trend world wide.
They timing nicely Biden sweep Boris deep shit; Martin fucking emasculated.
Rudy truth about Hunter Biden.
"Raif Badawi still prison over series blog posts. U.S. given Saudi Arabia free pass long".
Cant take this Sen. Scott Biden divisive pitch seriously. requires have been deceased comatose past years.
Seeing Harris that chair makes really root Biden keep together.
Biden speech Congress: White supremacy terrorism. Were going ignore that either.
really enjoying Biden Administration.
Biden takes swipe over taxes. Look 2017. supposed itself generate vast economic growth. Instead added trillion deficit. huge windfall corporate America those very top.

moments which applause erupted from both sides chamber when Biden boldly pledged maintain substantial military presence Indo-Pacific counter China. Imperialism unites.

Pres Biden Trump terrorist attack: "the worst attack democracy since Civil War.".
literally could make more biden feign solidarity with tried.
normally hate State Union whatever). Dribs drabs partisan clap points that eyeroll through lines foreign policy. Biden here outlining moonshot drag American governance society into 21st century. /1.

What's with this narrative punditry just credit positively reinforce Biden, basically anoint Mount Rushmore status stuff hasn't even done yet?
Biden doesn't want bipartisan government. wants power.
Bidens decision rejoin Paris Climate Agreement could cost Americans between 400,000 million jobs.
They confident their capacity mind control that Biden again tonight used "Build Back Better" slogan written speech. They think powerless stop their globalist agenda Prove them wrong.

Here Are The Biggest Winners And Losers In Bidens Individual Tax Plan.
think meat wood stupid expensive 'Biden's' Obama America? Just wait what trucked goods will California after this. Realtors will sell refrigerator boxes millions. Because there will trucks.

Biden absolutely correct saying tonight that January worst attack democracy since Civil War.
CNNs catchphrase Bidens presidency moderate radicalism? Sounds like Democratic Socialism.
American Civil Liberties Union called Biden administration shut down detention facilities across country, including Otay Mesa Detention Center.
Biden wants trillions dollars spending raising billions taxes.
Republicans dont look happy about lowering prescription drug prices, cutting child poverty half, raising taxes corporations. Jill Biden ought some them tell them they should smile more.

Uncle lost when said Biden dividing after quietly while Tang destroyed this country four years.
Harris crosses through Capitol rotunda Pres Bidens joint address.
Thank President Biden.
You know, it's really hard to tell if this lunatic is really this unbelievably ignorant or just lying again. Anyway, Biden's climate plan doesn't say any of this, doesn't address meat or diet in any way, and this is just another stupid right wing lie. Don't be stupid.

Standing same place that breached predecessor's supporters earlier this year, President Biden will tonight that Jan. riot "worst attack democracy since Civil War.".

Bravo! President Biden that outta park. proud voted that man.
Biden's $1.8T American Families Plan? Simple: rich. Repeal Trump cuts: $500B Raise marginal rate $123B Wealth tax: $2.75T Wall transaction tax: $777B Eliminate loopholes: $119B Fund IRS: $1.75T Total: over years.

they won't investigate Hunter Biden DOJ... they will raid people that were investigating Hunter Biden... Just want make sure haven't missed anything..
Vice President Kamala Harris entered House chamber, appearing dais with Speaker Nancy Pelosi historic moment.
Biden administration expected announce proposed menthol-flavored cigarettes this week. This would prevent selling flavored blunts like Swisher Sweets, Backwoods, King Palm.

Biden promised amnesty millions illegal immigrants tonight. spoke, 22.4 million Americans work underemployed. have gone from America First America Last days.

know first choice people. aware supposed transitional leader. quietly, quickly, under-the-radar, Biden greatest Presidents ever.
Says JoeBiden apparently needs history lesson place where worked nearly years. JointAddress, Biden claimed Capitol riot most serious attack American democracy since Civil War.

Biden same speech: * "Its never been good against America." * "Trickle-down economics never worked." => single major media outlet points glaring contradiction.

have prove democracy still works, that government still works deliver people, President Biden said first nationally televised address joint session Congress.

Bravo! President Biden!Make sure recover Billions Trump eluded with!
Biden: white supremacy terrorism *increases military spending*.
senator from South Carolina gave official Republican response President Biden's first address Congress.
"America rising anew. Choosing hope over fear, truth over lies days ago, America's house fire. act" Biden.
BIDEN: think agree: Puppies delightful. REPUBLICANS: ]arms crossed, shaking heads disbelief].
Hunter Biden have office apartment raided federal investigators today. Rudy Giuliani did.
Biden: Lets what couldnt accomplish years.
Wow. Ive read through all of it, and one word not mentioned in Bidens speech at all is burgers.
Biden appointed things back normal, there "back normal" dying empire rapidly shifting global paradigm. tell hard they're having work spin this desperate, ridiculous clusterfuck normal presidency.

Rudy's Andrew Giuliani brings Hunter Biden into raid: "The only piece evidence that they take there today only piece incriminating evidence that there does belong father, belongs current president's son.".

UPDATE: Biden Raided Former Trump Attorney Victoria Toensing Same Time Giuliani.
Washington Congo's Stolen 2018 Election Stand. Defend Democracy, Biden Needs Diplomacy.
went from having worst Covid responses being global leader vaccinations under Biden Politics.
'Discovery' Internet GPS? They were always there, Biden imagines.
applause from Bernie Biden talks about importance unions.
words articulate coherent with Biden.
racists murdered Ahmaud Arbery have been charged with federal hate crimes. Welcome Biden's America.
Biden them sleep already?
Bidens raided Rudy Giulianis home attempt dirt President Trump. country.
Doing nothing option, President Biden said while looking Republicans.
"Trickle-down economics has never worked. It's time to grow the economy from the bottom and the middle out," says Biden. Exactly. Hopefully, this marks an end to Reaganomics -- one of the greatest economic failures in history.

think people understand half what Biden says.
Biden said White Supremacy Terrorism agree Racist Biden Terrorist.
Despite delayed transition, Biden better appointments than POTUS Obama. Senate however slow. More grist argument need fewer Senate confirmed positions.
make coffee please.
millions Americans found something better tonight than listen Biden outline socialist vision country, summarize speech three words you: boring, radical.

going with "Uppity Republican Pounces!" throwing some *Operation Warp Speed took place under Biden!* tweet.
BIDEN 1/10000000 that RudyGiuliani blatantly LIED world about LAPTOP. trying NAIL RUDY CHANCE
Biden idea what hell reading tonight--and everyone knows
else thinks Biden already infinitely times better here than former guy?
FACT-CHECK: Only 7% of Biden's $2.25T so-called "infrastructure" plan goes to infrastructure.
look policy What Scott said STUPID Democrat Biden that wrote racist Strike That racist still hurting black people today That racist still black families today will never forgive Biden that.

Biden calls U.S. become more competitive against 'deadly earnest' China.
Yall know speech impediment right? Dislike Biden want dont make disability.
Despite being "told not to," members of Congress and JoeBiden entered the chamber fist-bumping.
Everyone mocks Cruz seemingly falling asleep during President Bidens speech.
Theres doubt mind that Biden worst President History.
China challenge looms, Biden says will keep strong Indo-Pacific military presence (Ld).
rage weasels calling Biden "senile Seriously, take best minutes best speech ever given Former then compare what President Biden give tonight Then come talk about who's senile.

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THAT is an epic photograph.

And look whose walking BEHIND HER - Mitch McConnell!!! YESSSS!

What an iconic photo!

Appropriately, Moscow Mitch is walking behind her.

Amazing picture!! Thank you for taking it!!

Why is anyone caring about this photo?

Bidens accuser.

Loving that the Turtle has to walk behind her!

Classic pic for the ages!

And SpeakerPelosi kept their masks on for when JoeBiden farted.

Woopee doopee.

How to Take a Portrait Shot 101.

Majestic shot.

She is straight.

Blind leading the blind.

Who f-ing cares?

Perfect composition.

This is utterly beautiful.

That is a beautiful photograph. Well done.

Imagine if she just did a round house and kicked McConnell in the face with her heel.

What a shot!!!

I cant understand why any self respecting politicians would want to be a presidents lap dog ie VP not to mention that she is thoroughly unelectable w/o Biden.


Oh look at the president all dressed in white .. Im sure BLM approved.

VP walking in front of McConnell is a standing ovation.

That posture! Has it come with experience or has she always walked like that? So proud!

It's like a superhero movie.

With old white guys walking behind her- perfect.


That photo is perfection! Love the background of the flag in the doorway & reflected on the floor as she walks with power through the hall that was so recently desecrated by the Confederate battle flag.

Amazing photo sir!

What an amazing picture! Wow [?].

Chills! That is a powerful pic! Cant wait to show it to my daughter!

Wow, what a great shot except for the 2 Roaches behind her.


Gorgeous photo.

Love how McConnell is relegated to walking in her shadow.

Great composition in this photo. Well timed!

What a great photo.

Wonderful photo.

Omg, you are all ridiculous. Crazy!

Man-turtle looks like if he gets too close to her it might mess with his hormonal cycles.

Mitchy Turkey neck in tow.

Phenomenal. voguemagazine should put this on their cover as a do over.

Absolutely awesome.

Great photo!

Amazing shot, Frank !

Shoulders back.

Beautiful. Iconic. HERstory. V.

What a wonderful contrast with the confederate flag image of January 6th.

She is regal as fuck. Good for her.


Did she make it with out falling?

Beautiful photo.

Not gonna' say nothin'... just.

Powerful, powerful image. V.


Excellent photograph.

Love it!!!


What, no dress Chucks?

Beautiful picture. Now just think of all the people incarcerated because her in CA for victimless crimes.


What. A. Picture.

Man that women is some kind of awesome so classy as a VP keep rocking it Madam Vice President.

Like a Boss!

That walk says everything.

Great frame. Rich with context.

And Mitch walking behind her sweeeet!

Beautiful Picture VP you make us proud. frankthorp what an awesome picture [?].

Wonderful photo!

My edit.