Wednesday 21st of April 2021

Your Life Mattered. Justice Has Been Served. May You Finally Rest In Peace.

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George Zimmerman should have been found guilty. Timothy Loehmann should have been found guilty. Darren Wilson should have been found guilty. Don't treat guilty verdict Derek Chauvin anything "special." Don't compare They made example.

thoughts prayers with Georges family. hope they will feel sense peace from this result.
Deserved to be alive and happy with her family.
Murderous Racist Satan DerekChauvin has been found GULTY of ALL charges for the MURDER OF.
Columbus Police tell gathering crowd scene that Blue Lives MatterAFTER SHOOTING TEENAGED GIRL DEATH. There reforming system which cops literally themselves victims immediately after theyve killed children.

Police officer Derek Chauvin found guilty three counts death George Floyd.
former Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin been convicted murder George Floyd. After three-week trial, jury found Chauvin guilty three counts murder manslaughter.

cannot have even moment justice before another Black life taken police, this time teen named Makhia Bryant Columbus, Ohio called them help. Instead, they shot four times. must police terror.

White people: police with people color STOP FILM Learn your rights police threats don't scare away. Connect with organizations that will support legally because they're there. THIS STOP.

havent forgotten about angel. Arrest cops that murdered Breonna Taylor!
This MaKhia Bryant. mother says 16-years-old (not 15), honor roll student, sweet child Columbus Police reportedly responded childs call assistance shot chest four times, killing her.

months. Finally some accountability. Continue their names George Floyd Daunte Wright Adam Toledo Elijah McClain Armour Arbery Rayshard Brooks Breonna Taylor Sandra Bland Sean Reed Tamir Rice Eric Garner Oscar Grant Dante Parker.

previous leadership eliminated many scenes Black asian people, eliminated ray8fisher from TheFlash movie, just because exposed racism got.
FILE COMPLAINT TW police brutality, death, shooting . . . . . . THIS killed 15yo makiyah bryant, call/write email with pictures what happened. cant away with this. JUSTICE MAKIYAH BRYANT.

irony that Derek Chauvin that hands handcuffed behind back!
disgusting what happened that sweet young girl. would break fight escalate situation? That didnt even think twice before shooting child. What POS.

More poetry in the age of.
Dereks Chauvins eyes betrayed they were eyes sociopathic murderer finally facing consequences actions.
$devilthree6 want sugardaddy daddy blacklivesmatter blacked 420day cheating BlackBreeding bnwo gangbang interracial snowbunny BigBlackCockLover blackcockonly BlackCockSuperiority queenofspades open up.

story they will make you, makhiabryant. Justice will never served, because should still alive.
'Finally': America Reacts Chauvin Guilty Verdict Live Updates: Trial Over George Floyd's Killing.
Still remember IndigenousX saying that only people think BlackLivesMatter controversial those disagree with idea.
Guilty charged. Hopefully this will turning point all, that healthier safer system created! name.
15-year-old MaKhiaBryant cant celebrate long.
police officer shot killed Makiah Bryant, Black 15-year-old girl, Columbus, Ohio, just minutes after verdict announcement Minneapolis, Minnesota.
Today thinking of my black sons and all the black sons, fathers, husbands, brothers, uncles cousins. We love you. May you live your full life.
last year shown power protest must remain vigilant. There necessary moment uprising there also necessary investment ongoing movement work. BlackLivesMatter stands serve that purpose.

watched body footage. dont care what swinging other people, take white with AK-47 AR-15 into custody alive, shoot year girl with knife times.

Partyman Extended Version) Prince, 1989, Warner Bros. Records. On YouTube: FridaysForFuture Berlin.
Derek Chauvin being away handcuffs cheers from crowd outside what vindication BlackLivesMatter looks like.
take breath. moral universe long, today bent toward justice thanks millions people under banner BlackLivesMatter standing speaking letting humanity.

Protests name MaKhiaBryant have begun Columbus, Ohio. Bryant 16-year-old honor roll student shot death police this afternoon after called them help dealing with threat home.

will never shut neither should
Biracial, Gender Fluid, Gay, Neurodivergent Pagan. Just being these things death sentence this country. Stop telling "too political" when made mere existence political issue. don't have privilege care.

dont have RACISM PROBLEM, have RACISM CATASTROPHE. challenge FOIFY ourselves against Prof. Cornel West.
George Floyd. John Pat, David Dungay, Dhu, Joyce Clarke, Kumanjayi Walker, Veronica Nelson-Walker, Tanya Raymond Noel Thomas, just name few. their names. justice, peace.
CGTN speaks with protesters ground Minneapolis outside courtroom where DerekChauvin trial took place gets their reactions guilty verdict.
Than nerve officers scene yell blue lives matter residents breathless tf!!!
matter what verdict DerekChauvinTrial will continue show support black community that BlackLivesMatter.
Breonna Taylor needs Justice havent forgot about you.
Now and always. JusticeNow for MaKhia Bryant and all other BIPOC who have had their lives selfishly stolen by the police.
Big PURRRRR not purrrdddd aww cause yea cousin they need to wake upppppppp.
block some people Facebook because they actually think George Floyd's death justified. that
Negro this country relatively conscious state rage almost, almost time James Baldwin.
All bIack are created equal, but some are more equal.
Speak up! educate yourselves! take action! donate! check out this link thats been circulating. spend some time with it. take action.
Never forget George Floyd's name. That murderer finally going prison where belongs, remember George should still here. Keep fighting countless other victims. Daunte Wright lost life 11th. Keep fighting CHANGE.

What You Really Think

This trial was a joke and everyone know it.

Well said.

Bless this man & his family... let change begin.

Now do the murderers of the 7 year old black girl killed in the drive through! Wait wait, those murderers were black so it doesnt matter. Shit. I get confused easily. Sorry.

His life didn't matter to himself...

I though the whole Bml thing was over after the supporters finally found out it was a scam lol.

Finally. Its a start. So many others need justice.

Such a great chap! He will be missed by all of the volunteer organizations in the city. rIp king.


Ya, right now on 4/20 he'd be high as a kite and maybe passed out.

Fuck up.

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