Sunday 24th of May 2020


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Lets be clear will save from resignation but he wont save you or your elderly parents from.
; All of you who stayed home, who didn t break the lockdown, who didn t see your parents, kids or loved ones, those of you who didn t attend funerals, you just didn t love your family enough. Unlike , who acted responsibly, legally & with integrity .

This is dangerous. They are craven, cynical, sneering. And now he wants us to trust him on schools.
Well, I am more convinced than ever that definitely has dirt on Boris, maybe even s laptop. This would explain why has shat on the great British public. Does anyone else wonder why they sacrificed so much over the past 2 months?

I cannot believe is defending . The public have lost family members & couldn t say goodbye properly. They ve taken care of children while both parents were ill. Some have even had to forgo meals. This hypocrisy is disrespectful and damaging.

Robert Peston gave that reaction "Oh for Gods sake".
Just remember this got tweeted.
. caught on camera demonstrating what we all think about that lying piece of crap Johnson.
A letter from . Must read.
just attempted to gaslight the entire be really fucking angry!!! My mam had 10 people at her funeral, but those fucktards can do whatever they want!!
I wonder do all the people who got fined for travelling during lockdown get their money back?
When Boris comes up with some bullshit reason to defend Dominic Cummings.
Oh Boris , I dont think hes been briefed on just how angry the public.
The sign language guy got it right.
Pinned - for when it inevitably gets deleted.
"I think he followed the instincts of every parent and I do not mark him down for that. In every respect he has acted responsibly, legally & with integrity".
People I trust more than.
thank goodness we finally have a prime minister with a backbone.
branded spineless as he refuses to sack.
They think we are powerless. That we cant do anything about the sheer breathtaking arrogance; abuse of power & public trust; and culpability of this Govt. They. Should. Think. Again. I bet wrote .
The sacrifice the Army, SIS & now the citizens have made to keep the UK safe is amazing. selfish, corrupt & foolish actions have shamed us all, I will never vote for again while & are part of it.
What a fucking shambles.
Boris Johnson said that we are ready to move to level 2, what the fuck happened to level 3, oh thats right you want Herd Immunity!
When you realise you are no longer the worst Prime Minister.
Any thoughts or comments ? How about you have a try at a bit of strong leadership and condemn this?
Whoever it is that has access to the UK Civil Service Twitter feed knows the score.
Someone s having fun with the British Government s least funny twitter Perhaps has hacked it? Bloody hell.
Let s face it he is mouthpiece - no wonder they spent so much time together today with Cummings getting to rehearse the lines he wrote for him - public need to wake up and understand what they elected.

Brilliant from ; screenshot before inevitable deletion.
must have something over for him not to step down or be asked to your personally shooting yourself in the foot.
I can t believe he actually said Cummings acted with integrity.
: Tory MPs urge Dominic to resign.
I believe Cummings has to have something on Bojo.
it s clear must be involved in this. Did he give permission to travel ?
Think of what has happened today before the No10 spin machine gets hold of the truth. has got away with giving of public money to a woman he was having sex with on the way home from the Mayors office to his children. you still trust him?

Anyone really surprised that the bumbler-in-chief stuttered and lied his way through it? The real sad thing is that this is now the norm. Nobody answers questions. Nobody takes responsibility. Nobody has any integrity.

Also, I m not taking parent advice from the worst parent in Britain. A man whose not 100% certain how many kids he actually has.
was never going to sack Cummins, he can t Cummins owns him he s his puppet that likes to pull his strings.
Says it all when the rich Tory voters are even against Boris when it comes to Cummings.
Just been tweeted. The as we know it is crumbling. Around us.
One rule for the elite, one rule for everyone else.
The proverbial sh*t has now well and truly hit the fan! s only chance of surviving this was to sack . He hasnt done that. Hes a dead man walking!!!
and also take as well.
Give the keys of 10 Downing Street to whoever tweeted this.
I have to say is looking much more like himself today. He s back. And he s taking no prisoners. Good on you.
Should ve listened to Stormzy before you voted.
Its a times like this I miss Theresa May. Sure she was fucking shite.
Here s your freedom of travel mask to print out in case you get stopped anywhere. Just put it on, and do whatever the fuck you want.
Twitter right now like toddlers having a massive strop because they didnt get their own way.
That moment when you realise youre no longer the worse Prime Minister in recent history.
Boris just told us it is ok to break lockdown if w think it is right for our family. My family need a day out for mental health reasons. I think Ill drive a UK tour for their mental health now Boris told us it is ok. Ps, I have raging coronivirus as do all family.

that s that cleared up then.
If the tests we took this morning come back negative I am going to see my family this week and if I get pulled over, Im just going to say "Dominic Cummings.".
What dirt must Dominic Cummings have on Boris and the rest to allow him to get away with breaching the lockdown??
Not only has Boris Johnson literally just put the career of one man ahead of the health of an entire nation, he did so in complete transparently too Peoples anger couldnt be more justified.
I m so angry.
Legally, responsibly and integrity. 3 words that needs to learn, as they are necessary qualities of a leader!
This is no a leftist politicising things for political gain This is Jonathan Haslam - Conservative director of communications at under John Major ping into and the government of.
responsibly, legally and with integrity What an insult to a nation. What a betrayal.
Flash poll so Will you vote for in the next general election if is still leader?.
? C it happen. and his Rasputin will become transparent even to his cult. This is a a panto. His cavalier dismissal at the beginning of the was pure Thats why his operation in London was called .
Looks like Robert has had enough of this bullshit as well !
Seems simple to me knew was making the trip didnt stop it got caught cant sack because it will come out !!!
Itll obviously have been deleted within the hour, so just in case, I obviously had to screenshot it.
The whole UK seeing Boris Johnson Protecting Dominic Oh Boris what have you done.
moaned during the briefing about others flouting the prime minister ever. Where are the adults?
incompetent, ineffective & apparently desperate for approval. Not exactly the qualities I look for in a PM.
That wasn t leadership, that was a puppet having its strings pulled.
You all voted for Boris & co into a majority government after they lied their way through Brexit. What did you all expect?
Our govt said it would not tolerate companies using this crisis to capitalise on profit!! Step forward and stop form using 19 to line their pockets at the expense of their long standing workforce!!!
This is the beginning of the end of the , & the vile .
the meltdown well and truly underway. even pissed off.
Outstanding self serving hypocrisy from this so called government.

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