Tuesday 30th of May 2023

A Boston Fan Sent us a Voice Note.

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Boston sent voice note.
Boston fans outside Jaylen Brown house.
Boston fans going through
Boston becomes first city lose home Game 8-seed both hockey basketball same season.
even dont sports just hate boston.
time Boston move from Jaylen Brown.
When Boston sports team eliminated from playoffs, world wins.
Boston coming back from down series then lose Game home objectively hilarious. Made hilarious when consider history that town 0-3. Made hilarious when consider that Bill Simmons tape podcast about this.

David Scott Connolly MAJ Connolly from Boston, when died Afghanistan April 2005 while serving U.S. Army with 1173rd Transportation Battalion (Terminal), Brockton, MA.

Boston Celtics game
Boston Fans Jaylen Brown.
Well least ever again there media referee bias favor Boston. entire known universe against this series. Cant recall time felt this depleted from sports loss. Time off.

Playing 5Lan (8-24-18') Boston
Bron went straight Finals, left East champ gone: Toronto Miami Milwaukee Boston Miami bozos scoffing that like regular. Dudes cant even make back back Finals made straight..Lol.

Amazing that both Miami Heat Boston Celtics have equal chance funniest possible thing.
Boston sports flopping game home GaRdEn type shit live hometown soflo sports teams less.
Miami Heat have eliminated Boston Celtics from playoffs.
Hopping back that I'll book tour summer! Tickets will this link, have: ]SOLD OUT] Paris 6/19 Boston Culver City 7/10 7/12 7/15 DC 7/20 more announced! hope there <3.

Please tell suckers believed that Boston going because assigned Tony Brothers Scott Foster Game that they bunch herbs!!
Boston lost.
Reminder: South Florida team Game Boston since April 2023.
Heat stop Boston from making history they going finalssss.
Joe isnt the one who goes into the paint when theres four guys there and turns the ball over.
Boston sports being massive disappointments.
Whats next for Boston?
Miami proving doubters wrong again Boston taking game dispatching them both ends court clinching East!!!
Dude acted sick just incase your scrub Boston Celtics pulled Bruins against another Florida team which course they did. whatever it's just sports I'll like again tomorrow.
They bought into Udoka's defensive system. This year, they bought into nothing. doesn't seem that there really much them into other than "shoot 3s.".
Although Magic, Miami Heat stomp Boston Celtics 103-84 advance Finals!! Jimmy Butler (East. Conf. Finals MVP) Heat visit Nikola Jokic (West. Conf. Finals MVP) Denver Nuggets Thursday.

Jimmy Butler exactly year tonight: Were gonna right back this same situation, were gonna done. Here they arein game Bostons home floorheading Finals.
The young coach have them unprepared the stars they have are too immature, dont live up to the moment, they have zero discipline.
Miami Boston like.
Fans outside Jaylen Brown house. mean literal Lakers fans outside LeBron James house when first signed LA?... Caleb Martin Jaylen Brown.
Andy Vermaut shares:The Miami Heat's Long Shot Journey Finals: Heat became just second seeded team make Finals, after York Knicks 1999. Thank you!

Live look from Boston.
love smell Boston team losing.
core built around Jayson Tatum Jaylen Brown reached conference finals four times seasons. shouldnt throw that away, writes DanWolken.
Got Duncan taunting Boston. Oh lawd.
Celts eliminated Miami Miami last year Miami eliminated them Boston this year. Sounds like nice rivalry.
Miami Heat eliminate Boston Celtics They advance Finals!
Boston Celtics have been Eliminated from Playoffs.
They just asked Brown about extension Boston seconds silence., "don't know answer that question Take time..".
Bucks fans rooted guys, Milwaukee hates Boston more than Miami.
Jimmy Butler getting Larry Bird trophy Boston closest will reparations lifetime.
Florida panthers boston bruins game Garden: panthers miami heat boston celtics game Garden: heat clutch.
Duncan missed wide open that wouldve game miami then walked into boston this respect much.
Boston Celtics fan? sorry man. Kobe Bryant.
Look what happens when game officiated right. Boston couldn't shit.
know people talking their anti-Miami trash, but... dont care, man. just soaking glory ANOTHER championship MiamiHEAT fan. HEATCulture Here's reaction (and celebration) from DailyCaller.

Seriously. Made Boston coaching staff look like Jason Kidd.
"We're trying enjoy moment also stay locked same time." Caleb Martin speaks after KILLER series against Boston Celtics including huge performance tonight's Game victory.

Heat Is! MiamiHEAT heading Denver Finals after Game over Celtics Boston.
Boston first city lose Game home 8-seed both basketball hockey during same season.
love seeing that disgusting racist fanbase Boston suffer makes fucking happy.
really games Boston. Wowwwwwww.
doubt that. both teams healthy Boston still lose.
knew game over after first quarter, when they showed craft screen, forgone conclusion same thing happened when went Bruins games.
Boston this just choke.
Yeah, thats Trent Alexander-Arnold attendance game between Boston Celtics Miami Heat!
have this vision Mike Greenberg many others saying over over "how this happening!? Boston better team. They should winning every game. this happening!?" Meanwhile, ESPN analytics department will post openings morning.

Caleb Martin Duncan Robinson celebrating Boston tonight.
Theres nothing more gratifying than watching Boston teams fail.
Heat heading Denver Finals after Game over Celtics Boston.
failed. failed. hard think about anything else right honest. going cross that bridge when there. Jaylen Brown future Boston (Via ByJayKing
Yeah Pussy good imma keep cheating dont understand -Boston Richey.
Boston wanna like this.
Heat were literally seconds from beating Boston times. They beat them their building. They absolutely ROLLED them twice, once defacto series, other time Game Stop saying Boston better team.

Eastern Conference champions: 2022-23 Miami Heat 2021-22 Boston Celtics 2020-21 Milwaukee Bucks 2019-20 Miami Heat 2018-19 Toronto Raptors 2017-18 Cleveland Cavaliers 2016-17 Cleveland Cavaliers 2015-16 Cleveland Cavaliers 2014-15 Cleveland.

Stephen Smith Heat: They gotta Game dont Game youve lost this series. Youre beating Boston Game Bank." Please everyone take seconds your this.

Crazy stuff honestly teams feel over rated, Miami proved wrong once again coaches battle undermanned Miami team beat Boston seed, congrats them, good luck them Finals. Miami over Denver?

heat really lost three games potentially become first team ever history lose series after going then walked into bostons stadium karate kicked them dick front celtics fans.

Boston made coming back from Good season Boston. Miami Denver.
Sucks that boston loses game. Really feel those absolute cunts.
Laughs Boston Sportfan.

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Finally W W W W.

Also add the bum ass ref with the burner account.

This is Pinned worthy.

Wicked funny .

No way we just lost to the corniest team of all time.

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