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Thursday 25th of June 2020

Bournemouth Beach Today. ( PA Pix) Not Sure This is Even '1m Plus' Social Distancing.

Listening to the exasperated leader of Bournemouth council talking about the packed beaches and 12 tons of litter left on them, I worry the government reliance on common sense may have limitations.
Major incident declared in Bournemouth as thousands of people flock to beaches.
'They Found Her in a Field' is streaming in 30mins as part of Bournemouth Film School's LGBTQ shorts celebrating pride. Head to youtube channel to watch some brilliant shorts from alumni! 7:30PM TONIGHT????????

Major incident declared after thousands flock to Bournemouth beaches.
Unlike the mass of common senseless numpties down at Bournemouth ? and boris said he wants the public to use common sense.
A major incident has been declared in Bournemouth after thousands of people were not on a BLM march x.
Bournemouth Beach Raids....
Chris Whitty's stark weather warning after Bournemouth beach 'major incident'.
If anyone is wondering, Bournemouth beach has been designated the national eye testing centre! You're only allowed to visit if you fear you may be blind, in which case you must pack your entire family into the car and drive yourself just to be safe.

??? fam Bournemouth has zero parking space! Local residents struggle to find parking by the beach. 558 parking fines in 24hrs ??
Massive crowds enjoying the sun on Bournemouth beaches being hugely criticized by police re social distancing etc. Well, good luck to them I say. The police lost all credibility when they allowed destructive protests in London and elsewhere without imposing social distancing.

Many complaining about the crowds at Bournemouth, kept very quiet about the BLM/Antifa riot crowds around the Country. Must be a different sort of crowd?
If there is any genuine confusion about the efficacy of an app as opposed to track & trace being done entirely by memory & spoken word, just consider this question: how many people on Bournemouth beach today will be able to provide details of everyone they came into contact with?

You and your chums shut down all the facilities in Bournemouth and then we have a fine day in July (no less). So people flock to the beach. Quelle surprise! If you and your Tory chums had an ounce of leadership between you, the results would have been obvious and inevitable.

I've been quite critical of WelshGovernment's 5 mile rule but seeing the scenes in Bournemouth today I have changed my mind on it. Stay local.
Correlation between woke Twitter who are furious with Bournemouth beach goers - yet totally OK with BlackLivesMatter protestors: 100%.
Beach today. People are c***s ???
When clarity and leadership are absent, *anything* can move into the vacuum created. BBC News - Bournemouth beach: Major incident declared as thousands flock to coast.
"A major incident was declared after thousands of people defied pleas to stay away and descended in their droves on beaches in Bournemouth and other stretches of the Dorset coast." Roll on Super Saturday. It will be like The Purge meets The Hunger Games.

12 tonnes of rubbish left on Bournemouth beach yesterday. People had even defecated in burger boxes & left on beach. We are creating a pandemic & pollution hell on Earth.
Bournemouth beach bathers?
Having refused to send their children to school for fear of them catching and spreading Covid 19, thousands squeeze onto Bournemouth Beach before heading home in time to clap for the NHS.
Opinion ?Bournemouth beach: BCP Council declares major incident.
Just like the old folks homes where people go to die in Bournemouth. ?
Vicky Slade - if you open car parks that's inviting people to flock to Bournemouth and ruin our lovely area. TAKE action not requests.
Italian friends have seen the pictures of Bournemouth beach and are looking at this country like we have lost our marbles....... Why is this country so effing stupid and bloody ignorant ? We look like idiots. ? Plague island get me outta here!

Well done dickheads. Another day, another wave of stupititiy comes flooding into Bournemouth that now a state of emergency has been declared. STAY. IN. YOUR. OWN. TOWNS.
Bournemouth You can only conclude the English are the stupidest race on the planet.
500,000 people went to Bournemouth beach today ?
Major incident declared in Bournemouth as thousands of COVIDIOTS flock to beaches!! So it looks like THOUSANDS of morons think that the Covid pandemic is over, the same idiots that left 12 TONNES of litter on the beach yesterday!!!!???!!!!!!

How can Scottish Tories look at Bournemouth and say with a straight face, "Let's have some more that, hurry!".
This was taken on Bournemouth beach yesterday afternoon. What the hell is wrong with people?
Bournemouth beach: 'Major incident' as thousands flock to coast - BBC News.
All these pricks on Bournemouth beech , many on furlough. Try doing something worthwhile like painting a school fence, picking litter. Use the time wisely instead of spreading a SecondWave. Pricks.
Bournemouth train station! Absolutely shocking! How much rubbish and shit will be left on the beach today!
Absolutely spot on Gemma. As someone in that position - in Bournemouth, too, incidentally - this makes me very angry and less certain about leaving the house.
And two fingers to those of us that live in Bournemouth.
I'm in bournemouth and I'm not down the beach! Not everyone has been furloughed and been on a jolly today.
Major incident declared in Bournemouth as people go to the beach. In the meantime 21 police officers are injured in a Brixton riot and no one seemingly bats an eyelid. ?????
Hope you had a nice day down Bournemouth Mark.
Its called living. People rejoice some freedom!
Aftermath on Bournemouth beach yesterday. Picture taken from Sky News. I will never understand how people think this is OK. Coupled with reports of mammoth gatherings, numerous fights out, scenes as per below. Depressing how people continue to act this entitled....

"And we cross over now, LIVE, to Bournemouth where HOLY SH!T DID LORD SAURON ORDER SOME EXTRA ORCS?? WHAT THE ******* **** IS WRONG WITH THESE PEOPLE!?!?!??".
Two images, both taken today, from Bournemouth. To think this is one of the smaller coastal regions in the UK, this is likely a nationwide occurrence. These COVIDIDIOTS are blatantly ignoring the social distancing rules and clearly more needs to be done to police these away 1/2.

What is life like in Bournemouth? Click here to find out ??
Devastating. Growing up I adored catching an early train from Bournemouth to stand in line here for the best deals of the day. LOVE to all TKTSLondon.
Bournemouth beach packed with sunbathers as heatwave sees Brits melting.
Officials in southern England have declared a "major incident" after thousands of people flocked to local beaches. The UK is slowly easing its coronavirus restrictions and groups of up to six people are allowed to meet up outside in England.

Here's what real life is like in Bournemouth and the South coast. Click here to find out ??
Bournemouth and Porthcawl beaches today - when a picture really does say more than any number of words.
Is it really Bournemouth beach?
For those that thought it 'fake news', here's a video from today. Great swathes of British society have taken leave of their senses. Fact. Crowds gather on the beach at Bournemouth a second day running.

Coronavirus cases will rise again if social distancing is ignored, England's chief medic warns. ???????????

What You Really Think

One month from we go again. Watch this space.

Great to see, people enjoying themselves.

Be fair to them. Most probably only went to test their eyesight........

It's a bit like that scene on the band aid video. Looking forward to old men pubs reopening.

Not even close to 1m.

Great to see life getting back to normal after.

OOO look. Lots of people. ' ' ' NOT LIVING IN FEAR!

No its people enjoying life instead of cowering in there homes dying of lack of vit d and vitality...

Looks like absolute hell! Even in normal circumstances. Who on earth gets pleasure from sitting on a beach that crowded. ????

This year's Village Idiots' Day Out.