Monday 8th of February 2021

Tom Brady Now Has More Super Bowls Than Any NFL Franchise. Brady: 7 Patriots: 6 Steelers: 6 Cowboys: 5 49ers: 5 WILD.

Brady 7 piece nugget!!!
Tom Brady: 7x SuperBowl Champion.
Just received a message from a former Patriots: Tyrann Matthieu made the wrong move. He poked the bear that is TomBrady. Brady is targeting him now. Going right after him. Damn! This is something to see. Chiefs are in a world of trouble. And btw where is PatrickMahomes?

Its like amazing how good Tom Brady actually islike how do you win that much?!!
Tom Brady now has more SuperBowl wins than any NFL franchise. Brady: 7 Patriots: 6 Steelers: 6 Cowboys: 5 49ers: 5.
Tom Brady is 43. Serena and Federer are 39. LeBron is 36. Time for us to adjust our concept of what an athletic prime can be. They are special talents obviously but I think developments in nutrition/body science/etc. are going to lead to longer, better careers.

Two fun take away from this article: 1) In three of Tom Bradys seven championship seasons, another local team also won a championship. 2) Los Angeles is the only city to hold both the NBA and WNBA crowns at the same time AND that happened in back-to-back seasons.

Messi, LeBron and Brady in one era.
What do you think Brady called him, whats the word he cant repeat?
Aaron Hernandez coming back from the Gulag to join Brady and Gronk.
"THAT ONE WAS FOR YOU DONALD!" - Tom Brady just now.
Deflate Gate starring Tom Brady.
2002 2004 2005 2015 2017 2019 2021 Tom Brady is a 7x Super Bowl champion.
Brady champion!
It took brady 7 superbowls for everyone to agree Tom Brady is the goat. Wonder how many rings its gonna take lebron.
Tom Brady and Gronk aint goin' nowhere More records, more Super Bowls.
Michael Jordan - 6 rings Tom Brady - 7 rings Seto Kaiba - 3 Blue Eyes.
Tom Brady has 3 Super Bowls since this.
Gronk, AB, Fournette team up for Super Bowl TDs, Bucs top KC.
Lebron James old ass and Tom Brady old ass still winning Championships.
The greatest player in history didnt need any more... but of course he got another. Tom Brady and the Bucs are Super Bowl champions. And Bruce Arians gets his own as a head coach.
Tom Brady doesnt even know they put End Racism on the back of his helmet.
You ever seen anybody in a pair of bradys?
Brady told him he could have the proud boys at his crib with one phone call.
This is nothing new for Tom Brady ( MrSeanyB1).
Tom Brady really beat Drew Brees, Aaron Rodgers, & Patrick Mahomes in one single playoff run... For his 7th ring... At 43 years old... In the first year on a new team... Hes the GOAT & its not even close.

Brady is doing us all a favour cuz aint nobody trynna see mahomes lil bro doing the buss it challenge on that podium.
Highest-graded QBs in the 4th quarter this season: 1. Tom Brady - 89.5 2. Kirk Cousins - 87.0 3. Patrick Mahomes - 86.4 4. Baker Mayfield - 86.0.
Tom Brady getting all the refs pateks after the game.
If youre watching Tom Brady tonight, appreciate this moment. I didnt always do that while I was watching Michael Jordan or Kobe Bryant. You always think theres an endless tomorrow with these stars but there isnt and what youre watching right now will never happen again.

Brady Legend !
The Bucs are the 1st team with four 30-point games in a postseason. They are the 1st team to beat 3 SB MVP QBs in a postseason (Mahomes, Rodgers, Brees) Tom Brady is the 1st player in NFL history with 50 Pass TD in a season (including playoffs) for a Super Bowl champion.

Tom brady bout to give his son a hickey.
In 2008, before passing away, Colleen said goodbye to the Brady and Black family.
Funny how we're all supposed to forget Tom Brady's politics but not Kap's.
The entire GoBucs defense were the REAL MVP tonight. Not Tom Brady, Mike Evans, Gronk or Mr Big Chess.
My 11 yr old son idols you the way I idled Brady as a child. You are great and I cant wait to watch you mature in the league! My son looks up to you and I cant wait to watch his fandom continue! Stay working hard and being the future GOAT.

Brady = LeBron = Drake = End of story.
Tom Brady will forever be the GOAT.
Wish I was Brady winning my 7th ring, being the undisputed GOAT of the sport I love and going home to my model wife.
The TEAM won. Brady won his 7th time. Come on, man.
Hockey fan here. Not too make things more complicated, but the gent on the left, Henri Richard, won 11 Stanley Cups, and the gent on the right, Jean Beliveau, won 10. Not saying that's better than Brady's Super Bowls or Williams' Grand Slams - but I'm just putting it out there.

Damn. Brady.
And he deleted it when he realized Brady Mic'd up.. What a lying snitch.
The chiefs in the locker room to tyrann mathieu rn for getting tom brady fired up.
Can you guys take tom bradys dick out yall throat and remember hes a trump supporter.
Tom Brady secured a seventh Super Bowl ring as his Tampa Bay Buccaneers hammered the defending-champion Kansas City Chiefs 31-9 in SuperBowl LV.
Brady from the Bay so thats a W.
Tom Brady was the 199th pick in the 2000 NFL draft. Which tells me that occasionally, if not often, people assessing your future potential based on past performance dont know shIt about anything.
Brady tells Mathieu he's going at him all game. goes after him. then lets him know he went after him.
If Ariana Grande ever had to call Tom Brady he would only pick up after the 7th ring.
If Brady wins I'm getting a gf this year and we're all going to make it.
Tom Brady told Tyrann Mathieu he was coming for him, went after him, then reminded him. GOAT.
Brady and his MAGA hat!!!
Stat of the day, stat of the day, this is the stat of the dayyyyyyoohhhh .Brady has thrown for 3,000 yrds and 21 TDs in Super Bowls alone...
Buccaneers coach Bruce Arians, in an interview with ESPN's NFL Primetime show, says of Tom Brady: "He's a winner, man. That's all you can say. He brought a winning mentality to a really talented football team that didn't know how to win.".

Before anyone gives Tom Brady a trophy, dont forget that the Chiefs have the right to exhaust every legal avenue to challenge the result. It would be irresponsible to congratulate the Buccaneers so early. Many many fans are upset. Wouldnt want them to lose trust.

Opening Day lineup two months after Tom Brady won his first Super Bowl: Alfonso Soriano 2B Derek Jeter SS Jason Giambi 1B Bernie Williams CF Robin Ventura 3B Jorge Posada C Rondell White LF Shane Spencer RF Nick Johnson DH Roger Clemens SP.

Brady ass asf he dont play with his team he play with himself and Nah dude aint but go off and never used Google Im really into sports-nulb but I expect nothing less from a Brady fan.
Brady/Gronk again!!
Patrick Mahomes was pressured more in this game than any QB in Super Bowl history (29), passing the record of 25 by Jim Kelly in SB XXVI. Tom Brady faced his fewest pressures (4) in any Super Bowl of his career.

Bradys kids take yearly trips to the Super Bowl stage like its grandmas house.
.Mathieu_Era such a bitch that he can't repeat Brady calling him a bitch? On brand.
Every year, Simone Biles does something that is supposed to be *humanly impossible* to do. Her athleticism has made us reevaluate physics itself. Serena has so many trophies they dont all fit in her giant trophy room. So no, Tom Brady is not the greatest athlete of all time.

First brady wins the super bowl then hugo wins the smashers gambit could this day get any worse.
Brady son bout to get the work.
Fuck Tom Brady trump supporter shit bag. Get fucked. Fuck the super bowl. And fuck commercials.
This makes too much sense. KD is to Rodgers as LeBron is to Brady.
Tom Brady is the covid of football - hes thriving in Florida, hes put up huge numbers and some people still dont believe in him.
Lol take one to kno one..Brady.
The NFL let a woman that named her son after Tom Brady officiate THIS Super Bowl???? LMFAOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO.
This SB win crushed the following Brady narratives: 1) Brady cant win without Belichick 2) Brady doesnt have any SB blowouts. 3) Brady always has an easy road (beat Brees, Rodgers, and Mahomes) What else?

Damn, Brady is actually the GOAT of all GOATs. There is just simply no argument against it.
Ummm yeah Bill Russell and Serena Williams might have something to say about this. I get Brady being your former teammate and all, but to declare him the greatest in all sports?? Ummm No!!! He can make a legitimate case for the NFL but in all sports? Sit down!

There is no question anymore as to who the GOAT is. It wasnt coaching it was Brady and it always was. That argument was settled tonight when he took a team no one thought could win anything to the SuperBowl and won at 43 years of age. Amazing. Well done Tom.

So who are we stanning now? Brady or Mahomes?
Dude, Im like in awe that Brady was able to pull this shit off again. 7 rings?!
People are sooo salty that Brady is actually about to pull this off and you love to see it.
Tom Brady to Jim Nantz on SuperBowlLV MVP interview: Come closer..I cant hear you way over there. You know damn well Tom heard him over the loud speakers in the stadium. He just wanted to mock the mask Nazis. Well played Tom...Well played!

How far do yall think brady and his son got after that game?
I don't care how many rings Tom Brady has, he's a trump supporter so he'll always be a loser in my book. A loser with 7 rings.

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Thats fucking insaneeeee, he needs to get a goat tattooed on him.

So bored now that the game is over so thought of sucking on a popsicle at the momentnulb.