Friday 11th of December 2020

Brandon Bernard Had so Much to Give to This World. A Mentor. A Friend. A Father, Brother, Son. He Was Murdered at 9:27pm by a Brutal, Racist Government. This is Not Okay. Rest in Peace.

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The justice system continuously fails us. rest in peace Brandon Bernard.
Brandon Bernard is scheduled to be executed tonight. The crime was 20 years ago. He was a teenager. He didn't pull the trigger. The Trump administration is on track to execute 13 people before he leaves office. It would be more federal executions than the past 67 years combined.

Im so messed up right now. They killed Brandon. He was such a reformed person. So hopeful and positive until the end. More importantly he is sorry, so sorry for the hurt and pain he has caused others.
Rest in power Brandon Bernard, we will not let you pass in silence.
Rest In Paradise Brandon Bernard you didnt deserve that.
We might not be able to save Brandon but we may be able to help Rocky Meyers. Rocky Meyers is a 53 year old man with an intellectual disability and was convicted and sentenced to death for murder in 1993. 11 of his jurors were white and some even calling him slurs during.

The US prison system has NEVER been about rehabilitation. its always been abt profit and dehumanization and racism. US prisons are literally a business and a form of modern slavery. even when a prisoner such as brandon bernard shows EVIDENT rehabilitation, EVIDENT growth and.

Just read about brandon, i just want to say, fuck whoever decided to be silent about Brandon Bernard and specially Fuck Donald Trump.
I'm sending all my deepest condolences to Brandon Bernard's family, friends, and loved ones. Rest in peace.
Unfortunately they failed brandon but there is still time to help pervis payne, check the thread for ways to help.
My deepest condolences to Brandons family. This is so unfair. May you rest in peace.
He was innocent.
Thread of resources to help brandon bernard .
The system failed brandon bernard. we waited til the last minute. we have much more time to help pervis payne. an innocent man on death row set to be executed on april 9th. petition in thread.
Nikolas cruz killed 17. he took our jaime from us and 16 more. ill never forget the pain he caused my friends and i, the pain we experience every year on feb 14. brandon bernard killed 0. he showed full remorse for his actions. HE KILLED NO ONE. rest in peace brandon.

NO kpop, NO fancams, NO gain tweets, NO supporting pinned tweet, and NO selcas. tw// death We will pay respect for the death of Brandon Bernard, and we will work together to prevent the incoming execution of Pervis Payne, Rock Myers, and others. KPOP can wait, a life CAN'T.

Rest In Peace Brandon Bernard.
Brandon bernard, may you rest in peace.
Tw//death, death penalty this system is too fucked up. brandon never deserved this. how many more do we have to experience? its so ironic for someone to be a pro-lifer yet they support the death penalty. abolish the death penalty. black lives will and always matter.

Funny how the same ppl who were rushing to defend Kyle and saying he was doing gods work are the same ones criticizing Brandon for doing the same thing at the same fucking age as Kyle. ones free on bail and the others dead. Funny.

It may be too late for brandon bernard but its not too late for pervis payne, keith lamar, and rocky myers, 3 wrongfully convicted black men who are on death row please take the time to sign the petitions below we will not stop.

Tw // execution Rest in power, Brandon. PLEASE sign petitions, send emails, spread awareness, and donate if you can. use your voice and platform, demand justice, human rights is NOT a trend !!! Abolish the death penalty, BLACK LIVES MATTER, it will always matters.

Just because we couldnt save brandon doesnt mean this is over. black lives matter today, they mattered yesterday, and they have and will matter everyday. there is still so much to be done. ive attached a link to a carrd of ways to help below.

Tw// death Brandon Bernard has been executed. stop linking that thread, it only contains petitions and means to save him, useful no longer now that he's gone. instead save the other black people set to be executed before trump's office ends. im linking threads.

The death penalty needs to be abolished. theres no justification for ones death, guilty or not, under the justice system that disproportionately locks up POC, or any system for that matter. Brandon Bernard deserves to be alive right now & countless others too.

Just because we were not able to save brandon doesnt mean we cant for others. dont stop talking about this. black lives matter and ALWAYS will no matter what. keep signing petitions, educating urself, do anything to help. these people are real and their lives are at stake.

Praying for brandons family thank you all for spreading his story and making calls while signing petitions. im so proud of us regardless of what happened. please keep his family and those surrounded by him in mind during this hard time.

If you will be donating to Brandon Bernards family please use Gofundme NOT change . org as they keep most of the donations for themselves.
We didnt fail brandon. we did all we could. they just dont care, that isnt on you. thank you for trying to help and for using your platform.
Time magazine has named President-elect Joe Biden and Vice President-elect Kamala Harris its Person of the Year for ''showing that the forces of empathy are greater than the furies of division.''.
Our president re enacted the death penalty after 17 years yall SEVENTEEN FUCKING YEARS. All of this coming right after his loss of the 2020 election. What happened to Brandon was nothing more than pure evil, fuck the judicial system, fuck the president and truly FUCK THE SYSTEM.

Hey, Brandon was already executed this wouldn't help... However, there are more innocent people that are going to be executed soon so you should help them too... (I'm not trying to be rude just saying this to spread awareness.).

Can we refrain from just posting pictures of Brandon Bernard from prison please? He deserves to be seen and loved for the man he is outside of that. Rest in Power and I promise we wont let this slide.
George floyd. breonna taylor. quawan charles. brandon bernard. all names that have trended. all names that people have worked so hard to receive justice for. and not one of them got the justice they deserved.

Ive cried 5 times this year for people Ive never met and tonight Im crying for Brandon Bernard who was murdered after being sentenced to death at the age of 18. I dont have anything motivational to say. Im tired of grieving. This isn't justice. Abolish the death penalty.

Tw // execution, death please dont stop talking about brandon after his execution, we cant allow him to become another name on a list of people taken from us. we need to continue to fight for people like him who are wrongly put to death.

We are deeply saddened of what happened to our brother Brandon Benard. We are mourning for the loss of our brother, as well as to our brothers and sisters in black community who faced the same injustices.. We will not be silenced, BLACK LIVES WILL ALWAYS AND FOREVER MATTER!

Really, really sad about Brandon Bernard.
We want to give our condolences to Brandon and his loved ones. May he Rest In Peace. His death will not be in vain. We will be using our platform to speak about these kinds of issues in the future as well.

Remember his smile, his face, his name. May you rest in peace Brandon.
We didnt fail brandon, we tried severely. but we can still try and help pervis payne, an innocent man who happened to stumble upon a murder and tried to help the victim, but got blamed. he got arrested and has been on death row for 30 years. petitions in thread.

1/5 Brandon Bernard 18 has now been put to death. He doused the Bagleys with lighter fluid and light the car on fire. The fire actually killed Stacie Bagley.
I spoke with BrandonBernard yesterday alongside his legal team. Brandon told us about everything he was grateful for in his life. He died with dignity and love, in spite of the cruel, unjust system that condemned him to die as a result of egregious prosecutorial misconduct.

Brandon bernard is a person. not a statistic. not a trend. not a political pawn. but a father. a friend. a son. they fucking failed him he deserves so much more than what the world has given him. im so sorry.

Brandon brenard **.
So Brandon Bernard. I just read his story. its confusing to me because we the person who knowingly shot up a whole theatre, killing 12 people. AND the guy who was responsible for the Charleston church shooting, killing 9 people are STILL alive. why are they not on death row?

We couldn't save brandon bernard, but here's a thread of people we can still help. please sign these /srs.
Tw mention of Brandon Bernards death.
BUT WHITE BOYS CAN SHOOT UP CHURCHES AND GET OFFERED CHEESEBURGERS BY THE POLICE, it's important to remember systematic racism is still here. Rest in Peace Brandon Bernard.
I'm sorry Brandon Bernard. You didn't deserve this. No one deserves it. It's not fair. I don't even care if he commited a crime or not that was worthy of the death penalty, because no on deserves it.
Im sick hearing about Brandon Bernards execution. He didnt deserve that. White people can go and commit school shootings, and get calmly arrested and brought to Burger King, but Brandon Bernard faced the death penalty. Wtf is this.

The death penalty teaches us NOTHING. when brandon was in prison, he got better as a person. THATS what were supposed to do. teach the right things. killing people is inhumane. its fucking disgusting.
// black death , irl gore mention , racism be careful when looking at the brandon bernard tag tonight, a video of irl gore is being posted and spammed in the tag and i saw it earlier. please be safe. /srs.

Rest in power brandon your name will not be forgotten! we will work to make sure that these things do happen again. im so sorry we couldnt help you more <3.
A thread of serial killers who are still alive while Brandon Bernard has been executed.
He never needed to be something to someone for his life to matter. He simply mattered because he is human. His name was Brandon Bernard and his life mattered.
Hi realDonaldTrump, I am asking you to please commute Brandon Bernard's sentence to life w/o parole, and save him from execution tmrw. His former prosecutor and 5 of 9 surviving jurors want his life to be spared. He was only 18 at the time of the crime and was not the shooter.

Im so sorry brandon.
Also i am not one for performative activism i hate that shit but if i have anyone who thinks me and others mass rting shit is part of a "trend" literally unfollow me bcs we had a shot at helping brandon but it was too late. now we still have a chance for others and we need to try.

The SCOTUS has denied Brandon Bernards petition and this unjust execution will move forward now. Justices Breyer, Sotomayor, and Kagan would have granted a stay. Justice Sotomayor published a six-page dissent that lays out many of the legal reasons why this execution is wrong.

My heart goes out to Brandon Bernard and his family. sending thoughts and will be keeping him and his loved ones in my prayers. rest in peace. inaW lilaWhi wainaW ilayhi rajiuwna.
Today will be Brandon Bernard's last. No matter what crime a person has committed, the act of taking a healthy, breathing, conscious, aware being, strapping him down and snuffing out his life with a lethal injection, is a stain on us all. We must learn to be better than this.

What You Really Think

Just wrong.

I also morn his passing. But only an idiot would call a convicted murder put to death racist. So dumb...

If he was murdered will the culprits be brought to justice?

If we are a racist government you should move to another country.

You really only want to appear to be the hero on the side of the angels, against the forces of darkness. You don't care about ethical black people, in fact you would sacrafice all of them to keep your victim class alive.

Didnt he shoot a couple in the head then lit them on fire? Seems you are forgetting to mention that.

The world is a better place now that this man has entered eternal Hell. Plus the taxpayers just saved 50k a year which is what it was costing us to keep this animal alive.

Nope, a very bad president and his henchmen. The government was the people until this guy.

He was not murdered, he was executed for a murder he actually committed.

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