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Wednesday 5th of August 2020

Premier League Clubs if Brentford Don't Get Promoted Tonight..

A lot on the line for Brentford and Fulham today.
Brentford's front-three have scored 58 goals between them ahead of tonight's play-off final against Fulham - can the Bees' BMW drive them all the way to the Premier League?
Brentford's Said Benrahma looks likely to be playing in the Premier League next season - but he hopes it is with the Bees!
Brentford are bottle jobs, SMH With that much talent, are they staying another year in championship?
David Raya will not want to see this again! Joe Bryan catches him out from 35 yards! Is this the goal that sends FFC to the Premier League? Watch BREFUL in the EFLPlayOffs live on Sky Sports Football or follow it here.

Brentford after bottling promotion.
Nah, Id rather go to fulham away, and Brentfords ew ground will have a small away allocation.
Such a shame for David Raya, as he's had a fantastic season for Brentford.
Havent been watching BREFUL but how many XG have Brentford got?
Either Sky are putting on an old Pro Evo game or the Brentford keeper is buffering.
Brentford have bottled the past month massively but no one will talk about it cos their name isnt Leeds United.
Brentford might score oo.
Whys this not a Brentford free kick? They then dont score and still game on????
Oh wow, Fulham. What a great piece of disguise that was from Joe Bryan to whip in a free kick from 40 yards out and catch out goalkeeper David Raya. FFC 1-0 up v. Brentford with 15 minutes of extra time to go. Fulham 15 minutes from a return to the Premier League.

Watched a couple Brentford games and he seems awful.
I wonder if Brentfords data analyst team factored in Raya being a clown when they calculated that 50% chance of going up.
Raya will not forgive himself.Has been very good for Brentford.
Brentford have bottled it again.
Brentfords goalkeeper is not serious how could he not save that.
Swapped brentford into the pl for my new cm save and ive made a lot of progress already.
The Brentford keeper there.
Mind the Gap Thomas Frank!
Brentford have been terrible in attack as well tho. Cant blame him completely.
Brentford when Chelsea smash them 5-0 in the F.A cup next year with benrahma getting a hat-trick.
The entire Sky camera crew realising Brentford arent going up.
Brentford really bottled it.
Fulham were the better team. Had Brentford been promoted, they'd have followed Norwich City 's trajectory in the Premier league. Absolutely underwhelming performance from Brentford:Not Top Tier Team.
And me, games been shite and I wanted Brentford to win too shambles this.
Fulham lead 0-1. Brentford goalkeeper.
Brentford fans after that free kick.
I have some family that support Brentford and I have nothing against Fulham I just wish that an underdog team actually made it up to the prem.
Lmao if Brentford win its getting 10k.
Joe Bryans clearly done a correspondence course at the TAA school for quick thinking full backs. Would still rather see Brentford in the Prem but that was a goal worthy of promotion.
Premier teams choosing Brentford players...
Kepa isn't even good enough to play in goal for Brentford.
David Raya is looks so sceptical for Brentford, been watching this since the 89th minute and and Ive seen him concede a goal with shit positioning and him come storming out his box twice.
Said Benrahma and Ollie Watkins when Brentford are still in the Championship.
Atleast the Brentford GK dived..
Some great Brentford threads knocking around...
Joe Bryan goal vs Brentford. Peep the GK.
Fed up with parachute payments which ensure clubs with much more money move between PL and Championship. Praying that Brentford win.
Ahh shit. Want Brentford up to freshen things up.
Brentford don't deserve to go up. Come to the final playing passively as fuck. Get fucked. Bore off into the championship.
Onomah did his thing! Put in a shift!
If Brentford don't go up it's on Martin Atkinson. One definite red in the first half. Possibly another a few minutes ago. Shocking how abysmal refereeing is costing teams their season.
Onomah if Brentford Win.
Brentford keeper.
So this playoff finals between Fulham and Brentford is the most expensive football competition in the world? Just wow.
Fed up of seeing the same teams being promoted and relegated. Gutted for Brentford.
There is Pontas Jansen who left leeds after bottling it multiple times only to bottle promotion with Brentford and Leeds to go up.
Everyones scared to play Brentford cocky b*stards.
Fuck Fulham they will just go down again next season and the cycle continues, boring ass club. Come on Brentford grab an equaliser!!
Only way for Raya to make up for his mistake is if Brentford make it to pens and they win with him making some saves.
Brentford away next season in the new stadium then.
Cant be sitting back against Brentford, carry on playing our game!
Brentford :(.
Bro Ive been watching Brentford only for like their last 4 games and their LB has been really good in all of them but that transfer makes sense so we probably wont go for it.
Brentford had a worse record at Wembley than Sunderland.
We deserve some penalty drama at least for watching this game. Come on Brentford.
The Brentford goalies dive is the best thing ever there.
If Fulham beat Brentford to promotion because they outsmarted them on set pieces I guess Im done.
Theres the Brentford keeper doing his best to imitate Calder. Butter on the gloves and rocks in his boots.
Brentford goalie capitulated.
What the fuck is that goalkeeping?
Brentford through it, they were favs said they were going to come out all attacking but never, left it late ET a goal down now the put the pressure on, another Norwich, better Fulham going up.
Joe Bryans free kick gives Fulham the lead against Brentford. EFLplayoffFinal ]SkySports].
Since the 1990/91 season, Brentford have lost in all eight of their play-off campaigns. Will their luck change when they face Fulham at Wembley tonight?
Brentford have lost the streets man.
As hopeful as I was for brentford I did question whether experience could be their downfall. Fulham on the other hand bringing on the likes of Mitrovic, Knockaert and Cavaleiro who have premier league experience.

Funny part is Brentford's former goalkeeping coach is now here. They must miss him bad.
I hate Brentford.
Clubs coming for Brentfords players if the result stands.
Dur pour Brentford.
Brentford's attacking line when it really matters.
Knew as soon as Brentford bottled 2nd that would be them dead and buried, same happened to us last season. WBA were proper there for the taking too, nice bit of humble pie for the best team in the league.

Brentford are currently the buffalo that the hyenas have been at for the last half an hour. Vultures are now circling and its gonna get tasty.
Le Marchand is on. Then Brentford still has a chance with him on the pitch. 10 mins to go.
Who is the Brentford number 10 with the bleached blonde hair? Hes fuckin.
This Benrahma no show when Brentford need him the most.
Would much rather see Brentford in the Premier League next season. WBA and Fulham are yo-yo clubs now, its boring!
Come Brentford u can do it.
If Brentford win tonight Ill give one person who retweets this my whole PayPal balance.
Noo dont choke brentford please.
Something about that Brentford manager I cant bear, cant work out if its the gum chewing or the size of his tabs either way Im done.
What the hell is that, Brentford? We were rooting for you. We were all rooting for you.
As much as I wanted Brentford to be promoted, Fulham are just a traditional Premier League side.
Brentford has not been in the top flight of English football in 73 years. The Bees will need a goal against Fulham in extra time to give themselves a chance. What a devastating loss it would be if they don't get it. You come so close after all this time and fall just short.

Kinda wanted Brentford up. Weve experienced Fulham. Theyll be back down next year. Wanted to see if Brentford would do a mazza.
Very good goal keeper, but I hold Brentford to a very high standard and feel hes too flappy at times. As a cb Id know he has the ability to keep the side in the game but at the same time wouldnt fill me with confidence.

109' Il faut tenir ! Il faut tenir! Come on Fulham! Come on you Whites! BRENTFORD 0nulb - 1nulb FULHAM.
Brentford right now.
Brentford bottling it? Welcome to blues Watkins and benrahma.
Come on Brentford!

What You Really Think

Brentford- complete collapse after lock down.

Ollie Watkins 15 minutes left, concern is about team or money? Obviously with 26 goals to his name this season, with Brentford or not, he will be playing in the Premier League next season.

Arsenal back room staff grabbing an FA cup medal.

Not based on tonight. They've all looked wank.

Who needs another Bournemouth in the Premier League? These flash in the pan small teams have no fanbase, no longevity. It is like Oldham of the mid-90's.