Monday 29th of March 2021

NSW Health Response to Brisbane Cases. Please See Media Release For More information.

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Andrew Laming was this morning forced into counselling after allegations of bullying and aggressive behaviour, but tonight the most explosive claim yet; a young Brisbane mother has finally built the courage to come forward and tell her story.

One day after JobKeeper ends, Brisbane and surrounds go into lockdown. This pandemics not over, but Scott Morrisons support for workers and businesses sure is.
Greater Brisbane will enter a three-day lockdown, beginning at 5pm today, including Brisbane, Ipswich, Logan, Moreton Bay and Redlands. The decision comes after the state recorded FOUR new locally acquired COVID-19 cases in the past day.

Tasmania imposing quarantine obligation on arrivals from Greater Brisbane.
Brisbane lockdown the day after Jobkeeper ended. The country is a circus.
Looking forward to Brisbane panic buying essentials that they don't have like a competent forward pack, halves, outside backs and coach before 5pm.
Queensland Covid hotspots: list of Brisbane and regional Qld coronavirus case locations Queensland The Guardian.
Brisbane sent into snap virus lockdown -aap.
Thursday night's round three opener has been relocated to Melbourne, as Brisbane prepares to enter a three-day lockdown.
Are you guys coming to Perth? You know... its in the western third of Australia... nowhere near Adelaide, Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, or Wollongong.
The Latest: Brisbane, Australia will go into lockdown.
We will remain open as usual throughout the Greater Brisbane 3-day lockdown. If you need support please call us anytime 24/7 on (07) 3217 2544. If you are in an emergency situation please call the Police on 000.

No, four cases in Brisbane DID NOT spark a 3-day lockdown. Power grabbing grubs did.
Health Minister Greg Hunt is providing a COVID-19 update from Melbourne as the Greater Brisbane coronavirus cluster grows to seven.
Solidarity with the tens of thousands prematurely kicked off JobKeeper today. And also sending love to Brisbane who are going into lockdown and reminding us the pandemic is not over, so JobKeeper shouldnt be either!!!

Mask up and stay safe this week Brisbane V.
There's currently no restrictions for intraste travel &/or transit. The lockdown only applies to Greater Brisbane. If you are travelling interstate, check requirements at your destination.
Historic Brisbane bayside home back on demolition path after court ruling.
COVID live updates: Brisbane goes into lockdown as schools close following four new cases of community transmission.
Brisbane to go into a three day lockdown.
Premier AnnastaciaMP announces Greater Brisbane going into 3-day lockdown from 5pm today, schools close, mask up 4 new community case overnight (total of 7 cases in this new cluster), 2 under investigation Check QLD Health for details auspol Source.

Why wear a mask now if you cant catch anything till after 5 today.
A group of Brisbane players have flown into Melbourne as reinforcements for Thursday night's clash with Collingwood. But they will need to record a negative COVID-19 test until they can join their teammates >>>.

Australian city of Brisbane to shut down over seven Covid cases.
New Public Health Direction requires anyone in the ACT who has been in Greater Brisbane from 11 March to complete a declaration form. People who have been in Brisbane City Council or Moreton Bay Regional Council also get tested and isolate. More at.

Have Morrison and Frydenberg attacked Brisbane's mini-lockdown yet? Or are they too busy trying to spin their disastrous internal party focus group findings from the weekend into an announcement?
You've got this Brisbane Thinking of you, much love from a veteran at lockdowns -a Victorian Love EBK PS. MORRISON - WHY AREN'T WE MOSTLY VACCINATED YOU INCOMPETENT CRETIN - 1 JOB!!!
COVID lockdown chaos: Game moved, players stranded AFL: The AFL has ruled that Brisbane's contest against Collingwood will be played at Marvel Stadium on Thursday night.
I've got unfinished business in Brisbane.
Brisbane-Collingwood game set for shift to Melbourne.
Lantern-making and clock tour rides are some of the fantastic free activities at City Hall this school holiday.
Ladies and gentlemen, in tonight's performance of Easter, the role of Jesus will be played by Brisbane.
TRAVEL FROM Greater Brisbane to ACT: residents can return, must complete online declaration asap prior to travel. Must quarantine, get tested on arrival in line w above Non-residents in Greater Brisbane will need an ACT Health exemption before they can travel to Canberra.

Waffle PB&J, Double Cheesy Toast Mack Me Daddy & Nutella Fries (: brisbane_burgerquest on IG).
Greg Hunt says Brisbane isnt a Commonwealth hotspot. He says there are contingencies in place if the spike in cases grows. Mr Hunt says he has faith in the Queensland Health Department 7/.
Health Minister Greg Hunt says asymptomatic testing for COVID has been authorised across Greater Brisbane from today. The state/federal Aged Care response team is taking preemptive action in case of spread. Vaccination is a legitimate reason to leave home. 1/.

Given the lock down news for Brisbane this morning, I'm sure we could all do with a Fairy-wren or two. Stay safe, everyone.
How did the NRL help our cause when we returned to the competition? You're getting us mixed up with teams like Melbourne and Brisbane.
Brisbane is in lockdown, again. Remember how we were told that this "most likely" would not happen? It was always going to happen.
Meanwhile woolworths Paddington selfish customers are stripping the shelves like a zombie invasion is coming.. You know, you can still go shopping tomorrow during the lockdown. And guess what, the shelves are invariably full of stock. Cmon Brisbane.

CORONAVIRUS Coronavirus: Brisbane put in three-day lockdown as COVID-19 cluster grows.
The Latest: Brisbane, Australia will go into lockdown - Kenosha News.
NSW Health contacts thousands of people returning from Brisbane after latest COVID-19 cases - ABC News.
Here I was laughing at people in other countries born in march having their birthday in lockdown for 2 years in a row but thanks to a bloke in Brisbane I'm in lockdown for my birthday too again this year, classic.

Brisbane, please consider saving your Easter recycling bottles to donate here .. My gorgeous friend is raising money for breathing equipment for her sister town in the Ukraine, Iviv, while ALSO tidying up ours Amazing V.

As with previous clusters/lockdowns like this: RESTRICTIONS DO NOT APPLY to people who are simply transiting through the Brisbane and Gold Coast airports, eg to North Queensland.
So the Brisbane guy that supposedly had a party of 25 was just him plus 4 housemates.. media doing its fearmongering.
Brisbane. There is no good reason to lock down. AnnastaciaMP you are a criminal. You do not have the right to keep destroying peoples lives.
Families in Brisbane will be slugged gap fees during this lockdown for child care they cant access. Two weeks ago the Morrison Government voted against Labors amendment in Federal Parliament, that would have protected families from this exact situation.

Oh ffs ...Brisbane will enter a snap three-day lockdown after four new local COVID cases were detected while officials have revealed two infected people travelled to Byron Bay.
Greater Brisbane will go into a three-day lockdown and restrictions will come into place across Queensland after cases of COVID-19 transmission were detected in the community.
Andrew Laming has gone on ABC Radio Brisbane to assert he only ever asks the "tough questions" ... but now that has been "re-invented into harassment and for that I apologise".
While Locate Conferences Australia is disappointed to cancel the Brisbane live site due to the Brisbane lockdown, we are prepared for this. We are excited that Locate21 is still going ahead as planned online & in person in Melbourne, Sydney & Canberra.

Ive had a similar thing in the past and wasnt able to fly. The flights usually dont get cancelled for those in transit (ie if I fly melbourne to Brisbane and immediately fly from Brisbane to Townsville). Hope that helps?

It's day 1 without JobKeeper and Brisbane is about to enter another lockdown. The pandemic isn't over because the Government is over it. Now is not to the time for the government to abandon workers.
3 day Brisbane lockdown? No problem I'll just.
Ochre Restaurant Executive Chef and owner Craig Squire says the three-day Greater Brisbane lockdown triggered by four new cases identified overnight appears to be overkill.
Greater Brisbane residents must wear masks outside the home, including in ride shares, on public transport and in workplaces. Cafes, pubs & restaurants will open only for take-away service. Schools in the locked down areas will remain open for children of essential workers.

For all boat arrivals in Australia Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth, Adelaide, Darwin, Hobart, Canberra rally.
Are you: in brisbane? on jobkeeper or jobseeker? a Young Person? triplejHack wants to hear about what the changes this week will mean for you send them a dm or comment on this post.
Brisbane going into three day lockdown how would National operate their travel bubble chrisbishop with zero risk of another border breach? AND not block off borders and leave stranded Kiwis and wrecked travel plans?

Messaging Ive seen from gov makes no mention of those who have been in Brisbane needing to lockdown. I just flew back into Isa from Brisbane. Ive just gone to get a covid test and will stay here until I get results. Messaging needs to be firm and consistent.

The Vic Health Dept tells me: We are closely monitoring the situation (IN QLD - w Greater Brisbane Lockdown and Hot Spot declaration) and will provide updated advice today.
Obviously not heading to Brisbane this week. Sorry to those who booked with avidreader4101 to see me and inexorablist talk about Monsters - but it's only postponed!
Never change, Brisbane.
Schools are closing early due to Brisbane's lockdown, bringing forward school holidays.
Brisbane heads into snap lockdown after new Covid-19 community cases. So much for the AUS-NZ bubble you keep on about!
Brisbane here. I concur.
Lol at this bloke. Laura: everyone in QLD has to wear masks. Resteraunt guy: that's a terrible decision.
Greater Brisbane will enter a three day snap lockdown this afternoon, after the state recorded another four cases of community transmission overnight. Visitors to two venues in Byron Bay have been warned after infectious Brisbane residents attended them.

Vaccine rings and use for Brisbane to control outbreak? Small group of 7 Not declared C'wealth hotspot Vaccines prepositioned in Qld, large stock to draw from, and AC and GP vaccine program continuing If significant outbreak guided by AHPPC.

Have you been to either of these Byron Bay venues? If you happened to attend at the times listed, you should get tested IMMEDIATELY and self-isolate. Latest info.
Brisbane go into 3 day lockdown and yet want more Fed $ to prop up tourism. Knee jerk reactions every time.
Visitors to two venues in Byron Bay have been warned after COVID-infectious Brisbane residents attended them.
Authorised asymptomatic testing at C'wealth clinics and AC facilities in affected areas of Brisbane AC Response Centre ebbing established CMO is leading AHPPC meeting as we speak Message Qld given-vaccination is a critical reason to leave home.

Brisbane lockdown is a distraction of the failure of the Dannastacia Govt. The strain escaped a Q Govt Hospital a Q Govt doctor 3 weeks ago but contact tracers need another 3 days! While the PS gets a 7 day holiday everyone else faces turmoil. Its an Easter Bunny Cluster.

Dont forget: this whole thing is happening because we hadnt yet vaccinated doctors working with covid-positive patients, even though millions of doses sat unused. Meanwhile, said doctors arent required to wear N95 masks around covid-positive patients.

Our GPs have vaccinated more elderly in one week than the Feds have in aged care homes since the start of the roll out. Feds are incompetent. Brisbane brisbanelockdown Queensland Premier AnnastaciaMP take over the roll out in aged care.

Australian city of Brisbane and nearby areas put on lockdown after 4 new coronavirus cases.

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When will we know when the infected pair were in Byron, and where they visited?

X 2 confirmed to have traveled from SE QLD to Byron Bay from QLD CMO. Close border to QLD. Mass travel will occur especially with holidays and people avoiding lockdown in QLD. Same mindset wont get tested. UK variant unforgiving. GladysB hard n fast saves lives.

2 infected visited Byron recently, and greater Brisbane now a Hot spot. take care people.

Please Nsw health take into consideration the juvenile delinquents running this state who don't know the difference between a 25 person rave party and a person at home with 4 room mates and a visitor having a quiet drink.

I returned home at 4.45am today after having spent almost one month in Qld. The later my train accessibly seat changed 4 times until a coach was necessary. Why are the alerts for flights only.

Seriously..reinstate mandatory masks on transport and in closed spaces for the next 4 weeks . We have school holidays already know 9 people . ..join the dots . Dont leave NSW exposed to an outbreak ..go early , dont wait .

Can you jab those returnee buggers before they hop on a plane? We dont want another outbreak!

How about responding, by paying attention to this as well. Queensland is another state that's failed to respond.

"entry declaration form". So pretty much gathering the same info Vic have been getting all along with the border permits system only doing it retrospectively?

Fucking deport them.

So I are we safe to travel there? My kids havent seen their father in over a year! Every trip has been cancelled due to COVID scare .

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