Sunday 28th of February 2021

Shunde, Foshan City, China. Bruce Lee Statue is 18 Meters Tall (59 Feet).

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Barack Obama and Bruce Springsteen have teamed up to host a new podcast about masculinity, race, fatherhood and their professional and personal journeys.
Shunde, Foshan City, China. Bruce Lee Statue is 18 Meters Tall (59 Feet).
Rockers Who Never Had a Billboard 1 Single: AC/DC Bad Company Black Sabbath Bruce Springsteen The Clash Bob Dylan Grateful Dead Green Day Jimi Hendrix Journey The Kinks Kiss Led Zeppelin The Moody Blues Nirvana Pearl Jam Ramones R.E.M. Supertramp Tom Petty Van Morrison The Who.

Just a thought but wouldn't Eddie be the perfect replacement for Bruce.. Just joking or am I.
Have always loved Bruce since he was in Channel 10 here in Adelaide. 84 LA Olympics - Glynis Nunn... before that he called SANFL including the 83 Sturt v West GF... Bruce = Professional.
A wise man can learn more from a foolish question than a fool can learn from a wise answer. Bruce Lee.
So sad that Bruce is calling it a day for AFL games. Hes called so many momentous Hawthorn matches! Wish him all the best!
With Eddie stepping aside as Collingwood President , thus no more conflict of interest . Eddie would be the perfect replacement for Bruce to commentate Friday Night Footy on Channel 7 . Make it happen.

'I'm going to miss it': Legendary broadcaster Bruce McAvaney steps away from AFL commentary.
Fuck you guys hahaha coz its Labor she is lying?
Niming nimes. (Just added the accent).
Nu op KINK DNA: Bruce Springsteen - From My Home To Yours Vol 17.
She used a misogynistic slur against the Vic DCMO, just for having an opinion, last year. She contributed to that pile on for purely political reasons. Henderson has no concern for womens well being & her concern for human rights is showcased in her record of how she votes...

Yes it appears the Liberals are now mounting a huge deflection campaign by dredging up matters which have been dealt with by the Police several times with no evidence found or witness credibility established. But that won't stop Mike Smith News from employing the smear.

Newcastle manager and tactical maestro Steve Bruce is blaming the left midfielder he brought on at right back (after releasing a right back who was playing more regularly than the right back who started tonight) for not passing on tactical instructions quickly enough ***nulb.

Of course they will. ScottyTheRapistProtector knows that he only has to ride through a week of coverage that waters down each day and the apathy of the public will kick in again.
And now the fed LNP no longer has a working majority in parliament, I reckon they're desperate.
Bruce McAvaney at his 1990s peak turned the dial on what we wanted and expected from sports commentators. Were tough on them now, but its partly an expectation raised by Bruces exacting standards. A doyen.

I don't think I've heard Bruce more excited about Hawthorn than this play right here. You can just picture him about to leap out of his seat! A goal memorable for Hawthorn's awesome teamwork, but the call makes it that much more special too.

A legendary athletics commentator too, probably without peer to be honest. A great career. Go well Bruce.
So can journalists that are getting backgrounded on this by PMO please put up your hands like vanOnselenP did last week? This is politics. And it is not cool.
Bruce Wayne and Peter Parker are white, straight males, and thats fine. Batman and Spider-Man however, can be anyone.
Adam West hanging out with Bruce Lee and Van Williams.
Bruce is usually stood sulking givin him the evil eye while hes shouting instructions. Why if he appointed him.
He knows what he did. The police can assess his response for credibility. Prosecution is not the main game here. Due process and accountability as a matter of public record. Stand down.
Heya, Can you and/or someone you know help SaveMattByMidnight (I'm matt=need to cover something that would be superbad if bounces, life changing bad) $WHOPPERlover - $1,677 to go!
Complaint has been investigated previously. Her and her "QC" acting on her behalf, through a journalists twitter have been reporting on it all week, with little cut through... Until today.
Bruce McAvaney has retired from calling AFL, effective immediately. Ill miss his old fashioned touch, like knowing the names of the players.
Whats the backstory as to why dusty called Bruce pumpkin head ? How did it come about?
Products on shelves without the level of customer service John Lewis used to be renowned for.
Bruce campbell is very yass.
On events of the week 1) Two iconic Americans came together to announce a new podcast titled Renegades: Born in the USA. One of them is Bruce Springsteen. Who is the other?
Sarah Henderson, well what a surprise it was only a matter of time before one of them emerged from the cesspit She should immediately refer the matter to the Police & pass on the details to Albanese what's the bet she does neither.

All good wishes to the wonderful Bruce.
Bruce Dickinson does not agree with that.
When met covers rtth and asks a different nwobhm singer to sing on it and bruce snaps and types up a notes app manifesto >>>.
Actually, Bruce, I don't think Scummo is that bright. His desire to live in the lodge and mix with the rich has ousted any common sense he may have had and replaced it with delusions of grandeur. I hope his fall is a nasty one.

Maybe you are Robert the Bruce.
Deflect bully manual 101! I have no doubt ALP will handle this respectfully and dignified! Meanwhile the government will continue to protect alleged rapists, sexual predators.
A cryptic social media post from actor BruceCampbell adds more evidence to his speculated role in DoctorStrangeInTheMultiverseOfMadness! Details.
Thanks Bruce for so many wonderful memories. You probably went on a few years longer than you should have, but footy commentary will never get any better than Friday nights with you and Dennis. Enjoy the next chapter legend! P.s. How bloody good is Tom Stewart.

Loved Bruce but glad hell still be commentating other sports.
All season we have been told we are wrong and what a good job Steve Bruce is doing. NUFC have 12 games to go I fear the chance to save us has already gone.
And, it would seem, desperate.
Its always the same defence for the LNP, 'oh well they did it too'.
I see top man-manager Bruce at it again throwing his players under the bus! No-ones safe with him, just so long as the blame never gets laid at his door. Will do all to maintain nice guy image. Seen it all at villa, nufc will be the same. His media mates to the rescue soon.

Information about this man will be leaked to media AFP will conduct a raid without any proof LNP Media will broadcast this 24/7 Later once the damage is done and Scotty is satisfied, then AFP (LNP lapdog) will clear that Labor MP very quietly without any media.

Won't work. Participants will volountarily come forward .
Today, I'd be thrilled to just being at the museum. It's come a long way since Bruce and Dave started it back in the stone age.
She did. I saw previous messages saying it was going to happen before it did.
Bruce, it's been special Vnulb.
And he used a women to raise it..SenSHenderson ..scottyfromarketing at his best.
:Dr. Bruce Greyson After IANDS 1shawnster.
Liberal leaders are always held to a different standard. Whats your point?
When Morrison stood at the despatch box & threatened Labor he wasnt interested in any victims or giving his information to police but scoring political points.
Have to protect children that is normal practice !
Very crude and very stupid.
All it does is show how poor both sides of politics is and if it is true then this is a pretty fucked attitude on your behalf.
Batman was saved by Superman not really wanting to kill him. It would have been over instantly if there was real intention to kill Bruce.
Well, that was predictable. It's precisely what LNP needed and hey presto, there it is!
Gutted Bruce McAvaney has given away AFL commentary. Absolute pro, 30 years of pleasure listening to him make commentary enjoyable and sound so easy. Now to endure Luke Darcy and Basil .
Bruce Coburn.
BRUCE WAYNE: You know, my father sat me down, right here. Told me what Wayne manor was built of. ALFRED: Railways, real estates and oil. BRUCE WAYNE: The first generation made their fortune trading with the French. Pelts and skins. They were hunters.

Whenever I observed the PrimeMoron of India, Narendra Modi in his staged interaction with students speak rubbish or ask stupid questions. I was reminded of what Bruce Lee once said - "A wise man can learn more from a foolish question than a fool can learn from a wise answer.".

He has called more than 1,000 games, now Bruce McAvaney has called his final AFL game for Channel7. At 67 the legendary broadcaster is stepping down, but just from the footy, declaring he still has more to give to his other commentary passions.

Because the man is an absolute dinosaur just like Bruce. He isnt clever nor knowledgeable enough to work in this country and along with his horrible twat sidekick Gray is a sexist twat. The mans being an absolute idiot for years.

Cant wait for mosanswers episode on the new Its Time piece. A degustation Victor- Vitrun man Bruce- St. Sebastian Diana- Joan of Arc Arthur- Neptune Clark- Ascension of Christ Barry- Hermes with caduceus, also a crucifixion pose. Havent found an exact match.

Well said.
In training? She graduated some time ago.
Any other owner and I think Steve Bruce would be gone tonight.
Why to Ms Henderson? Why not to Adam Bandt, Scott Morrison, AFP, Anthony Albanese? Email can be easily traced through web.
When you look up the word legend in the dictionary, youll find a picture of Bruce McAvaney. The true GOAT of Australian sports commentators. His voice will be sorely missed on AFL games. Bring on the Olympics even more now so I can still hear his voice.

DnulbJack Graham that isDnulb thanks for the memories Bruce.
Not 1 person running our club has any football knowledge. No footballing link between manager and owner/board. Bruce is accountable to a glorified tea boy, the ever invisible Charnley.
The metoo movement went nuts but MSM are barely making a wave about this stuff!
Howard I think took the 'isms of Thatcher & Reagan with the ineptitude of Friedman economics stirred in American free-market, RWNJ evangelicals & cursed us with Abbott & now Morrison. He dug the cess-pit & has been feeding & stirring it ever since.

You're probably right Mr. jrmagpie, and that is heartbreaking...
Have won 2 in 17, we've took 9 points from 45. It's ok though Steve Bruce is "quietly confident". IMO we need at least 9 points out of the last 12 games. 9 from 36? In all honesty I can't see where we get them from.

A standard Murdoch tactic ...
I hope he revels in his ignorance & ego until the election!
Wiley-Bruce Wayne is one of the best instrumentals I have ever got me feel like Im Batman fighting crime.
Bruce Springsteen pleaded guilty Wednesday to charges he imbibed alcohol at New Jersey's Sandy Hook National Recreation Area, despite knowing it was.
Typical people pleasing lars djdjdj but you KNOW kirk and james were talking mad shit behind the scenes djdjd bruce is probably still mad over that run to the hills intro fjdjdj.
Sarah is in training to become an attack dog !
A similar one given to Steve Bruce at the start of the season.
Video: Bruce McAvaney retires from AFL remark at age 67 ...
Bruce is shackled by the pearls of his mother ZACK SNYDER STOP MAKING ME CRY CHALLENGE.
I reckon '95 was peak Friday night football as well as peak Bruce.
He loves living in the Lodge and swanning about with the rich. He'll cling to it as long as he can.
Hiphop reggaeton soul RnB music np Hungry Heart by Bruce Springsteen on.
Siren sounds on Bruce McAvaneys legendary career as AFL match commentator.
Bruce shouldve stopped commentating on the AFL 10 years ago. Hamish will replace him and it wont be an improvement.
So true!

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Beautiful! I must visit this great location in China one day!

Bruce Lee could crush Chuck Norris with one hand.

Amazing very well done.

As it should be.

A living legend.

So awesome to see.



Le petit DRAGON toujours invincible en popularite ! Etonnant que personne ne soit parvenu a son niveau ...

Don't concentrate on the blue arrow or you will miss or that heavenly glory.

This should be on tour around world with Bruce Lee memorabilia...

I would love to see this statue.

Wow Wow.