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Tuesday 23rd of June 2020

"I'm Ashamed And Embarrassed" Burnley's Ben Mee Responds to an Offensive Banner Flown Over The Etihad Stadium Before Today's Game With Man City More.

"I'm ashamed and embarrassed" Burnley's Ben Mee responds to an offensive banner flown over the Etihad Stadium before today's game with Man City More.
Players and officials take a knee in support of BlackLivesMatter At the same time, a 'White Lives Matter - Burnley' banner is flown over the Etihad Stadium. No words.
Bernardo Silva has assisted four of Man City's nine PL goals against Burnley this season The last player to provide as many assists against a side in a single campaign was Christian Eriksen v Stoke (2016/17).

Just read Burnley's apology in the Daily Mail for the plane flying the White Lives Banner over their ground. I would suggest they read the comments in reply. It didn't go down too well with (ex) fans. How about a Spitfire with a "Poppies Matter Too" banner to win back fans?

Manchester City Crush Burnley 5-0 with Foden and Mahrez doubles.
Burnley "strongly condemns" those behind the White Lives Matter banner that was flown over the Etihad. Club "will work fully with the authorities to identify those responsible and issue lifetime bans.".

There's a plane flying over the Etihad that says 'White lives matter - Burnley'. Fucking hell, what an absolute embarrassment. Absolute disgrace.
FT: Manchester City 5-0 Burnley. Jurgen Klopp must still be confused ?
Burnley condemn 'White Lives Matter' banner.
Football is finished. Well done to the Burnley fans who got this plane flyover. Fantastic.
Converted a first-half penalty as SerieA leaders juventusfcen resumed their campaign with a 2-0 win at Bologna on Monday, lifting some of the pressure off coach Maurizio Sarri.
Burnley FC apologise after 'White Lives Matter' banner flown at match Many Football Fans Have Now Switched Off!
Plane carrying a banner "White Lives Matter Burnley" has just flown over the Etihad Stadium. Burnley players and coaching staff took a knee about two minutes earlier.
Strange considering Burnley have NO black players in there squad at all.
Burnley captain Ben Mee condemns the banner flown over the Etihad today.
What is the purpose of burnley's banner tho.
Burnley FC apologising for plane flying over Manchester City's Ground with a Banner saying. WhiteLivesMatter. They are entitled to do that what the F**K are you apologising for Burnley you bunch of Cowards. It's called Free Speech and a point of bloody view. Grow a Pair. ???

"I'm ashamed and embarrassed" Burnley's Ben Mee responds to an offensive banner flown over the Etihad Stadium before today's game with Man City.
"I would love to ask them why they feel this way" MicahRichards reflects on the offensive banner which flew above the Etihad Stadium before Monday Night Football More.
Burnley have released a statement saying the club "strongly condemns" those behind a banner reading 'White Lives Matter Burnley' that was flown over the Etihad Stadium before their Premier League game versus Man City. Story.

Burnley F.C., are you serious? You lot are so provincial that you're hardly clout, nothing...just your racism. Well done that lads. Long may it serve you fucking plebes.
This is the company that flew the racist banner over the Burnley match tonight.
When people ask me if i like football i reply with yes, i do like football. but not burnley.
Damn, you could replace "Burnley" with "Liverpool" and the tweet would still make sense.
Burnley doing well then.
'Ashamed': Football world in shock over plane's 'sickening' banner.
I think we can 100% confirm that many football fans have a deep problem with racism and misogyny. Thanks Burnley and Liverpool fans for being sample sizes tonight.
GOAL Man City 5-0 Burnley (63 mins) Foden nets his second of the night, passing the ball in from Jesus' flick-on.
Manchester City actually deserve the league more than Liverpool, there football is 10X more entertaining. Liverpool just pass it to Van Dijk who lumps it up to mane who either passes or scores. Just a good Burnley.

Burnley club, captain and manager condemn the banner flown over Etihad.
A number of clubs have questioned Sean Dyche's views towards blacks and why there are so few in the Burnley squad.
Graeme Souness and Micah Richards heap praise on Phil Foden after two-goal display against Burnley.
A PLANE carrying a message "White Lives Matter Burnley" has flown over the Etihad during their clash with Manchester City.
Anyone with a Union Jack in their bio. Or if you take offence to this tweet, feel free to unfollow me. Sick to death of racism, discrimination and arseholes who think this patch of land is theirs. Burnley fans. In the bin. Should play behind closed doors forever.

Man City could beat Burnley 25-0 but will still remain 20 points behind us ?
Burnley are losing meaning that Arsenal stay in the top half for another day.
Burnley Condemn 'White Lives Matter' Plane & Promise to Ban Fans Responsible Casino News .
Burnley FC officials need condemning.
Burnley have let down their fans.
Onome Ronaldo Penaldo Aguero Messi TachaHasMovedOn iPhone Omah Lay James Brown Dybala Milo Drake White House Burnley Drogba Zaheer.
If you think Burnley are too bad losing 5-0, remember they did this at Old Trafford ?
Also fuck those dumb Burnley cunts who think whitelivesmatter bunch of fucking inbred cunts.
So the banner from a Burnley fan has caused outrage but why because at the moment the trend is black lives matter. Yes, black lives matter is an important message but also what about the the 3 white lives that have left us because of a cold hearted terrorist attack.

The Fan Club behind the White Lives Matter Burnley plane has been revealed.
Man City crush depleted Burnley to keep Liverpool waiting.
My thoughts on the shameful flag that was flown outside Ethiad, proved to be from Burnley fans. Me and many Burnley fans have spent years representing our local team trying to show people our pride and passion in our area. It's disgusting, and I don't condone these MORONS. UTC.

What You Really Think

Nothing offensive about pointing out that it's not just black lives that matter. What this does show is how ingrained the loonyleft indoctrination has become.

Dumb jock needs to educate himself. The BLM movement is built on lies and emotion. If UK crime statistics are anything like they are in the US the real question is, do white lives matter?

Why was it any more offensive than their banner?

What a vile man.

Brilliant lad. Good on him.

Am i missing something? Why is that banner offensive?

Zee Mitty 6v yr.

So what. You can say whatever you want. Oh I guess not if you're white.

It is now official: Burnley FC do not think that white lives matter.

Offensive my arse so when blm hold cards up and say black live matter is sterling going to say he's embarrassed, IS HE FK. ALL LIVES MATTER.

Question. If the UK is so racist why are thousands trying to find boats to take them from war torn Calais to the racist UK? It makes absolutely no sense.

Grow a pair, Ben.

Apparently a 3 year old African American life doesn't matter. Probably because he was shot and killed by an African American criminal. The far right are going to get recruit's in the thousands thanks to these virtue signalling idiots.

He's a sports jock, has no intelligence, brought up only to play sport.

I've always associated burnley with racists, I mean look at the team, is there diversity?

Racism at its peak. Smh??

Premier league holding a gun to everyone who works in and around the league. Obey or lose your job.

And here we have an example of something being "acceptable" to say about one race but "offensive" to say about another. Seems like racism to me.

There is a clear double standard that everyone is supposed to blindly accept.

It's inappropriate and doesn't do anything to improve relations. Truly, "truly stupid is what stupid does.".

Do not all lives matter not just black it is all become one side.

Muslim grooming gangs. White girls lives matter.

Years of conditioning ensure this.

I love it. Why not? We have as much right. All races should do it. It's all "life" that matters.

I'm 55 and I've loved football for 50 of those years. For the last 20 years I've watched the game I love eaten away from the inside with overpaid primadonnas falling over in a slight breeze. Corrupt FIFA. And now this BLM nonsense. You've killed it and I'm done with football.

Maybe you should associate yourself with something that stops racism, instead of associating yourselves with an marxist organisation that has created even more racial division . Educate yourself! Take your head out of the sand and look at why people are angered.

Ashamed to be white?

Political correct BS.. FOOTBALLERS NEED TO REMIND THEMSELVES THIS AllLivesMatter otherwise its racist to point the finger either way black or white.. People are fed up with weak pathetic getting on the bandwagon crap..Its very simple if you're against racism then.

What is the problem in being white, what point are you trying to make.

Why is it offensive, though?

White supporters matter though . . .

The Premier League should never of pushed politics into football. Totaly on you.

Piss off. People don't stand for this anti-white racist bigotry. Cancel your Sky Subscriptions and make them lose money. If they cant respect white people as a race then we shouldn't pay them.

It was a White Lives Matter banner.

BLM are a Marxist political group. It's founders have started publicly that they are trained Marxist activists. It's website states that their intent is to bring down capitalism. You're being conned. Keep politics out of sport.


Keep your phone charged and off mute, BenMee I heard Hollywood may be intouch.

As a Clarets fan I'm ashamed & angry with those responsible for that banner, & agree they're unwelcomeatbfc. There should be equality for all, regardless of race, gender, sexuality & religion. To those who still don't get it see below.