Tuesday 13th of June 2023

Jimmy Butler With The Season on The Line .

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remember Finals game when denver about then Butler kicked Aaron Gordon balls refs reviewed said foul Gordon?
Come Refs!!! Thats some bulljive yall know Thats foul Butler. Officiating been AWFUL 2nite.
Jimmy Butler with season line.
Adebayo looking Jimmy Butler bench.
Jimmy Butler with team's Finals chances line.
Dont ever compare Miami Butler Miami Lebron.
Adebayo: need where at?" Jimmy Butler.
Jimmy Butler playing like actually Michael Jordans son.
Jimmy Butlers 2023 playoff run: 26.9 PPG, RPG, APG, STLS Took seed Finals while upsetting Bucks/Knicks/Celtics clearly playing injured since round What clown them want riding with this team forever.

Jimmy Butler smiles worried about being down 4-1.
Nikola Jokic guided Denver first title team history Monday night, Nuggets overcame dreadful shooting late flurry from Miami's Jimmy Butler.
Jimmy Butler tonight: Points (Gifted FT) 5-18 FG 0% Prediction Accuracy Corny Quotes GW Pass GONNA CEREMONY...BC HELL HOOPING ASIA.
Butler went from Jordan comparisons missing action. Hard comprehend.
Jimmy Butler still franchise player. will tweet after embarrassing loss tweet this after good win.
Jimmy brick turnover lose team Finals after months Himmy Butler Playoff Jimmy.
Jimmy Butler asked about much been affected ankle after second round: Zero. ankles fine. just didnt win, theres excuse. They beat
case year JIMMY BUTLER, micheal jordan NOTTTTTTT FATHER maybe micheal Jordan.
Jimmy Butler finals more playoff jimmy tweets Miami Heat gentlemen swept Jimmy with worse finals performance from star last years.
Jimmy hold next Butler PTS 5-18 FG 45 Keep that same energy yall with Tatum last year with Jimmy.
shoguntino HeatvsHaters Impresssed bozo? Thanks butler gifting ball late btw. Very nice HIMMY.
Joker ENDS Himmy Butler!
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Many people were IMPRESSED W/his MOUTHING BRAGGING about GREAT heat are?! spoelstra same. OVER RATED THUGS what butler heat are! Glad Denver Nuggets ALL! GREAT GUYS W/NO CHIPS THEIR SHOULDERS! CONGRATS DENVER!!! Youre GREAT TEAM!!!

Jimmy Butler: wish couldve done these guys, because they definitely deserve Keeps using word grateful this group.
Butler Tatum Age: 25 Rings: 0 Final app: 2-1 All star app: 4 All star mvp: 1 Top mvp: first team: Career points avg: 18.2 22.5 Career total point: 13,688 9,865.

Jimmy Butler doesnt seemed worried despite being down 4-1.
Jimmy Butler only star that gets pass being Jimmy Butler 2023 finals: 21/5/6 - years record Jayson Tatum 2022 finals: 22/7/7 years record "Michael Jordans Son" "Biggest finals choke ever".

Jimmy Butler just handing championships thats tough.
Rumor Jimmy butler told some reporters guarantee next one.
Tough end, this really special looking back Jimmy Butler highs role players stepping different times Adebayo coming They through gauntlet their match against very great team.

Genuine question, Tatum better finals last year? Butler average games very little help. same.
Jimmy Butler told Adebayo hold next just choke 5-18 also losing
Better than jimmy butler ring thats sure.
playoffs Nikola Jokic beaten: Jimmy Butler Bam Adebayo LeBron James Anthony Davis Kevin Durant Kawhi Leonard Devin Booker Paul George Damian Lillard DeMar DeRozan Lamarcus Aldridge Donovan Mitchell Karl Anthony-Towns Anthony Edwards Rudy Gobert CEIFIED CHAMP.

Pride LeBron, Kyrie, Jayson Tatum, Marcus Smart, Jimmy Butler, Adebayo, Tyler Herro Boston Celtics, Miami Heat.
Great season ScoresOdds community (MIA) Jimmy Butler u27.5 points -114 (MIA) Kevin Love u6.5 points -133 (88.9%) plays hardwood season.
Jimmy Butler: ankle fine. just didn't win. excuse.".
Jimmy butler without free throws.
Asked much sprained ankle suffered second round limited playoffs went Jimmy Butler said: "Zero. ankle fine.".
nuggets WON! other story line about tonight that youre about pitch trash. Jimmy Butler yeah, was. won. LETS NUGGETS!
What part touching Butler, Butler swinging right into Gordons balls miss?
dont care what anyone says, Miami Heat should proud. trolls will make excuses Heat went finals they play front them. Riley, Erik Spoelstra, Jimmy Butler, bunch other great hard-working players. They will be.

years ago, East York, Ont., native Butler (ProBaseball_Rob) makes debut with Blue Jays. Batting ninth playing goes 1-for-4 Jays' 12-1 loss Detroit Tigers Tiger Stadium. first single Bolton ninth.

never forgive Jimmy Butler this. NEVER.
Playoff Jimmy Butler hype dies.
When even people like commentators questioning validity foul, they there's high chance it's foul. That wasn't foul. That flop Butler.
Kyle Lowry taking over Jimmy Butler.

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Nigga asked for the uwop to play it off. "face it man you can't shoot".

Man whats wrong with the internet.

You aint no cop J Reed.


Jimmy Butler always puts his heart on the line and elevates his game when it matters most, can't wait to see him dominate with everything on the line See my homepage plz.


Dawgggg im cryinn.


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