Thursday 4th of June 2020

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EastEnders star Max Bowden address Ben and Callum Christmas wedding theories.
? Make your vote count for the Dafabet Player of the Year! CelticPOTY ? Fraser Forster ? Chri6ViF ? ScottBrown8 ? Ryan Christie ? Oedouard22 ? Kristoffer Ajer ? Callum McGregor ? James Forrest ? OlivierNtcham ? JeremieFrimpong Vote below ??

BAFTA TV Awards noms: ACTOR: Callum Turner (The Capture), Jared Harris (Chernobyl), Stephen Graham (The Virtues), Takehiro Hira (Giri/Haji) ACTRESS: Glenda Jackson (Elizabeth is Missing), Jodie Comer (Killing Eve), Samantha Morton (I Am Kirsty), Suranne Jones (Gentleman Jack).

Callum was praying to the dessert gods.
Callum to Steven Bradbury this?
If Callum wins this immuniry, he deserves it! He knew what he was doing and was organised!
Wow Callum.
Yesterday Chefs Callum ??? & Sinead ??? led our Meals On Wheels operation out of AigburthCC with the support of our army of volunteers ? lsmcsn is able to help the community with your generosity and support ?? ? Each1Reach1 RT ? gofundme GoFundMeUK link in bio ?

Can callum do a...
A four-day circumnavigation of Vikna, Norway by kayak two weeks ago. Read Callum's blog post here.
Callum coming through probably winning this challenge.
Poh's cherry clafoutis Khanh's caramel chocolate honeycomb Callum's gin and lime mousse.
How tall is your sun flower now Callum? ????
We will help you man, you're not alone in this ?
Callum looking to pull a bradbury.
Callum's bowls... I want! ?
Footage of regime security forces savagely beating a peaceful U.S. protestor behind a wall where nobody could see them.
If Callum makes good pasta in 20 minutes it proves that Laura has displayed very little technique every time she serves it in 2 hour challenges.
Callum has presented a beautiful dessert but it wont topple Poh. Khanh will end up 3rd place.
Can we all agree apple juice is better than orange juice.
A whole dish per person, and it has gin in it. Callum knows what I want in a dessert.
Callum deserves to win this shit.
Callum in Heat 1, Poh in Heat 3, Callum in the Immunity Cook, it really sounds like Bradbury Week here at.
If Callum pulls this off, he needs to name the dessert Bradbury.
Club would not. Ziyech and puli bought for 90 mil and Callum is gonna start most of the matches. No way Club will spend too much on another winger. That is why Sancho rumours has cooled down and Werner and havertz rumours have started.

The fact that it's clearly not the first time that Callum has ridden the 'Ben wakes up in terror following a nightmare and has to be gently reassured that he's safe' train ?
Honestly, Callum was robbed in the toastie round. If his dessert is good (which it will be, because gin), he deserves the win.
Will Callum pull a Steven Bradbury????
I was pretty confident callumskitchen had a gr8 idea when Reynold was impressed with the concept. And seeing what he has dished up... IN 30 MIN FFS; Callum deserves the win, not just for round 3 but for the.

Callum should get extra points for seperate bowls.
A hammer of a left foot ? Have a good one, Podolski10! ?
Do if Callum gets 3 x 10 that is 30 will that make him win.
Can Callum pull a Bradbury?
It's time once again for our Patreon requested podcast, and this week we're looking at the work of acclaimed indie film makers Justin Benson and Aaron Moorhead. Enjoy!
Callum is finishing like Makybe Diva down the straight.
Callum has pushed himself far more than the others.
The absolutely stunning Callum duffel bag & Rowan Ator Watch Both for $55 ? Click this link to order yours today! ? Become an Avon Rep today and get this at a Discount ??
Madeline McCann entering the chat has been the weirdest plot twist of 2020.
Do you think Callum and Laura are close? I think if they were the same sex there'd be a lot more "he's my best mate in the competition" narrative.
What will be the next rewards for futchamps be after the Ligue1 ect. , will we be back to player moments.
I sub on TOTS Atal at the start for Shevchenko and change to 4-1-2-1-2 (2).
Poh is ahead of Khanh at this stage I think. Callum has done very well I think, but not quite enough to make up the difference in scores from earlier rounds.
Student Shout out today is for Caitlin Lucas, Tom Kenny and Callum Argent for always submitting their fantastic work to Ms O'Leary. Callum even sent a joke to keep her smiling - Why did the teacher wear sunglasses? Because her students were bright!

Is Callum pulling a Bradbury?
Callum will win.
Callum winning this immunity challenge like...
These two men are truly inspiring! Myself & Callum were so honoured to be apart of the 100kinMay challenge ?? The money raised will go towards DarbyRimmerMND helping those affected with this awful disease AttackMND ?? Link in bio to donate ?

Wow Callum could do a Bradbury here!
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Simons done a lot for the rep of vegetables in his Masterchef time. Callum is on his way to making maths cool with being the maths guy ?
Show stopper coming at last....Go Go callum....
Americans love and respect a piece of cloth more than they love and respect people of colour.
Maccies is literally only nice cos its easy n convenient waiting 2-3 hours for a big mac is actually a bit embarrassing.
Naomi ackie, josh o'connor and callum turner got bafta noms too ah I'm happy for them ?
Callum holding Ben the whole way through ???
With ziyech, puli and Callum. Are we gonna sign first choice winger now ??
Callum and Finley enjoyed their walk in the park for virtualwalk. It was a lovely sunny day!
Khan or Callum!
Callum might come from behind.
One year since the most underrated scene in their whole story. where I believe it was the start of ben having more than just an attraction to callum.
Callum winning from behind would actually be kinda awesome!
Yeah... I hope one day I can find my way... I feel like I'm lost.
That is a list of celebrities who have had COVID. You really believe Callum Hudson Odoi a premier league footballer, who at the time of Epstein's death was 18 years old, was involved in child trafficking and underage molestation and chilling with 66-year-old Jeffrey Epstein.

If Callum wins, it will be the greatest come from behind victory since.
I will never get over this. Ben's first ILY for Callum & there couldn't have been a better moment for it. I am gonna be rewatching all their moments when EE is off air. I'm seeking solace in YT. That's my plan for survival.

11 months ago today - 4th July 2019 Callum finds Ben waiting for him and asks what happened with him and Jonno. EastEnders CallumHighway BenMitchell Ballum ???
Mums love callum!
Good luck Callum you worked so hard you deserve today, that dessert looks delicious??
Where do you get them Callum bowls??
Marcus Armstrong and Louis.. hmmm. Decisions, decisions. Marcus and Robert because I'm not at all swayed by insideFDA loyalties. (Yes Mick and Callum would also be fun).

Callum and Khann cook amazing desserts and Poh comes back with a pudding with tinned cherries?? Seriously?? If Poh wins this challenge this season is definitely rigged!
This is one of the best Ballum scenes to date. I always thought it was the moment Callum really fell for Ben. The way Callum looks at him after Ben kisses him on the cheek is just so intense. Love this scene. ??

My guess is Callum doing a Steve Bradbury!
Well personally a 89% drop in car sales can only be a great thing for the ClimateCrisis we need to find transport that is more environmentallyfriendly anyway.. FFS stop bailing out polluting companies.

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Had decsion between Christie and edouard, but think french eddy edges it.


Odsonne Edouard.


Callum McGregor.

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