Monday 22nd of February 2021

The Celtics' Largest Lead Was 24 Today. Brandon Ingram Just Tied The Game at 98.

Listen in to jaytatum0 mic'd up! nulb Tatum and the celtics visit the Pelicans today at 3:30pm/et on ABC.
Jaylen Brown lob to Timelord ( celtics).
Celtics ball they need a bucket man.
Louis Orr of the Knicks hitting the game-winning shot off the glass from deep on MLK Day in 1987 at MSG to beat the Celtics.
Thats Celtics ball.
Fuck it trade everyone.
Shit thats gonna be Celtics ball.
I hate you.
I hate the Celtics of Boston Massachusetts.
Celtics OT
Back-and-forth in New Orleans! celtics 104 PelicansNBA 104 1 minute left ABC.
Why do we always have to do this why do we always have to make a blowout a game Im so tired of this shit dawg.
I can not believe the Celtics blew this game. Im so tired of this shit.
Lol this shit crazy man, cant believe the Celtics.
Its been so hard being a Celtics fan this past 2 years like they lack the effort so much in the 2nd half. I miss IT4.
Jaylen brown is the best player on the Celtics.
That's gonna Celtics ball.
Fuck the Celtics.
Melli touched it last. should be Celtics ball.
This seems to happen way to much every year BRAD!!!!
8 games tonight with Celtics vs. Pelicans on ABC, and Nets vs. Clippers on ESPN! : ABC, ESPN : NBA League Pass FREE TRIAL nulb.
Fire Danny Fire Steven's Tell Kemba to fuck off to China.
Were 30 games into the season and the Celtics have had maybe like 3 complete 48 minute performances.
If the Celtics lose this game, ima need a serious break from sports betting.
Celtics are really about to choke a game away that they led by more than 20 at one point. Smh.
Onulb Young stars match up Onulb 4 in the East Celtics Onulb Zion: 25 PPG on 62% FG celtics vs. PelicansNBA TODAY at 3:30 PM ET on ABC!
Aww man I forgot you are a Celtics fam bro.
What did poor Carsen do?
Tatum nulb Brown.
Man Celtics pissin me tf off wit this inconsistancy ***nulb.
Celtics can't win a title with the virgin PeteButtigeig as HC too many cute rotations and no fucking plan on offense.
Ball Come On Guys.
That should be Celtics ball.
Another rigged come back. Do better with ur scripts lol.
Gotta be Celtics ball but they wont over turn it.
The Celtics' largest lead was 24 today. Brandon Ingram just tied the game at 98.
You guys are a joke ..hey brad youre a fukin.
Tatum hit em with the in and out and had him lost ( celtics).
The Celtics are actually ass.
Afternoon celtics stink.
So Far... The Biggest Disappointments: Boston Celtics Russell Westbrook/Kemba Walker The Biggest Surprise: The Utah Jazz Terry Rozier What are yours?
You never fail to disappoint me.
I dont want this Celtics vs Pelicans game to end. So many back & forths. So much fun. Having the fans there. Man, i miss that. Makes such a difference.
Get the Celtics trash ass outta here.
The Celtics are just embarrassing at this point.
Dont wanna hit the panic button. But whats going on celtics? Blowing a 24 lead is bad enough in itself. But the lack of defense and intensity lately is a concern.
I'm sure me laughing at the Celtics won't come back to bite me at 7PM Eastern Time.
That's off Brown. Celtics are going to have to play the foul game to extend this game.
Th Celtics could be up 50 points with 8 minutes to go and still somehow turn it into a nail biter the last 60 seconds.
I cant wait to hear about what the Celtics learned from giving up a 24pt lead.
They're really gonna give the ball to the Celtics on both of these out of bounds calls?
This game stressing me..this was suppose to be an easy win for the.
Celtics fucking stink. They were up 24.
This is a long review and this might be Celtics' ball with 15 seconds left.
Ingrams better.
You have to take it slow OB. Cant just shove a 5th year player in there!
Imagine if this Celtics team had cp3 instead of Invisalign Ramon sessions.
The Celtics have some problems they need to address.
Brad Stevens needs to go there I said it.. fuck this team.
Missed Williams for a good look inside.
Up 24 points celtics . And this what goes on.
Lmao even if the Celtics lose, they would still hold a top 5 seed. This conference is dogshit.
Celtics really suck smh get me a new coach and PG.
Why was Tatum taken out? Get Stevens out.
The Celtics are ass.
Fuck the Celtics and Fuck Kemba. Im tired of this shit. Fuck Brad Stevens too man. God fucking damn it.
After Celtics performance tonight its a certainty.
My fellow depressed Celtics fans .how you doing? This is a safe space.
Nigga drew up a play for Cardio Kemba somebody photoshop Brad stevens head onto the JFK assassination video.
Regardless of who wins this game the Celtics fooking suck.
Celtics went after Ingram with the game on the line. And Ingram did fine. Win or lose, keep Ingram and Zion on the floor late and give them opportunites/let them learn. SVG had to learn that lesson, but he is doing it now and that is progress.

Celtics really about to blow this game.
The Celtics gonna get some good wins in before the all star break and Danny gonna walk back everything he said about needing to make a deal and tell us he likes where the team is heading when the trade deadline gets here smfh.

The Celtics might be a lil scary with a real coach.
*celtics games.
They havent had killer instinct all season.
1nulb2nulb minutes to play.
Maybe the Celtics should try drinking coffee at halftime from now on.
This shit is embarrassing.
What on Earth happened to the Celtics?!?!?!
Celtics are dog water.
Need changes right now.
Bro Thies gets consistently stomped on defensively. Sure he got a couple blocks but that's because he's getting a ton of minutes, doesn't ever block out n is constantly caught of position. Rob has the same issues at times but his athleticism gets him back in the play.

Celtics how do yall lose a 24 point lead.
This Celtics game is just demoralizing.
Bro if the Celtics actually lose by blowing this lead.
The Celtics stink.
If this ball comes back to the Celtics, I want Brown taking the shot again. I know he can hit it, and boy was he close on that last effort.

What You Really Think

Comeback szn babbbby.

Celtics fans rn.

This should wake up Danny Ainge.

Stevenss to blame.


Zoin Ingram > Tabum Brown.

NBA games are rigged.


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Brad Stevens losing it.

Celtics blowing a lead? Havent seen this one before.

Pelicans fans we lit.

Im a Boston fan but Ingram is simply too good.

Lmao lol.

This Celtics team needs to do better. This is fucking trash!!!!

Why yall freaking out about this? A 24 pt lead early in the 3Q should never be a instant win. Yall overreacting.

Nahhh no Lebron James mention in a tweet??? FINALLLLLY.

Jayson Tatum wasting his prime that nigga losing to the Pelicans. He needs to join Lebron.

Ingram is so special man.

If it weren't against the Celtics I'd be impressed.

Better than jaylen.

Deserve to win after that Mickey Mouse technical on Redick. Bullshit.

Ingram better than Tatum.

Ltics lol trash ass team.

Damn Im a Celtics fan and this season isnt fun We suck***nulb.

Celtics are the NBA version of the Falcons.

Boston Ltics.


I hate this team.


If anyones surprised then you havent been watching the Boston Celtics.

Typical 4th quarter for boston... smfh.

Jason fraudum is holding the celtics back.

Better then tatum.

The clippers lead*.

BI > Tatum.


Zion and Ingram are gonna be sooo good for sooo long.

Better then jordan.

Trade smart for lebron.

Celtics suck.

Celtics >>> lakers wow i am amazed.


Chokers, bucks would never.

The Celtics are frauds.

Better than Tatum I told yall!!!

Post a real sport.

I rather watch the WNBA and the 7-59 bobcats then watch Michale Jordan and Kevin Durant play. They make my eyes bleed.