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Friday 13th of November 2020

Nearly Every U.S. State is Now Classified as Having "uncontrolled Spread" of COVID-19, According To.

This is precisely the science Dr. Fauci was denying in our last encounter. It also helps explain why herd immunity may come at a much lower than expected threshold. The Children Never Had Covid. So Why Did They Have Coronavirus Antibodies?

COVID didnt disappear on Nov. 4. Instead, it is spiking. It is dangerous. It is widespread. And it is infectious. There is hope of a vaccine but a chasm of death and suffering remains. Stay steady. Stay maksed. And stay distanced.


'It is a tragedy that could have been avoided from the very beginning.' Sir_David_King says it is 'astonishing' that the UK has trailed the rest of the world over the handling of the pandemic after Britain became the first country in Europe to reach 50,000 deaths from Covid.

Advisers to Trumps own COVID task force concede that his refusal to concede and begin the transition is going to make Bidens implementation of vaccine distribution plans harder and lead to more death. Another one.

Hi, I got a COVID test here on Monday and this is what the line looked like then. It took me less than 20 minutes from arrival to departure and I got my results the next day. The process is fast and orderly, please dont to try to frighten people it discourages testing.

CW prisons and COVID . . . . . this is URGENT- I called and found out the best person to reach is Jason Dobson at DOC. his phone is 508-422-3371 and email is I'll post an email script u can copy and paste in the following tweet(s).

COVID-19 social support cuts harming wellbeing of people with dementia and carers.
Newly-appointed WhiteHouse Chief of Staff RonaldKlain warned us about our lack of preparedness for the COVID-19 pandemic in JANUARY. We could have saved hundreds of thousands of lives with competent leadership. Elections matter.

COVID is sadness. Profound sadness. It is suffering, and sacrifice. It is perhaps the greatest abdication of presidential responsibility in American history. I have seen a lot of death and tragedy in my lifetime. But this shakes me to the core, completely and irrevocably.

Congresswoman-elect Ashley Hinson announces she has tested positive for COVID-19. No word if related, but notable that she spoke at Donald Trump's large rally in Dubuque 12 days ago on Nov. 1.
ICYMI: We reported last night that the province rejected advice from its own public health agency when it launched its new colour-coded plan for COVID19 restrictions. Here are Public Health Ontario's recommended thresholds vs the final plan.

Financial Power workshops during COVID-19 helped CHI families navigate the added burden that financial stress has wrought. Join Presenting Sponsor EY on Dec. 3 at our virtual event, and hear more of our community.

PM Urges - Stop The Politics, Says COVID-19 Is The Enemy.
Jan- Taal volcano eruption Feb- Global spread of Covid-19 Mar- Covid-19 case increases Apr- Enhance Comm. Quarantine May- ABS-CBN shutdown Jun- Lahar Jul- Anti Terror Bill Aug- still no mass testing Sept- resume of classes amidst covid-19 Oct- quakes Nov- typhoons Dec- ?

Still waiting on testing results but signs point to my wife having COVID, and as I became sick shortly after he did, I likely have it as well. The symptoms for us aren't so bad so far. She lost her sense of smell sometime yesterday (we noticed last night) and that was scary.

God once again you are so pathetic. Oh by the way have you heard about COVID-19? I heard its ravaging the country right now! IDIOT.
I miss laughing like crazy with my friends at school hm covid pls go away.
I think people forget a tax code is a value system, that it's OUR money to spend how we see fit. Right now we could decide to pay people to stay home, businesses to stay closed and beat covid in a few months. Instead, ALL THAT MONEY is going to lower the taxes of billionaires.

End of an era!! Whos doing the half time shenanigans now then post covid??!! roboatsey ??!!
Quick reality check: the US COVID-19 curve is VEICAL. The disease is spreading completely uncontrolled in nearly every part of the country. Hospitals are filling up. Double your precautions now. Cancel your plans. Make an excuse and bow out; youll be saving lives by doing so.

Didnt my guy end up admitting that the Eat Out to Help Out ting increased the covid numbers? ..This country is ran by Number 10 Sesame Street.
Dr. Fauci says help is on the way with vaccines, but doubts Covid can ever be eradicated.
I purchased drive thru at this location Nov. 12; 7am, so not sure what's closed Ajax McDonalds closed after employee tests positive for COVID-19.
We can thank the Navajo nation for flipping Arizona blue, 97% voted for Biden and some rode two hours on horseback to do so. This after being devastated by Covid. Who else thinks we need to do more for Native Americans?

It be the people who tested positive for COVID saying they dont want the country to go on lockdown.
MashaAllah the country is moving in the right direction despite the Covid 19 challenge.
Just a friendly reminder that AAS is here for you. We operate remotely so even during times of Covid restrictions & lockdowns we can support u. If u or someone u know is being stalked u can contact us our helpline 0800 820 2427 or

We all know what a sane response would be: Close indoor dining. Close bars. Close gyms. Pay them to stay closed until COVID rates are under control.
You got another cameo Steven congratulations sweetie. I saw a couple recent ones sent from his bed the poor boy does look and sound sick, so happy its not covid, I hope youre well on the way to a quick recovery Scott feel better soon love and hugs. The stubble look very sexy.

These days you mostly hear about COVID "cases" rather than deaths because the media knows that the death rate is low and they always prefer to frame things in the scariest way possible.
Given this information and the information from PHE today on deaths of people with learning disabilities and Covid-19 what consideration is being given to the prioritisation and availability of the Covid-19 vaccine for people with learning disabilities?

Craving zaman tak ada Covid.
UNREAL: On Wed, 1,431 fellow Americans died from Covid-death rate is up 36% in past two weeks. And there were 142,000 new Covid cases-up 69% in past two weeks. But Trump only cares about stealing the election. If Trump is not going to try to save lives he should Resign today!

COVID-19: Sunak declines to rule out return of Eat Out To Help Out.
WESTERN QUEENS, NY Were seeing a spike in COVID positivity rates, especially in Astoria. Please folks: Trust science Wear a mask And social distance ***nulb This pandemic must be taken seriously.
Love seeing ig influencers who are straight up antivaxxer/ covid deniers on my tl.
Is it entirely appropriate that a Covid vaccine could generate big private profits for the pharma companies that developed it? Or would this be unacceptable pandemic profiteering? If you're unsure, here are some ways to think about the question.

Has made it clear from beginning..Students are not a priority. Priority in NYC has always been about $. Education NOT a priority with DOEChancellor . NYCSchools aren't hotbeds of pos Covid cases. Our FollowCSA UFT/ families have done an amazing job. Shameful.

It's been going on for years before Covid. A bloke I used to work with once offered me twenty quid to have a bad leg for him.
Justice for migrant farmworkers in Ontario. This is a victory for all those who work so hard to help feed our families.
Securing large venues is a topic enterprise security professionals are grappling with in real-time. How can facilities keep future visitors and fans, teams, players and staff, safe and secure amid COVID-19 and into the future?

Trump no longer holds the record of the most dangerous and antiscientific covid statement worldwide.
Launch of 'Atmanirbhar Bharat Rozgar Yojana' by Modi Govt will provide strength to formal sector employees. It will lead to new employment opportunities during Covid recovery phase as EFO registered establishments will be provided subsidy support from Central Govt for 2 years.

Lmao, you're literally in a war and also in a shitty place, covid isn't that big problem in comparison of that shit.
The solution? Choose from the increasing range of plant-based 'chicken' products widely available in all major supermarkets!
Due to Covid-19's effects on the class of 2021 recruiting and the extension of the recruiting dead period to April 15th, 2021. Pylon WILL be allowing Seniors (Class of 21') to participate in this upcoming series... Schedule drop next week.

Democrats want to shut down our entire economy. That would crush Georgia workers & small businesses just as theyre rebuilding. We cant afford this radical approach. No more lockdowns.
GOP election party goer diagnosed with COVID-19.
How Islington came together Islington Giving Covid19 Impact Report. Download here.
Your visit to your GP has changed, due to COVID-19. To ensure your safety and that of the team, weve changed how we do things. Dr Nuala OConnor drnuala explains what to expect.
Maids in Spain have been imprisoned in their employers homes during the pandemic BBC News has found some live-in cleaners and carers have been kept locked in since the start of the Covid pandemic Maria is just one of many currently trapped ]Thread].

News travels slowly in prison?
This is horrifying: - At least 231 people have died from COVID in Texas correctional facilities - 73% of people who died from COVID in prison did not have a life sentence - 80% of people who died in jails from COVID were not convicted of a crime.

We need a plan to reboot all of Britain,to reignite our animal spirits,to attract foreign investment,to create millions of new firms and above all, to cut the state down to size. It is Britains last chance to fight off the spectre of post-CV socialism.

Fan Tuo Pu Ba Chi Tao Mao Chi (We lost the summer) Lyrics A song for teens who have now new lives due to the COVID 19 Pandemic.
Indian Pharma industry is in no way excluded from the deadly grasp of coronavirus.
Today, The Tennessean published an investigation in which I identify dozens of links between known coronavirus clusters in Nashville through an analysis of contact tracing data. This is my most complex journalism of 2020. And this is a thread. 1/.

Medicare will cover early vaccines for Covid Know more about Medicare and other benefits! Call (512) 687-6202 or visit for more information.
Been COVID free this whole pandemic and I just thank God.
Rapid testing, with results back within hour? they cant do standard covid testing as it is. Two weeks today since i did my test and im yet to get my results back, make it make sense.
The thought police on patrol. People go to Facebook because CNN tells them that Covid is dangerous and if you have a party you are killing people. Trump killed 250,000 people! But massive protests and celebrations for Biden in the streets are celebrated. GTFO!

I guess I should have voted Biden to gain access to the "You voted Biden in Texas so you get COVID immunity". What the hell kind of shit take is this?
Covid puts 29% dent in Rationals North American sales during first nine months of year.
While Trump is busy crying fraud because he LOST, the virus is raging. More than 140K Americans that have died of COVID! We need to get this under control before nobody is left to fight for the rest that needs to be done! Take back the senate and help Joe!

I'd find the cure for covid and use any money i made (though preferably the cure would be free) to become the waifu.
Quarantine is for sick people. Still doing me, had court for my most recent "covid" ticket and closed. Still hiking, snorkeling, swimming, hanging with friends and giving my business to those who serve me face cover free and defy tyranny.

Your entire network has just decided not to recover your credibility apparently. I see you are ramping up the COVID terror lies again & now youre trying to color the narrative that orange man bad wont concede. Remember Gore? He conceded Dec 13 so until that day shut the fuck up.

When a COVID vaccine is available, will you be getting it?
Not sure what "cases" are but COVID 19 cases are rising in the places where folks don't or won't adopt these basic protocols.
This will look worse when Covid spikes in the coming weeks.
The research which was published this week in Lancet Psychiatry.
I was out for a month and a half when my dad passed (because obviously niggas were helly depressed and still am) but if I do end up having or getting covid and having to miss 2 weeks then my job is in jeopardy because I dont have any more days off.

Wow. As NYGovCuomo slammed a Covid vaccine under Trump, the governor skipped 17 meetings with the White House coronavirus task force and refused a one-on-one meeting with Alex Azar. Perhaps his book tour was more of a priority? Worst. Leader. Ever.

From taal, covid, lockdown, quarantine, political dispute and karon multiple typhoon is racking our nation. Grabe 2020 we really won't forget this year!
"Those of us who continue to rely on transit during the pandemic are largely low-income, immigrants, and people of color, who need transit to stay afloat. Our communities are hardest hit by COVID-19, and we are most likely to be frontline workers".

I'd say Covid would know after a good few lagers.
We are currently losing the war against covid. God help us. Please mask up out there and stay safe.
Sorry to bust your bubble but Iceland eradicated covid in the first wave and schools were kept open and now in the second wave schools are also open (almost 300/100.000 / 14 days) and the curve is going down fast.

The Husband-and-Wife Team Behind the Leading Vaccine to Solve Covid-19.
Covid infections in Sweden surge dashing hopes of herd immunity.
GOOD LUCK WITH THIS! Try and lock down America for 4-6 weeks and youll see what happens! A Biden COVID-19 advisor called for a national lockdown lasting up to 6 weeks. The US had a 'big pool of money' to pay for any lost wages, he said.

You may remember reading about the claim brought by CarolineLucas, Debbie_abrahams and LaylaMoran about the Government's huge and growing transparency gap...
Just got the alert NYC bars restaurants and gyms must close at 10pm statewide!!! I didnt realize Covid can only be spread in those place late at night, is this the new norm someone sneezes or coughs and we shut down ridiculous.

Haven't even considered in a hot minute how dystopian it is that we're all being forced to find jobs in the middle of this COVID-19 Pandemic that isn't getting any better.
2days ago she described giddy parades for Biden. According to these activist reporters, COVID doesnt spread if youre burning down businesses or celebrating Dems. But if youre a Christian or just trying to keep your biz doors open? Super spreader. These ppl are sick.

Ticketmaster is working on a plan to use smart phones to verify whether customers have been vaccinated or tested for coronavirus.
Im thankful for thrasherxy bringing this interview to light, because its just incredible how Zeke Emanuel is gonna run Bidens COVID task force, and is just out here saying DEATH is PREFERABLE in his opinion to the basic idea of leisure time independent of salaried labor.

The Dolphins expect Lynn Bowden to return to practice today. He's been on the reserve/COVID-19 list since Friday.
More, from VanSingel: "I can't speak on behalf of any of my co-workers, however, I can tell you that I will not be the last case.".
Be COVID safe with our Virtual Concierge. Our state-of-the-art Temperature Sensing Kiosks with the option of Virtual Concierge services to keep your customers and business safe & efficient so you can focus on running your business.

Good on you for doing it. Masks are annoying for sure. Covid is worse.

What You Really Think

And you know what? Today I will be taking children to school for on campus instruction, and life will go on. Every virus is uncontrollable. Update your mental model accordingly.

Ive been trying to find the original source of this map- can anyone help me?

Has done a shocking job, you should all vote him out.

If I end up having to go into lockdown AGAIN, not just because of covidiots over here, but because of American tourists early next year I swear imma.



Then we are on our way to herd immunity?

Can we start taking this seriously now.

Vermont pog.

Oh look Trump won every state.

Why has the US not approved SNG001 for emergency use. COVIDDRUG.

How about that... realDonaldTrump united the country after all.

So normal people have sacrificed for nine months while maga dildos did whatever they pleased, and here we are, ready for another lockdown. I will never forgive trumpsters. They are anti-American.

Yeah Im not buying Alaskas color.

Oh, sorry I thought this was an election map.

I think this color red isnt scary enough.

I thought the orange man said it would be gone by Easter, what happened to that?

Someone took covid19 to Vanuatu from here.

If you believe this...

U.K. not faring well either .. back in national lockdown.

Maybe i should listen to the racists and go back to my country.

I thought it was gone the day after the election.

Kinda scary seeing one of the most developed countries in the world getting slammed by the catastrophic failure of their education system. Not that our little province of a country is something to be proud of.

The ocean...

Yall werent ready for flu season, give us that damn vaccine before it mutates.

Usa should be classified as a bio hazard.

Wow, look at that red wave! Trump's legacy. Death and the erosion of American democracy.

Well dang.

Sadly, it seems Canada is starting to follow suit...aside from the Atlantic provinces and the territories. They seem to be getting it right, but the rest of us are screwed.

Not shocked at all.

A virus is virusing.


I am SO sick of looking at MAPS.

Welcome to Bidens America.

Still another map of shitty Red States.

Who cares.

Donnies dream electoral map.

And the massive maskless Million MAGA March is happening in DC this weekend so they can give each other covid and return to whatever state theyre from and spread it there. Sigh.

Can we wrap this shit up! Like humanity had its run.

Lol Vermont or New Hampshire ?

Pretty "sh!thole country" of itself.

States under Democratic leadership, policies, preparations, and procedures appear to be just as bad off as Republican. And yes, this is a STATE-level issue, not Federal. No governor was limited by the federal govt here. Lets stop viewing this through a partisan lens.

This is what happens when you take almost zero precautions and open everything without any hesitance.

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