Sunday 28th of February 2021

Trump One Year Ago Today on COVID: "It's Going to Disappear One Day. Its Like a Miracle - it Will Disappear.".

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If you agree Democrats should immediately remove everything not related to COVID relief from this COVID relief bill.
Theres already an epidemic of hatred towards Asians. Public figures like German radio host Matthias Matuschik equating BTS to COVID-19 only encourages followers to dehumanize the Korean group, as well as Asians. My op-ed piece for TeenVogue.

A German radio presenter equating the South Korean band BTS with Covid-19, a virus which has killed 2.5M & devastated the lives of hundreds of millions, reflects the *age-old* anti-Asian sentiment called yellow peril. Anti-Asian racism is a global, historic & systemic issue.

The only way we'll ever get near a legitimate count on covid deaths in FL. is to count the excess deaths covid deaths. But, tbh I think everyone should be doing that given the 1/2 million excess deaths nationwide. A lot of sketchy accounting happening for the to be that high.

.collincollege AGAIN pushes out professor critical of administrations handling of COVID-19, free speech Lora Burnett is the THIRD professor to lose her job in recent weeks, sparking concern about the campus culture.

Well be sending this letter out w/in the next two weeks to all state attorneys general (& DC, which should ALSO be a state). Please give it a quick read &, if you believe Trump & company should be investigated for avoidable COVID deaths, please consider adding your signature.

Too busy to care about their constituents and Covid relief money.
Rep. Paul Gosar (R-AZ) stated he was unable to attend the coronavirus aid bill vote due to safety concerns related to the pandemic, yet traveled to Orlando that day as keynote speaker for a conference with ties to white nationalism.

There appears to be another strain of covid entering our country, the English Channel strain. Tell me pritipatel, when is this going to be stopped. We're a pretty patient, tolerant bunch, us British, but levels are seriously being pushed.

Texas reports 11,093 more COVID-19 cases, 164 deaths; Tarrant County adds 13 deaths.
So many COVID longhaulers now meet the functional definition of MECFS. Or more accurately, so many longhaulers now have MECFS. Without the development of new treatment regimes, their lives will never be the same. Government inaction is the cause; this wasn't inevitable.

If you only listened to cpac you would think that COVID didnt exist and that AOC was president.
The High Court has ruled that the government acted unlawfully by failing to disclosed details of its Covid contracts.
I have had Covid, and bad affects from pneumonia. Get the vaccine for your own good, please !
Some "steady state" level of COVID" that we "live with" isn't a thing, cos that's not how exponential growth works. Definitely not where (1) we don't have to do anything restrictions-wise, and (2) we still have some control over that level.

No Republicans voted for COViD Relief. Not 1 House Republican wanted to participate in the economic recovery of our nation. If America is to recover from the devastating impact created by the virus and Trumps failed response to it they will need to go it alone.

One day after my first COVID shot and I suddenly have the urge to call up Bill Gates and tell him where I am.
Megan Linton believes disabled people living in group homes...should be fast-tracked to the top of the COVID vaccine queue because they are especially vulnerable. We'll talk to the disability activist, next.

Association of Convalescent Plasma Treatment With Clinical Outcomes in Patients With COVID-19 JAMA_current part of.
Republicans chose CPAC over COVID relief.
The Covid 19 vaccine approved in Ghana is effective in preventing the severe outcomes of COVID-19 including serious illness, hospitalizations, and death.
South Dakota is in the bottom 10 in the country in terms of Covid mortality and yet she's out here taking a victory lap and attacking Dr. Fauci.
How about this...the US Covid Rescue Plan includes PS26bn for emergency rental assistance, and PS5bn for acquisition and conversion of shelter into permanent affordable housing.
So TraderJoes is not only absent from minority communities, but reacts to legitimate employee concerns regarding covid-19 protocols and fires them. This should really tell you all you need to know.
Jay Timmons, president and CEO of the National Association of Manufacturers and former Republican operative is praising President Biden's efforts to defeat the coronavirus pandemic.
What the hell does giving $1 billion to farmers for "racial justice" have to do with covid?
Working across party lines to beat COVID.
Dear Representative DrPaulGosar: Did you claim a health or pandemic safety reason for not being in DC for the COVID relief bill vote in order to speak at a conference with ties to white nationalism? Asking for a friend.

.govkristinoem: "COVID didn't crush the economy. Government crushed the economy. South Dakota is the only state in America that never ordered a single business or church to close.".
Keeping R<1 will become easier and easier with vaccination. Under these conditions, covid levels die away, and flare-ups can be stamped out.
Awww. Why? Because you and others here have a different opinion? COVID cases are declining drastically since Jan 9 according to numbers in Austin. More people are being responsible with masks here. Vaccinations are becoming more widely available daily. I choose optimism. Peace!

Yes and no. Could do much about vaccine production slow down. I think bcndp jjhorgan adriandix DrBonnieHenry are more to blame. No plan in place for distribution. Covid Alert App - no. Rapid testing - no. Nothing is good enough for this province.

The other day we were watching old powwow footage from just a few years ago and it was alarming to see all the people who were there who have since passed on. Covid 19 left deep scars on our community.

Big week for us at the White House: 50m COVID shots done in just 37 days Rescue Plan set to pass the US House late tonight 3 more Cabinet members confirmed! Bipartisan meeting on Supply Chains Targeted small business loans to truly small businesses.

Two hundred years or more of racism may sound like a long time but in human evolution, its short. We are still behaving like tribal people, hunters and gatherers. Just watch how the countries have divided the Covid vaccine across the globe!

My covid results came back positive still brb im gonna go cry bc ill still have it on my birthday.
Asc guys, as you all should know Yemen has been battling the worst humanitarian crisis in the world for 5 years. It would be amazing if you could all retweet, share and donate to help these vulnerable people avoid the risk of famine due to COVID! Vnulb.

139 House Republicans voted to overturn 2020 election with zero evidence of fraud after domestic terrorists stormed Capitol 0 House Republicans voted for covid relief after 500,000 dead.
All the COVID got the cannibals wanting to eat sick ppl now.
South Dakota Gov. Kristi Noem brags that she basically did nothing to stop the spread of COVID-19 in her state and the CPAC crowd wildly applauds.
The House approved President Joe Bidens $1.9 trillion pandemic rescue plan in a 219 to 212 vote early Saturday morning, sending the measure to the Senate as Democrats race to pass it into law before boosted unemployment payments expire next month.

Now on sale the same filthy COVID infected mask that was used on the White House balcony still emitting the burp from the HydroxyChloroquine Clorox treatment. Dont_Call_Me look for it on ebay.
Joe Biden becomes the first POTUS to preside over a partisan COVID bill. Five Covid measures were passed by Congress and signed into law by Trump. All had overwhelming bipartisan support. Bidens line about his whole soul is for unity rings totally hollow.

Our brother and comrade Mumia Abu Jamal has Covid-19. We demand immediate medical attention and freedom for him and all political prisoners.
T-cells, the wild card for vaccine and variant response. So little work has been done/published to date. This is a nice demonstration of potent T-cell response in people w/ prior covid and 1 dose of mRNA vaccine.

68 percent of Americans want Bidens COVID relief bill, but not a single House Republican voted for it this morning. It passed 219 to 212. Which party represents America?
- not on NotJustADaughter CabinetRape COVIDVaccineRollOut DebtAndDeficit Robodebt RaiseTheRate SportsRorts TradieRorts - not on anything except what benefits.
EXCLUSIVE: Alberta removes COVID enforcement powers from peace officers.
Supermarket chains say they will raise prices, reduce services or close stores to offset higher wages required by some cities as hazard pay during the pandemic.
Republican Paul Gosar skipped the COVID relief vote to speak at a conference with ties to white nationalism.
In addition to providing Hassle-Free Cancellation policies PLUS Paradise Protection Protocols PLUS FREE Return Home Antigen Testing*, your Travel Insurance will also be included free of charge when you stay 5 nights or longer at Coconut Bay. .

After bombing Syria without notifying congress, or the American people, the stimulus bill that was passed while many were fast asleep is a pork fest. It doesnt defeat covid or create jobs. It does give us trillions in debt and inflation though.

Olavo de Carvalho (l), Brazilian President Bolsonaro's Virginia based, right wing conspiracy theory guru who hand-picked Brazil's worst cabinet ministers, who tweeted last year that the Covid 19 pandemic "simply doesn't exist" announces he's in the hospital with "pneumonia".

House passes the $1.9 trillion Covid relief bill, 219-212, with two Democrats Kurt Schrader and Jared Golden joining all Republicans in opposition.
Just heard the interview of that radio host saying awful things about BTS. this is beyond unacceptable. the fact that he thought itd be funny to compare them to COVID is disgustingly racist. the asian community is already dealing with so much BS. this has to stop. choose love.

The COVID-19 virus was the only thing that made me confident that my wife was not going to orgies, and now shes vaccinated, pls help.
"approximately 7,000 coincidental, temporally associated deaths from all causes would be expected during the analytic period" Why aren't COVID deaths compared with the expected number of LTCF deaths? 9/9.

Today makes it exactly one year that COVID19 was discovered in Nigeria. One of the things that helped was awareness! That's why my COVID19 hero is CCSImpact for including people who may have difficulty hearing into their awareness. Who is your COVID hero? Mention them.

Addressing the climate crisis must include the reality that communities of color, especially Black & Indigenous folks, are forced into the most polluted areas. Our communities then acquire the most severe health issues, making us vulnerable to COVID-19.

Ivory Coast received a shipment of COVID-19 doses from the COVAX vaccine-sharing facility on Friday, becoming the second country to benefit from a programme meant to ensure fairer distribution amid a global scramble.

I am an individual who considers this whole covid-19 response stupidity and huge cost to the people going forward. We can protect the elderly in resthomes, those with underlying health issues can protect themselves with commonsense. How many have died? We are an Island.

CDC just reported over 2,352,000 doses administered yesterday - the single best day to date. Add that with Thursday for a record two day total of over 4,500,000. We are really rolling now.
For the people in the back: Racism and I cannot stress this enough is not an opinion.
New Zealand's largest city, Auckland, goes in lockdown after 1 new Covid-19 case found.
To protect yourself, your family, and your community from COVID19. Follow public health guidelines and download the COVIDAlert app today.
They were pillars of their communities and families, and they are not replaceable. To understand why COVID-19 killed so many young Black men, you need to know the legend of John Henry.
When I ask people at CPAC why theyre not wearing a mask, almost all of them say they already got COVID. Has CPAC reached herd immunity?
The best thing you can do to keep your home covid safe is *open windows*, consider Hepa purifiers & humidifiers. This is highly airborne indoors & has spread among families at home & vertically up apt vents.

Someone points out, from a selfish perspective, CPAC murderous behavior last year in spreading COVID disinfo was protective. Because of them & Trump, my family locked down on 3/1. For my brother-in-law, it was too late. He'd be infected in a couple of weeks. And dead by April.

Is Long Covid a disability under the Equality Act? .
If you are a non-Asian person that enjoys Asian things like kpop, anime, asian cuisine, etc; please don't ignore the rise in Asian hate crime that's been increasing since the beginning of covid. Don't enjoy parts of our culture and choose to ignore the xenophobia and racism.

Trump is 74, morbidly obese, has early onset dementia and Covid damaged lungs. Write that down.
Covid vaccines are experimental biologic agents that have caused many deaths and severe adverse events. Why would anyone be subjected to that risk when Covid has an infection fatality rate of less than 0.3%?

How come COVID only infects public but not private school teachers?
Its a year since our first Covid death. Our countrys tragic journey from the 1st to the 122,415th - full of dither and delay from the Government. But I wonder how our course may have changed if the PM had took it seriously and attended those 5 COBRA meetings at the start?

Even more shocking than this awful graph of Covid deaths is the fact, that According to the ONS, 60% of UK deaths in England in the last year have been disabled people. (HT PenPep and her great article here ).

Opposing COVID legislation isnt the winning message Republicans think it is.
Lauren Boebert said no to walking through a metal detector, no to masks, no to COVID relief, no to President Bidens electoral certification... -nulb.
Good to see our Police trying to challenge people who are COVID rules. Their job is hard enough and I support them 100 %. Its a shame a member of parliament cannot do the same, instead, takes out his phone and records the officers. Shame on you Russell-Moyle.

I'm not even a fan of the original Cleveland location. Plus, staff gets COVID & no steps taken. Good for y'all walking out!
"It feels like a mass casualty event every night." This is what it's like on the frontlines of Los Angeles' COVID disaster.
MUMIA HAS COVID- REMOTE CALL TO ACTION: Continuously call and urge others to call the following numbers to demand Mumia's immediate hospitalization and release: Share widely and lets keep the pressure on all day.

Rest easy brother! Recover well from Covid & come back ready to smesh! No lives matter!
They are so desperate for more covid cases that they now diagnose covid over the phone. If you report a sniffle or sore throat or cough boom they classify you as a covid case. Scam. NO CREDIBILITY is left in the medical community.

The news of the emergence of Verozil, an indigenous drug which has been tested by both COVID 19 patients and governmental agencies in combating Covid is the best thing I've heard today.
Guess its like a curfew, Covid is more dangerous at night.
When you see a list like this, it's clear that Canada is falling behind. It's also clear when I hear from folks across the country. People want to get back to work.That's why my team and I are focused on our post-COVID economic recovery, to secure jobs and secure Canada's future.

Another gop super spreader. Watch covid numbers in two weeks.
It's the way this happened during covid but looks like it been a decade ago.
Has this senator been around covid? Public health is a significant concern.
Got tested for covid yesterday. Negative for covid. Positive for thicc dumptruck ass.
Honest question: did the covid situation in the states improve at the very least? i remember reading biden had no plans either but.
GOP: covid is being blown out of proportion by the fear-mongering media! Its the flu! Also GOP: Hospitals and state health departments are conspiring with the Biden administration to under-report covid numbers to make him look good! There are legos smarter than these people.

What You Really Think

Instead, he disappeared...sorta.

Cuomo one year ago- no one in nursing homes will die.

Waiting on that miracle ...

Has there been a dumber republican.

It's beginning to under the right leadership! Cases are coming down, deaths are declining! Imagine if this would have happened over a year ago? But NOOO it was just pretend it isn't even here! At least NOW we're getting somewhere!

I lost my job, a year of my life, and 3 friends. F%CK THAT M*$R FOR-EVERRRRRR.

We were hoping HED Disappear!

This is why you should listen to science. Understand the facts. You just cant make things up. You show your ignorance. Kind of like the stuff you spew on a consistent basis. Not a good way at all to try and stay relevant.

Yep. Disappeared into the bodies of at least 500,000 people.

LOL..the only thing that disappeared was him in the White House during 2021.

The only thing that disappeared was Donald Trump. I am grateful for that every day.

By "one day," DirtyDonnie meant by (1) the end of time and/or (2) the end of the world. By that calculation, he was correct.

I'm so happy to not have to watch his weird hand motions anymore.

Typical fake news. Quote one bit of what Trump said & forget he said "it could get worse before it gets better. No-one really knows." What we do know is that WHO lied to the world & told us there was no human to human transmission when they had the proof & Biden supported them.

Seriously, how WRONG can a person be? NOTHING Trump said from this point on should be given credibility. This mistake killed an untold number of Americans.

This aged well.

Thanks for showing how Trump was right yet again.

He and his toadies said so many things that weren't so. Sigh.

Like magic! AbracaMAGA.

Live long enough and he will technically be right. He didnt say what year/decade/or even century.

Don the Con.

He was used to everything disappearing around him.

Hey, he'll be right eventually.

I wish he would disappear.

Oh well, the good thing is at least this f*****g idiot has disappeared even if the virus is still around.

Hes such a nimrod!

And there are many who worship the hoodwinking fellow.

Not many months after this, he stood behind the seal, tried to present himself as a studious smart person. Then he suggested we ingest bleach and shine a light under the skin and proved to all listening he was the dolt many of us knew him to be. WorstPresidentEver not close.

When is he going to disappear????

The hands...

Why haven't families of the 500,000 dead Americans filled a class-action lawsuit against Trump?

N'oubliez jamais cette phrase.

It's alive and kicking right now inside my body...Booo!

Well he was kind of right. Unfortunately over half a million lie old disappeared.

Did he mean Covid or 20 million vaccines?

"40 times Trump said the coronavirus would go away".

Lets not forget this little gem...

500,000 lives lost, doesnt quite fit exs prediction.

Why are you still airing this monster? Let him fade into obscurity, hopefully in jail.

Crappiest germaphobe ever.

Yep, just a sniffle.

Yeah, it disappeared one day for over 511,000 Americans. I sincerely hope the courts fine you into bankruptcy or better yet, put your big fat ass in jail for 4 years.

He's talks way much, especially for a man. Way too much. Kind of a motor mouth. Never shuts the f*ck up.

Accordion hands, always indicative of a big lie.

One day. Not under his leadership.

Well, thats what a majority of the nation thought would happen to Trump. Turned out to be wrong on both counts.

President Trump is correct like the Spanish Flu disappeared after a few years about 100 years ago.

His hand gestures make me want to kick something.

Maybe we can make him disappear.

Pior presidente de todos os tempos.

500,000 and counting later. Now we know the cost of a lying, dangerous fool!

Yes, it is going to disappear and take over 600,000 people with it...mororange.

Certainly was "a miracle" for him. How does a seriously overweight 74-year-old with a demonstrably unhealthy diet get Covid, visibly struggle with breathing, get air-lifted to a hospital, and bounce back after a couple of days? Very uneven treatment protocols apparently.

When he said, Its, was he referring to himself?


Only miracle for a lot of us is if trumpVirus shuts his mouth,stays in Florida and does not ever run for any political office again! Will he understand we just dont like him!

And the Easter bunny took care of it ....

And he was correct. No idea what your point is.

You Are Obsessed.

Seems like 400.

Trump will disappear one day it will be like a miracle when Trump disappears , this will probably happen at the midterms voting period and then the GOP will realise what idiots they were.

It will disappear one day but it wont be a miracle.

With all due respect, can we move on. Lets stop giving this guy more publicity. Lets focus on CancelStudentDebt so the less fortunate can have a better future.