Sunday 18th of July 2021

The Fascist Biden Regime Has Targeted my Facebook Account as Misinformation bc I Referred to The Covid-19 Vaccines as Experimental. Where Did I Learn That The Vaccine Was Experimental? From The.

Social Media Says

Really feels like 2020 again! the weather is great and everyone has covid.
Trust vaccine, trust data, please vaccinated continue complying with SOPs. seeing worldwide COVID-19 swiftly changing course pandemic unvaccinated. let's work together keep everyone everywhere safe.

feel unwell: Please *dont* what Sajid Javid describes here. LFTs those without symptoms, website clearly states. negative does *not* rule Covid. have Covid symptoms, book test self-isolate until result back.

My babygirl tested positive for COVID-PNEUMONIA. all im asking for is prayers pls ".
Dwae Save Post more young people Ontario died from effects lockdown than COVID itself.
vaccinated Fighter tests positive covid, concert that unvaxxed were banned from gets cancelled.
COVID-19 Daily Update: July 17, 2021 New Cases: 1,827 (1,266,227 to date) New Deaths: 11 (24,579 to date) Current Hospitalizations: 462.
with her. federal politician state politician will come COVID with credit. Morrison been worst, rest have been awful too. Just varying degrees incompetence.
son, fully vaccinated fiddle tested positive Covid been bedridden days feeling very sick. This aint over folks despite what Spaffer mates would have believe. They following finance science.

COVID-19 Mask Ruth Cuthand (2020) Image.
Graf NIRC_Shubunken's article Japanese Buddhist temple responses COVID-19 rich ethnographic detail, info sectarian shifts, theories about characterize post-disaster religion. must-read.

Youth Strike took streets Mandalay oppose Military Regime. JUNTA USES COVID WEAPONS.
Today Fl guy. hope aren't going with that mask hope aren't going give covid without mask on".
Bucks coach Mike Budenholzer wont have full staff Game Finals COVID health/safety protocols, said, addition Thananis Antetokounmpo being because health/safety protocols.

laughing head TexasDemocrats. Covid only beginning. Next step arrest them when they back. wonder they locked under some same charges January6 protesters, such obstructing official proceeding.

This paper shows that people recovered from SARS years also cross-immunity against COVID. This indicates that T-cell immunity works long time resistant mutation.
Both wife Covid. like until friend Panadol Plus kicked ass. Immune system upgraded life goes
Three Texas democrats tested positive COVID Lets clear: wish them well hope they have speedy recovery. Texas democrats endangered lives their reckless, maskless, binge drinking trip Theyll lose seats 2022 because it.

third wave COVID looks very different than first reason: vaccines.

Seriously, fucking stupid have know that unvaccinated people account current COVID-19 hospitalizations STILL choose vaccinated.
Just fucking incredible that Health Secretary announcing mild covid thanks jabs days before throwing open nightclubs removing masks while half population double jabbed.

Saying again, behalf unvaccinated children will full classrooms again September: schools need universal masking, regular covid testing class/group quarantines next school year.

Folks do it for the nurses. Get that vaccination. We are sick of Covid.
"more than billion people have viewed authoritative information" equivalent Brazilian government's celebration million cured Covid-19 patients.
Covid taught four year theatrically shake head your job! whenever Scott Morrison appears
Another SoundCloud collab would cure COVID ***.
Real children generally larger than banana survive outside womb. kids that died from covid were even able walk themselves.
cant stress enough importance completing your vaccination series. Getting your second dose will help build stronger, longer-lasting immunity against COVID19. Dont wait, when your turn your second shot.

Stuff that needs to be said... Our Family Got Vaccinated. We All Got COVID. We'll All Live.
from Health that might have been contact with Covid carrier. I've been outside house week. Holy moly!! ..the contact days ago! 8 days long time infected person about. Lockdown should have been ago!

fully vaccinated members Texas delegation have tested positive Covid-19, states House Democratic Caucus says.
Kier starmer hasn't been most effective opposition since took charge. Some covid restrictions wanting prevent govt what "good" they actually could. would things different?

only anti-vaccination people vaccinated, private medical insurance companies demand otherwise COVID related illness will covered. When they realise that, then they will understand that there isn't safety under their tightrope walk.

Dont worry there wont another lockdown well just normalize dying from covid like weve normalized dying from poverty, violence, police shootings, lack housing, suicide, opioids, lack access medical care etc.

Prime Minister wants introduce PS10 billion-a-year health tax? contributions we're already making? service haven't been able access year half? National Covid Service proving more expensive than 'Our NHS'.

Scientists concerned that number people impacted what become known long Covid will climb much higher.
Covid-19 vaccines: ethical, legal issues 7.3.1 ensure that citizens are informed that the vaccination is NOT mandatory and that no one is politically, socially, or otherwise pressured to get themselves vaccinated, if they do not wish to do so themselves;.

Ivermectin is just NOT the silver bullet the right wing think it is. STOP SPREADING THIS MYTH.
NEW: intervention tonight from four independent public health bodies representing more than public health directors letter Observer ahead Mondays reopening, they warn against letting Covid rip.

2 Timothy 3:13 But evil men and seducers shall wax worse and worse, deceiving, and being deceived. 35a_Aims of the Papacy Liberty of Conscience Threatened - Great Controversy (1911) Ellen G. White.
Harris spokeswoman about meeting with Texas Dems tested positive COVID: staff present meeting were risk exposure because they were close contact with those tested positive therefore need tested quarantined.

hate Islamophobia behind attack relaxation Eid. Kerala currently adding cases really should adding nation's covid counts celebrations. truth plagued bigger pandemic.

Covid deaths Victoria 2021- 0 Suicides Victoria 2021- 271.
people stop randomly hugging thinking comfortable with then getting when away?? Covid please don't make contact with feels weird Especially sister, leave alone please.

Monday, French president Macron ordered compulsory vaccination healthcare workers proof either vaccination negative COVID test enter cafes, cinemas, shopping malls, etc. Result: record vaccinations, million days.

herd immunity thing, friends contracted COVID time this year? Maybe should actually listen scientists someone understands science communicate with intellectually challenged, explain politicians.

Retweet this support awareness alternative covid treatments. message needs world. Join today let's have conversation Telegram. Learn more about Coin World Ivermectin Day.

Delta Variant Unmasked Intermingling Cause COVID-19 Cases Increase Four-Fold Since July; Masking Indoors Begins Tonight Deaths 1,827 Confirmed Cases COVID-19 Angeles County. View.

please tell people unvaccinated exacerbating anything with COVID. According info out, only advantage eases symptoms should become infected. wrong?

People refuse vaccinated playing role COVID's continued spread, leading concerts, music festivals, cruises, more getting canceled.
Biden actually worried about covid misinformation, would fire Fauci.
Matt probably relaxed about covid deaths because knows we're fucked anyway from climate change supports.
Long COVID presents with different manifestations likely consequence different effects, including acute (and perhaps irreversible) organ damage, possible viral persistence, cytokine effects etc. It'll take quite while sort out.

head says that daily COVID cases, COVID hospitalizations, daily COVID deaths U.S. "This becoming pandemic unvaccinated," says Rochelle Walensky.
What's intriguing 'live with virus' people they seem unaware Long COVID problem that compromises lives 1-10% (depending it's defined) those months. Don't know what Catch.

same that three fully vaxxed Democrats tested positive COVID, non-vaxxed Americans also tested positive. difference: three Texas democrats will hospitalized face death. vaxxed, wear mask, fight disinformation.

This makes drug repurposing very difficult. could certainly with better system funding drug repurposing this problem that goes beyond covid-19.
starting notice people fully vaccinated catching Covid more than unvaccinated.
Every employer should make Covid vaccine mandatory. That antivaxxers have vaccinated because they dont they cant work!
Common cholesterol drug reduces risk COVID death 40%, study finds.
Out: Masks dont help stop spread Covid. course Texas Democrats caught Covid. They werent wearing masks.
"We have also labeled and reduced the visibility of more than 167 million pieces of COVID-19 content debunked by our network of fact-checking partners." Flipside: "We left up 167 million pieces of disinformation despite knowing they were false.".

Myanmar borders nearly half world's population. borders porous. Covid Myanmar control. failed state can't bring Covid under control. Myanmar Covid variants could threaten world. Global cooperation help Myanmar more urgent than ever.

Republicans root uncontrolled covid spread because makes Biden look bad. what kind shithole party does that.
Cruz sure wasnt concerned about Mexicans giving COVID when left constituents cold fled Cancun.
Actually that completely untrue plenty vaccinated people have died from Covid, your age, immunity have other underlying health conditions, like diabetes example.
When clicks replies tweet, Twitter says that tweet Danish Siddiqui unavailable.
Nobody: Covid-19.
This likely COVID related.
They must have COVID cause they taste gone.
Heres India performing fight against COVID19. Take look latest updates! more real-time updates, visit.
There effective treatment fool people covid would die.
Covid: Vaccine offered adults, says government.
Think minute about would feel what would your nearest dearest died COVID alone ventilator NSW.
complain about this overall very lucky, long-term effects COVID-19 terrible have severely impacted quality life. havent enjoyed food well over year, medications taken years suddenly dont work.

dont think theres thing world could them vaccinated. While much U.S. tiptoes toward normalcy, coronavirus swamping hospitals Arkansas, where vaccine hesitancy refusal high.

Because didnt want from Covid! trust doctors!
What $%&! Going FDA?What $%&! Going FDA? Follow.
agree with Biden accusing social media platforms killing people with spread COVID misinformation?
year half since begining terrible Covid Pandemic single member family friends have died
Hospitals already have vaccination contingent employment that varies depending patients come into contact adding COVID just another layer protection. they have choice.
First case coronavirus Olympic Village confirmed days before Opening Ceremony.
Quarantining bedroom with covid when brother slip note under door..
Remember Texas Democrats made scene protesting election integrity leaving state D.C.??? them just tested positive COVID.
Regarding the "lab leak" hypothesis for th eorigin of SARS-CoV-2 and COVID, you may find this thread of considerable interest.
Fascist Biden regime targeted Facebook account misinformation referred Covid-19 vaccines experimental. Where learn that vaccine experimental? From Here article they wrote debunk NIH.

extraordinary book extract:SAGE adviser Jeremy Farrar essentially accusing Prime Minister libertarian Tory wilfully killing tens thousands.Im with bonkers, says control: moment Boris Johnson Covid rampant.

Modernas chief data officer explains helped pharma company develop COVID19 vaccine record time. Take listen.
doubt this Delta Covid very media savvy just clusterfuck government announce laws that should abhorrent republic doubles cases next then stays just that level still buying fear propaganda.

Funny those DEAD Texans wanted live eother died covid froze death they pictires running Cancun.
Masks good nearly protective vaccines. lapublichealth actually wants more people vaccinated slow spread Covid, mandate that everyone public setting must provide proof vaccination?

What You Really Think

Actually it was just reg people that reported you.

Your drawing dead the marxists controlling everything good luck.

Who are you?

Hope you are able to keep spreading the word to keep Republicans unvaccinated. We definitely need less idiots in the world come election time.

The experimental definition that you so badly want to ride has saved millions of lives. The FDA and NIH definition still means successful and safe enough to save lives. Are you vaccinated Owens or are you an active perpetuator of the pandemic?

Okay Lady Ignorance, this is the fact. Covid-19 is itself a variant of SARs. The reason for why the vaccine for Covid-19 was made available had to do with the years spent developing the SARs vaccine.

Soummm NO on the FreeDumb phone?

Even the vaccine label you get says its still in trails!

They arent experimental. So youre lying. Pretty easy. That article was written about the vaccine WHILE IT WAS IN TRIALS. FFS are you just always disingenuous? Thats a rhetorical question by the way. We all know the answer.