Monday 25th of May 2020


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Millions were watching for answers and they got nothing. That s why the Cabinet Secretary must now launch an urgent inquiry.
PM Johnson & key cabinet members have misread the strength of feeling & pent-up anger at a mismanaged situation. People have sacrificed & are furious. This feels personal. This is real life, not playing at politics in the Oxford Union.

Every member of President s Cabinet is working tirelessly to defeat the invisible enemy!
Maharashtra cabinet minister Nawab Malik of NCP contradicts CM Uddhav Thackeray of SS, says 25 flights will land in Mumbai tomorrow. Confusion compounded in khichadi alliance.
As I keep saying, Cummings is toast. Only question is how much more damage he does to gutless & pathetically cowardly cabinet ministers before he goes.
Day69 . cabinet cup, London decorated. On loan to from Support us during our closure: Become a friend Make a donation Visit our online shop.
Not here, still wedged in on the side of dining room china cabinet. But Im very proud of you.
Cabinet will again review the settings of Alert Level 2 on 8 June and have agreed that no later than 22 June, 4 weeks from today, they will consider a move to Alert Level 1.
In celebration of another year without a government, or leadership, or honesty, or decency, or respect, or fairness, or accountability, or intellect, or caring - OR Here s a vid of the Tory Cabinet hard at work.

4 but moms always buying 3s .. She has 2 bottles in the cabinet for some reason.
The Cabinet Office has launched an investigation into a rogue civil service tweet imagine working with these truth twisters . The enemy within is showing its true colours again.
We thing hes a Russian spy or its weird parties with photographic evidence of more than one of the cabinet.
NEW: Major disquiet is now spreading to the cabinet. One cabinet member says they were stunned by the PM s statement, with government bleeding credibility to keep Cummings in a job. This is now the most serious political crisis for Boris Johnson since the election.

Obv this attack is a pretty clever way to diss Labour without dissing Ardern, who is so well trusted. But I doubt many objective observers would agree National has a better cabinet-ready bunch. Both have weaknesses. Also dont forget Green ministers - pretty well regarded.

UPDATE: Cabinet Office say they are investigating.
I refer you to my timeline for an earlier retweet of someone from the UK, in which current Cabinet Ministers were likened to - and I m paraphrasing - Bobble-headed Dolls ( ) It appears the similarities between the UK & India are still quite.

is guilty of negligence We do have a case for him And the whole cabinet I have never seen guilty blatant action like this ever Time for some action We have a major job on our hands getting rid of the whole tory party is priority.

Boris Johnson gives Dominic Cummings his full backing as Cabinet ministers warn of risks to lockdown adherence.
I have some thoughts, but not necessarily a dream team. I hope if Harris isn t his VP, she s his AG. Not Cabinet, but I would also like to see Klobuchar be his Chief or Staff if she s not his VP. Warren needs to hang out in the Senate to be majority leader.

Its really quite frightening on several levels; our PM doesnt have the ability to fire him, the cabinet has clearly pledged unwaivering loyalty no matter what and Cummings is still wielding powerful data-bombs like a 4yr old whos found a loaded gun.

But the pictures and the crazy eyes and the mouth. You can almost smell the medicine cabinet. Eww!
UGANDA RECOVERS FROM THE ECONOMIC CRISIS CAUSED BY COVID 19: With Nyamishana as president, a new era had been ushered! She formed a cabinet that was mainly youthful, relieving many aged Click on the link to continue reading:.

Every Tory Cabinet Member and Backbencher must have their jaw on the floor. This angry, grumpy dismissal of the righteous anger of the nation is not something any of them can or should defend. This is a dead Government walking.

JUST IN - Back channel ties between Trump - Xi & Wen THROUGH Mitch McConnell & his wife Cabinet Member/Secretary of Transportation Elaine Chao are surfacing. Investigative reporters digging through MONEY LAUNDERING by Wen (Panama Papers) & Deutsche Bank.

Wow. Any people with oil & gas related credentials in there? How Environment-Related-Credentials-of-Federal Cabinet.
Moonshot Goals for the Moonshot Research and Development Program Bureau of Science, Technology and Innovation Cabinet Office, Government of Japan.
Following recent meetings of Cabinet and the National Coronavirus Command Council, President has delivered an address tonight on the country s move to the next level of the national lockdown.
Probably something (possibly a mouse) in the wall behind that cabinet, with his heightened sense of smell and hearing he is more than likely trying to figure what it is or how to get to it.
The museum of Professor Cabrera in Peru offers two archaeological collections of which one was kept secret for years. Actually, neither of them should exist: they are far too fantastical.
Currently building this to accommodate our growing book collection, note the cabinet on the left might look familiar.
Looking at the current cabinet and aides. Should a sacked Minister, MP or Adviser be barred from similar Public Office positions for 5 years or more?
DEFORESTATION OF NIJGADH by PM + cabinet Ignored regulations for approval Muzzled+ignored experts Dismissed protests Defied court order Now President gives go ahead. An Ecological & Economic disaster, but ~$500,000,000 deal for PM & Party.

Johnson faces cabinet revolt over senior adviser who violated lockdown - The Sun.
$20m more for mental health research is welcome, but urgent, substantive actions by national cabinet are needed! Trying to ignore or discredit the modeling is as useful as trying to discredit the models of the physical impacts of covid19.

Just watched on holding back tears talking of how he couldn t visit his dying mum at other end of country because he obeyed lockdown rules. Every nodding dog cabinet minister and MP should watch it before putting out their cut and paste tweet for Durham Dom.

The craziest thing is that the whole cabinet lined up to change the rules right in front of our eyes, in order to save him. And assumed people were docile enough to accept that. That s what turned it from an individual transgression into an institutional disaster.

None of them, save two hours of your life for something more arranging your spice cabinet alphabetically.
Whether you Believed It Or Not ?? At The End BIAFRA MUST BE RESTORED !
Currently reading a book about Frances Perkins, Secretary of Labor under FDR. She was a fascinating, strong, forward looking activist & the 1st woman to be appointed Cabinet Secretary. She played a huge role in FDRs New Deal. Would love to spend time with her.

R36mill tax pd at 59d lockdown=R2,124 billion lost already to our junk status economy beause of a woman who just happens to have too many questionable contacts. Sign here and keep SA corruption free.
Now the whole country wants to know what dark secret Cummings must have on the whole cabinet. It must be a doozy.
I d like an audit into the money handed out to the parasites in the coronavirus business cabinet and their conflict of interest. Now that s a story .
Extracts from the plague diary of Mark ne-Francois-Pepys May 23rd 1665 Up betimes, and for childcare reasons carried the boy Bridgen to Durham where I discoursed with Duke Cummings about a message template for members of the cabinet to regurgitate, that they may further 1/8.

What a white shadow cabinet is all I can say.
Strange how Mr forensic Starmer didnt take any action with Stephen Kinnock who is in his Shadow Cabinet when he travelled 200 miles to see his Mum and Dad and broke the lockdown rules isnt it. He didnt resign. No coverage at all on that.

Ironic that President suggested in his address that over 60s should stay at home. Hopefully he will implement this in his cabinet & appoint younger more dynamic (intelligent) Ministers from outside ranks of comrades.

People knew he was a liar before the election but voted for him. Now we are seeing the real Johnson and every member of the cabinet are pompous toffs who treat the British people as idiots.
Whatever happens to Cummings now, nothing can change the fact that this Prime Minister backed him, and several of his weasley cabinet did the same. This is what we are dealing with. They are clueless!
Africa with a single President, 54 Country Prime Ministers, Africa Cabinet, Single currency, Single Passport, Integrated Economy, Integrated sport, Single stock market etc shall be the best heritage for future generations. Long Live Africa Revolutionary Movements.

& not only of my Sikh Brothers but also of my soldiers who were sent to Shrilanka without Cabinets permission just to satisfy RGs desire to establish himself as a international leader, bhai is true Sikh & one Sikh is equal to lakhs.

Some of the supportive tweets by senior Cabinet Ministers before s latest revelation that Cummings paid a SECOND visit to County Durham:.
Your Politicians will come online read Twars of celebrities and ignore movements of the voice of South Africans such as to be considered in the next cabinet meeting.
He needs to go TODAY and all the cabinet ministers to.
The Lincoln Project needs to make an ad about the Trump children. There has got to be plenty of footage and info about all the grifting and nepotism. Or An ad about the swampiness of the Cabinet. Start with just the Ps Pruitt, Pompeo, How can we help?

The Prime Minister says Cabinet will check in on alert level 2 settings again on 8 June and no later than 22 June it will consider the move to alert level 1.
Why is there broom in the Refrigerator and books In the kitchen cabinet ?
I would rather not be consumed by an arcade cabinet, but I won t judge.
Finland passed a shelter for all who need it act. We cant even make sure that every American sees a doctor at little to no out of pocket cost to him or Were not done yet though. The ticket needs to be balanced out with a progressive VP & Bernie will be in the cabinet.

Fears for farmers split cabinet over US trade deal Boris Johnson has told ministers that the government must not let our farmers down amid a cabinet split over plans for a US trade deal.!
9th Story - "Story about Vanishing cabinet that s nobody knows" Author : Chugarfree ( ) -
Trump s description of his Cabinet: Sessions: a disaster, not mentally qualified Mattis: world s most overrated general Tillerson: dumb as a rock Kelly: way over his head Coats: should go back to school Remind me again who bragged about hiring the best people.

Aue, White cabinet making is a craft now?
Do I think that the fact that these cabinet ministers all knowingly participated in the Vote Leave scandal is a big reason why they are risking their political integrity to defend him? Yes. Are they aware that the National Crime Agency is still investigating him? Yes.

So true, . They are clearly illegitimate and truth on rorting of taxpayer funds to buy the election victory is still being dragged out. The, so-called, is a fraud and his entire cabinet seem intent on fleecing the treasury of every dollar they can.

Kia ora koutou: Rules to loosen under level 2 - gatherings up to 100 allowed from midday Friday, dancing back on at weddings. Nationals new leader announces shadow cabinet with Amy Adams deciding to stay. This & more: 101FM, , Freeview 50, SKY 83.

The Senates everything! If she vacates her seat to run for VP can the Governor play games with her seat? Do we risk losing it? Cause I dont know much about the Governor but hes a Republican so it makes me nervous. Id rather win the Senate & nominate Warren for a cabinet.

If anyone knows the chap (or chapette) who posted that tweet on the Cabinet Office s website We are all rootin for him or her. And if a whip,around is necessary to fill the salary gap, if I know Twitter, they will come to your aid. Please signal your willingness below.

And Todd has zero Cabinet experience Goldsmith has zero finance experience Brownlee is well past his use-by-date Bishop is grateful for any bone thrown his way.
Why does the Cummings story matter? And what does it obscure? The real story is the huge transfer of government assets to private companies that he is overseeing under cover of a pandemic while restructuring the Cabinet Office into his & s private fiefdom 1/.

The Scottish Tories who bayed for Calderwoods blood are apparently sanguine about Cummings. Their PM shirked his most basic responsibility. His cabinet proved spineless and clueless. And no deal Brexit beckons. What else does Scotland need to get out from under this shambles?

There is no support for what Johnson has done outside Cabinet. The backbenchers are against him, and their constituents are against him, never mind the rest of the country, who may not have voted Conservative. Seldom has a PM isolated himself so fast after winning a big majority.

Roque on reports President Duterte is looking for the replacement of Health Secretary Duque: Kung nawalan ng tiwala ang Presidente, anytime, any Cabinet member can be removed.
And that poor cabinet.
cabinet minister: Hard to see how we can go on like this expecting parents, teachers & public to trust us when we bend the rules when it suits us. This lack of confidence will put lives in may never recover from this.

We must remember is all of this that while there is a temptation to make Cummings the absolute villain, Boris Johnson and the cabinet are in charge, how they handle this is what matters. Do they care more about us or themselves?

How do you store your wine [+ Fridge/Cabinet recommendations]: Hey all As the title suggest how are you all storing your wine, wine fridge, wine room, cellar Have started to collect more wine than the rack above the fridge will hold so started.

See what is happening in America with tRump and the GOP. One hopes there are sufficient Tory MPs with backbone to stand up to Boris, Cummings and this shocking degenerate shambles of a cabinet but I am not holding my breath.

The PMs establishment of the national cabinet to supervise the nation s handling of COVID-19 has given premiers a profile most could not have dreamt of. There are signs some are reluctant to let go of their new-found authority, writes Chris Mitchell.

Of course if and shaddow cabinet demand Cummings dismissal, then would also have to go. I mean it would only be t it?
Consumer Watchdogs are Toothless While Goldman Sachs and JPMorgan Control the Government and Trumps Cabinet -
Haha. Last week I half jokingly told my kids (humanoid type) that all the on-clearance tuna cans I just bought will be going in a safe hiding spot--liquor cabinet above fridge--as a measure of feline diet control. Not much help. Pops yells at me nightly, bc he knows I have them.

This is a cabinet minister in 2020. You read correctly, a cabinet minister in her majesty s government and yes, the year is 2020.

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While the Chinese and Democrats team up to destroy America.

You know, the coronavirus is not really invisible, to anyone who is not willfully ignorant of science.

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