Wednesday 11th of August 2021

The Moment Cade Cunningham Took on Detroit Culture is The Moment National Media Started Turning on Him. Hes One of us Now. DetroitVsEverybody Detroit Got You, Cade.

Social Media Says

Jalen Green faces Detroit Cade Cunningham tonight draftees square ESPN 9:00
This angle Cade Cunninghams crossover brhoops NBASummerLeague).
Cade mixed Jalen Green brhoops NBATV).
Jalen Green doesn't take bait Rockets Pistons, Cade Cunningham.
Jalen Green Cade Cunningham tonight Green: Cade: 25 Points Points 6-11 8-18 FG 3-5 3PT 3 AST 4 TO 4 Fouls Fouls better game?
Jalen Green tonight: PTS, REB, AST 55% Cade Cunningham tonight: PTS, REB, AST 44% Rockets win.
Maybe Cade didn't foul every time wouldn't have 11fts lmao.
Cade Cunningham PTS) Jalen Green PTS) didnt disappoint their head-to-head matchup tonight.
Jalen Green: Points, Rebounds, Assists, Cade Cunningham: Points, Rebounds, Assists,
Josh Christopher locked Cade Cunningham.
steals block Cade cares about defense right?
Jalen Green signs with triple over Cade.
Jalen Green more points, more assists, more rebounds, less turnovers, better efficiency than Cade Cunninghan? team blowout?
JGup Green took personal tonight told world.. Cade like that.
Josh Christopher with clamps Cade Cunningham (arxanii
Cade Cunningham puts defender spin cycle.
Jalen Green chirping Cade after draining this three NBATV).
Funny cade hasnt said anything about jalen green rockets.
He tried to jump the screen and Cade pulled it back lmao . Yall act like he isod that man. His defense highlights were better.
Cade Cunningham Jalen Green show tonight: Cunningham: PTS, REB, STL Green: PTS, REB, Future bright rooks.
Completely agree. Cade play ball needs primary ball handler think will Killian defensive abilities make starter along with him. finds shot were looking pretty nice backcourt.

Have looked him? looks tiny there, wasnt much bigger than Cade Yeah jokic slow, jokic also every feet drains like dirk. Cant believe just mentioned together.

trying Cade leflop right Cade will flopping over floor congrats continuing suck atleast more decades yall laughing stock league.
think they gotta give Cade ball more when wants noticed times would call ball Killian would just ignore take their shots.
Cade shifted Jalen Green.
Cade just sauced Jalen Green.
Jalen Green PTS, 3PM) Alperen Sengun PTS, BLK) power HoustonRockets Resorts NBASummer League! Kenyon Martin Jr.: PTS, STL Josh Christopher: PTS, AST Cade Cunningham: PTS, 3PM.

asked Will Weaver about Jalen Green's approach tonight's matchup with Cade Cunningham: drive winning. pass teammates. make right plays. continue really impressed with approach.".

Cade live?
NBA's draft picks, Cade Cunningham Jalen Green, show Tuesday night's summer league matchup between Rockets Pistons.
Story posting moments from Jalen Green: still trying everyone involved make one-on-one battle between Cade. could have that myself getting thats that matters.

Cade Cunningham catches Jalen Greens ankles then knocks down 3-pointer.
Jalen green snapped Cade both them future stars league.
Giveaway Alert! Cade Jalen tonight! Cades Shades!!! pair Buffs style sunglasses Cade Crusader TShirt! Enter: Follow friends. will select winners Monday!
CADE VS JALEN: No. 1 & 2 overall picks didn't disappoint.
announcers kept daying Cade 6'8" when only measures 6'6".
Cade with cross finish Jalen Green NBASummerLeague).
Cade haters good your teammates were good enuff they still dogs defense shooting been nonexistent know tryin blend know when more assertive scoring TEAM will follow Take Charge.

Cade pulling Michael Beasley.
Reread tweet again. Cade babysat Pistons forcing double team Green entire game. Cry.
Cade Cunningham: know what hype going into game, that's given. main thing getting chemistry right with young core bigger goals reach bigger fish fry.".

Battle lived hype Jalen: 6/11 10/11 Cade: 20 8/18 Both gonna special.
watched game. Cade took more field goal attempts scored less points. ball hands game with only assists.
Guards bucket getters excel Summer League while struggle. It's very common. significant drop guard play hurts guys like Mobley more than hurts players like Cade, Green, Barnes etc.

Cade solid. Green star. Their contracts will different seasons.
First playoff birth Franchise history were going Championship Hayden Sylte (5-3) L: Cade McGee (3-4) S: Zach Kriethe (14) ZKriethe with Exp_League record with 14th save season! Friday.

rockets first pick they would have picked Cade stay pressed hater.
CADE. able endure much. DICK. ]Aside] question that; have seen whipt three market days together.
Both Cade and Killian have created wide open looks for this 2nd unit and it feels like theyre 0/25.
Yeah, all those free throw points. Cade put him on skates lmfaooo. playstaystion you have the clip?
Almost 610. And they kept saying Cade was 68 and it turns out hes only actually 66.
early All-Rookie Teams Predictions First Team: Cade Cunningham G Jalen Green G Jalen Suggs F Scottie Barnes C Evan Mobley Second Team: Davion Mitchell G Moses Moody G/F James Bouknight F Jonathan Kuminga C Alperen Sengun.

players good without comparisons Jalen Green Cade Cunningham have played game against each other SUMMER LEAGUE people having full blown arguments over whos better.

The team got off to hot starts and decent leads in the first two summer league games, so there is SOMETHING clicking between Kill and Cade. But then the second unit comes in and just destroys everything they built. Killian and Cade are gonna be fine, especially defensively.

Cade Cunningham Jalen Green each other court first Tuesday Vegas Summer League.
"Watch comes attacks Cade Cunningham, said pre-draft number pick, best prospect' hungry show that tonight." Mike_Schmitz Jalen Greens matchup Cade Cunningham tonight.

Part BenSummers95 Classic Trenton Ducati Cade Maddox pounds seeds power bottom, Devin Franco. Full Video Available
What game were people watching?! Where Cade lacked offense picked defense undoubtedly!! Jalen efficient some really turnovers suspect decision making. READ AICLE LAST TWEET MAN!!!

Both Cade Green league ready. Enough hate both players because these going future.
Jalen Green 22.. came while Cade sat.
Yea, after that cade only then out.
Real shit cade.
Desert Ridge 2022 Cade__Bleeker RHP/1B/OF with great summer AZ_Athletics. 4.325 DRBaseball2021 ERA- 2.33 Avg. .370 RBI) FPCT 1.000%.
Apparently im gonna have to hate him because everyone keeps tryna say hes astronomically better than Cade.
Cade Cunningham Roty: 20/5/5 47/37/87.
Cade Cunningham Killian Hayes' defense: liked lot. telling him, don't many guards coming their rookie year that better than staying attached their man.'".
Cade from behind.
ghey Cade troll. Lame Esham fake satanist soft white bois.
Bro got most his points while Cade wasn't even on the floor and 10 from the line Cade held him to what? 5 points 1v1?
Luka some weird instinctual craftiness with ball. don't think teach what does. just special magic with ball. Thats cade don't being that.
Cade cunningham better, dont over react. cunninghams summer league team awful. minimal shooters, selfish good reason players, poor spacing. saddiq couldnt even off. when with actual team, will look much better; likely rookie year.

Niggas acting like cade the next anthony bennett.
When became trend hate Cade.
Burnsville Bobcats (Pitching: Cade Marsolek) Victoria Vics (Batting: Matt Dolan) Bottom 8th, Out,

What You Really Think

Is the man! Hes going to take this league by storm.


Detroit has many legendary basketball players who would mentor him and give him all the knowledge he needs to succeed. The media is quick to shit on Detroit because weve been bad for a while. Theyll eat their words soon.

Let them overreact. Trae Young had a bad summer league debut too. Its only one game.

Tonight we will see whos better.

Who hates him? I dont think anybody actually cares, hes a young guy in going to a bad team. I think the expectation is for him to just grow with that pistons team... nothing crazy.

Thats a little melodramatic isnt it? The underdog detroit vibe is getting old.

He was the target when he put on the buffs the turned their back on him. Now it's.

This is...a bit dramatic.

Yes sirrrr.

No matter what happens today, were building a culture and a foundation. Not a flash in the pan. Were with you Cade Cunningham!

Luckily for us, that sector of coverage mostly gets things wrong. So, consider it a great sign for us.