Thursday 6th of May 2021

MISSING CHILD ALE Los Angeles, CA 14-year-old Quinn Clifford May Travel to Venice, California. When The Child Was Last Seen Their Hair Was Dyed Blue. The Child May go by The Alias Name Taylor LeBous.

Social Media Says

LOS ANGELES (AP) -- Virus cases so low that LA and San Francisco can move into California's least restrictive tier for business operations.
million call California home don't deserve have priorities sabotaged Senate because arcane procedural rule rooted white supremacy. MUST ELIMINATE FILIBUSTER. agree.

Caitlyn Jenner Hannity: friends leaving California. hangar, right across, packing hangar said, where going? says, 'I'm moving Sedona, Arizona, can't take anymore. can't walk down streets homeless'".

What world. What world. Imagine dread having pack your hangar your private move California Sedona because don't like homeless . The horror. The horror.

Dear Caitlyn_Jenner: California grew million people last years. Also, unlike you, Dems focused people dont planes hangars. know whats going help reduce homelessness? AmericanRescuePlan, which your party opposed.

youngster born raised California kickin Watts Compton LongBeach other hoods they used talk like white person? Me:***You mean know annunciate words, proper grammar, speak above grade level?***.

taken video Justin Hailey Bieber Universal Studios Hollywood Angeles, California today.
Mitch once again promises make entire goal failure Democratic President, keep thinking about states with smallest populations have million people senators California has 40 million people senators. just plain wrong.

Let sharks be sharks. If you have an encounter, give them space Fascinating read from joemozingo with beautiful photos by AlSeibPhoto and amazing video from.
Maybe there wasn't housing crisis greedy landlords there wouldn't many homeless. left California because renting there become such nightmare.
California nations population nations homeless people they have ration electricity. Utopia Democrat.
Turns out, sharks actually get really close to humans (who are often unaware) all the time. ALL THE TIME. But it's fine. It actually shows how rare shark attacks are.
better encapsulation Republican politics California than escaping *the sight* homeless soaring away your private jet.
much year, great white sharks here, along entire Southern California coast from Diego Point Conception. Humans just couldnt them until now. Drone video courtesy Carlos Gauna. Subscribers early access this story.

This disastrous make education equitable. It's unfair kids great math, terrible national competitiveness, will lead further school segregation. Dont lower ceiling everyone same place.

friends also packing their hangars leaving California avoid looking poor people.
Introducing segment: "Who Next?" Register's DavidDelgado_OC this segment, David introduces Southern California's most promising high school athletes. Check first list comments. Full Episode.

Shouldnt left/liberals happy that Caitlyn Jenner running potential governor California? Shes transgender... they trying cancel conservative beliefs?
believe Eagles mentioned Steely Hotel California.
Opportunistic California Republican.
Whats name?
Over weekend California condors descended moms house absolutely trashed deck. They still havent left. sucks also this unheard theres only these birds flying free state flock them decided start with mom.

Keep this going. California teachers union extremely powerful just political machine that doesn't care whip about students.
Good Morning Good Night From Angeles California 11:02
love the, People leaving California York) stories like anyone will miss those assholes.
LAPD Arrests Indicts Individuals Million Mortgage Green Loan Scheme Southern California Angeles.
People trample over flowers, only embrace cactus. Cactus Flowers, Arizona California UNITED STATES AMERICA.
Check episode seeyourvoicefox Season comibgsoon Malibu, California.
seen California thats wild.
Stepping over peasants California hangar depressing that moving Sedona. relatable.
Historically, the stories of Latinos have not been fairly represented in local news coverage, despite the fact that Latinos account for 39% of Californias population and nearly half of its frontline workforce and K-12 public school students.

Can't decide this story terrifying comforting, great read either way.
California Suite (1978) Director: Herbert Ross.
have idea johncox voting bear governor GavinNewsom recall election.
NEW: campaign recall Governor Newsom announces that California Secretary State confirmed today that campaign collected 1,719,943 verified signatures, which more than 200,000 over million that required. Goes ballot later this year.

Heath Ledger with Ducati Sport Classic 1000 motorcycle paparazzi Santa Monica, Angeles, California, Tuesday, July 2006. (Shutterstock).
Prophet nyobs said: every child born upon fitrah, parents then make Jew, Christian fire worshipper... This what call indoctrination, child abuse decline morality, vice filth promoted virtue this target California.

find twin brother DeSantis governor California.
Man, California much better currently? just keeps getting worse here (Oregon Washington both).
]More] taken photos Justin Hailey Bieber Universal Studios Hollywood Angeles, California today.
Russia smaller economy than California spends less military than police, continue regaling with tales they are, fact, boogeyman.
Researchers long wondered sharks, beyond rare bites that make headlines, behave around people. Were they curious? Were they skittish? they just ignore them? looks like sharks just dont care." must-devour by.

earth will California manage without people whose fake weekly threats leave just excuse complain about taxes?
California 'weeks away' from reaching herd immunity, UCSF doctors say.
Just posted photo Angeles, California.
name equity, California DOEs 2021 Mathematics Framework attacks idea gifted students eliminates opportunities accelerated math. grouping students ability - Algebra graders - Calculus high schoolers.

Democrat Gavin Newsom trying water. cant make this crap Glad fled California last year.
Caitlyn Jenner went Sean Hannity during campaign governor said that private plane friends leaving California because theyre sick seeing homeless people something that would think would joke naur, true, true.

should have moved California when chance.
California Condors Destroy This Womans Deck Bold Italic thebolditalic.
Super scenic Cypress Trees and Tunnels near San Francisco .
She's elitist herself where policies solve homelessness California. Fame money drive looking genuine solutions.
dont believe it,, theyve been seen here California well!
Both California Virginia have passed legislation that will keep poor kids from accelerated math education. these states only wealthy kids will have access. this
On Instagram! Were located in Chino Hills, California.
video Justin Hailey Bieber Universal Studios Hollywood Angeles, California earlier this week.
Ever tweet hours??? owner California selling fake COVID-19 vaccine cards
(Part Lisas solo will send LISA_US_FUNDS $500 dollars this post likes retweets comments. 8:15am here California have until tonight reach this goal. this Lisa.

interview Hannity really opened eyes much alike feel about California. were impressed.
LAPD officer arrested Wednesday suspicion possessing child pornography distributing obscene images minor, Long Beach police said.
It's about damn time. criminals coming from York California Mexico. Dems would bring more violence. violence already here stupid motherfukers odds even.
]More] Justin Hailey Bieber arriving Craig's West Hollywood, California today.
Nicolette Durand goal mind when leaves city quaint town California wine country, nothing with men.
Midwest girls ROCK. Aint nothing Midwest thang. KansasCity StLouis taking SanDiego! Diego, California.
talking about California could recall Gavin Newsom another Democrat place?

What You Really Think

So glad they found Quinn. I hope Quinn finds a supportive family.

Need more info on this one. ie with Father etc Mother on the run..or just a rebel kid ? Or was living on the streets now missing?

Any chance that kid in the pink shirt (from the videos you shared from a Venice boardwalk encampment) might be this kid??

Shared in Georgia.

"their"? Is there more than one child missing?

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