Saturday 20th of May 2023

How Aerial Plane Shots Are Captured Air-to-Air With an Air Canada 787 Recorded From a Learjet : Contrailsphotography.

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There's school Canada they don't stay home alone. This picture taken school.
$QUACK RICHQUACK News: With Binance shuts down operations Canada, it's clear that Canada exemplifies necessity decentralization finance: Canada imposed restrictions protestors freezing their bank accounts. - Canada annual limit for.

conservatives Canada appear regrowing their spines... PremierScottMoe foremost among them.
NOBODY Canadian Media going crucify PierrePoilievre LITERALLY saying Government Canada wildfires Alberta? We're just going StochasticTerrorism slide
ITunes Chart Update! countries! Philippines 1 UAE 2 Qatar 2 Saudi Arabia 2 Singapore 3 Hong Kong 5 Bahrain 6 Cambodia 9 Israel 13 Zealand 17 Finland 18 Canada 29 Azerbaijan 37 Vietnam 44 Norway 93 Australia.

Day: Iris, 1890. cardboard, mounted canvas, 62.2 48.3 National Gallery Canada, Ontario.
shouldnt went Canada first place.
Karen. should think independently. Damn, Canada just bots can't think critically. What does taking guns from lawful owners Karen? Nothing! It's criminals (that don't follow law) that this won't affect smarter.

Canada introducing sanctions against Russians involved deportation Ukrainian children Prime Minister Trudeau summit.
When comes these 2021 2022 set, they know GUYS, YOU'RE COMING people Canada, they about their business, become citizens, snap like this, back their business Congratulations jare.

Canadas joke justice system.
Wildfires have been burning in Western Canada.
Liberals have been involved changing coat arms, national anthem Canadian flag current versions.
Canada, wellness check Drake, please?
Today celebrate World Family Doctor recognizing vital roles contributions family doctors primary care teams. head into long weekend, acknowledge grateful dedication family doctors BC.

Canada, guess this what happens when bring children bandera from Ukraine live next you. They hold huge banners flags they threatened Russian with little George ribbon. Classic Ukrainians, everyone should feel them.

sooo hard figure shit when doing crossovers??? This scene didn't seem Canada. then smooth transition from didn't have that here.

What mess will have clean Trudeau government told people debt harmless because rates were low. people took massive mortgages face hike when they renew 2026. Trudeau will surfing somewhere then.

It's like anyone needs more evidence that PierrePoilievre serial liar, here's little more library. bad, Canada's major news organizations like CBCNews, CTVNews, globeandmail, etc. help spread lies don't fact check him.

news this morning, Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelensky will attend Japan person* Sunday, instead virtually. Zelensky will meet with leaders Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, U.K. United States.

progressivism Canada which destroying country. Canadians lean left. Canada will need have Thatcher reckoning reset sanity. dont like Alberta govt? have best Canada, everything else leans left.

Group suspected of hosting Chinese 'police station' received up to $200,000 in federal funding.
ITunes Chart Update! countries! Philippines 1 Qatar 1 Saudi Arabia 2 Singapore 3 Hong Kong 5 Bahrain 6 Israel 7 Zealand 17 Canada 29 Azerbaijan 76 Australia.
Canada's prosperity and quality of life are fuelled by innovation. At GGInnovation Awards we celebrate innovators and their outstanding contributions to society. Let's applaud our fellow innovators who are shaping the future. Learn more.

liberals financially destroying Canada right that will take centuries repair.
hate canada </3.
File this under "things didn't know" Despite having lowest corporate rate Canada wide margin, Alberta higher unemployment rate than Canadian average every single month UCPs 4-year term. ableg abpoli cc.

Heavy Equipment Operator trade. We have saying when boss lousy things amuk SHITSHOW This what have Canada with JustinTrudeau theJagmeetSingh liberal_party RachelNotley WabKinew Leaders that LIARS deserve office.

Some goof accused being paid bot. wish! It's kind flattering though, since must mean that doing some damage steaming pile disinfo that Conservative brand Canada. Right?

sick Lies. Most everyone Canada seems fighting albertaNDP TodaysNDPMB fascist creating mongrels. support PierrePoilievre like most other Canadians fight continues.

Lots discussion Smith supporters today about credibility CBC. Well this January 2023 story about Smith pressuring Shandro over Pawlowski case (from confidential sources) vindicated Trussler's report.

Turdeau embarrassed Canada again criticizing Italy's lgbtq stance. Keep your mouth shut sock boy, most Canadians don't agree with you.
Good job.
third Canadians fine with prescribing "assisted suicide" (death) other reason than that patient poor homeless. unhinged hatred poor people Western capitalist "democracies" shows fascism just beneath surface.

Get these CCP goons out, of Canada. You are not welcome here communists.
Trudeau voted that deal.
percentage Black-led businesses Canada growing they tend smaller less profitable. Government bank programs hope change that through financial education.
Canadians fear disruptions from giant Volkswagen plant.
Here PierrePoilievre answering question about didnt meet with David Johnston, special rapporteur appointed JustinTrudeau Chinas interference Canada.
someone Ontario, Canada, lost count amount times read about r*ping woman custody, woman herself just been assaulted another person. sickening.
True story; Canada doesn't allow options cash account unless you've account. don't, trade options your free account, BUT, only make trades week. This fuckin shafted being poor-o.

started: 'Our message Canadians that interest rates very theyre going there long time' Bank Canada Governor Tiff Macklem, July 2020 How it's going: Canadians should expect return rates, Tiff Macklem says, 2023.

Pierre Poilievre really sees Canada.
Nutrients Life Edmonton STEM Expo (Canada Wide Science Fair). Students booth exploring nutrients needed plant growth.
Angel Pt.1 music markets right iTunes USA 1 Brazil 1 France 2 Australia 2 Japan 2 Germany 3 UK 3 Canada.
boom Friday long weekend ahead! Have pawsome weekend everyone love
burning tearing bibles took place yesterday. What hell about Churches burnt across Canada what down, Ahmed. dont have damn right protest anything.

Wildfire smoke from fires western Canada Denver looks extremely smoky today. IQAir: Denvers quality 3rd-worst major global city this
Mask mandates still effect Nova Scotia, Canada. this day, Thursday, 18th. 2023. that sink
Aired Canadawhich incredibly because they Mothers scene also know have missed something else because didnt transition that guys
(1/2) We're looking volunteer help with Fabulous Histories, project CCGSD's Queer History Team! volunteer will primarily conduct historical research around specific themes 2SLGBTQIA history Canada support creation four digital modules.

Love this much!
Gondek's woke city administration ending Canada fireworks cultural sensitivity part truth reconciliation. Can't make this shit folks.
Smoke from wildfires Canada being propelled unusually warm weather there will steered toward Colorado today. smell smoke time. CDPHE says unhealthy sensitive groups (young children, older adults, those with asthma, etc).

Hadassah BrainLabs expresses gratitude $LSDI contributions their research. their partner, we're proud provide psychedelic compounds that facilitate scientific understanding pave discoveries. LucyDiscovery $QQQ.

Gopro Footage!! Ukrainian army attacks Russian troops close combat front lines.
western nations deliberately running their countries into ground courtesy WEF. leave Canada sadly theres where that isnt doing same.
Watch paleoclimatologist Trevor Porter takes behind scenes show gathers analyzes samples tree rings construct detailed climate record Canadas North going back almost 1,000 years.

SB19Officials GENTO also charting different countries: (10x countries) Hong Kong 3 Saudi Arabia 3 Singapore 13 Zealand 20 Canada 23 Bahrain 152 Australia.
wildfire smoke swirled, parts Alberta have endured some worst quality planet this week, particular when comes fine particulate matter.
Introducing Canadians Connected: Halifax speaker, John Sherwood! John President Atlantic IXPs, working improve internet infrastructure Canada. Register today hear from advocates like John.

You've heard about criticalminerals, Inflation Reduction push cleantech North America. country rich resources Canada important role play. This show digs topic opportunity. Check out.

Skin cancer is the most common and most preventable cancer type in Canada. Learn about SunSafety tips from the Canadian Cancer Society cancersociety here.
"ESSENCE" Tems) Platinum Canada Platinum Platinum Platinum Switzerland Gold South Africa (Eligible) AWARDS 2022 Award 2021 Soul Train - 2022 R&B/Hip-Hop.

This stupidest government stupidest people Canada.
Hundreds people from across Maritimes turned season opener Atlantic Motocross race series Clyde River Motocross Track Clyde River, Shelburne County. SaltWire.
Haters keeps barking that PPOP just KPOP copycat then theres SB19 releasing thats full Pinoy references! puns, inside jokes concept Gento purely Pinoy humor!! BASTA MAKAKAKITA NITO.

When comes travel Canada, most travellers prefer either Canada WestJet. asked them about carriers respective loyalty programs Aeroplan WestJet Rewards they might able tell yo.

Around 7:00 Japan time, working dinner started.
Statistics Canada says retail sales fell cent $65.3 billion March.
Today's announcement fees failed attempt rectify major challenge facing small businesses Canada, including c-stores. PLawrenceMP jasrajshallan adamchamb full statement here.

coaching raptors because they cant find talent. dont think players wanna live/play canada issue imo.
agree, fuck nazis. 2) Azov Battalion nazis fuck them. 3) fascist party Ukraine less than vote. There's nazis Canada Wagner Group also nazis. Fuck Putin's illegal invasion. 5) right can't meme.

We're hosting iconic Night Aqueerium event June 16th featuring fabulous performances by JuiceBoxx Tiffany Boxx Kreme Inakuchi Milkshake Dragon Noir and Sandy Watts Valeroo your fins tickets.

Discover magic Turkishicecream, where every scoop enchanting experience. . . 416-569-6525 9441 Jane 109, Maple, 4H8, Canada . .
Laurier Mantil testified yesterday about challenges with vaccine mandates while being pregnant.
"You vaccinate pregnant women. It's medical malpractice" Shoemaker.
Record Holding Overseas Territories Mollywood Europe Australia Zealand Canada Gulf nears $5M,expected cross Lucifer ]$5.7M] USA,Lucifer still holds record with Gross $564,274.
corrupt RCMP Alberta, Canada stopping people from saving their homes.
Monday, will celebrate VictoriaDay NationalPatriotsDay Canada. Please note that MCIs Winnipeg Quebec facilities will closed observance Victoria National Patriots Day.

Just under 4years after arriving this country, took Canadian oath citizenship next best thing after sliced bread Canada. better believe that.
Canada never quashed Jersey Feifdoms that where oligarchs still launder their money.

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Glad they fixed that oil line leak. If they just hadn't left that wrench in there...

Its like Air Law is not applied here.

Mi ha sembra strano che non ci siano interferenze aerodinamic.


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