Wednesday 1st of July 2020

Wishing Canadians Far And Wide a Happy Canada Day! [?]nulb.

Happy Canada day everyone!!!Vnulb.
Canada: Regional Tibetan Youth Congress protest against China outside the Chinese Consulate-General in Toronto, raise "Tibet stands with India" & "Thank you Indian Army" slogans.
On October 1, 2018, President realDonaldTrump announced that negotiations on the United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement were complete. At midnight on July 1, 2020, this historic agreement took effect!
Gotta like Canadas colour on this map! Just one shade of blue away from the top category I think.
Proud to live in such a beautiful country. Happy Canada Day.
Hundreds are gathered in Kjipuktuk/Halifax to stand for Palestine and against racism and police violence across Turtle Island on Canada Day.
This Canada Day, volunteers at the Ottawa Food Bank Farm are harvesting vegetables for families in need and showing exactly what it means to be Canadian - thank you!
Watch: Tommy, mommy featured in Governor General's Canada Day video.
North Okanagan man gives back for Canada Day.
Happy normal day! Vnulb canada is a fake, made up country whose only semblance of a "culture" consists of hiding systemic exploitation and genocide behind heavily manufactured, post-racist niceties and impossibly sugar-dense foods we are literally not a nation! Vnulb.

Virtual Canada Day citizenship ceremony celebrates nurses, care workers .
Fireworks can scare your pets! Learn more about how you can keep your furry family members safe and happy during Canada Day celebrations.
Renewed push to remove slur-filled terms from Quebec's maps sparks debate.
N.B. anti-racism activist among those receiving Canada Day honours... .
Did the president of our most important and closest ally wish Canada a happy birthday yet? Rude.
Canada day!!!
Now those are gonna make for some interesting tan lines.Vnulb happy Canada Dayeh.
bernie">Bernier is the only honest choice Canada has. The other parties are corrupt, since ages ago. That is more than obvious to even the most casual observer. That the media-drones ignore bernie">Bernier and hope he goes away is the gold seal of honesty. We've got to do something about that.

Im thinking about the challenges we have in front of us as a country. Cmon Canada! We have work to do.
Explaining Canada Day to an American..
Review This Reviews!: Six Historical Fiction Books Set in Canada.
Button crashed into him in 2011 in Canada. Button admitted he didn't see him. Rosberg took Hamilton out in Spa and in Spain when he forced him off the track. Massa got punished on separate occasions for the incidents in 2011. You are a bad liar.

Happy Canada day everyone.
You cant not post a selfie for canada day.
Celebrating Canada and wishing a very happy CanadaDay2020 from niagregpolice and.
Happy Canada Day, eh!
How to get a full refund if your flight is cancelled.
On July 1, wherever you are in Canada, enjoy Canada Day fireworks in a fun and innovative way! Watch on your mobile device or computer.
Trump calls a planned "Black Lives Matter" mural on 5th Ave in front of Trump Tower a symbol of hate, and said it would amount to denigrating this luxury Avenue. The biggest symbol of Hate in NYC IS Trump Tower! Move to Canada if you don't like it Who's with me?

Happy Birthday, Canada: 153 facts about the True North strong and free .
Funnel clouds possible in Calgary and surrounding area this afternoon: Environment Canada.
The far right trends to support bernie">Bernier or Wexit.
When I plan our next trip to see the waterfall near Canada, everybody better be ready. AUGUST.
Happy Canada Day Jim! Having really enjoyed Issue 13 & 14 of the Into The Crucible story arc, I decided to try out your other work on the Conan franchise. Stopped by SilverSnailTO today & picked up these two issues! Theyre awesome!

A beautiful spot in a beautiful country. Happy Canada Day to you and yours, Colin!
Happy Canada Day! Now, I can sleep.
Just found out that its not available in canada nobody talk to me.
Happy Canada Day folks!!
Happy Canada Day Patriots. Many are rising to fight back. The silent majority, no longer silent!
WE didn't wear racist blackface, you did. WE didn't fire an indigenous woman for telling the truth, you did. WE aren't dividing Canadians for political gain, you're doing that. Canada is the greatest country in the world in spite of you Skippy.

Canada is a fake country built on the backs of Black and Indigenous people so that white people get to have the privilege of perpetuating this rose-coloured lie. Settler colonialism is ongoing and all settlers alive today are just as culpable.

I originally made this for Canada 150, but Im just going to repost it every year because we resist every. fucking. day. I made this in honour of all my relations who resist by existing; who survive and thrive; We do not celebrate Kkkanada. We celebrate Indigenous excellence.

USMCA in effect! Patriots fighting against corruption for Canada Day! Wait till the end. WWG1WGA!!!
CLASSY! US-born woman in Canada yells at Canadian girls to go back where they came from.
A Man and His Cat sweepstakes is back! Retweet with SquareEnixBooksSweepstakes in your comment and follow us for a chance to win this exclusive coaster set!* A Man and His Cat, vol. 2: Official rules: (*US/Canada only).

Indigenous woman says taking part in new Nike campaign extremely special.
Someone vandalized these Grade 6 Toronto students' posters about anti-Black racism CBC News.
I appreciate you fam. You always support and don't mind paying that crazy Shipping to Canada.
Happy Canada day! If you have American friends, remind them of this.
Nothing but Sandra Oh fancams for Canada Day.
In 1938, the Jews were forced on their knees in Vienna; in 1938, berlain">Chamberlain figuratively took a knee; & in 2020, Trudeau foolishly took a knee for BLM TakeAKnee is a metaphor for subservience & appeasement Not my Canada.

Happy Canada Day to our favorite Canadian!
Just finished the makeup for today Canada, eh.
Oh my God Canada!
Thanks to CGCanLA and fellow honorees for all of your work - so proud to be from the True North Strong and Free. Happy Canada Day! Vnulb.
Happy Canada Day to you! Love from, Judes London, ON.
Happy Canada Day family and friends!
Today, realDonaldTrump's trade deal with Mexico and Canada officially goes into effect. The USMCA is a win for West Tennessee farmers, manufacturers, and businesses. Thank you POTUS for ushering in this new era of North American trade.

Statement from the Press Secretary Regarding the United States- Mexico- Canada Agreement.
CBC just said the rally on Parliament hill was about people opposed to pandemic measures, and that there were plenty of far right people there. No CBC, most of the people there were opposed to Justin Trudeau and were everyday people from across Canada. CBC=Fake News.

It's Canada Day so watch my new battle.
Stuff I love about Canada: 1. In the States they only go 60. In Canada we go 100. That's 40 more. We're given'r. 2. If you visit another province and tell someone the city you're from they'll probably ask if you know their cousin Jim. 3. Name a kind of geography. We got 'er, eh.

Happy Canada Day VanossGaming and SMii7Y!
Canada day. Here is what you need to know: -our flag means nothing. There is no official symbolism because a flag was chosen that we could define the meaning of. -the name of Canada comes from the native peoples. The question becomes, what is Canada to you.

Thank you Q, anons, patriots, digital soldiers for helping Canada in this information war. For taking on this war as peaceful, law abiding citizen journalists to assist exposing the globalist corruption & evil. This is a hard fight. Don't give up. We aren't alone. We are strong!

Happy Canada Day! If you like big clits and tell me what you like about big clits and what you would do to mine in the comments.
Can you now stop cry over the PS50,000 christ you're desperate..we're not that low here in Canada be crying over that..let it go man...kmt.
Warm wishes to all those celebrating Canada Day around the world. Ive been working closely with FP_Champagne to strengthen the partnership.
You can't claim to be anti-racist and celebrate Canada Day.
It blows my mind how any time the bloody history of Canada is acknowledged its met with it was a 100 years ago, it doesnt matter anymore. By that logic, history, including the good history we celebrate today, doesnt matter either. So should we then CANCELCANADADAY?

Although canada is viewed as angelic, and a great country, we as well have a cruel history (and present), with the discrimination of indigenous people, discrimination of minorities, and more. keep that in mind this canada day!

Wishing you a Safe and Happy Canada Day!
Anyways, happy Canada Day.
Our Northern Neighbors begin to awaken as ONE. You have it in you Canada... you just need to grab hold and never stop running. New Q. 4558 We stand together. WWG1WGA!!! Q.
Off to ConnaughtGolf where I have spent the last several Canada Day afternoons. [?]nulb nulb.
In countries with supportive policy & legal & regulatory frameworks, such as in Canada, Norway, the UK & the US, storage resources are significantly more mature, making them more likely to be the countries where the next wave of CCS projects are announced, .

If you're angry that CANCELCANADADAY is trending on Twitter, PLEASE our message! Happy Birthday, Canada from the team at RebelNewsOnline!

What You Really Think

Happy Canada Day.

The history of Americas drenched in blood of Natives and Africans. Happy Birthday.

Happy CanadaDay2020 from.

Happy 153rd Birthday Canada! British North America Act, 1867 FTW!

Happy BD!

Canada is gone.

Happy Canadian day.

Happy birthday from your neighbors down south.

Happy birthday Canada .. From Texas.

How many days to puck drop?

Happy birthday Canada Vnulb Depending on how things go here, is there any room there? Im good with cold weather I like to have a backup plan.

Happy Canada Day!

Happy Canada day!!

Happy Canada Day! I look forward to when I can visit again sometime in the future.

My love.

Happy birthday canada.

Greetings from Canadas Capital in Ireland!!

Happy Canada Day!!!! just in case things(morons,idiots & russians) don't go well in Nov down here, I'm moving up there. Go Canada!

Happy Birthday!!!

Happy Birthday to our Kind and Loving Country!

Thank you for terrence and Phillip guy.

Happy CanadaDay2020 from Azad Kashmir.

God bless Canada.


Happy Canada Day!!!


We need to keep it going. We have such a great privilege in this country but it could all go away just like that Gratitude, hard work and humility.

People get smarter keep social distancing longer wear mask stop gathering to close from each other without mask it's not going away if you keep disregarding guard line be smart be safe care for others your loved one you putting them in danger by been selfish is it worth it.

Happy Canada day from Washington.

Part of the far and wide... We dey Nigeria, we still dey wait oooo.

Wishing a Happy Canada day Special for P M.

There's no such thing as Canada. There is, however, something called Stolen Indigenous Land.

Happy Natal Anniversary Canada!

I wanna thank of Canadian people who accept us beside of their selves. We can do all of the best Together VnulbVnulbVnulb.

O 4 ever [?]nulb Happy Birthday.

"Thank you for being a friend" Happy National Birthday!

Feliz dia CANADA, una nacion inmensa y hermosa no la conozco pero siento una gran admiracion por este gran y extraordinario pais FELIZ DIA.

Happy Birthday Canada ! I'm proud to be Canadian n I'm blessed celebrating our Nations Bday w/ my latest single TattedUp dedicated to INKED up bodies tattooedwomen tattoed models tattooartist NowPlaying on.

Thats my name wassup.

Happy Birthday Canada.

Happy Birthday.

Happy Canada guys.


Room for three more ?

What is up FO ERIE I MISS YOU.

Happy Canada Day from California!

Should have been going to canada for a hol this year . Your country is amazing and tolerant compared to most of the world. See you 2021.

Happy Birthday to the great country of Canada and all my wonderful Canadian friends. Celebrate, Have fun, Be safe.


Happy Canada Day!!! l hope when next you are celebrated, I'll be on your soil to join in the celebrations.

Right back at you eh.

How about diversity of thought and opinion, howre we doing there??

Happy Canada day to you all. Proud to be Canadian. V.

Is the best country in the world!

Happy birthday Canada. From your meth addicted cousins in America.

Happy Birthday, Canada! Your neighbors to the south love you!

Happy Canadian Day. Love, someone who currently lives enviously south of the border.

Happy Canada Day Canada! Wish I were you.

Happy Birthday and fuck Canada.