Monday 29th of August 2022

Justin Trudeau And His Liberal Media Allies Really Don't Want Canadians to See This.

Social Media Says

Like many Canadians across country, thinking everyone affected devastating flooding Pakistan. Canada providing support through UNCERF redcrosscanada provide food, clean water, other essential services quickly possible.

Thanks coming, Chancellor. couldnt agree more there many opportunities Canadians Germans work together create good jobs, fight climate change, strengthen democracy.
Leger poll "found solid majority Canadians believe Trudeau divided nation because 'often favours certain groups regions country over others, which created national unity issues'.

f**k yourself nazi inherited piece shit. don't give flying f**k think are. You're only somebody because your roots. continually shit Canadians because refuse listen your stooge boss.

dont know anything about person verbally harassed could Trudeau apologizing self improvement been verbally abusing Canadians years dont like either.

chance unvaxxed Canadians will given same rights? will continue treat them second class citizens?
Canadians deserve this, Doug?
dont condone harassing people long time coming Freeland. when Canadians support this corrupt government. havent cared about politics till these snakes started doing sneaky obviously terrible things. Must blind this.

Seeing politicians disgusted they about cafreeland treated didn't word about that same person freezing Canadians banks accounts when they nothing wrong have lost credibility they have had. hypocrites!

Will PierrePoilievre call this attrocious behaviour commited against many others? will stand with aggression, anger division? Asking Million Canadians?
Nope. dont move seems have culture youre trying foist Canada. Canadians dont want that maga-style lie-laden anger-fomenting hate-harvesting divide-into-enemy-camps politics here.

Ojibwe word school akinomaagegamik (pronounced a-ki-no-maa-ge-ga-mik). auntie Biidaasige Mandamin water walker- environmentalist advocated clean drinking water Canadians- they named school after Pickering, ON.

think represents most Canadians feel about government official that stepped outside boundary being gov. Official.
don't understand anger? said canadians don't have right property. wasn't attacked called name seemed enjoy because
WATCH: Chrystia Freeland laughed when announced that freezing Canadians' bank accounts protesting Trudeau Liberals' tyrannical lockdowns.
verbal assault Deputy Freeland staff alarming wrong. growing number incidents targeting women journalists, politicians their staff alarming. want daughter women know they belong everywhere. know Canadians too.

Lets start list politicians journalists expose their hypocrisy staying silent millions Canadians were attacked govt over years while coming rescue Chrystia Freeland, defending against mean words.

Introducing Canadas first-ever 2SLGBTQI Action Plan whole-of-government approach thatll help break down barriers, fight discrimination that 2SLGBTQI Canadians face, make sure were building future proud details.

Gang drew first blood Canadians will never forget being labelled, beaten, bank accounts frozen jailed with drummed bogus charges disagreeing with them. Then giving Canadian Rest world starving here with food shortages inflation.

Over past years, Trudeau Liberals have threatened, intimidated, verbally, legally, financially, physically assaulted peaceful Canadians.
Just everyones clear, Trudeau government paid public anti-Semite over $130k dollars teach Canadians about anti-racism. cant make this stuff
Canadians should very concerned that it's quickly headed towards society where citizens cancelled, government, with flick switch. Canadas Digital plans uncomfortably close Chinese social credit: report.

backwards attitude being sung Canadians where does that leave CONvoy.
Naw, with amount suffering caused Canadians last years asked this. You deserve this. Every single last you.
While dont condone rushing toward Chrystia Freeland using excessive profanity, laughing arrogantly announced freezing Canadians bank accounts repugnant.
Real Canadians dont wear MAGA hats.
niggas here dating Jamaicans Canadians what going
It's almost like some Canadians don't like Traitors. Laws can't them paid expose them, expect Canadians ignore destruction their country?
seeing backlash. have ourselves what kind country are, what kind country want Heres hint, Prime Minister: Canadians dont want dictatorship.
might have been handled differently definitely deserves piece Canadians minds bring down two. words would have been youre coming Alberta then APPROVE PIPELINES Cancel C69! dont come back until Better..?

heard some harsh words. Hardly threat, nothing compared hardships inflicted Canadians.
shocked that anyone shocked! Canadians have been attacked, bled mocked government. cant take anymore.
Canadians aren't stupid. women you, Pierre.
Keep voting will never change worse. Wonder rural CANADIANS feeling you? dont vote party matter who! dont vote cons because what they life economy. Rural folks vote for? More misery? Less progress.

chance give back gamers Canada speaker Gaming Grant Program! gave young Canadians opportunity learn about different careers gaming couldn't more happier inspire next generation content creators.

Freeland physically intimidated really? remind EXACTLY what happened Canadians when they tried protests against Liberals just very short months ago.
this point just dont anything. Canadians their news differently lets change how/when LisaLaFlamme_ delivered instead putting omarsachedina right into spot that apparently nobody watches anyways. couldve better.

Media shows their true face defending this lady laughs Canadians.
Why? called Canadians, Racists, white supremacists, misogynists...did other politician stand that's wrong?
Prominent Canadians write OPEN LETTER Bell Media demanding they make things right Lisa LaFlamme public. list Anne Murray, bestselling author Louise Penny, entrepreneur philanthropist Balsillie former Campbell Full list below.

country like ours, uniting Canadians prime ministers job; fanning divisions political gain asking problems down road.
Canadians being played rubes private sector takeover healthcare. work. think have worked medicine both sides border tell you: careful what wish for.

Don't defend that piece shit. She's been running mouth laughing Canadians years because, well, can.any Canadians struggle their bills laughs basically says deserve it".

Need more than Canadians angry. Need start defending Canada against change voted for. reward terrorism treason. support crime tool change Western Culture. Innovative Western Culture change.

know that this rabid hater record maligning French indigenous Canadians saving most toxic treatment Jews, public record hate dating least 2002. This become Ottawas darling accident.

Always!! you're from Canada really excited during trucker convoy really cheering them followed follows from freedom loving Canadians during that time!

give shi...t what Trudeau condemns condemn everything Trudeau called Canadians!!!
This with place Canadians, condemn NAZI regime. work Davos, both you. stay here, will jailed life. can't wait courts your puppets. Trudeaus_Ego .

Liberals added financial abuse their list control tactics. Their measures counter "anger management" strategy. greatest struggle Canadians face Covid, Liberal party itself.

forgot worked Nine West. Canadians used come there load clean out.
Disabled Canadians need support right from levels government.
dont move seems have culture youre trying foist Canada. Canadians dont want that maga-style lie-laden anger-fomenting hate-harvesting divide-into-enemy-camps politics here.

Canadians starting crack under pressure this government. anger directed ChrystiaFreeland understandable? Justified? Some will some staged Maybe. Maybe not. Truth years lockdowns losses taken toll.

have acknowledge rage. Swearing Christia Freeland calling filthy names unnecessary when trying make your point. Nobody will listen. have acknowledge anger most grassroots Canadians have over their federal government.

"Canadians have been peacefully protesting front Parliament Hill day, dancing streets extreme cold winters night, sound truckers honking their horns, music filling fireworks illuminating sky." V.

youre saying should have gone (3,100 deaths million 1,100). Shows little regard lives individual Canadians.
know when really amped last campaign Trudy made comments about millions unvaxxed Canadians without ounce empathy understanding this leader Canadians? this product that dont agree with intimidation this Trudeaus.

What bunch b.s.! This coming from man? called UNVAXED "racists etc" were "NOT TOLERATED "!!!! threatens CANADIANS and/or their life EVERY DAMNED !!!!!
French canadians aren't people.
long will Canadians continue electing Fascists rule them now!
What saying Mark? call women... Your attitude pretty degrading women. where were when Trudeau' hate speech against those Canadians chose their medical autonomy.

vent frustration. millions Canadians.
threatened Canadians over years. F*ck off.
vegetable? Albeit, with nations nuclear secrets stuffed wherever Saudi golf club. Canadians have tried Caesar institutionalized displacing Bloody Mary morning cure choice brunch. Bloody Caesar isnt it.

Whats driving that trend Canadians being angry with government leaders? Please explain.
burning churches wiping Canadas history acceptable ! Hes almost individually responsible Canadians bitter views this government. Absolute power corrupts absolutely.
Canadians, trolling you?
many Canadians this (LAITH MAROUF) views would considered fringe dangerous official Ottawa Policy being radically rewritten reflect woke values celebrated team.

interesting these types replies. people elected represented Canadians this would never happen. years oppressing neglect they wonder this happens. Youre perfect example look calm understand this happen.

anyone deserves tongue lashing Trudeau cabinet *Ottawa gone rogue* Canadian dark regarding direction Trudeau/Freeland plan take country good hands And Canadians scared!!

least learn decent syntax grammar before belching nauseam about Khalistan. Else both Indians Canadians could unintended, tasteless, illiterate humour.
Liberals care more about Chrystia Freeland getting scolded from Alberta than they care that Liberal Government gave half Million Dollars payers money Anti-Semetic Racist lecture Canadians "anti-racism" This today's Liberal supporter.

What You Really Think

You are who you hang with.

I don't want you criminals in my country. Your a disgrace to all Canadian's with your BIG mouths and no back bone. LEAVE.

I guess the difference is having a crystal ball so you will know if someone you are taking a photo with will have charges laid against them down the road compared to knowingly taking photos with white nationalists.

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