Wednesday 17th of March 2021

This is Certainly an interesting Way to Characterize Cardi B Saying Defamatory Things About Candace's Brother Based on Photoshopped Tweets, Twitter.

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This is certainly an interesting way to characterize Cardi B saying defamatory things about Candace's brother based on photoshopped tweets, Twitter.
Remembering a few years ago when Candace Owens lied about her college requiring her to take women's studies courses. It took most of us no more than two minutes to find the college handbook for the years she was enrolled, and well... she blocked a lot of folks that day.

Frankly, I agree with Candacewe *must* start making sandwiches to pop into other women's vaginas.
Cardi B responds to Candace Owen's tweet criticizing her Grammys performance.
Two old white men trending on the same day: Shaun King and Candace Owens.
Since they're trending... I'm bringing out my article from the archives! RealCandaceO CardiB Candace vs. Cardi B - The Feud The Culture Needed!
This is apt... and I don't even like Candace.
How Candace Owens Think Lesbians Bang.
Candace should retweet this one.
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Candace is going to be president.
Cardi B keeps reminding us that Candace Owens real name is Candace SelfOwens.
And Twitter removed Trump. Wow Talk to an attorney Candace she's a real piece if work.
It's going to be fun to watch Candace Owens frantically insisting that she likes to joke about having sex with her brother but that she wouldn't actually do it. We might even see a lawsuit threat. Or a picture with her and her brother hugging to show they're just friends.

WAP is not just a hit song, its also a mysterious elixir that makes conservatives admit deeply embarrassing things, like Ben Shapiro not being able to sexually arouse his wife and Candace Owens not knowing how vaginas work. This should be its own award show.

Who the hell would want their daughter to be like Candace??? Absolutely NO ONE... She makes a living by tearing down others and she has major shortcomings and shes very insecure. Shes not as perfect as she claims she is...

Harries in court after candace owens sues us.
Bold of you to assume candace ow*ns would think harriet tubman was a hero.
I interviewed Candace Owens for Silenced after Cernovich she seemed like the most mentally ill person in the film.
Candace Owens is a trash gutter person, and I can guarantee you she'll have her Stacy Dash "discovered the light" moment, right after the money dries up.
I guarantee that a teenager watching Candace Owens is going to be way better adjusted than any teen watching Cardi B.
Cardi is out here giving Candace the attention her husband gives to her brother.
I'm transgender. I don't have a pussy. Candace, presumably does. I don't understand how she misunderstands things this badly and I don't.
I have to talk about Candace Owens and Cardi B AGAIN, this Thursday?
Educated vs uneducated. Why can't people see this. They like to call Candace white because she's smart. Black community has made it cool to be dumb. That's what's wrong. LeBron, Cardi, Snoop and other uneducated people are too idolized in the black community.

Odd, I dont seem to remember Hitler apologist Candace Owens ever being angry about her orange rapist king saying he can grab all women by the p*ssy if he wants or the many nude photos taken by racist birther trash Melania. Selective outrage huh?

Candace Owens is mad because she doesnt have a W.A.P.
Sorry you can't get any pussy, Candace. We're all trying out here.
Candace Owens is a dumb whore. Yeah I said it.
Well if you call your lawyers you better call him for this one to Cardi B is not the only one saying it.
Cardi B has nothing to offer except her fake plastic butt, fake plastic boobs, fake plastic nails, and fake weave. The ONLY thing she does is debase herself on National TV and courages young women to engage in complete and utter debauchery. Candace is right and she knows it.

Candace hitler was right Owens strikes again!
*sees Candace Owens and Steven Crowder at the top of trending* *logs off* *throws phone into the lake*.
Cardi dragging candace owens for absolute filth is exactly what i needed to see after a long day.
Candace Owens and Cardib are in a Twitter battle here's the breakdown.
Candace & Charlie Expose Liberal Ideology In Our Nations Schools.
I really hate how Candace is debating what do you mean obsession with the Trump family? She brought up The First Lady as an example You were just jumping through hoops to pretend you dont understand what shes saying.

Show her the truth Candace.
I agree! I like Cardis music... but Candace is classy and a role model.
Theres something mentally wrong with Candace Owens lol besides this idiotic (on both ends) back and forth with Cardi B.
Candace owens is such a pick me ass bitch lmao.
Looks like you gonna be a BAP Broke Ass Pussy...after Candace gets done suing your ass.
I honestly can't stand candace Owen. So I'm always gonna be on the side of who ever is beefing with her.
I mean, it's definitely true as to Candace, who is an unprincipled, selfish grifter. Cardi has some talent and seems to be a decent, caring person.
But no one can honestly say they want their daughter turning out like Candace....
Cardi B posted a tweet of Candace Owens saying her husband and her brother slept together which went viral.Her fans assumed it was a joke and today shes calling Cardi B a liar and that the tweet is photoshopped. I remember when it happened and confirmed she wrote it. Shes lying.

So basically Candace Owens pulled a Karen on Cardi B, couldnt take the heat back and ran off saying she was going to sue. Now iamcardib is dragging her every few minutes - look at her timeline.
If you are a person that I just made up, I want you to know that I hate you. This is not something a normal person says, Candace.
Cardi B and her crew every time Candace sends them a tweet and they gotta try to find out what to say back.
Why would Google try to destroy Candace Owens with this fake tweet?
Shit is getting real. This is gold. Candace vs. Cardi.
Maybe because Cardi B defamed Candace's brother.
Candace wouldnt even pay that tweet she posted then deleted about her husband and brother any mind if it was one of us normal folk. but its cardi bthe LAST person youd want having that info.
Oh yeah! Candace Owens just threatened to sue Cardi B for slandering her brother.
How does the Harrie that started the candace Owens rumour feel knowing the impact theyve had on the World Wide Web.
People Candace pick one.
Candace Owens deleting her old tweets...
At your worst, you are naked, shoving your vagina into another womans vagina while thrusting atop her. Worst? This is me at my best. Youre missing out, Candace.
Candace Owens tried to teach some lesson about being a good example but it backfired and taught a different one. Being a mean girl is ugly. Picking on people just means youre insecure. Confident women support each other. Dont be like Candy.

This Cardi B/Candace Owens thing. You know Cardi is laughing her ass off right now and Candace is so upset that she wants to go to court! I can't!!
Im not gonna do ALL the research for ya but Ill start you off.
Candace owens will look ridiculous in court why is she so mad go please your husband oh wait you cant he prefers your brother.
Candace Owens is jealous that Cardi B has a WAP and her dry vagina can't even be cured with some Vagisil.

What You Really Think

Cry more, little ben.

Agree with the first part but definitely not sexuality. Shes not fight any front to uplift a sexuality. She's just doing what she does best -- rapping and stripping which is loved and sells in today's entertainment industry.

Wait til honkies realized what WAP means LOL.

Bens on the cancel train too.

Here comes the Lil dick energy from the frustrated Lil man.

Remember when RealCandaceO was targeting the big bad white men of the world.

This video, however, isn't photoshopped.

Dingus loser.

Somewhere, an empty locker is missing its fill of Ben Shapiro...

Thanks to you, is your wife still suffering from DAP?

It's like this mf has WAP alerts or something.

Twitter is a joke, guys. Yet we still use it.

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