Friday 5th of February 2021

If Cardi's Going to do Anything, She's Going to Give us a MOTION PICTURE of a Music Video.

Social Media Says

AISTS DROPPIN TONIGHT Polo G Freddie Gibbs and ScHoolboy Q Pooh Shiesty The Weeknd Shordie Shordie, Murda Beatz and Trippie Redd J Dilla Cardi B Conway The Machine Smokepurpp and Lil Mosey Scarlxrd JID Lil Durk and Kehlani (out now).

Cardi B has entered the.
This ain't no ad! This is an order. EatLocal and support your local restaurants with ubereats This is Wayne's Cardi Bs World.
Cardi B in porcelain corset by Joyce Spakman.
Yall be so blinded by cardi visuals that yall dont realize the song is trash.
I gotta give it to Cardi B for this part.
Cardi Bs music videos are always 10/10.
There is actually a naked white guy in the case Cardi B is sitting on.
Me ready for the Tik tok challenge for the song.
Mood to this new Cardi.
Ooooh, okay, Cardi, this was cute!!
Me watching Cardi make out with other girls.
Cardi is a rapper with the best aspects of a pop star. An entertainer with great visuals WHEW.
You can always count on Cardi B to release a top tier visual.
Yall seen cardi bs new video! Dont let it come on in the club and Im around!
Nah cuz how she got up there this new era of cardi is leaving no crumbs.
I really dont care about the opinions of people who dont like cardi and were waiting to call the song bad. go do something else with your time besides tweet about her.
Cardi B "Up" is so good. She is fucking good.
Cardi B giving us VISUALS with.
Cardi: Broke boys dont deserve no pussy me otw to fuck broke dick: I KNOW THATS RIGHT.
Cardis new song several points were made.
Chile...I wasnt ready for them tongues Cardi!
Cardi is Up is straight fire.
Everybody Cardi B fans until Nicki drop a song its disgusting.
I swear Id fuck Cardi my nigga.
Arent you the same bitch that was under a cardi b related post no less than 15 minutes ago saying the song wasnt giving now you giving background info? The two faced fan behavior chile.
If youre not trying to give Cardi B her props, you gone die a hater. Shorty is the wave. That new video and song.
Cardi was sick and twisted for this eatery.
Cardi : "if that ni99a had a twin i would let them run a train" Me.
Cardi literally gag us the beat,the flow, the choreography, the visuals.
Chill its a cardi b lyric.
Cardi B makes some top tier ass music videos.
Oh yeah Cardi you like girls? The way you tongue kissing them girls.
Cardi B said all you bitches fucked.
Delete just focus on cardi lol.
On the radio already!! come on Cardi.
The game is not over ! Stream Cardi B's new song UP On all music platforms !
I couldnt even watch Cardi whole video she start licking bitches tongues I never cringed so hard.
I had to run Cardis new joint back a few times.
Now look the girl Cardi did eat.
Khelanis chorus on Cardi Bs Ring.
If you dont like Cardi then why stay up to listen to her new song ????if ion like a artist you would not catch me staying up to listen to there music . Weird af.
Cardi B (iamcardib) is back with her first single and visual of the new year and she is serving looks! Click here to watch her new video.
Every time cardi drops its a MOMENT.
Cardi snapped.
Ok but like cardi's new song is absolute fucking fire.
Yall stream UP of Cardi B!!!!
Cardi B. has been CONSISTENT AF with the visuals for her songs!!! She has a budget and it shows.
Cardi B just dropped her first single of 2021!
Cardi and her team just get it. They understand how essential visual moments are in this era of music and how to execute them. TikTok is going to eat this song up for her.
Wait, so itsSeanBankhead choreographed both Flo and Cardis videos and they dropped on his birthday? fucking period. HAPPY BIHDAY SEAN!
Some of yall swear yall dont be here for Cardi but every time she drops something here yall come. Perfect attendance.
**Table** dont even start.
Yall be so weird everytime Cardi drops something. Will discredit the woman before she even drops something.
Not sza decided not to drop to give cardi a chance.
Almost every note worthy stage presence/choreo glow up is attributed to Tanisha Scott. From beyonce to rihanna to cardi. That woman deserves e v e r y t h i n g.
Cardi b. cardi fucking b.
Cardi b is back with her first new track of 2021 nulb.
Why is cardi B all over for my TL? Seems she dropped a new song.
The duos delivered tonight - Freddie x ScHoolboy - JID x Denzel Curry - JID x Conway - Cardi B x Skip.
Cardi b It's the new religion.
I wanna museum with all Cardis music videos!
Ok cardi really ate.
Video visuals been crazy between Meg & Cardi.
Omg iamcardib this was one of my favorite parts Vnulb purr Cardi ate that.
Did yall like Cardis new song?
IF IT'S UP THEN IT'S UP THEN IT'S UP THEN IT'S STUCK Cardi B serviu mais uma vez no novo single UP.
Stream and Buy Cardis newest single UP : Apple music: Spotify: YT: Tidal: Amazon Music.
Cardi visuals always slapppp.
Cardi love your new song and the video is pure fire you look radiant and super sexy, I just hope that at some point you and Gaga do something together.

What You Really Think

Yall giving her too much credit, she didnt direct or came up with any of the video ideas nor even wrote the songs.

NulbI have a rare Cancer with 100 tumors in my Liver leaving me with only 10% & it has spread to my bones & my family cant afford care. I have treatment in few days and we are no where near enough for even my first dose of treatment please share or donate.

I mean unless she directed it shouldnt yall be shouting out the director/ crew?

I love this song, but what does the hook mean?

The new Nicki Im so proud of her.