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Sunday 19th of July 2020

Maisy Supervising Today's Gardening... Happy.

Maisy supervising today's gardening... Happy.
Happy Caturday, fur-ends! May your day be as delightful as these two kitties gallivanting in a spring garden. Unidentified Artist (Copy after Xuanzong (Chinese, born 1398, r. 142635)). Spring Play in a Tang Garden, 18th century. Handscroll; ink and color on silk.

The snow leopard is a true wild cat in every sense of the term. Evolved to live in some of the coldest and harshest terrain on the planet, the species is scattered across the mountains of central Asia.

Starting the weekend with a good wash.
/Stolen Baby Boo aka Luna female brown leopard skin Bengal - Lost 27/12/19 - Knutsford Cheshire WA16 - She is her human mum's whole world - Her soul mate - Please remain vidulant - She could be anywhere!

Thinking about what I can shoot next, how to get it setup, lit, and captured... also enjoying my cat cuddling up to me too. Lazy Saturday. Or is it Caturday? catlife catdad caturday creativethinking Denton.

This is BLACKY, a black 6 year old male cat. He went missing on 9 July from Thorneyfields Lane Stafford( opposite Stafford castle. He will not let anyone pick him up he is very timid. He has a split on his right ear & 2 on his left.

Happy Caturday from my watercat. I believe he's a TurkishVan mix, so that might explain his fascination with water.
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Friends! The Little One found some music on YouTube that is supposed to be relaxing for puppies so mum played it but Baby Dog said no!
Hello friends!! I want to say thank you for welcoming my new brother Blue! He's so happy! My humans will be busy tonight, but we'll drop in if we can and if not see you tomorrow! We love you all!!!
In full motion.
Erma for Caturday Finally managed to get a good shot of her eye color. She has beautiful eyes and they must be appreciated.
But the mousie is sooo big! And I am very smol Vnulb Caturday playtime with kittens nulb pawly.cuteemergency IG.
Bed time FunniestTweets Funniestmemes funn Cats4Biden.
Why would you throw the treat, when you see me right here?
The kittens say we must have a Caturday sale so that everyone can have a pretty mask and stay safe while buying kibble for them! 2 for $9.95 with free shipping to US 2 layer 100% cotton Thank mew so much Order on our website here!

Different, but best friends Vnulb! Happy Caturday! dodo DrJDrooghaag NutritiousMind Victoryabro.
Chill Caturday vibes to play in the background of your life.
Champion Clean Plate Club Oscar, awarded for not leaving one tiny morsel in his food dish Caturday If you love my Oscar memes, follow DrPetMom and leave a thank you in my gift jar. Link in profile.
Oscar's only two moods.
Laser battles don't HAVE to be stressful...
Thinking out loud > happy.
Its always good to rewind back to Caturday.
Pierpont horning in on.
Hi everybody! I had a rough week. Went back to vet on Monday because my spasms were back but I am recovering nicely now. Tanks for all the continued positive thoughtsAlmost back to my normal self again.

This Caturday please meet Tilly and Lily! Tilly has hyperthyroidism and Lily is diabetic but both girls love fuss and cuddles! They are looking for individual homes - I just tweeted them together!
Peace be to all creatures, especially the ones trying to disturb my peace. May you get what you need. Also heres a picture of my cat with an expert blep.
This guy is now totally blind and keeps bumping into furniture but still finds wherever I am in the house and keeps me company.
Not sure who was having the most fun ig: rina_takei.
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Caturday Fun Fact Caturday cat cats catmemes comedy funny meme memes memesdaily parody parodyaccount satire.
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What did he say??
It's Caturday so I get to repost this, right?
Cosmos got the right idea. Lets lay on kitchen floor.
Guess where Ive been this Caturday furiends? Narnia Had a bit of trouble leaving though think I styled it out.
Ted here : mum can you stop feeding Gruffy this is getting beyond a joke.
Our big tasha curled up on clothes.. figured I'd share since Caturday is trending.. she looking like how dare u take a pic of me.. lil miss tude.
Little Kitty loves Caturday naps!
Wonder what caturday means? Look it up on.
Vibes for reals.
My mum's cat Donald is such a poser.
VnulbVnulbVnulbVnulb More cute sleeping positions VnulbVnulbVnulb.
The moment this cat gives kisses to his dog brother.
Great photo of Cat Stevens , taken in 1969 in his little flat above his parents cafe on Shaftsbury Avenue London.
On Caturday we'll remind folks that people aren't a whole lot different from cats on a hot day: they want shade. Especially bus riders who have 15 minute waits for buses. Some places there are no trees...

Happy Caturday my lovelies Enjoy!
The Great Escape.
My cat being hilarious.
MariasSoul1 KathleenKatfox Redesmik movibel OshikuruMifune Happy Caturday CiCi!
George GeorgeYuhasz You are such a generous gentleman. I dont plan to ever retire from F9 SpyCats, not until Im decrepit, anyway- which is a long way off. I do appreciate your offer. Funds dispersment is in Commander Ninas NinaIvAndrews purr-view. Happy Caturday VnulbVnulb.

Today MakeADifference & help our cat friends Cat charity in France cares for 300 street cats with vet care & food. They ask for Help TogetherWeCan raise 1080 kg of kibble FeedTheCats HelpNow Click & DonateOrShare Caturday nulb.

fogle_shane loveGoldenHeart helene_wpli mapyntonga AkwyZ lou Happy.
Read/share/get YOUR BCCRSS Nantes Astoria Old Town Road Black Swan NORBUR Wen .
Caturday Party Follow Back Resistance Party. Follow all who: LIKE Vnulb RETWEET COMMENT Drop your favorite meme or gif. Vet as you go. Have Fun.
It is my playpen, keep out!
Happy Caturday f Baxter and Bixa - housebound with their peeps.
Calitin works hard for his snacks! Our days are full of hardship, but also many joyous moments with our cats. These moments wouldn't be possible without your love and kindness, so it is my privilege to share the joy with all of you. Have a blessed Caturday, dear friends.

On the couch, on a pillow on this.
Baby Leo getting in on the FamilyGameNight Monopoly action!!
Happy Caturday everyone. Its a lovely day for me to sit on my chair to watch the humans. We want to wish everyone a wonderful Saturday.
Happy Caturday! Remember our staff is ready to assist with your resume in our Virtual Office (Link/Hours in Bio). Want to submit a Caturday Meme to be featured on our social media or a pic of your feline friend? Submit to our email for consideration!

Its Caturday I'm a dino my girlfriend is a dino you're a dino we are all dinos All we are missing is a THEtinydinosau Come get your clips! Come grab your Coffee vape and visit my.
Candidates forum ? State Senate what is that? The human has her face in the zoom. Boring!
Happy Caturday from the MNZoo! If you havent heard, were opening NEXT WEEKEND! Tickets are limited for each day, and must be purchased online ahead of time. Visit our website to learn more!
18 month old Robbie is a total sweetheart & looking for his forever home. Such a sweet boy Vnulb.
Dogs are part of our families. Here is Samson to show you some ways dogs fit into our lives.SaturdayThoughts amjoy morningjoe caturday.
Oh, yeah, it's Saturday!! Or should I say... Caturday !?
Have trouble keeping track what day it is? Hint, hint,,.
Devilish Caturday plans: dig in garden, eat Japanese forest grass, roll in dirt, strew dirt on clean floor, go back to bed.
Here we see the elusive "cat log" in its natural environment.
I love cats, and I love cat lovers!

What You Really Think

Happy Caturday, gorgeous!

Simply gorgeous and regal.

Maisy is clearly channelling her inner Gertrude Jekyll.

Malccy supervising the lap space.

Thats not catnip, is it?

Good job MaisyVnulb.

And Maisy means business.

Hello Maisy Happy caturday.

Nice plant. Shouldn't be watered though.

"supervising" = "where to scratch first...?".