Tuesday 9th of March 2021


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Mine is just more negative to Hazza haha this is how mine is too. This whole situation made me have a more negative look on...
Ive said this a lot today but the way Harry uses the institution to talk about Charles is fascinating, someone send me a...
The scandal.
To kouji, U good man? I heard charles is abandoning the big 4 crews and not long after that, i think, he will eventually...
Rare 482 of 750 Hand Signed Charley Charles Harper BOBWHITE print.
Charles Darwin Quote Typed on Typewriter.
Une certaine idee de Charles de Gaulle.
Hey, Melton. Whats cooking, good looking? How have you been? Long time no talk. I hope everything has been good? I was thinking...
Charles: Okay Google, how do I get revenge on those who have forsaken me? Google: The best revenge is letting go and living...
Igual esos besos van a seguir siendo tuyos.
They're boyfriends, husbands even!!
Besos para ti. Siempre.
To chairman choi, Cheers!, for you're success but don't you ever forget what've you done. May you're stocks crash, May you're...
Human Charles.
A friend like you is incredibly hard to come by. Thank you for not being hard to keep.
Covid-hit Texas dad-of-seven struggles to breathe in heart-wrenching farewell video message before dying of virus.

What You Really Think

100% Correct!

Charles really decided his main personality trait is aint shit and thats what Harry is telling us.

Was worth it.

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