Monday 26th of October 2020

Three Cheers as Cherry Gets into The Shortest Format, Dhool into The Medium One And Jaddu into All Three. Congratulations to Everyone Who Made The Cut, Special Wishes to The Fresh Faces.

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Three cheers as Cherry gets into the shortest format, Dhool into the medium one and Jaddu into all three. Congratulations to everyone who made the cut, special wishes to the fresh faces.
Trump, in Pennsylvania, repeats his "rounding the turn" nonsense, then adds, "You know, all they want to talk about is Covid. By the way, on November 4th, you won't be hearing so much about it." (The crowd cheers.) "Covid, Covid, Covid. Covid. 'Today's let's talk about Covid!'".

Cheers to a new week! May it be wonderful! VnulbVnulb.
Cheers Tim! [?]nulb.
Cheers Johnny. My pleasure.
Yes, the wannabe dictator and friend of pedophile will leave soon! Cheers to democracy!
I just voted in Neptune Beach Florida. Checked my ballot 3X! Cheers to the.
On my birthday Im gonna need someone to get me one of those cakes with the long strip of money inside. Cheers.
RedRock BlueDiamond area just outside of Vegas in the GLK Cheers to you Poet.
I just earned the 'Cheers to Independent U.S. Craft Breweries (Level 74)' badge on untappd!
Cheers to UofNH's Jackson Estuarine Lab on its 50th anniversary this year! That's half a century of research to improve estuarine, coastal, and marine ecosystems, located right on Great Bay.
Cheers fella.
Harry said he'd like to think the video will cheer people up and it really did literally everything he does cheers me up.
Cheers mate! I thought youd like it.
Welldon DC sb and district administration cheers.
God save us all Endbadgovernment.
Good stuff, Nate. And thanks for taking the time to answer some of the pertinent questions in the comments. Cheers.
You replied, cheers G now follow me.
Cheers Amy only the 2nd one I've ever made it on to Hope you're good.
Cheers Katy x.
Cheers dylan son.
Wahala for who break up with me. Lmao Forget yesterday, I'm not single again guyss Thanks, cheers New boo . Who this.
This devastating cruelty must be stopped. Give back all elephants their dignity and their lives. Do not book holidays which advertise engagement with these wonderful ethicaltourism & sign stae_elephants petition cheers Peter.

Cheers! You 2 are the top tier couple on here!
Happy Birthday Feliz Cumpleanos Senorita Alex - Hope many more healthy happy years ahead of you.- Cheers!
I step into the colosseum. bull friendespected colleague asterius greets me. former king theseus tells me my nails looks uneven and my tunic looks like shit. i tell theseus to shut his whore mouth. *20 minute arduous battle commences* *my shade cheers me on*.

Cheers Paul. Good thread.
Guten tag, please find the unroll here: david_m_wagner: 1. Simultaneous gathering roar, culminating in wild applause & cheers, at Tito Capobiancos production See you soon.
Congrats again, Jaclyn! Cheers, Louis.
Cheers to techreview's StrongReporter and emmacillekens who won this year's Audio: Investigative Reporting Award for "In Machines We Trust: An investigation into the rise of facial recognition technology in policing"! Listen here.

112 days in unimaginable. Stay safe, love. Cheers, from the States Vnulb.
Cheers geoff.
Happy birthday to you bro, wishing you many happy returns of your day. Cheers.
Where's the "transphobia", bud? Is it intersex people saying we should have autonomy? Are you meaning to prove my point? Take your intersexphobia elsewhere, cheers.
Cheers bro!
Well lets look at the positive! at least theres that, cheers.
Youre back! I suspected you were in Twitmo. Have a beer/wine/ginumye/scotch/seriously are there other beverages? on me. Cheers!
Cheers for the ride on.
Makes sense. Sometimes you need to change your bathing suit between daytime and evening Cheers Terry.
Cheers Barnaby! Pro VO here with all the needed equipment! for more! Love to chat!
Cheers, love ya x.
Cheers to Frankie____ for airing ADRENALINE CULTURE by Asylumsband on amazingradio Get the latest album GENETIC CABARET out now! Recorded by Steve Albini.
Why not check them all out and come back with a definitive answer? Cheers.
Cheers soph, had a lovely day all things considered x.
Ladakh and J&K will grow and develop only when BJP will be elected in every council and corporation. Cheers to the people of Ladakh!
It started just after ww1 when an act was past by government to give solders coming back from war a smlall piece of land to grow vegetables for their families the Allottment act was formed and its still going to this day cheers.

Our COS said he was going to reduce his level of social media activity but he almost ended it. Happy birthday sir, cheers to many more prosperous years ahead.
Cheers to 20 years.
Cheers man!
Ha ha cheers DOLLY and what a scary GIF!!!!!
These carrots came straight of the Allottment they will be stored in sand for the winter the variety is flakkee cheers.
Cheers Andy, I have more if you need any for your report.
Cheers and blocked.
Cheers mate, Im still keeping number 9 though.
4. my bf cheers me up usually without fail. but if he's not around, uhhhh. weed lmfaoo.
Voters are not turning up at BJP rallies& Jeering Hon'ble CM Nitish ji in his own rallies. There is anger against the JDU-BJP alliance and massive oceans of crowds to cheers, support and bless RJD-Cong. Is the survey showing a BJP-JDU win only to enable EVM frauds ? Stay Alert.

Hi, can I use my season ticket for tonights game? Cheers.
Cheers Ralph!
Cheers to 22 .

Hello Bertram bertram_hill1 , please correct the date for the Orile Police station attack. It was actually on October 20 around 10:00am. Cheers.
Cheers for coming.
To which the MAGA Death Cult cheers in parliamentary tone and swagger, Here here, good Sir.
Cheers. I did this one last week.
To us , cheers - he said as he clinks his glass with hers and takes a sip.
Wow. And people believe this crap. Amazing. I think I missed the part where Trump brags about bringing foreign car manufacturers to the U.S. That would have brought big cheers, right?
My Chemical Romance's 'Three Cheers For Sweet Revenge' re-enters this week's Billboard 200 (MCRofficial).
See the Exuberance, Enthusiasm and Cheers of my fellow Biharis Take a bow- The Youth of Bihar.
Cheers i deleted the tweets x.
Csgo case prices skyrocketing.., cheers.
learning Japanese to read your light novels, cheers from idn.
Cheers Scar hopefully.
Cheers Rob, just over eight hours in total with the bird.
No doubt in it...lets cheers.

What You Really Think

Kab party de raha ho u select in all 3 format All the best jaddu.

May they kill it in Australia.

Enna irundalum namma Jadhav illada Indian team uh ennala nanchu paaka mudiyala.

Munnadiye Jagadeeshan,Ruturaj la erakki vitrundha namba team la innum younsters.squad la irundhurupanga shane watson la Yellamey adi mudichiruchi Ippo youngsters ku Chance kudutha thana avangala la mela poga mudiyum.

We miss kedar jadav in aus series.

Great opportunities regardless of the conditions in Australia. Please make use of it. Good luck.


Irreplaceable Jaddu ..Best all rounder in all formats.

I will miss thala dhoni sir in all three.

All the best champs.

Jadeja in all three formate All the best jaddu.

I had read dhool as dhoni first ..

Mi : bumrah, hardik DC: Shikar, shaw, rahane, iyer, pant, ashwin KKR : varun**, gill, kuldeep CSK: jadeja, shardul, chahar KxiP: Rahul mayank, shami, RR: Samson**, SRH : Manish RCB : Vk, washi, chahal, saini, siraj, umesh.

CSK ku yeppovume support pannuven...nulbVnulb Even in tough times too .

May be SaiKishore must be given a chance in the last two matches in this IPL.saik_99 is a very economical bowler. As RuturajGaikwad& Jagdeesan got their chances,this young Tall left arm spinner from Tamilnadu must also play in this IPL.

Very happy.

Congrats to 3 CSK Bloods from CSK fan. It's proud for csk.

Congratulations three superstar ... Jadu Thakur Deepak Produ we are YellowBirds ... Whistle podu.

Best wishes Lions.

Congrats leo jaddu in 3-format and shardhul chahar in odi t20 format.

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