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Thursday 2nd of July 2020

Chelseas New Home Shirt For 2020/21 Has Landed.

Your Chelsea team tonight!
Chelseas new home shirt for 2020/21 has landed.
Gary Neville: "When Jurgen Klopp arrived, I didn't think he could win the title with the spending power of Man City, Man Utd and Chelsea. But he's turned PS30m players into PS130m players. Other teams have turned PS130m players into PS30m players.".

Aside supporting Chelsea, what else are you doing to show that you are not serious in Life?
Leicester and Chelsea losses mean Manchester United are now just three points off third place in the Premier League.
Leicester: lose Chelsea: lose Manchester United.
How many goals did West Ham give Chelsea?
The chelsea squad when Werner arrives expecting UCL football.
Lol in banter history we are not going to forget that chelsea wore a jersey with the number 3 to predict the number of points they will not be getting Oh and goals conceded.
Today I'm sleeping at 3am.. I need to honour Chelseas magic number.
Me after Chelsea spoil my ticket.
Chelsea and Manchester United fans watching Leicester throw away top four like.
Chelseas new sponsor is: 3 Goals conceded by Chelsea: 3 Points dropped: 3 Chelsea have bottled the chance to move to position: 3 Three is the magic number.
Timo werner after watching chelsea today.
Beating Chelsea as West Ham manager might be one of the best things that David Moyes has ever done for Man Utd.
How many goals did Chelsea concede vs West Ham?
You right on Fred and Scott but doesnt bench matic or wijnaldum , keita hasnt been the Leipzig keita so Id give you that too but 40m for him is not a steal , maybe fair but then he was a backup at Madrid so I feel Chelsea could have got him for less.

Leggy Chelsea.
Chelseas new kit is class.
Chelsea 1984 Track Jacket < Buy it here.
How many goals did Chelsea concede in their new kit?
Scenes where Man United and Wolves make top 4 with chelsea and Leicester in 5th and 6th...
Declan Rice vs Chelsea.
Kepa Arrizabalaga, Athletic Bilbao to Chelsea in 2018 was PS71m which makes him the most expensive goalkeeper in the WORLD. Apuuuutooor!!!
ATTENTION : If you want to beat Chelsea just change your club last name to United . Werner . Willian .
Context: All Chelsea Players got Covid-19 after succumbing to the effects of 5G.
Dear Sir Frank of Lampard. Please phone up your mate John Terry and hire him to teach Chelsea how to defend set pieces and crosses in to the box. Best wishes Stamford Chidge.
No longer settling for mediocrity, we have to go back to being ruthless. These players will never be Chelsea quality. Idc if this gets me unfollowers, someone has to say it.
Peak Chelsea. I wouldnt love you if it was easy.
Goal - DROGBA Assist - LAMPARD West Ham 3-3 Chelsea (92 mins).
How West Ham United beat Chelsea tonight.
I'll take a nice wine spritzer please... it's too hot for anything else here in Houston. Oh nevermind I'll go make it myself. Here's a tip anyway!
Manchester United has made an appeal to the Fa that they will only play against Chelsea provided that Chelsea wear their new jersey.
Chelsea really gonna take Kepa to Germany to face a peak Lewandowski? The score will be like a set in US Open tennis.
Watford is now 17th, a point off the relegation zone, Chelsea is their next match.
I'm happy westham won Chelsea but I'm shocked folks now see Rice as a potential Matic replacement. The funny thing is the 2 DMs I favour above him are not just far better than him but will cost less. He can't lace the boots of Ndidi or Partey. So why the hype?

Manchester United fans watching West Ham take the lead against top-four rival Chelsea.
3Leicester (55) 4Chelsea (54) 5Man Utd (52) 6Wolves (52) 7Arsenal (46) 8Tottenham (45) The race for the Champions League is going to be fun.
July 1. Welcome to Chelsea.
10 - Chelsea lost their 10th league game of the season tonight; only in 2015-16, when they finished 10th, have they suffered more defeats in a single campaign in the Roman Abramovich era (12). Topsy-turvy.

Chelsea lawak.
Someone said Chelsea dressed the way they wanted to be addressed.
Eno be me oo ebi the Chelsea fans.
Pulisic and Willian deserve an apology from the Chelsea squad tonight.
Mate I'm joking lmao, I'm a chelsea fan too, You guys will do good next year.
Nulb Were going to Wembley Chelsea nulb Sunday 19 July 18:00 BST FACup semi-final.
Chelsea Goooooooooaaaaaaaaaaaallllllllllllll[?][?][?][?][?][?][?][?][?][?][?][?][?][?][?][?][?][?][?][?][?][?][?][?][?][?][?][?][?][?][?][?].
Chelseas defence at set pieces.
Gather here if youre happy Chelsea lost.
I know that Chelsea has already signed Ziyech and Werner but when did they sign VAR?
And what 2 CBs are we buying? Championship quality? Koulibaly would cost at least 60M. How much does Chelsea have after Werner or Ziyech. Would you consider the offense worse than the defense? Absolutely not.

"I'm blowing, sorry..." After a lung-busting performance in West Ham's 'massive' win against Chelsea, Michailantonio speaks to Sky Sports about the importance of the result and his 'dislike' for VAR!
When them tell Chelsea fan to mix 3 bags of Cement tomorrow for Site.
West Ham 3-2 Chelsea Premier League Highlights.
Yarmolenko hits late West Ham winner to stun Chelsea.
What a Jersey!!!
Chelsea have Asamoah Gyans number as their kit sponsor. Theyre about to experience the 2010 heartbreak throughout till the contract expires.
CNN's Brooke Baldwin shares a story from her friend and coworker Chelsea McGinnis, who recently delivered premature twins but can't take them home because of coronavirus.
Wow Chelsea beat Man city than looks like they are gonna lose against west ham confused!
The finish that sank Chelsea.
Rice vs chelsea pls.
Make I go sleep, Chelsea players go don dey bed too. Awon weyrey.
Willian is the first player to score a direct free-kick and a penalty in the same PL match since Cesc Fabregas for Chelsea West Ham back in March 2016.
We are getting closer to the Top 4. Leicester and Chelsea loses =.
Is this the new Chelsea jersey?
This is really bad left and arsenal started winning matches.. when man utd starts dropping points, please don't come to Chelsea ooh..
Lmaoo Im not sorry for Chelsea tho. But the banter is so funny.

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Has landed them in trouble.

More like copying waterford gaa.

Haha karma , they lost 3-2 lol.

Landed for a reason.