Wednesday 3rd of May 2023

Arsenal vs Chelsea 1st Half Highlights.

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Chelsea Clinton roasted pushing sexually explicit books children. good!
Chelsea's April recap.
Chelsea (UK) Emirates Stadium Premier League.
Worst Chelsea side history football, well still draw with them
This Chelsea downfall really serious.
thing love about this Chelsea post Tuchel none base troll each other. Chelsea doing worse than Wiki Tourist. Tuchel currently ruining biggest teams Europe with HaramBall cutting billions slips game day. Lose-lose.

The problem at Chelsea.
Total overhauling must happen Chelsea season. Trim team Reduce wages brutal with performance indexes Cancel contracts face preseason with fresh mentality they need WRITE this season completely.

Chelsea football club absolute mess.
Thank giving Chelsea their worst ever season, todd_boehly Made nonsensical decision that completely derailed what were building Pochettino this mess IMMEDIATELY. should refund everyone their money tickets they bought Disgrace.

Chelsea fans body now?
really flex beat Chelsea nowadayspoint were both going trophy-less this season, shame that bro, just dont loud next time.
Chelsea spent nearly billion dollars have three points less than what Udinese have Serie
Chelsea points above relegation zone with matches after this one. They haven't game since March 11th. matches against Bournemouth Forest come. Their final three matches: City (A), United Newcastle (H). imagine?

HALF-TIME Arsenal Chelsea goals from Martin Odegaard, Gabriel Jesus' 10th season, given Arsenal comfortable lead break.
What spider doing here? Already more interesting than Chelsea game.
Chelsea fans, deserve enjoy success club unless youre prepared accept failures too. These tough times will help enjoy good times. what were winning atm. life happening. patient, supportive just take note of.

Arsenal Chelsea half highlights.
Lampard even agree take Chelsea job? He's soiling football legacy coaching small clubs.
Live Stream Arsenal Chelsea Toulouse Lens Real Sociedad Real Madrid ARSCHE Arsenal Chelsea TFCRCL RealSociedadRealMadrid fret5ewr43ewr4.
reminds time Arteta signed Ramsdale waited start home Norwich opposed against Tuchel's Chelsea home Pep's City Etihad games Arsenal predictably lost badly Coaches carefully pick choose when young players play.

First time watch dearling Chelsea play like Nigeria under 14. What tragedy world football!!!
Anytime feel useless remember Chelsea players train everyday humiliated.
Worst Chelsea season lifetime.
Frank knows only gets Chelsea they're playing Rotherham away next year. He's playing chess.
Chelsea credit card needed fast drop.
Chelsea football club loved knew, left with this guy.
Chelsea fans tonight.
you're thinking about laughing Chelsea, your right hand your chest say, "I'm witch!".
Watching Chelsea play depressing Wtf.
Lampard managed fail, abysmally, time where virtually impossible fail Chelsea caretaker doing probably terminally damaged chances three divisions England.

talking about chelsea dickhead.
Take that sterling bring mudryk same applies Noni dude loan Chelsea standard.
many fans dose Chelsea have? Let's take R100 team back.. fuck that guy.
nuts that Chelsea only points above relegation zone with most expensive squads league..
Chelsea fucking cooked.
This game will Chelsea Arsenal there still tunnel light.
Chelsea Abramovich else will going relegation with Lampard.
Eghbali spotted Lakers match asked next Chelsea will After being asked whether will Pochettino, Eghbali winked said: Maybe, maybe. ]Via NizaarKinsella].

Chelsea going down.
Chelsea useless lampard.
need Ryan mason second half Chelsea lampard please give call.
Chelsea find themselves three goals down half time Premier League London derby only second time, with previous occasion also coming against Arsenal Emirates (3-0 down September 2016). Repeat.

Thomas Tuchel Chelsea this season: Everton draw Tottenham [?] loss Leeds Leicester [?] loss Southampton West crucial points that have kept Chelsea Premier League?

Next chelsea matches!!! Relegation sure AJEH!!!!!
Retweet think this destroyed Chelsea.
Chelsea such embarrassment man, funny.
sign players like game Fifa, chasing your rivals targets. absolute disgrace from Todd. Chelsea fans will have wake apologise eventually.
playing against Chelsea first time. What about performance? really "shit" were saying?
love Chelsea soooooo much. soooooo much. cant begin tell badly this season hurts.
only squad that save Chelsea second half.
Chelsea this season worst performance ever from club?
Where is chelsea.
Wonke lama goal Arsenal Kante playing midfield going pickup players like Jesus Odegaard keep dropping behind Chelsea midfield.
Chelsea didn't have Tuchel first games they'd actually relegated.
Chelsea have learn something from Tottenham hotspurs let's wait second half...
Chelsea Arsenal Fans, Drop your handles let's follow each other asap.
were having season Chelsea were lord. Theyre actually getting away with this.
beating Arsenal tonight will help Chelsea avoid relegation...then
Kante only serious player Chelsea.
Wait fes. What Bournemouth wins Chelsea their next fixture? Omo!
Abeg Chelsea this thing Pity
Chelsea daily routine premier league table
Martin Odegaard's first-half numbers Chelsea: touches 17 passes completed 3 fouls won 2 duels won 2 shots 2 goals 0.27xG lovely goals.
Chelsea combining frustrate this night.
Chelsea defending against Arsenal.
Chelsea fans thoughts?
Chelsea Arsenal gonna redemption match! This where cement champions league position lads!!!!
WALLAHI THESE CHELSEA SPACE SAID. smth else support city.
Arsenal Swallowing Chelsea like.
While Chelsea fans players contemplating what where start from move closer them give them love they fully deserved not.
Chelsea fans right now.
Chelsea fans going through most
Todd Boehly worst mistake history Chelsea.
Chelsea Bournemouth this weekend.
called football people down prepared contract Lampard coach Chelsea again.
were advocating Lampard vibes after seeing Chelsea Everton youve literally ground complain. wanted this. Here your vibes!
Watch Chelsea arsenal.
Chelsea fucking abysmal.
good Arsenal have been, good heavens, Chelsea shambles present.
much chelsea this guy?
People underestimate poor this Chelsea side Been seeing during people think they beat this Arsenal side. Theres team here, made worse Lampard truly depth manager This team. NEED BREAK.

Ypure badly club atm. Tuchel would have done wonders. Never seen chelsea play this since contes last stint bridge.
Chelsea what want from
Fully active chelsea bant tonight.
Cant rely Chelsea nothing.
United fans saying easy points Chelsea.
This most dominant Season ever seen from Chelsea. players look motivated manager showing arguably best manager time. month even started singing Lampard name! Back trust process. We're Chelsea !

relaxed yet, Chelsea could pull masterclass 2nd.
Half Chelsea have gone home. (CFCAway_).

What You Really Think


Second league is the goal for hel$ea?

Top top top... Top top banter.



We really had Kiwior all this time but Arteta chose to start Holding.

This is the tip of iceberg.

Chelsea line up in disguise.

Bruh wtf is this?!

Am crying.

God go punish you this guy Watin be this.

Its in.

Chelsea fans right about now.

O God.

When you surrender in football you'll be punished.

Naye mweeeeee.


Chelsea is really fucked up.

The whole world begging Chelsea to come and complete second half.


How many goals conceded in the first half.


They doing it.

Una bad gan.



Dereall pohon entot pohon.


I blame Lampard not Chelsea.

Relegate that club ASAP.

I prefer this.


When you realize you're a depressed Chelsea fan.

Chelsea is useless ***.

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