Thursday 6th of May 2021

Chelsea Are The First Team Ever to Have a Men's And Women's Team Make The Champions League Final in The Same Season.

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Chelsea first team ever have men's women's team make Champions League final same season.
NGolo Kante just match, again. special special player. Chelsea board protected last summer: clubs were open talks sign Kante offering more than 50m, Chelsea answer always been NO.

Rival have appreciate incredible work Thomas Tuchel done Chelsea just half season, absolutely incredible, manager.
love Chelsea erh.
John Terry: Congratulations Chelsea! more game johnterry.26].
nnam paaa.. wonder youre chelsea fan.
Eden Hazard coming into Chelsea's dressing room after the game Follow ID24Hd and do not miss any goal.
You can take the player out of Chelsea...
Mighty Chelsea Football Club. first club reach Champions League Final Mens Womens competitions same season. Gargantuan. aint history? MAKE HISTORY!!!
Chelsea Champions League final, Chelsea women Champions League final! Congratulations
*Madrid collecting Fake version Hazard from Chelsea*.
might have been fatigued all, credit Chelsea man. Guys were absolutely relentless didnt anything almost legs combined. Congrats Blues following
It's clear now. Imagine saying Ole's squad is balanced and better than Chelsea. He has no DM nd RW, he uses to two b2b players at pivots and u say his squad is balanced? Wat was our points last szn? Wat point are we on this season nd u say u don't see progress? GoodNight.

will check enjoy Chelsea victory odds boom.
Timo Werner says Thomas Tuchel made right call Chelsea team stay home last night before tonight's win.
Up Chelsea.
Belgium. Chelsea. Madrid. In that order.
Messi Ronaldo have been knocked Champions League before Chelsea, last time that happened? 2012.
City will thrash chelsea Saturday.
Chelsea through Champions league final. Chelsea wins, Agbero cause violence online. Chelsea loses, Agbero cause chaos offline Either way, world trouble.
**Update** four months Chelsea, Thomas Tuchel beaten Zinedine Zidane, Guardiola, Jurgen Klopp, Diego Simeone (X2), Jose Mourinho Carlo Ancelotti! without conceding single goal either those seven matches!

Hazard happy Chelsea, don't understand.
Chelsea really best secret agency service game.
Chelsea first team Champions League history reach final men's women's competition same season. Emma Hayes Thomas Tuchel.
Chelsea return Champions League final! Party like it's 2012.
Retweet proud supporter Chelsea, let's follow each other asap.
April Chelsea City Cup) Saturday: City Chelsea (Premier League) City Chelsea (Champions League final) Theyre going sick each other.
Mason Mount been Chelsea since scored goal that sends them Champions League final. Stuff dreams.
Tuchel done phenomenal rescuing Chelsea from destructive grip Lampard.He obviously knows Chelsea more than Lampard could ever imagine he's been there only months.He focused winning,Lampard wanted reduce Chelsea finding next Salah.

original purpose Chelseas humiliate Spanish teams. From Sevilla Atletico Real Madrid. down beeches.
it's wrap.. Chelsea Manchester City English Champions League Final Thank guys, thank Tuchel, Lampard will proud too. ready Guardiola boys..
Congratulations Chelsea fans, fully deserved class team. Good luck final!
Chelsea reach their third Champions League final... 2008 2012 2021 1/3.
Zidane: have congratulate Chelsea because they were best team everything.
Guys that spent years together same hostel calling each other "bro, chairman, Chelsea, You'll never walk alone" without knowing real names course they were studying.
Inside Chelsea dressing room stars celebrate reaching Champions League final.
Jason candy please remind Andy that Frank Lampard took over Chelsea team that European league finished ,also went final Cup.
Chelsea fans, retweet this, need celebrate with Retweet follow you, remember follow those that too.
Zidane: fought until end, Chelsea were better, have congratulate them. also going congratulate players everything UCL. wasnt easy, proud team, everything could wasnt today.

Thomas Tuchel qualified Chelsea final less than months chelsea. Some clubs still process trusting process after years enroute Europa League.
offered contract late when already made mind that he's going Chelsea. Thiago principled guy. character Chelsea's dressing room.
Zinedine Zidane: "We must congratulate Chelsea, who have been better." ] AranchaMOBILE].
Beautiful damsel, supporting Beautiful football club like Chelsea your life.
Eden Hazard Chelsea changing room.
Timo Werner's goal sent Chelsea Champions league final. BARGAIN!
gifting Bitcoin Chelsea win?
This such heart-warming moment, seeing tearing like this full time! Jorginho you've earned respect EVERY Chelsea sure will doubt this again!
Chelsea have reached their final seasons which they have changed manager 2007-08 Mourinho Grant 2011-12 Villas-Boas Matteo 2020-21 Lampard Tuchel.
stat highlights from Chelsea's semi-final second win: Jorginho with interceptions times possession regained. 89.7% passing accuracy, most passes completed Only three players less than their duels.

Hope Chelsea fans FINALLY show some respect this man!! Jorginho been class.
Chelsea floor Madrid all-England Champions League final.
Will meet ChelseaFC finals beat Chelsea
Chelsea passed Real Madrid tonight, theyre going
It's Chelsea thing.
Chelsea fans, feeling????!
Theres 10pm curfew here Port Harcourt, Chelsea qualified finals even Task Force enforce curfew outside drinking Beer shouting Chelsea life, Fvck government.

Chelsea Fans When Arrived Earlier: Istanbul, Istanbul, Coming.
Lampard should locked with Baba Ijesha lying that this Chelsea team cant compete.
Current mood Chelsea dressing room.
Both Chelsea sides Final? BUZZZZZZZIN.
think fraud convenient retired after City Chelsea started spending.
Ngolo Kante wins another MOTM award This makes it back to back winner in both games. Congrat you deserved it !!
What amazing team Chelsea! Congratulations!!
Kante when form have always been more important Chelsea team than even hazard.
The 2021 UCLfinal is set! Manchester City Chelsea.
have support Chelsea final. have come this, man.
alright lads, Chelsea didnt they thats cool Make sure remember tho.
chant should have Chelsea
Hate seeing Chelsea fans happy.
following back Chelsea fans follow Europe blue cheating
Chelsea controlled from start finish.
Chelsea were much better team over legs. Well deserved.
actually haven't terrorised through this have outplayed every opponent have knockout stages. This really Chelsea, something special happening regardless whether this season.

Go Chelsea!
Chelsea City finals! Desmond Eliot
Joined Chelsea Firing Chelsea into Champions League Final
Fantastic achievement Chelsea Thomas Tuchel European final. lets forget part Frank Lampard played building developing this side.

What You Really Think


You will just be the first to also loose both.

And could be the first team to...

And would be the first team to lose both LMAO.

And guess what they will be the first team to have both their men and women lose in the final let's go City.

Big up the womans team FairPlay.


Ahh all of a sudden the records starts surfacing just because of one win.

Best football club in the world right now.

As they should.

Same energy.


Kindly FB.

What a club! I love you.


Thats right.

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