Wednesday 20th of January 2021

'Relegation Threatened' Arsenal Are Now Only Two Points Behind 'Title Challengers' Chelsea. What a Season.

'Relegation threatened' Arsenal are now only two points behind 'Title challengers' Chelsea. What a season.
Today in 2014, Kevin De Bruyne joined Wolfsburg after leaving Jose Mourinhos Chelsea The rest is history.
Chelsea spent 50 trillion for what dfkm.
Fine boy like you. U dey support CHELSEA tueh.
Chelsea players aint aggressive enough.
Yoo yawjunior_ you sub barca wey you dey expect say mk I engagewo shoa Goaaaaal Chelsea score sorry adey clear ma throat.
Yet again, turning off a Chelsea game before half time. Frank, you are out of your depth.
"I remember when Joe Cole first came to Chelsea he would turn away in disappointment if West Ham lost. I would smile." Frank Lampard Junior.
Said since Lampard got the Chelsea job he wasn't good enough should never have got the job tipped Chelsea not to get top 4 at the start of the season and they won't if he stays there they should bring back Sarri.

He will come good when they have a decent manager. Not many of these Chelsea players are playing anywhere near what they should be.
I feel you, I hate leverkusen but he was a joy to watch there, and really liked werner when he was at stuttgart, but I do get great joy of watching them flop at chelsea after all the shit talk during the summer window.

Chelsea might be 8th on the EPL table but at least they became Spanish Supercup champions on Sunday.
It's getting too late with so much money spent, nothing to show up,last season and now all the same and all ending the same.
Chelsea being arseanled by leicester Countdown begins for lampard i guess.
New excuse... Chelsea fans no be am.
Chelsea? Lmfaoo.
How does one unsubscribe from being a fan. this relationship with Chelsea is a toxic one.
Ndidi when playing against Chelsea.
It aged very well, look at the faces! I knew we were gonna have an hammering tonight. Ive turned the game off, Im not gonna watch Chelsea for aslong as Lampard is a manager! Hes got no game plan, no plan B, no clue what are starting 11 should be, I just give up on him!

Might have to start worrying bout Chelsea if lampard gets sacked.
Chelsea wetin dey happen? Two goals down! 2-0.
Ha chelsea.
Foxes never quits. LEICHE Leicester is winning against chelsea.
I don't know, maybe Willian and Chelsea need each other.
Chelsea in the mud Im hearing?
Chelseas top 4 chances are not far off being done. I know its early but this doesnt look like a side capable of going on a run. Especially with the teams above them. Knowing Abramovich he cant be far off the ejector seat.

Is that Leicester Whoppin Chelsea?
Lampard is just not good enough to handle this chelsea team with so much quality. its a shame be performing like this when weve invested so much this past summer more than any premier league team.
Chelsea are actually giving me physical and psychological headaches, Im in actual pain watching this.
Imagine Chelsea "PS200m title contenders team" in the mud.
Watching Chelsea play is like watching my 4 year old nephew try to play fifa...neither knows much of what theyre doing.
Chelsea fans how fa na.
Well i guess Lampards packing his bags.
Chelsea dey give me hypertension.
Supporting Chelsea should come with a health warning. Its so depressing at the moment.
Chelsea are a banter club. Lampard will be sacked tomorrow.
Leicester are really well coached. Chelsea have a clueless coach. Analysis over.
Live stream: leicester vs Chelsea. Like,retweet and follow x_onuche and don't forget to turn on post notification.
2015/16 notwithstanding, I still can't quite get my head round Leicester being 2-0 up against Chelsea by half time and it not being a freak occurrence. Be kind to me - I lived through LCFC's ups and downs in the 1990s...

Remember when chelsea fans thought they could win the league.
Chelseas style of play is really boring just crossing and hoping something happens.
When was the last time Chelsea turn ntn around.
Leicester beating Chelsea like someone who stole iPhone 12 at Ikeja.
-Are you crying? Me: No -Look at me Me.
Bathong Chelsea e toxic, I'm off to sleep.
Chelsea fans go dey pray say NIN go start block sims this night.
Sigh Chelsea might actually become a serious team now that Lampards getting sacked.
Hes talking about Chelsea.
Can Chelsea turn this around?
Chelsea ohh.
This Chelsea team have no fight in them and no desire...
Lampard s Chelsea trying to pick up 3 points against sides above them in the league this season.
Please can Chelsea not sack Fat Frank.
I like werner and havertz. If werner play the ball he knows chelsea will be first. As for chillwell with PS50m i can have faster and younger LB.
Chelsea no get game play, nah just vibes and inshallah. I don watch match finish.
How it started Vs. How it's going James Maddison puts LCFC up 2-0 over Chelsea.
Chelsea is confused and has forgotten how to play this game. I'll just suggest they refuse to come out for the second half.
Goal - MADDISON Assist - ALBRIGHTON Leicester 2-0 Chelsea (41 mins).
The God that I serve is Able. Na so Chelsea for chop my money or my heart will be beating just halftime.
Lampard is being treated better than approx 100% of all previous Chelsea managers under Roman. Hes sacked managers who won him leagues, doubles and the Champions League.
Ffs ***nulb Chelsea.
Remember when Chelsea fans thought that they was gonna win the title this season ?
. Chelsea shaa boy.
Chelsea have no plan Lampard should be sacked with immediate effect... Am done.
WELL WELL WELL chelsea getting spread out like Dairylea -nulb.
Spending 250m only to pass it side to side, Chelsea is definitely a failed state.
Chelsea hate Man utd so much they're sacrificing their soul to see us not be top of the table.
Still lotta matches to play Na Chelsea go still win this league sha.
There's no shame in losing to Leicester but the manner of the defeat could be important. Chelsea have been largely poor, and increasingly so, versus the better teams in the division this season.
I hate Chelsea Fc.
Wilfred Ndidi has scored his 1st Premier League goals in 16 months: That's his 3rd against Chelsea Wilfy loves hitting the Blues.
Been a Chelsea fan since 2006... This has to be a disgraceful era for being a Chelsea fan...
This should be lampard last game as Chelsea manager I dont give a fuck or care.
He x not the type of Chelsea coach.
Chelsea NEED Kante to sit and hold defensively. All 3 midfielders at the moment lack that defensive discipline which leaves the back 4 under huge pressure on transition.
If I speak about that chelsea defence...
Chelsea fans that want a heavy defeat here. scenes when lampard isnt sacked in the morning.
Hed make a good edition at Sheffield. One of the few Chelsea players I actually hate. Have a look at how hes wearing his shorts and.
Genuinely worried Roman Abramovich will send hitmen to kidnap me and put me on the Chelsea team bus back to London tonight.
Oh shit. Sundowns played shit and now Chelsea is playing shit as well. For f sake.
Chelsea fans dey commot viewing centre,HT never finish.
Let Frank front it and let him get a coaching staff in (I want to hear them actually instructing during the game!) Lightweight and ineffective! Still love Chelsea but ...
Chelsea are proper shite.
2-0 Leicester City, really composed finish from James Maddison, poor defending from Chelsea. Reece James has to be doing better there and Maddison slots beyond Mendy. Marc Albrighton has been superb tonight he's been key in both goals for the Foxes.

Woow chelsea are crap, they had 1 job kmt.
Chelsea getting smoked.
Tuchel rn seing chelsea 2 nil down.
Maddison doubles Leicester's lead! He sweeps it past Mendy, taking advantage of some poor defending from Chelsea. Watch live on Sky Sports PL Follow LEICHE online here.
Chelsea fans on my Timeline, get ready to donate your tears.
You have such a agenda to Chelsea its actually sickening.
Chelsea Chelsea Chelsea What the hell.

What You Really Think

How did we go from this to this?

Show face.

Wow the joys of being 2 points behind Chelsea.


Arsenal and Kaizer Chiefs are fighting.

Have being thinking that the handler of this account is an Arsenal fan tbh, what shithousery against Chelsea.

Junk journalist! Arsenal relegation threatened?!

It was obvious they were never going to stay down there... for them to behind Chelsea tho...

Chelsea have a game in hand on arsenal.

This got me.

It is just mental.

The wounds are very painful. Please stop adding salt onto it. Let it pass.

Title pretenders.

Never seriously thought they were relegation threatened. But geez, did I enjoy saying it.

What a season.

This is foolishness because they both started the season together why that title challengers means??

Follow me I will follow you back Asap.

Bitch STFU.

How were chelsea title contenders.

In other words: we got it wrong.


Be nice..

Love to see it.

Look for a dictionary and look for the meaning of 'relegation threatened'.

Chelsea is now used as reference.


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Ignoring the ridiculous fans on Twitter - thats the sports media for ya ***nulb.

Who said Chelsea are title challenges ?

Eti taito chalenja chesii.

Ye u also said this.

Like we did not start they season with same 0 points.


We Arsenal took it personal.

Wahala for Chelsea fans.


Chelsea arent title challengers.

Title challenger.

How shameless!

Unpredictable n the best season.

Haha Arsenal are 5 points away from going back to 15.

And Chelsea have 1 game in hand, stop sucking them, assanal are still shit and a banter club.

Come and see something baba.

Relegation was never a real threat for us. 400 million and this? Buying players for that amount who all needed 'time' to adapt? In terms of global support, Chelsea are way below us. We are having our worst season yet and still we are on the rise. So, who's worse? Us? Idts.

What is this now.

Twitter 2:37 What so ever you do,to my profile follow button,that I will do unto yours Verse 82 says: Contents I regularly post not, influencer I be not ,thus in thee I see not a fan but a follower who needs a follow back.

Last time I checked they both started the season together. One plays in the champions league. The other...not so much. In fact, you can never find Arsenal & premier league trophy in a tweet. Past & present.



They never looked like title challengers right from the get go.

In football things goes very fast sometimes.

I wonder if this arsenal fans where existing when arsenal was at the bottom of the table.

Title challengers Broo yo high or somin.