Monday 3rd of May 2021

This is Awesome! Chinas Kindergarten Game: Cooperation.

Social Media Says

What this woke stuff being funded/driven China?
trying hundreds oxygen concentrators India. It's that China blocked lots consignments here India losing lives every minute. request China_Amb_India MFA_China help consignments cleared save lives.

Cant American other countries come together China some tough questions.. they have spread this whole world.. made mess everything ..we dont hear more cases China.

From steel copper corn lumber, commodities surging levels seen years Prices supported global economic recovery acceleration reopening. China also playing role snatches metals grain.

SEA OF CLOUDS: Aerial view shows China's Huashan Mountainknown for its steep and dangerous peaksshrouded in clouds and thick mist.
Luzardo breaks hand playing video game breakingnews news china trump biden photo breaks.
Acting like grave threat Israel isn't based reality. There's foresable future Israel doesn't have solid economic ties with China, Russia, India etc. make grave threat Ireland products made west bank labeled such?

people dying china celebrating.
host Maria Bartiromo says China secretly sending doctors engineers over US-Mexico border.
next from Vegas, tweet some news. your Kabuki Theater total distraction, LGBTQ, global protests, climate, famine, pestilence, military bang bangs, coups, eyeball Russia, China, Canada, Covid, India, Brazil, Australia, Japan Then photography. Ready?

Replacing chicken eggs with their mung-bean counterparts potential allete animal suffering grand scale. We're into that.
pharma Hope implementing vaxx passport which would then lead social credit system China.
Socialism destroys every economy that adopts Even China turn capitalism before they imploded.
must understand that dirty chinese communist party (NOT CHINA CHINESE) most notorious group entire human civilization, which been contaminating china soil brainwashing chinese people over decades. LIED PEOPLE DIED.

Your daily reminder that media bigger enemy American people than Russia, China, Ebola, COVID combined.
China intensifies crackdown Christians, Shuts down Bible Apps, Christian WeChat.
China laughing.
China advanced country cause they have high speed choo choos.
Hundreds thousands victims China persecuted this invisible directional microwave weapon every day!
RamjattanChris Richard95806755 birdypooping2 Littlerize SolomonYue GraceBride1 TheDemocrats JoeBiden POTUS USA_China_Talk GovMurphy ChineseEmbinUS NCUSCR ssswang1 YHkpc NJGOP GOPChairwoman DSteinhardtEsq Oregon_GOP OregonGOP BillCurrier sie_sophie paulharrissc eliehonig MCProsecutor SenatorMenendez ShereefElnahal cporrino LawsonLundell LowensteinLLP jimholzapfel MonmouthSheriff sentence u. Fcuk country. threatened America Nuclear attack when exposed changing topic.

Navy China problem. Americas military threat separated vast ocean, China possesses larger Navy growing number shipyards
Progress Noted Diplomats Talks Iran Nuclear Deal
Male Attendant From Wedding Procession, 1368-1644.
Chinese government order make money, village tyrant Wanchao Beijing, China, robbed Meiqings land,detained her, attempted starve death. Wanchao repeatedly beat road because drug addicts. China laws.

Patty doesnt deserve even China league.
think it's mistake sanction European lawmakers because makes passage investment agreement less likely. Listen podcast with sikorskiradek sees today's China result mistakes West made past. Click.

Nigeria owes China $3.714bn Debt Management Office (DMO).
local restaurant owner waiting customers surfing internet phone. Many restaurants China open evening when cooler. streetphotography nightphotography photography shot using NikonEurope UKNikon at.

Vanquish'tize china state itself, just some justive'isms? about rather from sort recent whether rather sort another they would likes gneralyism 'here'in sort rather recent another also of.

Opinionby Anders Corr Allies really shouldnt throw each other under when comes China. Just opposite. Allies like Canada should support Australia's exporters when they sanctioned Beijing.

Serious question, David_Mulroney. What your view would happen countries were recognize Taiwan, leaving China break relations?
virus came from China. widely reported "Wuhan virus" even liberal press. Noting where came from criticizing China racist. harder though, Chairman might give some nice social credits.

Even names dead have been replaced with numbers tombstones cemeteries across Occupied East Turkistan China continues brutal campaign genocide eradicate Uyghur Turkic existence.

If you didnt know better ... youd think this was communist China.
]Recap] Interview: Hong Kong city lost enemy free world, says exiled Chinese dissident Wuer Kaixi.
China tipped their hand when they gave order propagandists that original strain couldnt have term China Wuhan name despite typical naming convention viruses, variants have origin name. many daft it.

We have guests, bring out the fine china.
History has given us the responsibility to stop evil.
Good thing have FREEDOM make shitty jokes expense CHINA.
China Estimates Over Million Trips Nation China Daily.
China brow beats Biden advisors climate summit response from team. China continues suppress Hong Kong China continues build South China Seas assert their military presence Biden done nothing "respect" office more important?


Beijing bought Britain China quietly spent PS134bn hoovering assets, from nuclear power private schools pizza chains.
China sentences four pro-democracy activists organizing vigil remember 1989 Tiananmen Square protests. China sits U.N. Human Rights Council.
DUOPOLY Death March To Earth's near extinction! Can China save
Amazon even these things their website, they must friendly Another bike shop from China told they don't have Canada could only send electric scooters.

Shame China Russia Stop BLOCKING meaningful action AgainstMyanmarMilitaryCoup UNSC.
There certainly other reasons jobs have been driven from here China, Vietnam other paying countries.
Communism leading ideological cause death between 1900 2000. Some million perished China, Soviet Union, North Korea, Afghanistan, Eastern Europe, Africa, Latin America.
Predictably weak speech from whose framework still appears saying little possible doing nothing upset business community.
made hand phones over took secret location.' Sky's chesh tells WeeklyClimateShow what like visit secret bitcoin mining farm China. Catch with DailyClimateShow.

former officer says Chinas spies able intercept satellite cable communications even non-encrypted calls between military government officials from bases within China.

Yall realllllly bold charging $160 dress drop shipping from China that cost $30.
reaching rich cold allies, plus India, while China making play developing world.
Haechan dream Heng china interview preview.
Very really understand insane here. This country bolt hole insecure money from China Pacific.
Theyre going food supply civilians call shortage They didnt tell about flood China that wiped their rice fields They didnt tell anyone that they were selling metric tons canned food China THEY ONLY WANT SCARED OF.

China! Deal or not.
Japanese director went deep into one of the poorest area in ChinaBeyond...
Islamic Revolution removed Iran from being under control That them becoming angry when Iran establishes political economic ties with China, Russia, other neighbors.

Chinas government made development blockchain technology national priority. only matter time until impact reverberates across globe.
African debt scheme bearing fruit Zambia. First, China lends billions countries that never them back. Next defaults. Finally, China "forgives" debt snatches strategic assetslike Mopani copper mine.

C-10 passes, Canadians wont have access world wide web. Theyll only have access Trudeau-approved web. Communist China very poor social media model, seems Liberals using.

Looked super cool China Cool Music Festival.
believe this comment Kissinger context helping modernize China stymie USSR only find that created bigger headache.
Tech close China from Zuckerberg Sundar Pichai Jack various compliant leaders like Trudeau Biden Chinese Leader Jinping Lays Plan Control Global Internet: Leaked Documents.

.Pontifex_de contrary human dignity cause animals suffer needlessly SPEAKOUT Chinas Leaders BanYulin 10,000 Dogs Cats Tortured Killed Festival alone.

What would this your gov't? WHO DrTedros Lies about existence COVID19 your country Covering facts Corona's fast spread Deliberately letting foreigners from China Purposely delaying CovidVaccine people die.

what debts? compare debts these developed nations with under developed nations? you? trillions China meagre $3.7B trains functioning? friend thts debt all. shld more.

"]T]his expense investment: ability compete with China will depend less military budget, satellites intellectual property protections than high school college graduation rates.".

Huang Li FOR SPOTLiGHT CHINA Here are the full set of photo cards!!!
Dunno about that. thing sure: seems that China harvested your brain.
.dw_chinese .DeutscheWelle REPOChina Listing Dogs Cats Pets= YULIN 6/21-30 CANCELED 10,000 Dogs Cats will Killed HumanConsumption JOIN Chinas AnimalsActivsits thein call to.

According your Birthday month where belong? January Zimbabwe February...Malawi March...Italy April...America May...Portugal June...Botswana July...Mozambique August Zambia September...South Africa October Ghana November...China December ...England.

Military expenditure Asia Oceania totalled $528 billion 20202.5% higher 2020 than 2019 higher than 2011. spenders: China India Japan SIPRIorg data world military expenditure now.

Following draw postponement their game China, Team_Muirhead return worldcurling action Korea draw 9.30pm (BST).
One of the 9000-year-old Jiahu bone flutes, made from the wings of the red-crowned crane. Excavated in 1986 from an early Neolithic tomb in Jiahu, they are the oldest known musical instruments from China. Now on display at the Henan Museum.

India, Russia many other countries increasingly active Africa should ignored. none come close current potential size scope Chinas footprint Africa, Josephsany1 Thomas Sheehy write.

Let's fascist China treats family members.
rajinikanth SrBachchan rashtrapatibhvn IASassociation IPS_Association ECISVEEP indiannavy IPSVikatan BDUTT republic ndtv suhasinih RSSorg MamataOfficial rautsanjay61 BSYBJP vijayanpinarayi TelanganaCMO doctorsoumya DrTamilisaiGuv TamilTheHindu OmarAbdullah MehboobaMufti PrashantKishor ncbn BJPsoldIndia pbhushan1 USAndIndia China_Amb_India Chinamission2un UN SonuSood sunnewstamil svelponraj FauciFan satyanadella sundarpichai Nethaji Subash Chandra Bose Task Force for Corona War headed by General Manoj Mukund Naravane to make it easy General Ma-no-j along with Soumya Satya Sundar include Su-n Wei-dong for material movement sons daughters of China will get lifetime visa to India.

Pondering... When switch msm, just read same headlines papers rarely read articles Year. You start Understand Much Pure Socialist/China Island Waketfu Namaste.

COVID nothing with China. load
NEW - 21 metric tons core stage of China's Long March 5B rocket will make an uncontrolled reentry in the coming days following the space station launch. Since 1990 nothing over 10 tons has been deliberately left in orbit to reenter uncontrolled.

Biafra Oduduwa about China loans?
China China China keep meter steel object plummeting your way. They dont know where will land.
floating teapot fountain China.
.ABCNetwork .ABCWorldNews REPOChina Listing Dogs Cats Pets YULIN 6/21-30 CANCELED 10,000 Dogs Cats will Killed HumanConsumption JOIN Chinas AnimalsActivsits thein call to.

anyone wondering X6&7 games there Korean ports, they didn't released physically aside from Korea (might have China releases). just standard edition Team Colonel with special slip cover movie time.

What You Really Think


Just look at all the obesity!


Well theres something very unique about the Chinese people they will cooperate themselves right into hell. They cooperate take the Uighurs torture them slave labor.. thats real cooperation...

Cooperation is not what the communists are training them for.

What happens tothe individual child who screws it up?

Yeah when they get in that apple iPhone assembly line theyll be fukkken fantastic!!

And leadership.

This video game is really worth watching. It shows it's been watched 38.1 million times already.

If you fail, we fail. So easy.

Exercise solidarity, cooperation and coordination ability.Why does such a common game in Chinese kindergartens strike fear into some people's hearts?