Saturday 4th of February 2023

"Your Enemy is Not China ... Your Enemy is The Military industrial Complex...".

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News: China sent high-altitude balloon over most sensitive U.S. military sites gather intelligence, Pentagon says, just days before Secretary State Antony Blinkens trip Beijing.

only conclude Biden Admin hates country. else explain their destroying country handing over border cartels, starting cold with China with Russia, undermining economy bringing brink nuclear apocalypse?

NEW: John Kerry under investigation secret meetings with Communist China. What Democrat wasn't with China?
Administration China America become cowards.
closer look China's balloon reveals FJB.
Chinese Balloon will kept comfortable while conversation ensues between China doctor.
Its time to send our OWN balloon to China;.
Want know your paying double groceries? only factories food supply chain being burnt ground $36.4 Billion worth agricultural exports went China last year. Grain, Beef, Chicken, Cotton more. SoldOut Link.

balloon over 'civilian airship' that blew course, says China Blinken cancels trip.
believe already retired, must have tonne free time. Spend researching person defending. Although India Today doubtful,it beggar like BBC,which subsidised China job, already point filing bankruptcy.

gladly fight china war.
Cutoff ties with China economically financially.
Miles believes that corrupt oppressive regime that poses threat only people China entire world. Look what Miles done freedom democracy Chinese people.

Silly smartphone! " put in ChIna! Sorry!
Most likely will never happensorry, just opinion. Or, will take several decades, that time, China will have surpassed economic super power. This most likely inevitable.
Take every square inch U.S. Farmland back from China immediately. leave them with single blade grass.
China expresses regret that what called "civilian" airship strayed into territory, incident that sparked political furor United States.
FWIW, also assesses that this more intelligence threat United States than Chinas fleet satellites. plain speak: they cant anything with this that they couldnt already see.

looking into reports that balloon been flying U.S. airspace urged calm, adding that intention violating territory airspace sovereign country.
should immediately send weather balloon drone with very strong good camera over China they shoot ours down were going same thing
Wow, cant believe China accidentally floated balloon over Here totally unrelated map.
Secretary State Antony Blinken postponed upcoming trip China response flying suspected Chinese balloon over United States, officials say.
Americans Governments European Governments think Involved DEATHs Pakistan Borders Clash...Bangladesh Borders China Borders...For TRUTH...For Country Every Solider Protects US...JAI HIND.

Asensio, Vinicius Earn Real Over 10-Man Valencia Sports China Daily.
China more advanced than that they balloons with satellites attached them snuck through airspace America. people honestly believe this narrative? Stop fear mongoring. China isnt going cross pacific invade America.

liberals were honest, they would treat separatists Crimea Donbas same they glorify separatism Xinjiang, Tibet, Hong Kong. only difference Russians living Ukraine face real oppression genocide, minorities China dont.

Allegedly China balloons China neighbor only airplane travel far,so that China balloon just done some Chinese already ,investigate some Chinese activities including Chinese police station your.

China's economy gotten good start 2023, shown encouraging indicators ranging from tourism office revenues purchasing managers' index (PMI).
Canada Uyghurs refugees? Canada nation formed settler genocide built over indigenous graves. Canada carried greatest genocides against Native Indians killing millions. last mass grave indigenous kids found 2021.

modules collect data then transmit networks,giving China opportunity monitor movements intelligence targets including people, weapons supplies,and devices,,Millions them already UK.

China right, private civilian.
China says balloon over U.S. civilian vessel blown course.
course Biden will nothing about Chinese blimp over they wont shoot down reaffirming once again that America weak subservient China under Joe. sure nothing with Bidens financial connections China. They bought Co.

China capitalist, through through. think doesnt? could possibly think otherwise?
We need an economic divorce from China.
even greater concern what will government when China lobs missles into attacks with boots ground?
there proof China's haven't inspected ground yet??
only thing conclude must have much onthe Biden family, this administration will react provocations. -Cancelled china initiative, soft theft, COVID origins questions whatsoever about this.

Modis ChrishaReality QQWen Finest Deep House Music available China QQMusic.
ChineseSpyBalloon shows that China preparing war.
intuition says that Biden being blackmailed both Ukraine China, Prove wrong!
BALLOON from Dem's want start trouble with China now?
Videos show suspected Chinese balloon, according U.S. officials, seen hovering over Billings, Montana. China's foreign ministry claimed civilian balloon used meteorological purposes.

President afraid controlled China!!!!
What about this cheap "made China, stole Russians" balloon?
China lying this balloon. naive they think are?
move that china.
HUGE! House Oversight Investigating John Kerry Private Meetings with Communist China Deals that Undermined Economy.
glad China sending their most sophisticated technologically advanced gear.
But you and your son are Made in China.
Modi Govt. Parliament Rafale [?] Demonitisation [?] Farm bills [?] GST [?] India China Border Dispute [?] Hindenburg Modi scared face questions Parliament.
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Secretary Blinken should cancel trip China. President Biden must answer secured U.S. airspace.
China's foreign trade businesses have seen surge orders early days 2023 with sounder COVID-19 response measures effect.
Trump President- Chinese balloon would have Trumps name advertising Trump ties manufactured China.
Delegation China National Nuclear Corporation,called said expansion strategic relations testament decades-long friendship.informed interested increasing investment nuclear energy sector meetings connection level will started soon.

JIMMY DORE to 2nd largest TV audience in the US: Your enemy is not China. Your enemy is not Russia. Your enemy is the military industrial complex.
Want more lies Filipino audience too? should come visit make talk about coming China conflict Ukr.
someone seems intelligent sits Intel Committee, wonder...did ever hear satellites? This balloon exactly response China expected from likes your fellow HouseGOP. They playing like fiddle.

Fuck china fuck africa.
China Claims Suspected Balloon Actually Civilian Airship That Blown Course.
Yes! already experiencing beginning with bio-warfare compliments China, Gates Fauci!
Yall want Ukraine because might start want start with China over balloon?
You've been paid, though done much, your Congress realize intentionally sent jobs intel China, just make buck. Trump, swag made there.
Theres obviously more balloon story than being Chinese balloon. China wanted from sky, theyd just have thousand spies walk through southern border drones across USA.

white balloon seen hovering couple days collecting information, suspected Chinese surveillance unit WATCH full bulletin here.
Coronavirus: lessons learned, John says Hong Kong Covid policy ahead full border reopening with mainland China from Monday South China Morning Post.
Toto, keep that china like silver spoon fed.
China: take THAT America sending your guys Taiwan.
China subsidizing product order that continue sold U.S. They worst worst!
Quote From Donald Trump know this wouldnt happening still Oval Office China saying civilian airship used research.
hasn't Biden Administration taken immediate action address Chinese asset currently hovering over United States interior collecting sensitive information? need treat China threats like these seriously. Take down.

Secretary State Blinken postpones China trip, following discovery Chinese balloon over
balloon? What would China some military bases close borders?
China Russia will kill Dollar (with gold) YouTube SorelleAmore sorelleamore finance investing finance gold $gld.
Chinese Companies Investing Billions Mexico.
regularly violates airspace waters China with warplanes warships, goes full propaganda mode over balloon that probably even Chinese. This ridiculous.
fair, this really recent problem. growing concern.
China probably just checking politicians they Washington D.C.
much money Biden family making from China?
]Premiering Now] Hunter Biden Penn Biden Center Must Register Foreign Agents China: Paul Kamenar.
Come America, could better than balloon! your people that intelligent this balloon propaganda!
Blinken trip to Beijing definitely postponed now because of the balloon crisis.
Secretary State Antony Blinken's planned trip China been postponed following revelation suspected Chinese surveillance balloon over U.S. territory.

When have POTUSs have dealings with Chinese timeyou POTUS beholden China WAKE
Each time there opportunity US-China relations improve something unexpected will happen that derail balloon intrusion most recent case. China expresses regret intrusion Blinken postpones trip Beijing.

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Blinken postpones trip to Beijing after suspected Chinese spy balloon spotted over US, officials say.

The CCP loves Fox News and nobody is surprised.

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China, did you hear the Twitter hymn? Thank you for your extraordinary jinghu. V.

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Ya.. Especially usa spread news blinken will see who who who.. Like they plan the schedule also create Xue Xu like fully sanctions huawei, use kevin visit taiwan before blinken visit... Stop their habits pls.. Enough their monkey sop tactics.. Ask them come out new style.

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Ya.. Blinken Pi Gan Tuo Pi Pang Zha yu Xuan "Zhu Xi 7.